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Jemima Underhill (1767-1829)

Jemima Underhill (1767-1829)

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Surnames: Unerhill, Welling
Does anyone have information on the parents of Jemima? She was probably from Long Island or Ulster County New York. She married William Welling and went to live with him in Canada, returning to New York in her later years.

Re: Jemima Underhill (1767-1829)

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Hi Barbara:
Your posting caught my eye and found the following in my Underhill genealogy. Don’t know if this will help you or not. You may contact me if you like. Charles Underhill.

JEMIMA UNDERHILL, married William Welling born Jan. 18, 1756 died Dec. 21, 1838. After the Revolutionary War he went to New Brunswick, settling at Woodstock in Carleton Co., but in 1808 returned to NY and was a farmer at Pittstown, Rensselaer Co.
We have no dates for Jemima, but as she bore children 1785-1807, she was perhaps born circa 1763. Because she named her eldest son and daughter Nathaniel and Rebecca, it would seem likely that she was herself the daughter of Nathaniel and Rebecca (Ward) Underhill, who also went from NY to N.B. in 1783. Nathaniel is in fact, said to have had a daughter who married a "Whalling, but the Underhill Mss. gives her name as Sarah, and nothing more has been found regarding her. The Mss. also lists Nathaniel as b 1751, too late to be the father of Jemima Welling, but this date has not been documented and there is reason to believe that he was somewhat older. It is also possible that Jemima was born later than 1763 and married before she was 21. In summary, there is the possibility that Jemima is in fact Sarah, but additional research is essential before the identification can be confirmed.

Issue (Welling):
A REBECCA, born Jan. 15, 1785 died Apr. 22, 1874.
B JEMIMA, born May 14, 1787 died Dec. 14, 1853.
C NATHANIEL, born Sep. 26, 1789 died Aug. 18, 1863. He m Jane
D MARY, born Aug. 12, 1791 died apr. 9, 1870.
E HENRY T., born Mar. 11, 1795 died June 2, 1860.
F. RICHARD P., born July 3, 1797 died Dec. 25, 1879 m Margaret Groff.
G. WILLIAM T., born Sep. 25, 1793 died Aug. 23, 1876.
H. EDWARD M., born Feb. 8, 1800 died Oct. 9, 1875.
I. JOSEPH C., born June 20, 1802 died Apr. 18, 1854.
J. HANNAH, born Mar. 9, 1805 died Dec. 7, 1879.
K. JOHN W., born July 2, 1807.

NATHANIEL UNDERHILL, born 1731 per Underhill Manuscript, but possibly earlier, died before Mar 1, 1807, Fredericton, N.B., when letters of administration were issued on his estate; he married Rebecca Ward.
Prior to the American Revolution, he resided in Philipsburg Manor, Westchester Co., NY, and after service during that war with the Loyalist troops he came in 1783 to New Brunswick. Shortly after landing he settled at Maugerville on the St. John River in Sunbury Co., New Brunswick and was still there Sep. 1800, though apparently removed to Fredericton before his death. As early as Feb 1786 he owned Underhill's tavern at Maugerville, and he was a member of St. George's Lodge No. 19, formerly of NYC reconstituted at Maugerville in 1789.
According to Rev. John Beardsley' s records, Nathaniel, Nathaniel Jr., and Hannah Underhill were all baptized as adults in Maugerville Anglican Church Dec. 30, 1787. The great majority of New Brunswick Underhills trace their decent from this Nathaniel.
1. BRITISH NATHANIEL, born 1773 died 1850 married 1794 Mrs. Abigail (Balch) Christie born 1768 died 1842.
2. HANNAH, married 1st 1788 Abraham Vanderbeck born 1754 died 1800 married 2nd 1802 John Astles.
3. SARAH, married a Whalling (It appears that Sarah is the Jemima Underhill who married William Welling, see Jemima Welling).

JOHN UNDERHILL, born 1718 died ca 1775 married Ann Elizabeth Bowne born June 13, 1722. They resided on Phillipsburg Manor or in what is now Yonkers, NY. During the French and Indian War, he was Captain of a Militia Company raised on the Manor. His wife was always referred to as Ann Elizabeth, which was coined by George W. Cocks, as the records refer to John's wife by both names.

