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Henry C. Wiese

Henry C. Wiese

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Surnames: Wiese, Berndt, Schreiber, Reckitt
I am looking (still!) for information on Henry C. Wiese. According to the US Census (Department of the Census, 1900 Census Report, volume 112, E.D. 53, sheet 17, line 94)
he was born in Feb 1869, and married a Mary in 1889, both events in Wisconsin. From my memory, in the early 1930's he lived on a farm just a bit west of Verona, which farm he ran, although I don't know who owned it. (I remember visiting there with my family.) Perhaps my G grandparents. Later in life he moved to a house that he built (he was a "carpenter, houses" according to the census records) in De Forest, Dane, Wisconsin. Somewhere in that time frame Mary died. Since she is in pictures taken in 1943, it must have been after that time. He remarried twice. The second wife died after a short marriage, but the third wife survived him (I believe). As I remember, he lived on the north side of De Forest, and just to the south of his home there was a cross street (gravel) that ran up a hill past the water tower. That is where he was living (I believe) at the time of his death in his middle to late eighties. That would put his death sometime in the 1950's As you see, much of my info is based on memory, which is not a very good source of data. De Forest is verified since I took pictures and pasted them into an album right after a visit on 28 Feb 1943. Can anyone help me, either with factual information, or with sources I might search for that data? I am 75 years old and living in Kentucky so travel is not a good option. Hope some kind soul can assist.

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This may not be of much help, but according to the Wisconsin marriage records a Henry Wiese of Dane Co., married a Marie Hertig on 7-14-1889. They both appear in Verona, Dane Co., WI on the 1930 Census.

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Thanks for the information. This is one of the first pieces of promising information that I have received in the last four years. I may actually get somewhere one of these days thanks to people like you. Thank you very much.


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Hi Gene. Is this you and your parents?
1 Alvin J. WIESE b: 27 March 1901
+ Elizabeth BERNDT b: 26 December 1901
2 Eugene Melvin WIESE b: 03 July 1928
+ Gertrud (SCHAAF) DIEHL b: 04 October 1926
3 Living DIEHL

Alvin was with his Parents and brother Stanley H. Wiese, born about 1909 in Wi. They are all in the 1920 Census in Verona, Dane Co., WI. ed 86, pg 7B. Henry C. is 51, born in WI. His wife is Maria D. 52, born in Germany, immigrated 1873, naturlaized.

1930 Census. Verona, Dane Co., WI. ED 79, pg 3B. Henry and Marie are living alone. It says in that census that she immigrated in 1883(these are always off, lol.)

I can get the marriage record for Henry C. and Marie/Maria, and the birth record for Alvin tommorow if you would like?

I can get to the capital on thursday and look up if they died in WI, and where. Is there anything in particular you are looking for? I would be happy to help.

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Surnames: Wiese, Berndt, Schreiber, Reckitt

You have found me out!. That's me and my parents. You also have my first marriage, but there should be a couple of living children, although I have lost touch in the intervening years. Our two children were Monica Martha Wiese and Thomas Michael Wiese. My Uncle Stanley was born on 7 Dec 1908. I would appreciate the marriage record for Henry Wiese and Mary D. (Hartwig or Haertig) but I doubt you will be able to find a birth record for my father. He tried to get a copy during WWII, but they told him that it had been destroyed in a fire in the capitol. My grandmother, Mary, died while they were living in De Forest, WI, sometime after 1945, and my grandfather remarried twice, his second wife also predeceasing him. He died while living in De Forest, WI, probably sometime in the late 1950's. I really have very little info on them, since all of the people who might have personal knowledge of the vital statistics are long dead. Actually, any fact, no matter how small or insignificant would be welcome, so I will leave it up to you whether you want to go to the trouble of looking for any records at all. I don't know the names of Henry's second and third wives, either. So with so much abysmal ignorance on my part, anything you find would be riches indeed! Thanks for trying so hard for me. Gene

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Always fun to help out. I will get the marriage record tommorow; and will go up to the city county building for the birth death marriage records post 1907. It looks from the index that your brother had a delayed birth record filed, I don't know if that was before or after the :"fire" I will ask around, and see what I can find:)

P.S. Monica's email is if you are interested. I know I had a falling out with my dad when I was in college, and the next time I talked to him( 6 years later), was after he came out of brain cancer surgery. He died 2 years later. I am big on not having regrets, or missing oportunities. Well enough lecture. I will email tommorow and let you know what I found at the historical society:)

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Hi Eugene, I tried to use your email given on ancestry to send you the marriage registration for Henry C. and Marie Wiese. It didn't go through. For now, here is what it says:
Groom: Henry Wiese, a pump dealer, born in Middleton, WI., residence in Madison, Dane Co., WI. Parents of groom: John Wiese and Frederika Prahn

Bride: Marie Hartig, born in Germany.
Parents of Bride: Fritz Hartig and Caroline Meyer

Wedding: 14 July 1889 in a clerical ceremony, Madison, Dane Co., WI.

