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Harrison Families in Franklin County, VA-1700s -1850s

Harrison Families in Franklin County, VA-1700s -1850s

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Surnames: HARRISON
My 5th Great Grandparents were married in Franklin Co, VA....Family lore is that both were also born in Franklin County as well.

I have many generations for the wife, Sinah/Cynthia Dillon but have NO information for the parents of my 5th Great Grandfather, William Henry Harrison.

In an effort to possibly make and rule out potential connection to other family members, I have created a list of all Harrison Males married in Franklin County, VA.

If you recognize any of these parties as being a part of your lineage, PLEASE contact me.....even with the bad news that you know there is absolutely no connection to my William H Harrison. At least that way I can ELIMINATE some of them.

In the 1786 Census is shown a William Harrison, is he the origin of the Harrison family of Franklin Co, VA?

I have also found documents that refer to a Reuben Harrison in Franklin Co, VA in this same time frame, he is one of the 2 leading contenders as the father, but at this point it is just a GUESS on anyone.

In the very first of the 1800s are the following marriages;

1803; **Ignatius HARRISON to Glicy JARROL, surety by Wm Harrison (**This is the other of the 2 that look most promising as father)

1807; Thomas HARRISON to Nancy CRAWLEY, surety by Lewis Hammick

1811; William HARRISON to Elizabeth THURMAN

1811; Solomon HARRISON (son of Wm HARRISON SR) to Polly DODD

1812; Joseph HARRISON to LUCY KENNETT, surety Peter Kennett

1813; Samuel HARRISON to Lucy BRACHER,

1816; Amos HARRISON to Rachel Dodd, surety Solomon Harrison

then there is a gap of time and these marriages take place

1826; William HARRISON to Cynthia DILLON, surety John Dillon

1834; Peter HARRISON to Pamelia J HUDSON

1835; John HARRISON to Mary HOPKINS,

1840; Greenville HARRISON to MILDRED HARRISON, surety Joseph HARRISON (probably Joseph Harrison that married in 1812, was he the father of Greenville or Mildred?

1845; William HARRISON to Avis S FRITH


So any of these couples BELONG to anyone, one of them 1826 William and Cynthia are my G-grandparents
Greenville Harrison married in 1840 was the 2nd cousin of my William Harrison. That means that there grandfathers were brothers and they shared the same great grandparents.

My William Harrison is a HUGE BRICK WALL for me, I know he was born between 1800 and 1808.

Re: Harrison Families in Franklin County, VA-1700s -1850s

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Maybe I'll be able to help. I don't have those particular Harrisons in my lineage, but...

I am originally from Rocky Mount, Franklin County, and will be visiting my dad in early April for about a month or so. I will be looking (once again) at marriage records and visiting/revisiting cemetaries. I can look at your Harrisons in the marriage records, copy the info and then forward to you if that will help.

The marriage records not only list bride/groom, but location of abode and parents names. I habitually copy all the information, and since I will be there anyway, can look for any Harrison info.

Just let me know.

Bobby Hunt

Re: Harrison Families in Franklin County, VA-1700s -1850s

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Surnames: Harrison, Dillon, Blankenship

That would be WONDERFUL if you could get the info for just 2 of the marriages...The rest are my attempt to MAYBE find a family connection.....I was hoping someone else has some of the other couples in thier family tree and would maybe be able to give me some clues.

William Harrison married to Cynthia Dillon on 23 Oct 1826, sur by John Dillon.
The ONLY indication of parentage is that his father's name was Ben, but NO one can tell me where that info is from???? There was a Reuben Harrison Jr listed on some of the marriages and Also a Reuben Harrison listed as parent of some of the early 1800 marriages. Is Reuben the SR or the JR???, I don't know. And would BEN be short for Reuben? Or was there a Benjamin that I do not see any listings for?

You can see my quandry, so ANYTHING you find would be of a GREAT HELP.

