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Archival of Dee's 2005 GARRISSON II DNA Project Public Page - Huge file

Archival of Dee's 2005 GARRISSON II DNA Project Public Page - Huge file

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Surnames: Bardes Garrison DeGarrisson Garrisson LaGravier Cleaver Clever JansenVanOldenburg DeHaes DeHaas Harker Harcourt Harcour Erwin Miller Peddicord Heuling Garratson Garrett Kulenkamp Breeze Phillips Chapin LeTelier Kingsland Newcomb Curry Currey Jacquet
January 9, 2006

Hello Rootsweb GARRISON researchers,


This is a very, very long archival posting from me, Dee Garrison BARDES, so do NOT print in full. This file of about 60 pages, is NOT designed for printing; use keyword searching instead. This is meant to be the permanent archival copy of my 2005 webpage, with minor editing for Rootsweb’s editor, posted at:
(this link/page will include different content for 2006-depending on many variables…)

My 2005 webpage (pasted below with minor changes, perhaps in a few segments) is known as “GARRISSON II DNA Project public page” and it shows some of our project’s efforts and obstacles encountered during 2005, the first year that DNA was actively used for genealogical research for the surname, GARRISON (and its variants);
I will soon delete the bulk of this 2005 webpage due to various administrative pressures, and I need the webpage’s contents to survive, and be available to present and future generations sorting out some of these same lineage questions. As the author, I own the contents/compilation of this webpage (with attributions and copyrights and sources noted, etc) , and thus have full rights to repost my work product here. I believe its contents will otherwise be lost, which would be a shame.

I am concerned about the future of the two Garrison surname DNA projects. More participants, help and volunteers are still needed! I have fought off urges to shut down my project-it has cost me a bundle in both time and money… I have recently convinced John Wesley Garrison of Illinois to finally join me as an official co-administrator in 2006. John has already been a huge help during 2005, running the Jacob GARRISON Sr. (died 1709ish NJ) group within our GARRISSON II DNA project.

As such, in hopes of at least salvaging my end product of much expense and many hours of effort during 2005, I post the below info. Yes, I still need facts and family lore on heritage, old clues buried in your file boxes, paper lineages done before the internet era, family trees, etc. If you know of repositories which may or do have answers, please share how to find our collective answers…

Note that briefly, the DNA results have ALTERED the 2005 family trees for (partial only)--
1) the Old David of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina line (no, not the Gerrit JANSEN Van Oldenburg line)
2) the Wm Lloyd Garrison abolitionist’s heritage (yes, now of the Gerrit JANSEN Van Oldenburg line)
3) the sons of Peter Garrison of Antrim/Entrim, PA (no, not Old David of Mecklenburg Cty, NC unless son, Arthur is misaligned…)
4) the James of Illinois, Rev War Soldier line (no, not a brother to Isaac Rev War Soldier b. 1732 of Montauban heritage)
5) Abraham a NY Rev War Soldier and also a RW Loyalist line (with patterns closer to James of Illinois, RWS)
6) Moses, born 1737 (no, not related to Isaac b. 1732 line) [see GARRISON I Project]

7) My own line of David GARRISON, Jr. (4th or 9th Oct 1789/1st June 1814 Salem Cty NJ), died about age 25 for reasons unknown, husband of Hannah CLEAVER and son of David Sr. and Hannah _____________ (her maiden surname is needed!) . My line aligns with the Isaac Rev War Soldier b. 1732, DNA patterns but the alignment is early on—possibly around a mutual generation of DE GARRISSON in Montauban, born c 1550-1650-- so if you know about the private ships on the Hudson River, Garrison NY area around 1685-1750, or on the Delaware River NJ/PA, early immigrants, etc. please write! I have asked for my line’s DNA to be re-examined so who knows, we may get more closely related or not…)

I have had no luck with confirming/denying any theories about Frederick GARRISON of Pilesgrove, Salem County, NJ (died 1767ish), husband of Jemima HARKER or HARCOURT or HARCOUR, due to nonparticipation from the SEGERS families, and nonparticipation from the many Lambert Garrison lines…

