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Family of Helen Keller

Family of Helen Keller

matt maury (View posts)
Posted: 1104101920000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Keller/Ewin/Maury
looking for any info on the brothers or other related family members of Helen Keller...I have a neice of hers, Katherine Elise Keller, who married into my family and would like to find out her family line...anyone know anything ?

Re: Family of Helen Keller

Reg Niles (View posts)
Posted: 1104307348000
Classification: Query
There was a time when I could refer someone to a---may I use the L word? LIBRARY---to look up a biography of a celebrity. Such a book would be catalogued under the surname of the celebrity. But with the Internet, few of us want to visit a library, me included.

According to the "Biography Almanac" (published in 1987), Helen Adams KELLER was born Jun. 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama [prior to the State Department of Public Health starting its collection of birth certificates, although earlier certificates might be archived at probate judges or county health boards].

She died Jun. 1, 1968 in Westport, CT. Names of parents are usually on death certificates, but are only as reliable as the informant. Birth certificates are considered to be more accurate as to parentage. Names of parents would also occur on marriage licenses and the SS-5 form one fills out when applying for a Social Security card.

"American Women" (pub. in 1939) gives Helen's parents as Capt. Arthur H. KELLER and Kate ADAMS.

Reg Niles

Re: Family of Helen Keller

Matt Maury (View posts)
Posted: 1104315830000
Classification: Query
Thanks for the info...I already have her parents names and was looking for siblings, brothers or sisters that could lead me to her neice, Katherine Elise Keller.

Re: Family of Helen Keller

Reg Niles (View posts)
Posted: 1104360444000
Classification: Query
Try the federal census of 1880 to see if there are siblings living with the parents. I believe has it online for the use of its subscribers.

Ancestry's message boards devoted to Alabama and its counties would be good places to look for experienced census users, who might volunteer to help you.


Re: Family of Helen Keller

debi (View posts)
Posted: 1156360991000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Keller
From some limited research I did, Helen Keller had a younger sister by the name of Mildred Keller.

Re: Family of Helen Keller

Posted: 1168626725000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Carlton, Marshall
I am writing to inquire about relatives of Helen Keller.

My name is Mrs. Sadie Maxine (Verlander) Singley. My mother's name
was Sadie Lee Allen.

My grandparents on my mother's side were Joseph Armistead Allen and
Louisa Maude Carlton (born 10 Dec 1885).

Louisa Maude Carlton's parents were Lorenzo Samuel Carlton and Mariah
Jane Davis ( born 7 Feb 1855, died 18 Feb 1927).

Mariah Jane Davis' parents were James Milton Davis and Louisa Mariah

Elizabeth Bernard (1664-1710) was the 7th Great Grandmother of Louisa
Maude Carlton (my grandmother) and
the 4th Great Grandmother of Helen Adams Keller.

Do you have any information? I certainly would appreciate anything
you have to share. I am 61 hrs old and am trying to bring together our
family history for my older sister and brother and all our children.

Thank you in advance.


Maxine V. Singley
Born 31 Dec 1945

Re: Family of Helen Keller

Posted: 1269785205000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Keller family
Dear Matt, 3/28/2010

Just got into reading about Helen and came across your email request, Dont know if you have found out yet but I know thhe following:
1.William Simpson Keller step-brother
2. James Keller step-brother
3. Matilda Keller sister
The brothers are from Captain Arthur H.Keller's first marriage to Sarah E.Rosser
Second marriage Helen's mother was Katherine Adams Keller,
mother to Helen and Matilda.
Dont know if you will get this or if you already know but thought I would help.
My grandmother was very close friends to Helen and wrote her quite a bit. The letters were hidden in an attic in grandmother's house,when she died someone stole them.Never got the chance to read them,but would have been great to have seen them.
Good luck in your search,check everything from Forums to Ancestry to books about her you learn a lot more that way.
Have fun in your search.
Best wishes and Luck to you.
Virginia Floyd/Peiffer

Re: Family of Helen Keller

Posted: 1269785732000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Made a mistake Sorry
Dear Matt, 3/28/2010

Sorry not Matilda its Mildred.
Mr.Keller wanting to name Helen Matilda or Mildred but little sister got the name instead.
Virginia Peiffer

Re: Family of Helen Keller

Posted: 1282956430000
Classification: Query
My grandmother is Helen Keller, born Helen Grau. Not the famous Helen although she was our pride and joy. She was born 11nov1899 and died on 28Nov1973. We have started a joint family tree with Helen Keller, and under her maiden name. She had a brother, Harold and sister named Esther. We do have a very large family and if you think that we may be related please feel free to contact me anytime. I have a lot of photos as well as entries on family tree. As above my name is Sandy McGee and I can be reached either by e-mail " or cell phone (614) 352-8283. Helen had 7 living children, lived in Columbus, Ohio and in Covington Kentucky. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely

Re: Family of Helen Keller

Posted: 1282961882000
Classification: Query
Hello Virginia and thanks for the post...I am looking for a link to Katherine Elise Keller, a niece to Helen. Do you happen to have any information on the family line from her other brothers and sisters?

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