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Gakkeshad, Gakkelstad, Gaugestadt, GIGSTAD, GAGSTAD

Gakkeshad, Gakkelstad, Gaugestadt, GIGSTAD, GAGSTAD

Ruth (View posts)
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Hello, I am new at Norwegian genealogy. I have a marriage and death record of Anne Gakkeshad, Gaugestadt, who married Nels Ludvigsen. Her marriage record says her maiden name was Gakkeshad, and her father was Torja Christenpn. Then her death record says that her MOTHER'S maiden name was Gaugestadt, and her father was Ole Christiansen. Gakkeshad, Gakkelstad, Gaugestadt does not seem to be the proper spelling as I have not found any other documents with these spellings. However, I have found a GIGSTAD family living in the same county in Wisconsin as Anne. Perhaps family??
Can anybody help me with Anne's last name?

Here is the marriage record------

NAME: Nils Ludviksen
FATHER OF HUSBAND: Ludvick Fridzekpn
FATHER OF BRIDE: Torja Christenpn
MARRIAGE DATE: Jan. 18, 1874
PLACE OF MARRIAGE: Manitowoc, Wisconsin
WITNESSES: O. Gakkelstad
Ch. Gakkelstad

Here is the death record-------

Name: Anna Ludvigsen
Sex: Female
Color: White
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Nels Ludvigsen
Age: 75 Years, 11 Months,11 Days
Occupation: Housewife
Birthplace: Wisconsin
Father: Ole Christiansen
Birthplace of Father: Norway
Mother: Anna Gaugestadt
Birthplace of Mother: Norway

Re: Gakkestad in Manitowoc WI and Bygland, Aust-Agder fylke

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There is an online 1880 census for Norwegians living in Wisconsin, is this the family?

52782 Nelson Ludvigsen m 35 f Den Den Den 93 Franklin Manitowoc
52783 Ann Ludvigsen f 27 W N N 93 Franklin Manitowoc
52784 Martin Ludvigsen m 2 W Den W 93 Franklin Manitowoc

If that was your Ann is shows her born in Wisconsin, so her parents came over. If it is her, she was born about 1853 - early in the emigration. You didn't give a birthdate for her, that would help to know which records to search.

The Witnesses to the wedding may also be on the census for 1880 in Wisc.

You can also check it out online here

Here is an Ole Gakkestad and family

54702 Ole Gakkestad m 54 f N N N 244 Manitowoc Rapid Manitowoc
54703 Bergit Gakkestad f 50 N N N 244 Manitowoc Rapid Manitowoc
54704 Theodore Gakkestad m 16 lab W N N 244 Manitowoc Rapid Manitowoc
54705 Bertha Gakkastad f 12 W N N 244 Manitowoc Rapid Manitowoc

I did find Gakkestad farm on the 1865 census for Bygland municipality in Aust-Agder fylke. An excellent Aust-Augder researcher is Derek. Perhaps by posting this query for Gakkestad at the Aust Agder query page you can get some help there.

There are possibly answers that can be found at the Manitowoc Wisc. website or county historical society ???

Good luck with your search,

Re: Gakkeshad, Gakkelstad, Gaugestadt, GIGSTAD, GAGSTAD

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Classification: Query
As a followup to my earlier posting, here is a page that shows a book that is a farm and family history book of the Bygland area of Aust-Agder. These books are called Bygdeboks and are in Norwegian, organized by farm number and name. Gakkestad is farm number 21 in Bygland kommune and the parish is Sandnes.
There are two lookups volunteers on this page who have the book, published in the 1950's. Perhaps they could look at the Gakkestad farm and see if your family is listed there.

I wish you luck,

Re: Gakkestad in Manitowoc WI and Bygland, Aust-Agder fylke

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Hi Taryn,
Yes, that is Nels and Anna in the 1880 census. I found the same info about a week ago. But I didn't find the Ole Gakkestad family you found. Thanks ! I tried to find them but came up zilch when I looked. I must have typed in the wrong spelling. I have been going to the Manitowoc website and found some stuff there. Thanks for the tip on Derek. I just joined the Norway mailing list yesterday, and have gotten some great replies from some great people.