8) Jacob Garrison (deHaes, DeHaas, GERRITSZ HAAS ) Sr. of Southern NJ, d. 1708/1709 (no, not related to Isaac Rev War Soldier b. 1732, so no Montauban heritage here, provided Isaac RWS is of the Montauban family of course…; this line is still thought to be the Gerrit JANSEN Van Oldenburg line as per author, Phyllis Miller’s NYGB Record excellent articles, published throughout 1993…but all we know for sure is this group’s DNA does NOT match the Isaac Garrison Assn. group’s DNA at all (So the JANSEN VanOldenburg connection has NOT been proven with DNA)…

A new wrinkle: one experienced French researcher has advised me that DE HAES is actually an early surname in itself, so maybe DNA from males with that surname should be studied one day—Maybe the ol’ wistful Heirs, France story has resulted in DE HAES as a surname being overlooked… hmmmm.)

Thanks for your help fixing all the erroneous family trees out there. DNA is a moving target of course…Tracking who you are not related to, may be the next trend…

Please go read about the anonymous National Geographic Genographic Project, which is open to the public now (65,000 sign ups as of Nov 2005…)- it might close the project at 100,000? persons- and men and women and kids (with release signed) are eligible. The more Garrisons (male and female lines) who participate in The Nat. Geog. Genographic Project the better the migration path results will be for all of us…yes, your DNA results can later be transferred into a surname project…Read about it online…

Do realize that the info posted below is not perfect. Nor is it absolutely current anymore. I apologize for the errors. Good luck, and please share your imperfect info with me-you could have the clues I still need. See info below.

Thanks for your help in 2006.
Submitted by:
Dee Garrison BARDES, Cincinnati, Ohio
3rd great grand-daughter of David GARRISON Jr. (1789/1814) & his wife, Hannah CLEAVER (c1787/1864)
GARRISSON II DNA Project Volunteer Administrator

[footnote: For historical purposes, the internet company is “ Family Tree DNA - Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd. World Headquarters”, 1919 North Loop West, Suite 110 Houston, Texas 77008, USA, (713) 868-1438; the lab is run by University of Arizona students, under research scientist, Michael F. Hammer, PhD., Univ of Arizona, Life Sciences South 231, Tucson AZ 85721; the project administrators do not get paid, or get remuneration of any expenses, or even kit discounts—we all had to pay our own conference fees, hotel rooms, and travel expenses to attend the 20005 Project Administrator conference at National Geographic Society, Wash DC— a Garrison genealogy event would have been far more fun!]
[note that (snip) means that editing was done for Rootsweb]

(see Part I of Archive of Public Page below)


Group Administrator: Dee BARDES

Project Surnames:
Garratsen Garretson GARRISON GARRISSON
Garritsen Gerritse Gerritsen Gerritson

Project Background:
This is the GARRISSON II DNA Project, with project administrator, Dee Garrison Bardes. Bonjour, je m'appelle Dee Garrison BARDES. Meine namen ist Dee Garrison BARDES aus Cincinnati, Ohio USA. Schreiben me bitte im Deutsch mit dem familienforschung. Ecrit moi, s'il vous plait en Francais avec votre GARRISSON genealogie. Nous avons besoin de votre DNA! C'est plus simple.

BACKGROUND WRITTEN AS OF DATES SPECIFIED (With updating in fall 2005...)

3/8/2005- Conflicting DNA results for GARRISONs tested (with 37 markers in) compels a rethinking of the descendants who claim Jacob DE GARRISSON (or GARRISON) Sr. and Christiana CRESSON. It seems as if previously ascribed sons of Jacob Sr.(abt 1645/abt 1709 Salem NJ), including Peter(abt 1676/1747>Old David and Abraham (after 1685/1766) (along with his brothers) now diverge in DNA results-- Old David charts need to be rewritten!

Phyllis J. Miller in NYGB Record, Vol 124, Number 1,pg. 8, described Peter of Entrim, as "PERHAPS" Jacob's son Peter... As of Sept 2005 results, Jacob>Peter>Arthur> Josina is also aligning with the Jacob Sr bunch, keeping Peter a son... (provided Peter is the father of Peter>Arthur>Josina)

Further conflict exists since pages exist in LDS which make Jacob Sr., husband of Christiana CRESSON, the son of TWO different sets of parents. We now have the answer: Jacob Sr. is of Oldenburg.

