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Sparks, Henry Yorke Thomas

Sparks, Henry Yorke Thomas

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Looking for ggrandfather. He was mayor of
Glenelg, SA 1899-1900. Married to Sarah
Thomas(?) Supposedly came from England as
a young lad. Died 1900 at age 55.

Re: Sparks, Henry Yorke Thomas

Heather Hobbis (View posts)
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Hello Naomi

I'm in Adelaide, South Australia and for 10 years I have been doing free research for people all around the world who want information regarding family who came here in the 1800's. I saw your request re information of Henry Yorke Sparks ex Montevideo, who came to South Australia 1853 aboard the "Bernard"

I searched the shipping lists in the Library yesterday, but there is no shipping arrival of a Henry Yorke Sparks.


Aubert Musson, aged 32 years, single, son of John Jackson married 22nd March 1911 to Ida Yorke, aged 21years, single, daughter of Henry Yorke Sparks at St. Peter Church, Glenelg District Adelaide reference book 246 page 801


1. Aubert Henry born 18th December 1911 at North Adelaide, District Adelaide reference book 878 page 48

2. James Yorke born 31st May 1917 Glenelng District Adelaide reference book 1 page 294 symbol "A" denoting (1) The Registrar has made an amendment to the information on this birth record and/or (2) The Registrar has included additional information to this birth record.

3. John Sparks born 14th January 1919 at North Adelaide, District Adelaide reference book 31 page 174 symbol "A"


Charles Edward aged 31 years, single, son of Charles Barritt married 27th October 1909 to Sarah Wynne Yorke, 24 years of age, single, daughter of Henry Yorke Sparks at Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide, District Adelaide reference book 241 page 223


1. Alison Wynne born 29th Septembr 1911 at North Adelaide, District Adelaide reference book 873 page 59

2. Kenneth Charles born 9th June 1919 at North Adelaide, District Adelaide reference book 38 page 191 symbol "A"

3. Kenneth Charles Sparks born 8th July 1914 North Adelaide, District Adelaide reference book 939 page 470

4. Shylie (female) born 7th September 1915 North Adelaide, District Adelaide. reference book 965 page 498


Kenneth Charles Sparks, aged 9 days of North Adelaide died 17th July 1914 at North Adelaide, son of Charles Edward Barriett, District Adelaide reference book 385 page 351 symnol "H" denoting this child died in a hospital.

Henry Yorke Sparks aged 55 years of Gleleng died 21st October 1900 at Glenelg. Informant not recorded, District Adelaide reference book 272 page 470

If I can be of any further help, please feel free to contact me at my email address as I would be very happy to look for anything/anyone else you might want information about.


Re: Sparks, Henry Yorke Thomas

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My g-g-grandfather came to Australia aboard "The Bernard". He brought a son and wife with him. Another boy was born 8 days before arriving in Adelaide, South Australia. His name was Henry P G Sparks. Could this be who you are looking for?

Re: Sparks, Henry Yorke Thomas

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Hello Heather....My name is John Sparks.NSW. My gr gr grandfather HENRY PALAFOX GERONA SPARKS travelled to South Australia from Montevideo...his son Harold was born on the way in 1853. Please contact me.

Re: Sparks, Henry Yorke Thomas

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Surnames: Henry Yorke Sparkes

Henry Yorke Sparks was my great, great, great grandfather. We have very sketchy details about him, all according to my grandmother's family history. However we know that he was married to Anna (or Hannah). He came to Adelaide on the Royal Admiral which sailed from Gravesend on 25th September 1837 with 208 other passengers. They had 2 boys travelling with them (Henry 6yo and another boy who was 20 months old). Henry was listed as a builder and carpenter. They arrived in Adelaide in January 1938, firstly living in Adelaide and then moving to Glenelg.

We don't have much more information... But I guess if Henry is your relative, that we must be distantly related!
hope that info helps!
With thanks

Re: Sparks, Henry Yorke Thomas

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Hello Heather,
Henry Yorke Sparks was born in Montevideo in 1845 to Sarah (nee Waterworth) Henry Palafox Gerona's second wife. His first wife died in childbirth in 1841 in Montevideo but the child Overton survived. There were three boys born before the family fled Montevideo in 1852.
Any further information please wishes John Sparks

Re: Sparks, Henry Yorke Thomas

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Hello John,
Heather is no longer using Ancestry so won't be able to reply to you.
Heather is not related or connected to your family, she was just a wonderful Helper on the message boards assisting people with research.

Board Admin

Re: Sparks, Henry Yorke Thomas

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I am not related, but just to clarify with regard to Lyn's post - the Henry who arrived with his family on the Royal Admiral in 1838 was Henry Richmond SPARKS. His baptism in 1808 in Hampshire was as 'Henry Richman' but his mother was Agatha RICHMOND and his grandson born in Australia was named Henry Richmond SPARKS. I notice that related people with trees on Ancestry have him recorded as Henry Richard. This family stayed in South Australia.
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