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Thompson, Thom K - Minong

Thompson, Thom K - Minong

Shari Thompson Ekovich (View posts)
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Classification: Lookup
Surnames: Thomspon (of minong)
I have searched and searched for information on my grandfather Thom K. Thompson and only found a land record. He is buried in the Minong Cemetery. He died around 1958. He lived on Shell Creek Road in Minong. He was married to Mary Hendrickson. children are: Alice, Thomas (my father), Hiriam, Buddy, Chuck, Melvin, Smokey, Amy, Gert, Cora, Lillian, Alice, Anna and Hazel. I had seen on this web site regarding the early schools in which my Aunt Alice and Gert are mentioned. Can anyone give me any information as to where else I can look for information. Because I have hit a dead end.

Re: Thompson, Thom K - Minong

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Hi Shari,

I was at the courthouse in Shell Lake the other day and was able to find some information on the Thompson family of Minong. I'm not sure what information you may already have, so some of this may be redundant for you.

The Thompson family is, indeed, buried in the Minong Greenwood Cemetery, including these names:

Cecelia "Tina" Mary - b. 15 Aug 1921 - d. 8 Mar 1982 - wife of Hiram, maiden name Johnson -- Death Record Vol. 22, pg 2

George Monroe - b. 2 Dec 1923 - d. 27 Feb 1983 - Wife's name was Elizabeth Chartier -- Death Record Vol. 22, pg 175

Hiram O. - b. 4 May 1916 - d. 26 Feb 1988 (no death record found in Washburn Co.)

Keith Allen - b. 17 Oct 1971 - d. 7 Dec 1991 - son of Norman "Smokey" Kenneth & Linda Marie (Tolene) Thompson -- Death Record Vol. 24, pg 537

Marian Elizabeth - b. 9 Apr 1921 - d. 23 Mar 1996 - wife of Melvin, daughter of George & Helen Marie (Burgraff) Kestel -- Death Record Vol. 26, pg 148

Melvin - b. 23 Mar 1929 - d. 18 Jul 1998 - married to Marian Elizabeth Kestel -- Death Record Vol. 27, pg 107

Norman "Smokey" Kenneth - b. 7 Jul 1927 - d. 20 Aug 1994 - Wife's name Linda Marie Tolene -- Death Record Vol. 25, pg 417

Thomas Miron - b. 17 Sep 1914 - d. 28 Nov 1987 (your father?) (no death record found on file in Washburn Co.)

Also a stone is in place at the same cemetery for Elizabeth, wife of George Monroe Thompson. There is no death date, so she may still be living.

Here is your Grandfather and Grandmother's death record information:

Death Record Vol. 15, pg 239 -
THOMPSON, Thom K., male, white, married, farmer, residing in Minong. Son of Knute and Julia (Burns) Thompson. Born 23 Dec 1877 in Norway, died 8 Oct 1958 at the Spooner Hospital, cause of death being Cerebral Areriosclerosis due to Coronary Sclerosis/auricular fibrillation/cardiac decompensation. He was 80 years of age. Informant for the death record was Hiram Thompson, son of deceased. His doctor was Frederick Goetsch, M.D., Spooner. Funeral home director in charge of the arrangements was Robert Wilkinson with burial on 10 Oct 1958 in the Greenwood Cemetery, Minong.

Death Record Vol. 17, pg 412:
THOMPSON, Mary, female, white, widowed (wife of Thom K.), housewife, residing at Minong. She was born 27 Dec 1890 at Eleva, Trempealeau Co., WI to Ole and Alice (Ness) Hendrickson. She died on 19 July 1967 at the Spooner Hospital from Mesenteric vascular occlusion/severe generalized artersclerosis. She was 76 years of age. Informant for her death record was Mrs. Alice Hobbs, daughter of deceased. Frederick Goetsch, M.D., Spooner. Dahl Funeral Home, Spooner, in charge of the arrangements. Burial in Greenwood Cemetery, Minong.

I hope this information will give you more leads and help you break through your brick wall. Good luck with your research.