If the Edict of Nantes was revoked in 1685 (corrected to 1685 from 1665 which seems wrong--thanks to my historians!), then isn't French heritage doubtful given our dates? Respected historian and author, Janine GARRISSON explained to me when we met in Paris, that it was only after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes (1685) that the French GARRISSON family emmigrated away from Montauban. So since Jacob was born well before 1685, (in 1643-1646 it seems) we have another strike against his French heritage.

Whose son is Old David, if not Jacob>Peter? And are the other siblings still part of Peter's line, or do they go with Old David? Will early Montauban>USA lines match with Moses, Old David, or none? We hope to mesh the paper trails with DNA results.

I need EVERYONE's help!

Project Goals:
*JOIN NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC's PROJECT (snip)-- Sign up- They need releases so Dee cannot do it for you--Look online for info, I have none* Some of our French line cannot do it yet due to the need to refine the R1b Haplotype, but we are trying to resolve this problem...


GARRISON/GARRETSEN LINES & NEW RECRUITS NEEDED from the lines discussed below (and others too!)
I AM NOT VOUCHING FOR THE ACCURACY OF ANY OF THE BELOW INFO. PLEASE RESEARCH IT YOURSELF, and tell me if I have made any errors here...I need research help...

1) JEREMIAH GARRISON & Mary ?VANMETER?> JOEL1 b. abt 1742 & Catherine DuBois line -- See Doug McMartin's webpage at
Could this Jeremiah line up with Old David's misaligned DNA patterns, as per that one website? We cannot verify that the webpage has any validity whatsoever, in this maybe "catch all?" entry...

Note that a JOEL2 RWS (svc in NJ) of Franklin Cty/Union Cty Indiana- ON HQ's RWS papers for Joel, Series: M805 Roll: 350 Image: 118 File: S32261 , GARRISON JOEL2 NJ -- I note that Abraham ROSE signed, and swore in open court about having knowledge of his service, etc...The papers also say this Joel2 was born 9 Feb ?1760 (but the year is tough to read), and that he lived in Cumberland Cty NJ until 1815, before removing to IN. Papers state that Joel2 lived in Cumberland before entering military service.

A book on Hendricks County, Indiana, p. 402, on HQ, discusses a grandson of Joel RWS, named Joel B. Garrison m. 1869 Amanda Bryant, daughter of Silas Bryant and Matilda McCormack. Only one son is listed here of their 4 kids, Don A. Garrison m. Bernice Owen- only one daughter Helen Lucile is listed for him, infra. So, we might need to look to Joel B. Garrison's dad, Jeremiah (died 5 June 1857 as a widower, as per source cited infra), and see if other sons have all male line progeny still living...

2) LEONARD RWS GARRISON (1760/1836)& Rebecca ___________, a ?brother of PA Frederick; Maryland>Green Cty, PA-:

The Leonard line has been extensively traced and this family was prolific. Patriot Leonard shows on HQ Rev. War listing, at Series: M805 Roll: 350 Image: 159 File: W7503 Page: 5 of 11, GARRISON, Leonard, PA. These HQ papers state in handwritten scrawl that Leonard was born 5 May 1760, Frederick County MD, and he married Rebecca _________ on the 27th day of April 1785 in the now Green County PA; Leonard died 10 Mar 1836. Such papers also refer to an old family bible, and name Rebecca and Leonard's 13 kids. Leonard's papers also state he was a spy protecting VA and PA frontiers against Indian invasions.

Also see a gencircles tree, ____________________, which outlines Leonard's military service...

The DNA pattern of this early Maryland,prolific family should be pinned down. Leonard's father is sometimes written as "Patriarch", as a first name, but it is unclear if this was really a first name or a title...

I have seen this family described as both Scottish, and from Berlin, Germany. Does someone have a source for this heritage? It wasn't until I drove across PA, recently that I noted that Green Cty PA is near the OH border..

