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Nathaniel Blackman (CT)

Nathaniel Blackman (CT)

Richard C. Cable (View posts)
Posted: 946022018000
Looking for any information regarding the aforementioned. b. 1737, d. 1821. daughter lydia who married daniel campbell. probably litchfield co. ct. thanks. d.c.

Nathaniel Cady Blackman, 1737-1821, of Stratford, Newtown, New Preston/Washington, Kent, etc., Conn.

Julie Otto (View posts)
Posted: 953971665000
Wow, this is quite exciting. Nathaniel Cady Blackman (1737-1821) is a former ancestor of mine, and he's very obscure, so it's rare to find someone descended from him. The Kent-New Preston/Washington area is so very murky that it is hard to know what became of anybody. I'd love to know what you have on Lydia (Blackman) Campbell.

Nathaniel Cady Blackman, son of Serajah5 Blackman (Joseph4-3, John2, Rev. Adam1) and his first wife Judith Cady, was born at Stratford, 27 March 1737, d. died at Washington, Conn. 31 July 1821, acc. to the records of the New Preston Congregational Church. He had m. by 7 March 1756 Ann or Anna ----, probably somewhere around New Preston, New Milford, Newtown or wherever, Conn. She was living 13 Feb. 1780 and later.

Nathaniel Cady Blackman was named for his maternal grandfather, Nathaniel Cady, who early granted him land both at Stratford and Newtown, and for all I know elsewhere (deeds are filed by town in Conn., and there is no county- or state-wide index). I should note here that the use of a middle name is very early. You should always check for such people under "Nathaniel Cady," "Nath'll C.," "N. Cady," "Cady," etc.

Nathaniel Cady Blackman saw service in at least two campaigns of the French and Indian War: he enlisted 7 April 1757 in Capt. Samuel Hubbell's [5th] co., Col. Phineas Lyman's [4th] Regiment, and was discharged 26 Nov. 1757 (PUBL. CONN. HIST. SOC. 8 [1903]: 178). "Nath'll Cady Blackman" enlisted 25 March 1762 in Col. Nathan Whiting's 2nd Provincial (Conn.) regt., Lt. Col. Smedley's [2nd] co., and was discharged 6 Dec. 1762 (PUBL. CONN. HIST. SOC. 9 [1905]: 325).

"Ann Blackman wife of N. of New Preston" was admitted to the Congregational Church of New Milford, Conn., on 7 March 1756 (orig. New Milford church register, 1:26). She owned the covenant at Newtown Congregational Church by letter from New Milford, 10 April 1757. Nathaniel Cady Blackman and his wife were admitted 19 Oct. 1760 to the Newtown church, where the baptisms of many of their children were recorded. Anna was admitted to the Congregational Church at New Preston (Washington), Conn. 13 Feb. 1780, and apparently later she joined "the Baptists," probably local. Years later, perhaps after her death, Nathaniel Cady Blackman was admitted to the Washington church at New Preston, 5 Jan. 1817.

On 22 May 1762 Nathaniel Cady Blackman of Newtown leased to "my Honoured Grandfather Nathaniel Cadey" land which said grandfather had leased him earlier that day, being seven acres and 60 rods of land in Newtown on the south side of the road leading from Abraham Botsford's dwelling house. The plot of land was fully described and the deed witnessed by Caleb Baldwin and Jerusha Baldwin and then recorded the same day, just before the grandson's lease back to Nathaniel Cady of the same land, "during the natural Life of my said grand father" (witnesses to the lease were Caleb Baldwin and Nathan Baldwin, Jr.) (NEWTOWN DEEDS 7:507-508).

Nathaniel Cady Blackman's Newtown household was assessed 20 Aug. 1767 for £30-11-6 (List of Polls and Rateable Estate in E. L. Johnson, HISTORY OF NEWTOWN, CONN. [1917], p. 218). I suspect that NCB and his wife Anna had children between 1767 (their last baptism at Newtown) and 1780 (when two daughters were baptized at New Preston/Washington) but I have not found such records.

On 13 April 1775 Nathaniel Cady Blackman of Kent, Litchfield Co., Conn., conveyed to Francis Hawley of Stratford (for £7-10s. lawful money) of land at Moose Hill, Stratford (Francis and his heirs were not to enter into possession of said property until after the death of NCB's father Serajah Blackman, "he having right of Improvement During his natural life." The property was the equal half of a Small piece of land at Moose Hill, Stratford, supposed to be about three acres, the same land on which Serajah now lives," bounded north on highway, west on land of Samuel DeForest, south on said DeForest, east on land of Elisha Mills, and part north on land of Joseph Fairchild (STRATFORD DEEDS 19:321), witnessed by Nehemiah Hide and Samuel Adams, the deed was recorded 17 Dec. 1777. The printed form dated the conveyance as "in the 15th year" of "Our Sovereign Lord George ye Third"; the deed was drafted less than a week before the Battle of Bunker Hill, a new world, and a new way of measuring its time.