Re: Thompson, Thom K - Minong

Shari Thompson-Ekovich (View posts)
Posted: 997101153000

I don't know how to thank you for the information. I did not have any of the information you gave me on my grandfather and grandmother. I had no idea that all this information was listed in Shell Lake. I live in South Carolina so the only means I have at this point is searching on the internet. I am very new to genealogy. At least now I have a start to continue my searching. Without your help, I would not have my grandparents parents names. My father was Thomas Miron, he died in Superior, Wisconsin, that is why I think he does not have a death record in Washburn County.

Thanks again for all your help Nance!!!

Re: Thompson, Thom K - Minong

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Thompson, Erickson, Ericson
Shari - my name is John Ericson. Lillian Thompson married my Grandfather John Erickson.

John & Lillian's only child - my mother - Joanne Erickson married my Max Ericson - yes just remove the "K" from her maiden name :-)

I am in the process of creating our genealogy information. I would like to share more information if you want. If we can help each other out that would be great. I'm trying to trace the Ericson, Erickson and Thompson sides as far back as I can.

John Ericson

Re: Thompson, Thom K - Minong

Posted: 1321049475000
Classification: Lookup
Surnames: Thompson
Shari, I am Chucks daughter and I am at a dead end also, all my dad told me was he was born in Norway, 1877

Re: Thompson, Thom K - Minong

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Very nice to meet you. Your Mom was my first cousin. I remember her very well. I used to babysit you when you were young. You all lived in the house on Shell Creek road. I mostly watched you during deer hunting season. I have been trying to put information together for the Thompson side for a long time. You can email me at


Re: Thompson, Thom K - Minong

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Yes, grandpa was born in Norway. I have some info on grandma Mary and him, not much. Seems I keep hitting dead ends because everyone has past on who would know that information. Grandma Mary is from Whitehall area. Please email me at

Re: Thompson, Thom K - Minong

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Hello, I am Candy Whitaker, Charles Thompson's daughter. My dad passed away on August 30 2002, in Osceola Medical Center, after a long battle with COPD, and lung cancer, with his sons and daughters by his side. He was cremated and he wanted his remains spread at the family farm in Minong. I also want to mention that my mom told me that Dad said that the Thompson name wasn't from Norway but that it was put down incorrectly in America, and that it was actually Thorson in Norway. I'm not sure that it is accurate but, it may help end the dead end.

Re: Thompson, Thom K - Minong

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Hello Shari,
I am the oldest daughter of Hazel. I don't know any more info on the family other than the census. Uncle Buddy is George, Uncle Smokey is Norman. The 1930 Census where the Thompson family shows: Tom K, born in Norway, age 48 (born 1882 in Norway). He was 27 when he married Mary, age 18. Mary was born in Wisconsin but her parents were born in Norway. List of children are: (ages at 1930 census)
Gertie, age 18 (at that time she worked as a maid)
Cora, age 17, Thomas, age 15, Hiram, age 13, Amy, age11
Hazel, age 10, Lllian, age 8, George, age 6, Anna, age 4 1/2
Norman, age 2 3/4, Melvn, age 1.
I hope this helps a little. I attached the census page so I hope it shows for you.

My name is Dori and it is nice to meet you. Keep in touch.

Before I forget, Cheryl Thompson lives at
511 5th Ave E
Minong, WI 54859
Phone number (715) 466-5877

She might have more info. She is the daughter of Buddy and Betty Thompson I think. lol

You can contact me at my private email: Please keep me informed too. I have been trying to find relatives for a long time.

Re: Thompson, Thom K - Minong

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Hello John,
I met you when you were a baby. My husband and I along with my daughter visited the family on our way to Washington state where I still live. It is nice to meet you again. Would you be willing to share your family history with me?
I am Hazel's oldest daughter. Your mother was my first cousin. My two younger sisters are Mary Ann, and Bonnie Diane (deceased).
We used to drive to Minong every summer when school was out and stayed the whole summer until it was time to leave and drive back to Michigan to get ready for school.

You can contact me through my private email:

Nice to meet you. :)

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