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Mark Thornton in SC in 1756

Mark Thornton in SC in 1756

Perry Goss (View posts)
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Well. We have found a John in SC in 1756 and now we have found a potentially major item, a Mark Thornton in SC in 1756 as well.

Now there "could not be" that many Thorntons in SC in 1756. I think there were only about 17 "Colonists" in GA at the same time. SC being more developed though. Still.

Does anyone have any info on who this could be or other info?

I have NEVER seen a reference to any Mark Thornton in SC in this time frame. None.

And still gathering data, will figure out who is in his area and see if we can determine any contacts with any familes.

Thanks, appreciate any info!

Re: Mark Thornton in SC in 1756

Jennifer Thornton (View posts)
Posted: 1104800186000
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For your info, in case you find a connection.
1790, Edgefield County SC, Ely Thornton and family.
This is as far back as I have searched for my Thornton's.

Re: Mark Thornton in SC in 1756

perry goss (View posts)
Posted: 1104800606000
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Thanks Jennifer. I believe I have seen him, not mine so can not recall the particulars on him.

I appreciate the info!

Re: Mark Thornton in SC in 1756

Diana Thornton Tomlinson (View posts)
Posted: 1105333184000
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Surnames: Thornton
My GGGGG-Granddaddy Thomas was born in Spartanburg South Caroling 1750 He married Martha.
Robert Thornton 1374 d.1418 East Newton York England married Isabelle De Gray
Robert b.1400 married Isabelle Meklyfeld
1424 William married Agmes Aldborough (10th in descent of Edward 1st king of England)
1454 Robert married Jane Layton
1498 Francis married Joan Delaryver "The Hills" Yorkshire England
1530 Willam married Barbara Westby
1565 William married Francis Roberson
1595 William married Bridget Marshall
1620 Willaim married Elishia Belling,Virginia records show Immigrant came to Virginia about 1640, listed as Gentleman, sponsored by William Pryor, from Yorkshire, England he settled in York County and moved to Gloucester County before 1649. He evidently purchased land there as he later received a land grand in 1649: 164 acres Gloster County in Petsoe Parish joining land he now lives on beginning on the old line running thence etx., the grand being awarded for the transfer of 4 persons from England, this being one of the first Patents of land in Virginia ( Virginia Land Patent Book 5 page 573) There he built a home which he named "The Hills" after the ancestral estate of his great grandfather Francis Thornton, who died in Yorkshire 1566.
1642 Luke married Ann Lunenburg Parish Richmond County VA N. Farnham Parish RegWill bk 5 p 6 Warsaw VA
1686 Mark married Mary Bruce
1715 John married Jemimah Longworth
1750 Thomas married Martha born in Spartanburg South Carolina
1779 Josiah married Esther he was born in Spartanburg and died in Hickman Co Tennessee

Cupepper Co VA Deed book E page 65 gives English descent of the Virginia Thornton family
1333 William died 1333 married Isobell Newton
1346 Thomas of Newton di 1346 ( son of Wm & Isobell)
1402 Robert son of Thomas d 1402
1418 William son of Robert died 1418
1460 robert son of William died 1460 m Isobell Grey who was 14th descent from Stephen King of England
1488 William son of Robert and Isobell Grey died 1488 m. Agnes Addleborough who was 10th Descent of Edward 1st King of England
1600 William of Eastcombe, son of Francis "The Hills" died 1600 married Barbara Westby(Westley) is what they have her in the deed book. 14th in descent from Edward 1st King of England, 20th in descent from Alfred the Great, 21st in descent from Hugh Capet, 18th in descent from Malcolm 3rd King of Scotland
1595 William son of William and Barbara Westley who was living in 1600 married Francis robinson
1650 William son of William and Francis Robinson died 1650
1640 William who came to Virginia about 1640 and by genelogists is termed "The Immigrant"
Your records are correct there is a Mark and John in South Carolina they moved from Virginia to South Carolina John is the son of Mark it is the same family Mark had Thomas born 1750 in SC then Thomas had Josiah 1779 in SC and he moved to KY then to Tennessee.
The Thornton family scattered moving to Georgia, SC, NC, VA

Re: Mark Thornton in SC in 1756

perry goss (View posts)
Posted: 1105361599000
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Thanks Diana, the only thing though is that I have not found any other transactions for Mark in SC. Now I have found where he still owned land in NC up to about 1777.

Will have to go back and recheck.

