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Information from this portrait of WW1 soldier

Information from this portrait of WW1 soldier

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Surnames: Palffy
Hi there

Please, I am looking for maybe extra information that may be gleaned from this photo of
Janos Palffy,
platoon leader (zugsführer), Royal Hungarian Honved, LIR = Landswehr Infantry Regiment, he was in the 11th
company of regiment #18, He was born in 1890 in Gasztony, Vas County, Hungary, he died on January 16, 1916.
(information from the Kramerius site)

Unfortunately the photo had been stored in the attic for many years and is some what damaged.

Does the uniform reflect this regiment, also would he have been a 'Hussar' being mounted on the horse.



Re: Information from this portrait of WW1 soldier

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HIR > Honved (Hungarian Landwehr)Infantry Regiment is not Hussar. Hussaren belonged to "Kavallerieregimenter"-cavalary-regiments.

Infanterieregimenter >>> Soproner HIR 18

in picture right side in background on horse
Kavallarie/Hussaren would be this:



Re: Information from this portrait of WW1 soldier

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Appears to be legitimately mounted, as he is wearing riding boots and spurs. If he is indeed in an infantry regiment, then perhaps he has duties with the supply wagons. Less likely, he is an officer's servant and duties include exercising the officer's horse. In this photo, he is dressed for pleasure riding and not military service.

Re: Information from this portrait of WW1 soldier

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Thankyou both for your input.
The information of his regiment came from the Kramerius site, so there is no way of verifying this, (no records available for this time frame).

thankyou Mark for your interpretation, interesting to get another view.

Re: Information from this portrait of WW1 soldier

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picture for the one right side on horse says >>>
Ungarischer Infanterie-Regiment-Gefreiter Parade
Hungarian Infantry Regiment Corporal Parade

i thought that was understood ;-)

Unter einer Militärparade (auch Heerschau oder Revue) versteht man eine militärische Zeremonie, in der Soldaten zu besonderen staatlichen Anlässen öffentlich auftreten und dabei ihre Bewaffnung und Ausrüstung präsentieren.
Under a military parade (including parade or revue) refers to a military ceremony, the soldiers appear in public on special state occasions and demonstrate their weaponry and equipment.
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