Juanitas Irene Peddicord writes in a letter, on p. 4 (in about 1976,
" * * * as the Frederick GARRISON who went into PA; first to Bedford Co; - from Maryland, Where he sold land in, Aug 20, 1772- wife Margaret: to George CASTLE; From Bedford Co. PA; they went on down into Green Co; +PA: * * *." [Source: date unavail., letter at Clayton Lib, Houston, GARRISON files]

Juanitas Irene Peddicord also writes in that same letter, "Frederick GARRISON: & wife, Elizabeth: sold land, in Frederick Co; Maryland, on, 2nd November 1754- to Jacob FLEUK, of Province of Pennsylvania; HE may possibly have been the same as that Frederick GARRISON, who bought certian articles, for household & farming use, from a Martha FIELDER, in Frederick Co; Maryland, in 1753."
[source: date unavail., p.4 of letter at Clayton Lib, Houston, GARRISON files] (I am not sure offhand which Frederick this since, Frederick2 Jr. died in 1749,see infra, and Frederick3's wife was Jemima)

A pictorial thick, hardbound book on this line is entitled "A Gathering of GARRISONS, the Ancestors, family, and descendants of Lot GARRISON and Margaret ERWIN", author Sylvia Kelly Smith, 2002, 105 Fleetwood Drive, Franklinton, LA 70438; Repository: Clayton Lib., Houston Pub Lib., TX. There is an ERWIN section too-so Wm Erwin Garrison, in Irving, TX do take note! This book does not delve into the oldest ancestors very much...

Oops, on pg 44 of Sylvia's book, she writes "Frederick GARRISON, Sr., we feel is the grandfather of our Lot GARRISON. All indications are that his wife's name was Elizabeth. * * *." So if I am counting correctly, so far Frederick2 Jr and Frederick1 both had Elizabeth named wives, and here is another Frederick/Eliz. couple....(see deed reference, infra)...hmmm. So, I think this Frederick Sr. would then be the same person often dubbed "Patriarch"...?

Another authority on this line is Brian CORE of Brighton, Colorado. He did not reply to my email long long ago, but I do not know if I found a working email address somewhere... I thought I saw his ?book/paper somewhere (Denver Pub Lib?), but I cannot find my details...Brian Core of Colorado, is a descendant of this Leonard line, from the David GARRISON branch in West Virginia. Today, I was informed by Sylvia Kelly Smith, that Brian Core's final book on his David Garrison of WV branch, has not yet been published, so ...

11/10/05 UPDATE: I just heard from Brian CORE! So perhaps he can help us with why the French line was living near to the Frederick GARRISON line in MD... Brian writes that he descends from a Lawrence Leonard Garrison, so that Lawrence first name is enticing, given Elizabeth Lawrence as wife of Isaac Sr. b. 1710ish...Seems like my dates for Leonard are off a bit... We need to add more info here to clarify...

(Dee’s note- The DNA from the first participant in this Lawrence Leonard line did not match the Eliz. Lawrence/Isaac b. 1710 line at all…)

In looking around the web on this line, I am a bit confused. I had thought Margaret LOTT was firmly determined as wife of Frederick GARRISON, b. abt 1733, d. 1813. I bring this up since LOT seems to be a firstname in both Lemuel's line (see results matrix, infra, once results post), and in this Leonard line.

When I visited Salt Lake, Utah, I noted that LDS-Grantor Microfilm #460043 (prob for West Jersey Deeds), had two listings in the index which I thought? were ?this Margaret ?LOTT:

A) 1767-1773, Margaret GARRETSON, p. 439, Liber Y
B) 1767-1773, Margaret Lot Garretson, p.48 Liber Z

If I recall correctly the "Lot" on (B) was handwritten in the index, on the microfilmed original, like a middle name- but the word was very discernable.

If someone pulls these films, I would love an enlarged copy of such deed or to know what they reveal... [Source: Dee Bardes' notes when reviewing microfilm, Salt Lake] I never did look at the actual deeds, so I know no further detail... Has anyone seen these?

And, if these deeds are her, it puts Margaret LOTT or LOT in West Jersey too....or even if it is referring to LOT Garrison--it puts some of the family in NJ??


Don Garrison has explained that one Leonard had two wives so....

(Dee’s note- Brian Core wrote to Dee, and said that adding LOT or LOTT as Margaret’s maiden surname was too speculative at this time—so do not do it!! Someone should check that microfilm)

3) LAMBERT GERRITSEN/ GARRISON (Abt 1656/Abt 1725) & Susannah MORGAN, brother of Seger and Frederick1: Lambert is referenced on HeritageQuest by author Wm T. Davis, in book, The Conference or Billopp House : Staten Island, New York, Staten Island N.Y.: Published under the auspices of the Staten Island Historical Society by W.T. Davis, 1926, 206 pgs. On pg 98, of such HQ book, author Davis writes that in 1709, Lambert was involved in erecting The Church of St. Andrew, and ?maybe was also on a 1702 list about establishing/trying to establish The Church of England.