In the 1790 census Nathaniel Cady Blackman's household at "Washington town," Conn. consisted of 2 free white males over 16, none under 16, and seven free white females (Conn. 1790 Census [Heads of Families], p. 74, col. 3). In the 1800 census, Nathaniel Cady Blackman's Litchfield Co. household contained one male over 45, one female under 10, one female 26-45, and one female over 45 (1800 US Census, Litchfield Co., Conn., p. 168, 00001-10011-00).

The children I have for Nathaniel Cady and Anna (----) Blackman are:

1. Edward Blackman, bp. Newtown 10 April 1757, d. Middlebury, Conn. 18 Dec. 1827 ae. 72; m. Newtown Cong. Church in 1782 (I have the exact date, but not right to hand) Hannah Adams.

2. Judah Blackman, bp. Newtown 4 Feb. 1759. [Is this a daughter Judith, who d.y.?]

3. Lydia Blackman, bp. Newtown 14 Dec. 1760, d.y.; prob. the child of "Nathaniell" who d. Newtown 17 March 1762 ae. about 1 yr.

4. A child [sex not stated], d. Newtown 17 Oct. 1762 ae. about 6 weeks.

5. Isaac Blackman, perhaps a twin of the former?? bp. Newtown in Sept. 1762; prob. he (or a namesake?) was the Isaac Blackman of New Preston who m. Washington 18 Feb. 1791 Lydia Taylor of the same place.
6. Lydia Blackman, bp. Newtown 9 Sept. 1764, prob. the Lydia of New Preston who m. Washington 2 Dec. 1784 Daniel Campbell of Sharon, Conn. (Was a Polly [Campbell] Brown, bp. New Preston 22 Aug. 1785, related to them?]

7. Charity Blackman, bp. Newtown 6 Sept. 1767, named for paternal aunt Charity (Blackman) Cogswell (b. Stratford 6 May 1742, later of Sandgate, Vt.).

BIG GAP -- were there other children here?

8. Anne Blackman, bp. Newtown 28 May 1780.

9. Judith Blackman, bp. Newtown 28 May 1780, d. there 11 Jan. 1856; m. as his second wife at Kent, Conn. 17 Sept. 1799 David Whitehead, whose mother was probably a distant cousin, Jemima Blackman.

Again, I would be most interested in finding the later career and descendants of Lydia (Blackman) Campbell. The names Edward, Issac and Lydia are not common among the Blackmans of this branch, and it may well be that they are named for relatives of Anna's. Son Edward named a son Beecher, but I am not sufficiently familiar with the family of Ed's wife Hannah Adams to rule her out as the source of that.

Nathaniel Cady Blackman is a former ancestor of mine -- years and years and years ago I naively thought that the Barbour Collection of civically recorded Conn. VRs, which includes NCB's birth record, contained ALL VRs, and that since he was the only Nathaniel anything Blackman as born in Conn. in the 1730s, he must be my 3-great-grandfather Nathaniel Blackman, who d. Vermont in 1820 ae. 82. Luckily a Bible and other records turned up and straightened that out; mine is Lt. Nathaniel5, Ebenezer4-3, John2, Rev. Adam1), which as you can see from the tracing is not NCB's line at all.

Hope this helps. Julie Otto

Polly Campbell Brown

Richard Cable (View posts)
Posted: 954405525000
Message for Julie Otto: thank you for all the info on the Blackmans. I do have just a scant bit of info on polly campbell. i have her buried at kent hollow, ct. she was married to ephraim brown who is also buried in kent, ct. i have no birthplace or date nor death date. they had 5 children one of which is melissa jerusha brown who married edwin gaylord cable. there is a lot of conjecture as to brown/campbell birthplaces, etc. if you e-mail me, i can furnish more info and how i have received it via a contact in kent, ct. thanks.

Hawley letter 1844

Thomas Clark (View posts)
Posted: 961091130000
I am a collector of historical letters from the 1800's and I am about to liquidate part of my collection. I have a letter addressed to Rev Francis Hawley, Cazanovia, Madison County, New York dated May 19th 1844. It was mailed from Farmington, Ct by "your Father and Mother, withrespect, Asa Hawley"
Before I sell the letter for its literary and philatelic value, I would like to reunite the letter with a Hawley family member. If you can assist in this matter please contact me. I can provide scanned copies of the letter upon request. Thanks Thomas Clark,
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