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Klepadlo family

Klepadlo family

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Surnames: Klepadlo
I was just wondering if anyone has any information on the Klepadlo family who settled in Rhode Island.

My ancestor who came from Poland was named John Sylvester Klepadlo (first name was originally Jan.) He was born in 1885 and came to the United States in 1913, he passed away in 1975.

He married a woman named Rozalia who may have gone by 'Rose' and his children were Chester (1917-1993) and Charles (1924-2007).

I know nothing of his life in Poland except that his father's first name was probably Wincenty, which is a Polish version of Vincent.

Any help will be appreciated!

Re: Klepadlo family

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Hi, wklepadlo90,

According to the 1930 US census [ED 4-114, sheet 24A, lines 44-48], John and Rose also had a daughter, Lillian (3 mos). John immigrated to the US in 1913 and had filed his "first papers" for citizenship. Looking at his WW1 draft registration, his birthdate was Dec 25 1885 and he was born in Russian-Poland. His WW2 draft registration states he was born in "Nowa Wecs," Poland.

There's a 1913 arrival record for a Jan Klepadlo that fits the above data. This Jan Klepadlo arrived at the port of New York on 14 January 1913 aboard the ship Nieuv Amsterdam, sailing from Rotterdam. He was 27 y/o, male, single, a farmhand, nationality: Russia, race: Polish, last permanent residence: Nowawies, Russia; next of kin left behind: father, Wincenty Klepadlo in Nowawies, Grodno, Russia; going to Scranton, PA to his brother-in-law, Waclaw Narkowy; was born in Nowawies, Russia, and had his arrival into the USA verified for naturalization purposes.

I found a death notice for John's son, Charles (published in the Sun Chronicle), which gives Rose's maiden name: Lehman. This is interesting, because on the 1930 census, living with Joseph and Stefania Lejman next door to John and Rose was "Bolawsla" Klepadlo, brother-in-law of head of household, Joseph. The Polish surname Lejman would be pronounced in English like LAY-man. Possibly all relatives to your John and Rose?


Re: Klepadlo family

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distribution of KLEPADL~O surname holders in Poland:
map of Poland's wojewodztwos:

Your ancestor's SS-5Form [social security] should have a place of birth and parents names.
Birth Date: 25 Dec 1885
Death Date: Jan 1975
Social Security Number: 035-10-6901
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Rhode Island

Klepadlo, Jan Nowawes, Russia 27 1886 1913
Klepadlo, Josef Nowawies, Russia 22 1888 1910
Klepado, Franz Nowawies 23 1878 1901
Klepado, Kazmin Nowawies 20 1883 1903
Klepadlo, Antoni Nowonies, Russia 20 1893 1913
Klepadlo, Boleslaw Nonrnesch 18 1888 1906
Klepadlo, Josef Kowawies, Russia 20 1893 1913
Klepadlo, Josef N. Wiei 25 1874 1899
Klepadlow, Bronistowa Nowaincse 3 1896 1899
Klepadlow, Nicholina Nowaincse 26 1873 1899
I did not look on each individual manifest to see where they were going.

Re: Klepadlo family

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Wow, that information is very helpful. Thank you!

I'm starting to think that a lot of the Klepadlos in Rhode Island at that time could be potential relatives. I just hope I can figure out how they all fit together. Cousins, uncles, aunts, brother-in-laws, etc.

Re: Klepadlo family

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Thank you.

I'll give all those a links a browse through.

Would ordering a physical copy of the social security form provide more information than I've found online?

Re: Klepadlo family

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You're welcome.

My grandfather put down his place of birth and parents names. My husband's grandfather put down only a country name and parents names.
I know, the SS-5Form costs $27 [I got our grandfathers' when it was only $7] so if you can get his naturalization intent for less or a church marriage record for less than go for it but it is nice to have the SS-5Form as well.

Re: Nowawies, Grodno [gubernia]

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following up on mjdall observation.

Klepadlo, Jan Nowawes, Russia 27 1886 1913; place of birth Nowawies; father Wincenty KLEPADLO, Nowawies, Grodno [gubernia]
the city of Grodno is in Belarus
Gardinas, Grodno, Hrodna seat of a first-order administrative division 53°41' N 23°50' E E M U G Belarus 153.2 miles W of Minsk 53°54' N 27°34' E

could this be the Nowa Wies?
Nova-Ves’, Novaya Ves’, Nowa Wies populated place 54°43' N 26°01' E E M U G Belarus 84.1 miles NW of Minsk 53°54' N 27°34' E

Re: Klepadlo family

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Hi William,

I just came across this post. John (Jan) Klepadlo is my great grandfather and I am starting my research into my family tree. I was hoping to check in with you to see what you came up with.


Re: Klepadlo family

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Surnames: Klepadlo
Hello Matt,

It appears we are cousins.

Unfortunately I do not have any new information about this ancestor.

The town listed as his origin is called Nowa Wieś, and when I found out that he came from that town I wanted to learn more about it and possibly inquire for records. It turns out it's an extremely common place name in Poland and other Slavic countries and there are many places with that name, and I haven't found any information yet to narrow it down to any specific one.

A full list of towns (in Poland) with that name is found here:

Re: Klepadlo family

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Surnames: Klepadlo
It also is a possibility that John Klepadlo's father Wincenty lived in the Grodno region of modern-day Belarus, which is something I will be looking into soon.
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