I had believed (since reading Phyllis Miller's NYGBR 1993 articles) that this Lambert is to be of Gerrit SEGERS line, but an IGI file exists which show Frederick1 GERRITSE/Lysbeth CARSTENS (Frederick1) as coming from the Gerrit Reyers GERRITSE/Annatie JANSE line...I do not know anything about these alternate potential parents...Can anyone help?

See Lambert's line on Douglass Pass' webpage-

4) FREDERICK2 Jr. GARRISON (d. 1749) & wife Elizabeth _________- son of Frederick1 & Eliz. CARSTENS

This line has some conflicting info out currently, but it needs piecing together. So, if we know that three sons (Seger, Frederick3, Joshua) were ordered to pay $$ for their mother's support then perhaps we should start with them:

A) A Seger GARRISON m. Susanna HUCKINGS (Huggins?Hulings?), m. 30 May 1738-- so is this the correct Seger, Frederick2's son?

B) Frederick3 of Pilesgrove NJ(d. abt 26 June 1767, intestate) m. Jemima HARKER (HARCOURT, HARCOUR), daughter of Samuel HARCOURT (HARKER, HARCOUR). Source generally: Samuel ?HARCOUR will naming grandsons; Joseph H.L. GARRISON's book at Gloucester Cty Hist Society; Charles Sheppard papers on LDS film (or at Vinland Hist. Soc, NJ I believe).

Thanks to John Wesley GARRISON and Phyllis MILLER who have confirmed that Frederick3 is a son of Frederick2!


C) A ?Joshua m. Sarah _____________; does this Joshua at Pittsgrove Presby. go here? Or wasn't this Joshua the son of James...(See Chas. Shephard papers/IGI)

D) See other kids in SINK tree on Rootsweb, and read my plea for help on board, GARRISON board.

Ideally someone from Frederick2's line would match with Lambert's line. These lines could also match with Jacob Sr. bunch, as per some trees... BUT WE NEED PARTICIPANTS!!

5) DAVID CHARLES GARRISON of Golden Grove/Greenville, SC (1745-46/1838)& wife Elizabeth or Betty BARKSDALE. [Is this David the same person as Nehemiah?]

This David Charles (or Nehemiah or David) is father to, inter alia, Charles GARRISON (8 Sept 1774 SC/1864)/Frances? HALBERT. Quillian GARRISON also wrote that it is one of Charles' children, David Vinton GARRISON m. Emily SHUMATE, whose line carries native American Indian blood. Quillian writes on 23 Jan 1967 from Angleton TX that wife, Emily was a "descendant of Pocohontas".[Source: dated letter at Clayton Lib, Houston]. I have seen this Indian lineage traced before, but I do not recall where...

Since another early researcher wrote that the Indian blood was via a "cousin" of Pochohontas, way way back in the lineage (which paper I do not have now), DNA results should help clarify the source of the Indian blood...

Quillian GARRISON also writes on pg 2 of that same letter, "From what I have on Charles' father, David Garrison (1745-1838), he was a RS [Revolutionary War Soldier] of Maryland; Artillery, 1st Co. of Matrosses; enlisted Jan. 24, 1776. One source said he came from Albermarle Co., NC and another (Greenville Mountaineer in 1834) that he came from Rockingham Co., NC. His son, Nehemiah, was born near Danville, VA on the Dan River, but over the NC line which looks veddy much like Rockingham Co., NC."

I do not recall if this David Charles is the same 30 yr old David Garrison from West NJ, b. abt ?1746, who claimed RWS in a MD Co.....hmm...has anywone worked on this...??

So is this David Charles, the David GARRISON, Son of Joshua GARRISON and wife Sarah _____________; this David, s/o Joshua and Sarah was baptized
6 April 1746 as shown in "Old Pittsgrove Church Records".
[Source: paper baptismal card in file at Gloucester Cty His Soc., Woodbury NJ, also avail to GCHS members online]

As some of you know, sorting out the 1700-1800 NJ/PA David GARRISONs, is a project which has not been completed...any info is appreciated!