1 JOHN, born about 1739 died 1826 married 1st Anne Barker born 1742 died 1786 married 2nd 1786/7 Sarah___________ born 1764 died 1826.
2. SARAH, married Noah Bishop born1736 died 1789, no issue.
3. BENJAMIN, born 1743 died 1818 married 1768 Elizabeth Bonnett born 1747 and died 1838.
3. LANCASTER, born 1748 died 1845 married 1772 Theodosia Hunt born1752 died1828.
4. FREDERICK BOWNE, born 1749 died 1823 married Jane Bonnett.
5. NATHANIEL born 1751 (possibly older) died about 1807 married Rebecca Ward.
6. SUSAN born about 1756 died 1844.
8. NICHOLAS, born 1758 died 1837 married Hannah Hunt born 1763 died 1823.
9. ELIZABETH, born 1760 married 1783 Jonathan Odell born 1758 died 1806.
10. PETER, born 1764 died 1855 married first 1786 Hester Bonnett born 1765 died 1791 married second Ann Schureman born 1765 died 1849.
11. HANNAH and 318 NANCY (i.e., Ann or Anna) may be the same. No clue as to birth dates. Uncle Nathaniel's 1783 will mentions an unidentified Glorianna Underhill, and the codicil speaks of his brother John's daughter "Anner." (Dorothy Underhill, a witness to the same will also remain unidentified.

Great Grandfather
NATHANIEL UNDERHILL, born 1690 died 1775 married 1711 Mary Hunt born 1692. Shortly before his death in 1710, Nathaniel Sr. transferred all his interests in the Town of Westchester to this son. Soon after his marriage, on May 29, 1712, Nathaniel Jr. sold to his grandfather John Ferris Sr. his house and lot (Westchester Town Records 4:21, NYG&B Record 60:308), and it was perhaps at this time that he settled on the farm at Williams bridge in the same town, later owned by his son Israel. This was the farm, which contained the Underhill Westchester Burying Ground. Nathaniel Jr's gravestone, along with those of his son Israel and granddaughter-in-law Anne (wife of John Jr) are preserved at St. Paul's Church, Mt. Vernon, NY, the only monuments surviving from the old cemetery.
Nathaniel's family Bible gives us the names of his children. He returned to the Anglican faith of his ancestors, and attended St· Peter's Church, Westchester. Unlike their Quaker cousins, his sons performed militia service and were the first of Capt. John Underhill's descendants to follow his example as officers. During the French and Indian Wars, John and Israel were Captains and Bartow an Ensign (in later years also a Captain) in the Westchester Militia' see Frederick C· Haacker, Westchester Co. NY and the French and Indian Wars 1755-62 (1952)·
1. PHEBE, born 1713.
2, SARAH, born 1715 died 1805 married 1st Elisha Hyatt born 1714 died 1761 married 2nd Samuel Embree.
3. JOHN, born 1718 died about 1775 married Ann Elizabeth Bowne born 1722.
4. MARY born 1720 married 1st Obadiah Purdy married 2nd Dr. Nicholas Bayley died 1788.
5. NATHANIEL, born 1723 died about1784 married Ann Honeywell born about 1719 died 1782. No issue. He was probably the Nathaniel of Philipsburg Manor 1757 West. Co· Mortgages B: 165), but if so returned to Westchester, where he was Mayor of the Borough Town and a prominent Loyalist in the Revolution.
6. BARTOW, born 1725 died about 1786 married Sarah
7. WILLIAM born 1727 died 1784 married Mary Dean.
8. HELENA born 1729 married 1759 James Morgan.
9. ISRAEL born1732 died1806 married 1761 Abigail Lispenard born 1738 died 1806.
10. ELIZABETH born1735 died 1769 married 1757 Gilbert Drake born 1720 died1809.

NATHANIEL UNDERHILL, born 1664 died 1710 married 1686 Mary Ferris who died before 1715. He lived in Westchester County, New York. There is some questions with regards to Nathaniel’s Children as there have been several list depending on the research which was done. The latest list of children have been validated by various sources including census, and by Westchester records they include:

1. Thomas, born Dec 4, 1687.
2. Nathaniel, Jr. born Aug 11, 1690.
3. Benjamin born Oct 1694.
4. Abraham born 1697.
5. John born 1700.
6. Mary born 1704
7. William born 1707

CAPTAIN JOHN UNDERHILL, son of John and Honor (Pawley) Underhill, born ca 1597 in England, and probably at Kenilworth , Warwiickshire, and died Sept 21, 1672 at Killingworth his home near Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York. He married 1st Dec 12, 1628 Helena DeHooch in the Netherlands. He Married 2nd Elizabeth Feake born 1633 at Watertown Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Issue 1st Wife:
1. Deborah born 1629 no record of marriage.
2. Elizabeth baptized Feb 14, 1636 Boston, Ma.
3. John Jr born 1642 died 1692 married Mary Prior.

Issue 2nd Wife
1. Deborah born 1659 died 1698 married Henry Townsend.
2. Nathaniel born 1664 died 1710 married Mary Ferris.
3. Hannah born 1666 died 1710 Married Richard Alsop.
4. David born 1672 died 1708.

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