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Suggestions for "Review Hint" Screen

Suggestions for "Review Hint" Screen

Posted: 1345687769000
Classification: Query
I am constantly having unexpected or undesired results from the "Review Record Hint" or "Review Member Tree Hints" screen.

For example, I have a relative who married twice. I selected a marriage record for his first marriage, but the hint screen will link the source to his second marriage. I would have had to add the fact as an Alternate. And when its a source that goes directly to an Ancestry page, like a Census record, or a marriage record, I cannot edit the source and relink it to the correct marriage fact.

It would be great if it could figure it out by the spouse's name, or ideally, allow the user to pick which fact to attach the source to. Or even allowing creating a new fact on this screen, and selecting from the same list of facts that are in the 'Add Fact' list?

Another perfect example, is an occupation listed on a Census form. I can add the fact in the Overview screen, but when reviewing the census record, I can't link the source to that Occupation fact.

Or maybe I am just missing how to do some of this and need to be directed to the appropriate help section.


Re: Suggestions for "Review Hint" Screen

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Classification: Query
There are two ways to handle the marriage record problem. The issue is that most of the databases want to link the marriage to a "marriage fact" that's already in the timeline (a few, if adding a new spouse at the same time, will do it in one step - but that depends on the database).

One thing you can do is to create a "marriage fact" (that is, add a new event) for the earlier marriage, before trying to add the record. The system typically defaults to trying to add the record to the earliest marriage (which in your case, is the one you want so no problem).

If you already have the marriage fact you want and the system is trying to add the record to the wrong event, you can fool it by adding the record to the spouse's profile - just click "add to someone else" and enter the spouse's name. Be warned, however, that a few of the marriage databases will not add the record simultaneously to both spouses - just one of those "amusing" little glitches.

To add a census record to an occupation fact that you already have created, you will need to first attach the census record to the profile. As "occupation" is not an indexed field, you then add the census record to that fact by going to the "facts and sources" tab from the profile, then selecting "source citations." Go down the list to the record you want, and click the link next to the word "detail." On the next page, on the right side, you will see "edit citation" and "delete citation." Click "edit citation," make sure there is something (anything) in the box that says "detail (required)," and then go down to the checkbox list at the bottom of the page and click on the "occupation" fact you want the record to support. Then click "save citation" at the bottom, and you're finished.

This same method works for any citation you want to add manually, when you have a record that supports facts that can't be added automatically.

Re: Suggestions for "Review Hint" Screen

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Classification: Query
I should have clarified in my original post. I already had a Marriage Fact for both marriages, both with the correct spouses and correct dates. The second marriage already had a source linked to it.

The new marriage source was for the first marriage, but the hint compared that date to the second marriage date.

I have tried to add it to the spouse in other cases, but noticed the same thing as you mention. It does not always add the source to both people.

Thats why I think having the ability to select which fact to update and/or add the source to would be very helpful. Also for the reasons of occupation or other bits of information from Census or Draft or other records that don't apply to the Name, Birth, Death, Marriage or Residence facts that are given.

I never could figure out how to link a Census source to different facts, other than what it linked to based on the review screen. Because clicking that source never took me to a detail page, just to the Census record itself. Sources I created manually do take me to a detail page, where I could edit and link it to other facts.

But I did as you suggested, going into the detail from the Source Citations page, and that worked great. So I think that will be a workaround for most of the issues I listed.

Still, it would be nice to be able to do that at the time the record is linked.

Thank you!

Re: Suggestions for "Review Hint" Screen

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Classification: Query
I agree, two marriages are hard to work with. I find that I also don't like it when you add a military record to a profile, it adds it as a "residence". I want to be able to change it to Military. Instead, you have to add military fact and then try to get the records attached to that.

There are several changes I would like to see in the functionality of how the profile page looks/works with the records.
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