6) DAVID GARRISON, an Irishman, b. 1710 NC, son of Jacob b. 1672, and husband of Elizabeth FARLEY of NC, daughter of David FARLEY;

This Irish David GARRISON (of our Old David's era and also in NC) is said to be

the son of a Jacob Garrison, who in turn is to be

the son of a Hugh GARRISON, b. 1631, who in turn is said to be

the son of early David GARRISON b. 1616 in Deleware Bay (is this in DE/MD/NJ?).

Early David b. 1616 is said to be son of Jacob GARRISON b. abt 1590 in Ireland, who removed to NC in 1620.
[source: Webpage, Shannon Rathbun's

Finally we have an Irish line of GARRISONs!

So, as a source for this info, cite to and thank a Ms. Montez Hudgins, of Kennedy, Texas (anyone know her?) for supplying this info to Ms. Quillian GARRISON, prior to Quillian's 1978 letter addressed to Mr. William H. TAYLOR of 502 Church St., Georgetown, Illinois 61846 (anyone know him?); Quillian's letter was dated 16 June 1978, when she lived at 1513 N. Chenango, Angleton, TX 77515. [Source: letter at repository at Clayton Lib, Houston TX]-

So, in this letter of Quillian's, Quillian writes, "Dear Mr. Taylor (Wm. H.):
I find little bits of data in yours that I don't have and vice versa. First, back of [on?] Stephen GARRISON, RS, I have this from Montez HUDGINS, 413 Margaret St., Kennedy, was not documented at the time she gave it to me. If you find any documentation on any of this data, please share it with me."

"From Montez HUDGINS: Jacob GARRISON of Cork, Ireland came to American (sic) on the "Half Moon" a Swedish ship, in 1590, landing at what is now Delaware Bay and married a Delaware Indian. In 1620, Jacob GARRISON moved to N.C. with his wife and 3 sons; one said to have been Hugh and the other David and the third unnamed. * * *."
[cite source explained above]

Quillian also writes in this same letter, that this Irish David/Eliz. FARLEY was a Rev. War soldier who died 1773. Then Quillian writes that she questions his being a Rev War solidier if he died so early).

So, if Jacob b. abt 1590, married a native American Indian, then participants' DNA tests should show this...Who will join us?

So, lastly Quillian lists the following ten kids as "attributed to" David and Eliz. FARLEY:

3. son
4. Jacob
5. child
6. child
7. Stephen, RWS, b. SC 1757, d. 31 Jan 1841 Moreland, Lawrence Co., ALa.
8. Apselant or Absolem, b. 1775-84; in Buncombe Co., NC
9. John, RWS
10. William, RWS (a Wm GARRISON, 1800 Buncombe Co., NC census, b. 1756-74)"
[Sourse: same Quillian Garrison 1978 letter, infra)

If a researcher is out there who can help us with this line, please send other info to post here! Quillian's comment of "attributed to" definitely seems like these kids are not verified...

Note that this line later on somewhere showed a "Hugh Chesley" GARRISON...which was interesting since we have a "James Chesley" mystery still unsolved...

So, this unusual line I have found quite confounding since it is soooo early. But sure enough, The Garretson News, Vol 6, No.1, Feb 1948 is going to save me again! A letter exists on the front page, written by an R.N. Payne of El Dorado, Arkansas, which states that he or she, R.N. Payne is "a descendant of the GARRITSONS who came over on the Half Moon in 1609 A.D."

This 1609 date was verifiable, much to my surprise! Henry Hudson, the explorer did arrive in the ship named Half Moon in 1609! So, was the 1590 date cited above a transcription error, somewhere along the line? Did the boat come twice?

6A) HUGH GARRITSEN, continued...born before 1620ish.

Another author has also written convincingly of an early Hugh GERRITSEN. See the very well researched, "One Garretson Family" by Arthur GARRETSON, March 1977, p. IV, and p. 15; Repository: Seattle Pub Lib., R929.2 G1929G G; such copy was signed by author, Arthur GARRETSON with an enscription to Harriett Garretson ?Raunsley whom the author called a "third cousin once removed". This copy says it was donated to the lib. by the Tillicum Chapter, DAR- so perhaps Harriett, the cousin was involved there...Is author, Arthur GARRETSON out there anywhere or is he Arthur b. 1897?