The parents of Cynthia Dillon were William Dillon and Fanny Blankenship and as the excerts has ONLY the following if you would not mind looking theirs up also it would be a huge assistance having the info for them as well.

It is listed in the excerpts as;
Divers, WM and Fanny Blankenship, July 28, 1790 no other info.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for this offer, this has been an ongoing DEAD END for me and all other family for over 2 decades.

Carrie Bias Hoffert

Re: Harrison Families in Franklin County, VA-1700s -1850s

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I'll be looking at the marriage records anyway, I'll just add them to it. And I've done a little search in my own tree, looking at different spellings and comparing to the years you were talking about.

I have a William Dillon (1761-1818) and Frances Blankenship (1766-1870), married 28 July 1790, in my own tree. I don't show Cynthia Dillon as a daughter, though. Only daughers I show are Mary, Temperance, Celia, and Clora Frances.

I will look at the records when I go for the names you've given me, and will send them to ya when I return. The marriage records are really good, as I've used them before. They show names, ages, place of abode and parents names, and I habitually check for parents...I've gotten lots of associations by checking parents.

Should be in that area around the middle of April, hope that's ok.


Re: Harrison Families in Franklin County, VA-1700s -1850s

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Added Cynthia to my own William and Frances Dillon, as I noticed a gap in the years of births to the family. Also, based on what I saw when looking at the marriage records in Franklin County on previous visits, I "guesstimated" their ages at marriage, normally saw 18-21, so put 1805 for Harrison and 1808 for Cynthia, and did a search.

Got the following: William Henry Harrison, 1805-1881, shows death in Cabell County, West Virginia. Cynthia, 1809-1873, also in Cabell County, West Virginia. Daughter, Lucinda Abigail Harrison, 1832-1873. Puzzled about the death date, as the mother and daughter are the same, so could be wrong.

Showed a Ben Harrison, 1780-?, and Nancy Word McHaney as parents for William.

I will still check marriage records to get a better "feel" for this, and will follow Ben Harrison/Nancy Word McHaney (if they are the ones) back as far as I can to see if there are variations on the names.

It's the challenge I love. :) Hopefully, I'll get what you need.

Re: Harrison Families in Franklin County, VA-1700s -1850s

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Booby, that would be wondeful.....

Here are all of the children of William & Frances (Blakenship) DILLON;
Marlin abt 1791-1868 married Lucy Arthur
Rhesa 'Reese' 1794-1820 married ?
John Dillon 1798-? married Susannah Woody
Mary Dillon abt 1800-? married William Webb
Lucy Dillon abt 1801-? married Lewis Arthur
Randolph Dillon abt 1803-? married Charlotte Hawk
Temperance Dillon abt 1805-1846 married Obediah Perdue
Elizabeth Dillon abt 1806-? married Jacob Plybourne/Plybone
Cynthia 'Sina' Dillon abt 1810-1883 married Wm. Henry Harrison
Celia Dillon abt 1813-? married Randolph Chitwood
Clora Frances Dillon abt 1815-? married Samuel Dillon Jr (1st cousins)

Those are the children I have. There are plenty of references in Cabell Co, WV materials of Sina being the sister of Marlin and Reese Dillon.

I have a photo of Wm Henry Harrison and wife Sina taken when they were most likely taken shortly after the Civil is remarkable to look at a photo of someone born at the turn of the prior century.

Again, I REALLY APPRECIATE your looking for the marriage record, I am looking at an extract with less info. If you find anything that you think may be link for Wm Henry Harrison to ANY of his family, PLEASE make me a copy, I will pay you for your costs.

Hopefully you have posted your email address here, I will check and contact you directly.


Re: Harrison Families in Franklin County, VA-1700s -1850s

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Hi Carrie.

Not a problem..would take me probably 30 minutes, if the information is there. I think I have some of the dates on some of those names already, but will check and confirm from the marriage records before sending.

