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Joseph O'Hanlon NY

Joseph O'Hanlon NY

Rye O'Hanlon (View posts)
Posted: 980115803000
I am the Great-Granddaughter of Joseph O'Hanlon who served as the Fire Chief of New York city in the early 1900's. He had three sons, Herbert, Reese, and Frank (I believe). I am the granddaughter of Herbert O'Hanlon. I don't know much about my heritage as my Grandfather, Herbert, died from cancer in October, 1978. I was born in 1980. I know that I have an ancestor named Count Redmond O'Hanlon, but that is about it. I would like all the information I can get about the family as far back as recorded. Thank you!

joseph ohanlon

Graeme ohanlon (View posts)
Posted: 987231387000
I am looking for any information o Joseph OHanlon born 31 jan 1937 died 16 may 1992. lived in south oxhey nr watford england.Any information would be useful. ancestry etc

Count Redmond O'Hanlon

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Dia Duit Rye.
Redmond, the son of Loughlin O'Hanlon, was born in Poyntzpass, O'Hanlon's Country, Armagh in the year 1640. His mother's surname was Rafferty before marriage. The O'Hanlons were the Chieftains of Armagh and had their Castle in Tandragee from which they ruled to the late 1500s when it was confiscated by the British. In a rebellion in 1641 they recovered the castle but held it only for a short time. It would appear that Redmond's father was killed in the rebellion as Redmond was taken by his mother to the Rafferty home in Magherodougherty situated between Tandragee and Markethill,where he spent his youth. Part of the property at Magherodougherty is still owned by O'Hanlons. A branch of the family emigrated to Australia while some went to America. My mother Anne O'Hanlon was born in 1907 in Magherodougherty.
Redmond became famous as a Tory or Raparee taking back what he believed belonged to him from the rich settlers who were living on O'Hanlon land, and giving the proceeds to the poor. After a notorious incident when his followers killed a man with the surname St.John, who was living in the O'Hanlon Castle, and who had been granted large tracts of O'Hanlon land Redmond was written about in French journals of the day where he was accorded the title "Count" because of his lineage. Although he was not present at the atrocity he was held responsible and a price was put on his head. I have much information on the O'Hanlon Clan. If you are descended from Redmond we are related.
Gerry Lavery.

Count Redmond O'Hanlon

Rye O'Hanlon (View posts)
Posted: 992140802000
I know for a fact I am indeed related to him. I heard a story as a small child about the family castle that was taken by the British. Many of our family were slain during the invasion. I really wish I knew more. I am proud to be an O'Hanlon and I want to know about the people that contributed to me being here today. Thank you! :)
Your Relative,
Rye O'Hanlon

The O'Hanlon Family history

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Dia duit Rye.
Thank you for your quick response. I am in touch with families in Australia also descended from Redmond. In 1710 almost thirty years after the reputed death of Redmond the Church of Ireland Bishop sent Thomas Ashe to carry out a survey of church lands. Standing in the townland of Terryhoogan, not far from Tandragee, Ashe stated that from where he stood he could see the house where lived "The grand Tory Redmond O'Hanlon." On Friday of last week I stood where he stood and looked at a hill where the house of the Australin family of O'Hanlons used to stand. I may be contacted at the following email address
Do you know how Redmond's death is recorded in history? Do you know how the O'Hanlons "lost" their territory?

Re: Count Redmond O'Hanlon

Dorinda O'Hanlon (View posts)
Posted: 1001977113000
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Hello there!

I have heard about Count Redmond O'Hanlon since childhood! We are related to him. My father is Joseph O'Hanlon from Pittsburgh, Pa. His father's family is descended from Owen O'Hanlon. Please let me know if there is a link.

Re: Count Redmond O'Hanlon

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Dia duit Dorinda,
Thank you for replying to my message. Most likely there is a link. However without further information it would be difficult to establish a connection. Your father Joseph descended from Owen most likelly came from Armagh. I have been trying to put together Redmond's family and have had some success. Could you find out where Owen originated from and if he had brothers and sisters.
We are planning an O'Hanlon Clann rally some time in the year 2002/3 in Armagh and would be delighted to hear from other interested O'Hanlons. If you find further information about your family I would appreciate if you could contact me at my e-mail address
Gerry Lavery.

Re: Count Redmond O'Hanlon

Dorinda O'Hanlon (View posts)
Posted: 1002048380000
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Hi Gerry!

My father has confirmed frequently that we were originally from Armagh and subsequently moved south and elsewhere. I will speak with him tonight to get more details and get back to you ASAP.

A clann rally! How exciting! Please keep me informed.

Thank you,


Re: The O'Hanlon Family history

Dorinda O'Hanlon (View posts)
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Dear Gerry,

My father informs me that the O'Hanlons were dispossessed and booted off their territory. Redmond was betrayed by his foster-brother Arthur for 200 pounds and murdered. He was beheaded and his head put on display on a spike.

Dorinda O'Hanlon

Re: Count Redmond O'Hanlon

Dorinda O'Hanlon - Aigner (View posts)
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Hello again!

Please tell me what the greeting "Dia Duit" means. Thank you in advance.

I have just concluded a phone conversation with my father, and he has given me the following information:

Our family was descended from Redmond O'Hanlon who lived in South Armagh in or up to the 1500's.

The Owen O'Hanlon he is descended from arrived from Ireland to (he believes) America via Canada. The census report claims he married Sarah O'Brian from County Clare. Sarah claimed to be the mother of 15 children. My father knows of 6 surviving children - Peter (1858) born in New York State. John (1863), Matthew or "Mathias" (1863), Mary, Sarah and "Nell", were all born in Pennsylvania in Manchester - which is the Old North Side of Pittsburgh. Owen listed his occupation as Laborer.

My father's lineage continues through Matthew. He married Mary Delaney of Philadelphia, who had the prestigious position of "upstairs maid" before their marriage. It continues with Joseph Aloysius (1889) who married Margaret Grounds (1898), both of Pittsburgh. They moved to the Greenfield section of Pittsburgh, and Joseph Aloysius worked as an engineer for the Monongehela Connecting Railroad. They had 10 children: Adele, Joseph Eugene (my father), David, Margaret (Bunny), Dolores, Natalie, Edward, William, Eleanor and Bernard. She died in childbirth of the 11th child.

Joseph Eugene served as Yardmaster for the Monongehela Connceting Railraod and married Dorothy Geisler of the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. They have 3 children: Joseph E. Jr.
Jamey Joseph and Dorinda Dorothy.

Joe Jr. has 4 sons: Joseph E. III
Brady Kelly
Matthew Evan
Colin Redmond

Jamey has 1 son and 2 daughters: Brandon
Arynne (Erin)
Cara Lynn
I (Dorinda) have 1 daughter: Darcie Faye

We all live in the Pittsburgh Pa area.

If you see any connection, please let me know!

My parents, my husband, daughter and I had the chance to visit Ireland in the summer of 2000 and loved it. We are planning to return, and if this Clann Rally occurs, we will try to plan to be there.

Thank you,

Dorinda O'Hanlon
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