Another find on this mysterious and early Hugh Garritsen, came from my recent trip to Allen County Pub Lib., Ft. Wayne IN. On pg. 2-3, Vol 6, No. 2 of "The Garretson News", a letter is published from a Miss Maud Esther Dilliard, written on 25 March 1947. It seems as though she (Maud) is the author of "Old Dutch Houses of Brooklyn" and writes about a chapter in her book devoted to the
"Gerritsen's Tide Mill which was burned, probably by vandals in 1934, after the N.Y.City Park Dept. had made plans for restoring it and opening it to the publc as an historic site. It was in the town of Gravesend and NOT in Flatbush * * * ."

Continuing, Maud also writes, "The origin of the Gravesend (now part of Brooklyn) GERRITSEN family is still unknown as far as I can learn."

"As early as 1645, Hugh Gerritsen owned land on the west side of the Strom Kill. In 1685, his mill was mentioned in Dongan's Patent and we have no further record of him."

"In 1687 Mary, widow of Garet REMMERSAN conveyed property to her sons Rem and Samuel. It is from Samuel GERRETSEN (or GERRITSEN) that the millers of Gravesend were descended."
[source: cited infra, Miss Maud Esther DILLIARD (1947), Garretson News]

Who knows someone from this line to participate?

7) Dirck GERRETSE b. abt 1640 Holland

Here is an email showing another early family grouping--Is this group in any DNA project yet?
" Date: Thu Jun 18 19:09:45 1998
Name: Gary Smith
E- mail:
Surname of Immigrant: Gerretze
Given name(s) of Immigrant: Dirck
Name of Ship: The Beaver
Arrival Date: 1660-1664
Origin of Immigrant: Utrecht, Holland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: ~1640 & Holland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: ??
Immigrant's Spouse: Geertje Hendricks
Source of Information: My sister's family tree records."

"Immigrant's Children:
1)Gerret Garretze(1661) died young,
2)John Garrison (~1670-?) m. to Bridget OAKLEY 3)Ruhanna Garrison (~1672-?) m. Thomas BISHOP
4)Richard Garrison (~1676-?) m. Elizabeth ?
5)Mary Garrison
6) Jonas Garrison (~1684-?) m. Cornelia DeGROOT on Oct. 13,1708.
Notes: Gerretze Garrison"
[Source: Gary Smith 1998 email on website,

Does anyone know Gary Smith? Who knows this line?

This line also seems to be at "Lorna's Ancestors" tree by Roger Thorogood at
Look Marvel and Joost who are found in Canadian records appear to be in this above tree...

Also see New England Marriages prior to 1700 by C.A. TORREY, pub. in Baltimore.Repository: Norfolk Kirn Memorial Lib, VA. Check pg 73, and 295. Am not sure if this is same family or not...

8) THOMAS Gerritsen & wife ______________, NOT the Thomas, who was husband of a Lea VAN TASEL (TEXEL?)

To clarify, our project's Abraham (see results matrix) was a Patriot and a Loyalist-- He was of BOTH the RWS American side in Southern Orange County, NY Militia and was also later recruited by Mr. BAYARD to switch sides to the Kings Orange Rangers, on the British loyalist side of RW; this Abraham, who was b. c 1751/1752 in ?Wallkill NY, is believed by one of our sponsors, to be a son of this Thomas GERRITSEN who left records in Sleepy Hollow Church around Ulster/Orange Counties NY.

[Just for clarity, The Thomas GERRITSEN m. Lea VAN TASSEL, had a son Abraham christened 8 Oct 1751 (IGI says this christening was in Tarrytown, Westchester County, NY)]. But wait, I think this one just says Thomas, with no wife mentioned...

We are trying to compile some more factual info on this line, and to determine descendants who may verify this link for our sponsor. Do any GARRISONs descend from a Sleepy Hollow Church family?

But if this Thomas, is son of Jonas Garrison & wife, Cornelia DeGROOT, and if Jonas is in turn son of Dirck & wife, Geertje Hendricks (discussed in #7-8 infra), then our Abraham b. 1751 & wife,Margaret WAMBOLDT DNA Pattern (see results matrix below) should match with others from the Joost Garrison (assuming Joost is a brother to Thomas & _______________) lines...

Who can help me confirm this?

There is a BAYARD/NOBLE/GARRISON Bible Record out there--I think it was for a Benjamin Garrison or Gerritsen....