Son Alvin John Wiese, born 27 Mar 1901. Dane Co., birth record, Col. 176, pg 120. This is a delayed birth record. As they weren't required until 1907, I don't know if it was filed, and then the fire you spoke of, or if never filed, and then did the delayed when he did his social security or whatever. He proved his birth with baptismal records.

Son Stanley Wiese; Dane Co., borth record Vol. 10, pg 145
born 07 Dec 1908, in Madison, Dane Co., WI. New info to me was that mom's full name is Mary Dorothea Hartig. and that he was the 6 of 6 living births. Henry's occupation was listed as a carpenter/ contractor, and they lived on fair oaks ave. (Unfortunatley the didn't give a street number as that is very near to where my grandparents lived on the east side of Madison.)

Stanley died Feb 1982 according to Social security death index; he was a resident of Belvidere, Boone Co., Illinois

Henry's wife Mary died 06 Oct 1949; Dane Co., death record, Vol 121, pg 320. She died at home in Deforest. She was born 28 Nov 1867 in Hanover, Germany. Her dad was Frederick Hartig, and her mom unknown Meyer. Died of diabetic coma. She was buried 08 Oct 1949 in Forest Hill cemetery, Dane Co., WI.

Henry remaried on 24 May 1951, Dane Co., marriage records, Vol 91, pg 86.
His full name is Henry Carl Wiese. He was a resident of the villiage of Deforest. His parents are John Wiese and Fredericka Prahn. He was born 16 Feb 1869.
His wife was Anna Elizabeth Ray. IT was a second marriage for her too. Her parents were Carl Hesse and Fredericka Heyroth. THey were married at the Zion Lutheran parsonage, in Madison, Dane CO., WI.

Henry's third marriage was 20 Oct 1957, Dane Co., marriage record Vol 153, pg 90. All his info is the same. The bride is Grace Gladys Davis, born 07 Nov 1888. It was a 3rd mariiage for her too. Her parents were Albert W. Adams and Charlotte G. Quinn. THey were married by a lutheran minister at his home in Deforest, Dane Co., WI.

Henry C. Wiese died 14 Jan 1959. Dane co., death record, Vol. 240, pg 25. He was a widower at the time. He died in Deforest, Dane Co., WI. He died of cancer. The informant was his daughter Mrs. William Sorenson. He was buried at Forest Hill in Madison, Dane CO., WI.

Hope this is helpfull. If you would like a copy of Henry and Marie/Mary's marriage registration, give me a valid email address and I will be happy to forward. If you would like Obits, or tombstone photos, I could get those at the end of April, when I return from vacation. Let me know.


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Went out to Forest Hill Cemetery, and took a photo of your grandparents tombstone. If you would like a copy, let me know. I pulled the lot information and here it is:
Section 007, Lot 023 The owner of the lot is Charles Hartig. The lot was purchased 10/24/1911. There are 10 graves that he purchased, 8 have been used:

Grave 1. Hartig, Carl F.W. ; Died 07/11/1911, buried 07/13/1911. Born in America, died of Paralysis. Was a child.

Grave 2. Hartig, Pauline; Died 01/03/1913; Buried 01/16/1913; Born in Germany. Cause of death was tuberculosis. She was 35 years old.

Grave 3. Hartig, Magdalena; Born 09/29/1835, in Germany; Died 05/29/1926, in Verona, Dane Co., WI.; Buried 06/01/1926. Fathers name was Meyer; Mothers name was Schenk.

Grave 4. Hartig, Frederick; Born 10/22/1834, in Germany. Died 11/13/1927, in Verona, Dane Co., WI.; Buried 11/15/1927.; He was a widower, occupation was retired farmer; Dad was Hartig; Mom was Waldorf.

Grave 5. Wiese, Mary (Mrs. Henry); Born 11/28/1867 in Hanover, Germany; Died 10/06/1949. Buried 10/08/1949; Fathers name was Frederick Hartig; mom was (?) Meyer.

Grave 6. Wiese, Henry C.; Born 02/06/1869 in Middleton, WI; Died 01/14/1959, in Deforest, Dane Co., WI., of prostate cancer; Occupation was farmer. Dad was John Wiese; mom was Fredericka Prahn.

Grave 7. Hartig, Charles H.F.; Born 09/27/1871, in Germany; Died 05/07/1962 in Madison, Dane Co., WI. Occupation was Brakeman for the C&NW Rail road. Buried 05/09/1962.

Grave 8. Hartig, Amy B. (Mrs. Charles); Born 04/10/1876; Died 09/11/1962, in Verona, Dane Co., WI. Buried 09/13/1962.

To recap from looking at this....
Grave 5 is your grandma
Grave 6 is your grandpa
Grave 4 is your great grandpa(grandma's dad)
Grave 3 is your great grandma(grandma's mom)
These are for sure.
Grave 7 is probably your grandma's brother
Grave 8 is wife of #7's husband
Grave 3 is probably your grandma's sister
Grave 1 is possibly child of graves 7 and 8?

Hope this all helps in your search:)

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How do I repay you for all the work you have done on the Wiese family? I have been in seventh heaven since your first post arrived. To send me the photo, send it to:, or to: It will download faster on since that is my cable hookup. Had to get it because I had to spend so much time at the computer. Can't do a lot else.
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