Re: Gakkeshad, Gakkelstad, Gaugestadt, GIGSTAD, GAGSTAD

Derek (View posts)
Posted: 1042707110000
Classification: Query
I have had a look though the Gakkestad section of the Bygland book to find that an Olav Olavson with wife and family of 4 children left Gakkestad for the USA in1859


Re: Gakkeshad, Gakkelstad, Gaugestadt, GIGSTAD, GAGSTAD

Ruth Pokorny (View posts)
Posted: 1042726476000
Classification: Query
Hi Derek,
Maybe the <<Olav Olavson with wife and family of 4 children who left Gakkestad for the USA in1859>>is the brother Ole Olsen Gakkestad of Anne Gakkestad?
Is Olav Olavson the same as Ole Olsen ??

According to the book, Manitowoc-skogen [also referred to sometimes as The Manitowoc Norwegians] by Robert Bjerke, Ph.D 1994.

pg. 189

Ole Olsen Gakkestad, son of Ole Olsen and Birgit Olsdatter
from Gakkestad in Bygland.
sister m1 *Terje Christiansen, m2 *Ole Christiansen.
b. 1824 Norway. Farmer at Gakkestad to 1858.
Immigrated 1859.
Farmer in Manitowoc Rapids 1870-1880
m 19 Feb 1846 to Birgit, daughter of Augund Knudsen Stromme in Hylestad.
b 1826 Norway.
Salve b 21 Feb 1849, confirmed 1863 Manitowoc County;
Birgit b 10 March 1852;
Eli b 21 May 1855;
Thore b 6 May 1859;
Margaret b c 1858 Wisconsin;
Ole Deodorus b 23 March 1864;
Birgitte Thurine b 24 May 1867.
" Ole Gakkestad's daughter bur. 28 March 1872"
This one is Ole Olesen Gakkestad's sister Anne, who married Terje Christensen. They must have immigrated before 1852, as their dauhter Anne was born in 1852 in Wisconsin.

pg. 223

"Terje Christensen, son of Christen Olsen b. c1806 Norway.
Moved from Bygland to Tovdal Parish in Ã…mli 1849.
m 8 February 1846 Bygland to Anne, daughter of
Ole Olsen and Birgit Olsdtr.,
brother *O.O. Gakkestad,
b. c1815 Norway, d 8 July 1878 Cato.
m2 9 May 1853 Gjerpen to *Ole Christensen.
Children: Ole b2 Feb 1847;
Christen b 11 Jan c1850 Norway,
Anne b 23 Oct c1852 Wisconsin m. *Nils Ludvigsen."
(Gjerpen is a church in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin)

(And this one I am not sure of, but I am thinking may be a sister to Ole Olesen Gakkestad and Anne, who married Terje Christensen)


Gunstein Olsen, son of
Ole Gunsteinsen and Torbjorg Jacobsdatter,
b 1786 Norway, d 21 May 1860 Bygland.
Farmer at Langerak in Bygland.
m 1840 to Birgit Olsdatter Gakkestad,
b 1820 Norway. Immigrated 1861.
Torbjor b 18 May 1842
Ole b 15 April 1844
Birgit b 26 Sept 1846,
confirmed 1862 Manitowoc County,
Ole b 8 July 1850
Thone b 14 July 1853,
Daniel b 10 Oct 1856,
cconfirmed 1871 Manitowoc County,
Gunner b 5 Aug 1859

Thank you,
Ruth Pokorny

Re: Gakkeshad, Gakkelstad, Gaugestadt, GIGSTAD, GAGSTAD

Derek (View posts)
Posted: 1042754207000
Classification: Query
Hi Ruth,
I think we have found our man. Olav Olavson was born in 1824 and in 1848 he married Birgit Augunsdotter from Straume In 1859 he emigrated to the USA with his wife and 4 children; Salve,Birgit,Eli and Tore. If you would like me to go further back in your family lines, then please let me know, but I think we have now got to the stage when we can correspond by e-mail.
Best wishes

Bygland Book

Posted: 1146582038000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Pederson, Brendemo
I am curious about this Bygland Book you have. Can you look and see if there is a Brendemo farm in Bygland? I am searching for a Ole Pederson and daughter Liv Olsdatter Brendemo, born about 1825.

Re: Gakkeshad, Gakkelstad, Gaugestadt, GIGSTAD, GAGSTAD

Posted: 1181229826000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Gakkeshead,gakkelstad, gaugestaad gagstad
Hello , this is long shot but I have been looking for a CATO FROM and I put his name in the board unknown area and the only one came up was yours , do you have a Cato From anywhere in your family please my e mail is if you want to write direct please Margaret
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