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Garfinkels in Milwaukee

Garfinkels in Milwaukee

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Surnames: Luban, Garfinkel
In my exploration of my family's genealogy, I have found a family in Milwaukee, WI who are probably relatives, but I am not sure of the connection. The family I am looking for are the children of Henry and Esther Luban who have lived in Milwaukee since before 1920. My great grandfather was Solomon Luban who was living in Milwaukee at about the same time. I suspect, but don't know, that Solomon and Henry were brothers.

One of Henry and Esther's children was named Belle and she married Harry (I think) Garfinkel. I am looking for anyone related to Belle Garfinkel (nee Luban).

Re: Garfinkels in Milwaukee

Jane Lippow (View posts)
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You are correct in your assumption that Henry and Sol Luban were brothers. I am a granddaughter of Henry and Esther Luban and I knew your grandfather when I was a little girl. My mother is the youngest daughter of Henry and Esther Luban and your grandfather lived at the "Home for Aged Jews." My family and I lived about four blocks away. Your grandfather would walk over to our house to visit. We called him "Uncle." He was partially sighted. I believe that he was a carpenter and lost the use of one eye in a work-related accident. A few years before he died, he gave my little brother his tool chest with some tools in it.

Henry and Esther Luban had seven children, four of whom are still alive.

Belle Garfinkel is 101 years old and lives in Milwaukee in her own apartment. I last saw her in June 2003 when she attended a birthday party that we gave for my mother. She looks wonderful, volunteers several days each week and is a delight to speak with.

Sara Fishman will be 100 years old in October. I saw her in June also. She lives in her own apartment and has help for part of each day. She is fairly isolated and somewhat forgetful but still carries on a wonderful conversation.

Minette Luban is 98 years old and lives in Milwaukee. (Never, never tell her that I told you her age.) She lives in her own apartment, still drives in her local area and is a wonderful conversationalist.

My mother is Helen Holzman who turned 90 in June. She lives in her own home and receives a little help in grocery shopping.

The Lubans were and still are very politically astute. While they were never directly involved in politics, they are all well-read and vitally interested in political affairs locally, state-wide and nationally.

There were three other children. Moishe died as a very young toddler and I became aware of his existance only within the last few years.

Jack Luban died a few years ago of lung cancer. I am not exactly sure of his age. If he was not 90, he was very close to it. He lived independently until he became very ill.

Sophia Tarachow lived in New York City until her death several years ago and I would venture to say that she was also in her 90s. She died of Parkinson's disease from which she suffered for over 10 years.

The only malady from which all of the living aunties suffer is that they are very, very hard-of hearing. I must talk very loudly to each of them and even then they do not always hear what I say.

As you can probably tell, I enjoy them all immensely and could continue to carry on indefinitely. If there is more you want to know, I would be glad to share the information with you. There are several cousins, some still in Milwaukee; others, like myself are in other parts of the country. I currently live in a suburb of Detroit.

Your message was found by my daughter who lives in Chicago. She was on-line looking for Belle's address when she came upon your link and sent it to me.

I hope to hear from you to learn about your side of the Luban family. Where do you live?


Jane Lippow

Re: Garfinkels in Milwaukee

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what do you know about sara fishman? is that her married name? or maiden name? one of my fathers sisters is named sara.
Thanks, Trudi Schoolhouse

Re: Garfinkels in Milwaukee

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Surnames: Fishman, Hochman,
I was wondering how Sara Fishman fit into your line. I believe she was the sister of my g-grandmother, Bertha. I have her parents as being Moishe Fishman and Frieda Hochman and they were all born in Yanova, Russia. If you have additional information on this line I'd greatly appreciate it.

Re: Garfinkels in Milwaukee

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Surnames: Luban, Fishman, Galbraich
I have a Sarah Fishman (who died at the age of 102 in October 2007, I believe) as being the daughter of Henry and Esther Luban from Rezekne, Latvia. Henry and Ester's kids were: daughters Belle, Sarah, Minnie, Sophia and Helen, and son John. Sarah's married name was Fishman, Helen's married name was Holtzman amd Belle's married name was Garfinkel. It is possible either that your Sara Fishman is different than my Sarah fishman, or the Moishe and Frieda you have listed as her parents were her in-laws. If your Sara Fishman is the same as my Sarah Fishman, then Henry/Henoch Luban and Esther/Menucha Galbraich were her parents. Henry's father was named Schmuila Jankel Luban and Henry's mother was Kreine Luban. Schmuila Jankel's father was another Genoch Luban. And that is as far back as I can trace the Lubans. Hope this helps!

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Not the same ones unfortunately. Thanks, though.

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Yanova Russia


I wanted to see if you had any information or history about Yanova as I have ancestors from that town and can't find any history info on the city.

Chris Karll

Re: Garfinkels in Milwaukee

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I'm doing some research into my paternal grandmother. Her mom was Fanny (Fannie) Fishman, daughter of Frank and Sophia. I believe Sophia's last name was Garfinkel. I am not sure about this but do know that Garfinkel is on my father's side somehow, from Russia and ended up in Boston. I have so much to learn.

Wendy Lerman (Richard's sister)
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