Wold LOVE to see that photo, and for the very same reason you mentioned...someone born the prior century in that era. My great-grandfather was born 1869, but only have photos of him in his 50s.

Wouldn't cost anything, as it wouldn't cost me anything but time to get any copies. Not to worry.

Email address should be here somewhere..I seem to remember yours being here somewhere, will contact you when I find it.


Re: Harrison Families in Franklin County, VA-1700s -1850s

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Hello, I can tell you tht William Harrison - married to Elizabeth Thurman are the parents of Solomon Harrison -- whom married Mary Polly Dodd -so on so forth. They are in my family tree. I am trying to find the father of Willim Harrison who married Elizabeth Thurman -as William Harrison is my fifth great grandfather. I just wanted to let you know about those two, hoprefully it will eliminate some of your searching.

Good Luck!!!!!

Re: Harrison Families in Franklin County, VA-1700s -1850s

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I have reviewed some of the Harrison names mentioned in your query and find a nunber of them associated with my Kennett and Hudson families who lvd in Bedford and Franklin Cos.of Virginia in the late 1700's and early 1800's. Would like to hear from you and perhaps we can compare notes''

Don Kennett

Re: Harrison Families in Franklin County, VA-1700s -1850s

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Surnames: Harrison Myers Brown
I have been researching the Franklin County, Va line for a while. My g-g-g-g grandfather is, as recorded in a family Bible, Ignatius Harrison born somewhere around 1779 to 1789. According this same Bible which belonged to Lucinda Harrison, he was married to Glicey (Glicy) Jarrol in 1803 in Franklin County, Virginia. His father was William Harrison, married to Elizabeth Thurman(?) whose other children were Solomon, Jane, William, and Amos all in Franklin Virginia. Here is where it gets messy. It is not clear which children Ignatius had with Glicey and which ones he may have had with another wife, unknown. Lucinda claimed Ignatius was her father. Ignatius disappears by the time of the 1850 census. His supposed children were: Josiah born 1802 (interesting, this was before Ignatius wed Glicey), Lucy Harrison born 1818, Mary Harrison born 1820, Lucinda Anna Harrison (my g-g-g grandmother) born 1825, Rebecca Harrison, born 1830, (this would make Ignatius really old to be still having kids), Solomon Tolbert Harrison born 1834, Mary Jane Harrison born 1836, Catherine C Harrison born 1837, Elijah S. Harrison born 1839, Morning Harrison born 1842, Matilda Harrison born 1852 (just not possible),John C. Harrison born 1859 and Josiah Harrison. There is a Samuel Harrison who some believe was also his son, born 1805. There is much confusion because I have found two Ignatius's living at the same time. My Ignatius went from Virginia to Tennessee where Lucinda was born. The 1850 and 1860 census show many of these children living with Josiah Harrison (son of Ignatius) and his wife Johanna Clowers in Missouri, where Lucinda married Frederick Myers in 1854. I believe that he had both Ignatius's children and his own children living with him since he did not marry Johanna until 1827. Lucinda Harrison Myers (Meyers) had Anna Maria Franklin Myers, my g-g grandmother who married Wesley T. Brown, my great-grant parents. Josiah Harrison appears in the 1880 census(Elkhorn, Warren, Missouri) widowed and living with his son-in-law, James P. Calhune (spelling maybe wrong) who married Rebecca Harrison, probably Josiah's daughter. Also living with then is Ignatius D.(David) Sherman age 9, believed to be orphaned. His mother and father were Catherine Harrison who married David Sherman, both apparently deceased. It is not known if she named her son Ignatius after her father, or grandfather. I have much more information on this family. However, I do not know exactly which children were Ignatius's children other than Lucinda. I also do not know who the parents were of Ignatius's father, William. From the family history, I do know that this line of Harrison's were Pennsylvania Dutch; born around and in Virginia and their ancestors came from Holland.

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