Thanks for the info.

Re: Mark Thornton in SC in 1756

Posted: 1105399582000
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Surnames: thornton
Hello Perry,
I'm showing Mark II died in Elbert Co. Georgia,
Mark I left a will and left Mary as Adm. db 8 p.91 Wb 4 page 199 Estate signed by Leonard Dozier II
Mark II is showed in North Carolina 1764 Granville Co NC married Sussanna Dozier age 15 Ref richmond Co Mark Thornton deed to Solomon Redman 1733 land Inherited from grandfather Luke Wb 5 page 6 Leonard Dozier's will 1785
Mark II and his four sons Dozier mark III and Thomas and William went from VA to NC Wade Granville Bertie Franklin Warren Counties 1764 all Rdv shold under Gen. Matthews thence in 1784 to Wilkes Co now Elbert Co GA Dozier Mark and William Received land grants Mark and Thomas and later Reuben were active in buying and selling land in Elbert co about 1797 Dozier established the Vann's Creek Baptist Church locally famous at Ruckersville Elbert Co
1784 Gov. GA signed Rev. Sold original grant 200 acres coldwater Creek vol 1 page 266 DB CC 1787 Mark Thornton was in North Carolina Berte Warren Granville Cos 1767-71 up to 1784. Early records show of Ga vol 2 page 45 1778-1785
1785 Mark Thornton of Wilkes Co Capt Nail's Dist Tax list shows Mark Thornton 1784-85 I poll 200 acres 1-5-1792 800 acres vol 1 page 266 BK cc 1787 Wilkes Co vol 2 page 256
Rev. Records of GA by Candley Vol 2 705 1778-1785 story of GA and GA people by Geo D Smith page 639 Mark thornton 200 acres land grant for services 9-2-1784 Wilkes Co Ga original grant, Elbert co Bk D Folio 63 Lottery 1803 Mark Thornton 2 draws. Land Court rec page 705 Mark Thornton Rev.Soldier McIntosh's History of Elbert co. Ga 30-31 & 213 Capt. Blackwell's Dist Hist. Coll. GA D.A.R. Vol 111 page 240 Vol 1 page 104 Vol 111 page 212 Mark JR is the one who was in NC and died in GA

Re: Mark Thornton in SC in 1756

perry goss (View posts)
Posted: 1105400039000
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Thanks, those citations should help. More than what I have seen here to fore.

Trouble is our guys are in GA and SC before 1760 and in TN before 1775.

I will check these out though, thanks.

Re: Mark Thornton in SC in 1756

Posted: 1105401407000
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Although Mark and Mark Jr till in Lunenburg in 1767 they had bought land in Granville and Bertie Counties NC as early as 1764 they continued to trade lands also in Franklin and Warren and Wade Counties through 1780 even though they had meantime moved to Wilkes now Elbert co Ga in 1784 again following the availability of new lands. In this move they were including their brothers Dozier, Thomas, William and almost Capt. Clarke's entire company. There are Elbert co deeds by Mark and Maryin 1791 6,7,1806,10.17,and to their son Thomas in 1815 Marks will was proved in Jackson Co Mrs Davidson Historian DAR Jackson Co Will Book 1802-1960 Historical Colletion of GA Vol.1 page 104

Entirely aside from the above it is noted that there was also another Mark Thornton unrelated
Mark Thornton 1850 census in Meriweater County age 73 born 1777 in Virginia married Sarah

Re: Mark Thornton in SC in 1756

Posted: 1105401993000
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I have a lot of info
Thornton's in North Carolina
Franville Co formed from Edgecomb 1746 dozier Thornton Henry
Bertie Co fromed from Granville 1764
William Sr
William Jr
John & wife Agatja
Mark Sr
Mark Jr
Ann Thornton m, Ogleby
Mary Thornton b 1712 dau. roger and Isabell
James m. Eliz Jones Oxford Granville Co 3-2-1762
Franklin Co Henderson Dist fromed from Bertie 1779
Samuel Tax list 1782

Thornton's of the same name in Wilkes Co GA as those found in Granville, Bute, Franklin and Warren Counties North Carolina Previous to 1784
Mark SR
Mark JR
William SR
William Jr

Re: Mark Thornton in SC in 1756

perry goss (View posts)
Posted: 1105402355000
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Wow, you do your homework don't you.

I was totally unware of the other Mark. Interesting. Got anything else on him?

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