9) CHRISTOPHER Garrison b. 1731 NJ, father of Jedediah I > James Caleb, and MAYBE son of Maria Christopher and Isaac Garrison, Jr. or NOT (see below, and web links)

William Erwin ("Bill") GARRISON of Irving, TX was kind enough to transcribe some information written by author, John Silas Garrison, in his book, _____________ (see title, infra). Bill writes:

" We also find Isaac Garrison, who was born in Montaban,France. It was to him our coat of arms was issued by France in 1686. This Isaac who came from France, was probably married when he came to America. He married Catheryn Romaganac. He left France, went into Holland; thence to England or Scotland, and sailed for America,landing at Garrison's Landing on the Hudson River in 1686. He probably settled with his kinsman, Charles Garrison, on Staten Island. We know that Isaac Sr. had a son named Isaac Jr., who married Maria Christopher of Staten Island. They moved over into New Jersey and it was here a son was born to them in 1731, and they gave him the surname of his mother, 'Christopher.' This Christopher, or Christopher 1st, was the father of Jedidiah the 1st, I have no record of whom Christopher married."

Looks like again, we have GARRISONs coming in from Scotland...Persons from this perhaps, Montauban line are asked to join the DNA project to verify their DNA patterns against their cousins, from the Isaac Garrison (1732/1836) DNA pattern or (depending on which lineage is correct) with their cousins from the Pol1 line. Answers can only be found with participants!

This Christopher>Jedediah>James Caleb is found in Thomas Hall's Hall Family tree,
This tree above traces to different lineage, than the below tree...

So, see Alan Embrick's tree which has lots of wonderful research notes! Thanks Alan!
This website source is named "The Embrick Family Ancestors, including the Bagwell, Burroughs, Chandler, Emerick, Garrison, Poole, Sheridan, Stovall, and Ware Family Relatives."

If you read closely it seems that Alan writes that:
Christopher b. Abt 1781 m. Keziah MEADERS and his brother James Caleb m. Katie MORGAN
Sons of Jedediah b. abt 1752 m. Jane WILLIAMS
Son of James b. New Castle DE m. Ms. HUSSEY2
son of Hendrick b. New Castle DE m. Ms. HUSSEY1
son of Jan b. Abt 1654 m ___________
son of Lysbeth HENDRICKSEN & Garret JANSZ

So one tree goes back to Montauban, where the other takes the same line back to Netherlands' roots. This conflict should be able to be resolved via DNA! This line also dovetails with Pol I, so a match should show.


10. Cristoffer1 Garrison (b. abt 1700) and wife Cath. (?Catherine, Catharina) of Swedesborough NJ area at baptism of his son, Cristoffer2 b. 1723

I too am wrestling with an important early Christopher GARRISON (or variation) with wife Catherine ____________ who had a son Christopher GARRISON (or variation) baptized 1720s-1730s at Old Swedes Raccoon Creek NJ...I cannot yet determine how and why to make him a VANSANT surname instead of a GARRISON... I still need help here... Also, he should not? be in the Christopher>Jedidiah of Montauban line, but who knows...he was in the New Castle DE area (across the river) where the Netherlands line was...

My source for this claim is found on pg 251 of "The Records of the Swedish Lutheran Churches at Raccoon and Penns Neck, 1713-1786", 1938, reprinted 2003 by Gloucester Cty, His. Soc, Woodbury NJ, a baptism record shows. It reads:

"Cristoffer and Cath. GERRISSON'S Christoffer, born on 23 May, 1721, baptized on April 5, 1723. Godparents: Peter JUSTICE, Anna MATTSSON."
[source: as stated infra- book published by GCHS; GCHS also has orig records, which too back up this entry]

This record is at the same church, Old Swedes, Raccoon Creek NJ, as the family of David Sr (d. 1790) & Hanna _____________, who seems to be where my (Dee Bardes) family fits in. So the father Cristoffer1 had to have been born before 1700-1705 to be having a son, Cristoffer2, in 1721. Did GARRISONs descend down from this line, even if its roots are VANSANT or otherwise? Are there any VanSants out there?

Another researcher, Col. C.I. KEPHART wrote on 6 Oct, 1958 from his home? in Shady Side, Maryland, a letter to Quillian GARRISON, a copy of which is at Clayton Lib., Houston. Colonel C.I. KEPHART writes:

"My [Col. KEPHART]notes say that Christopher was a land grantee on Staten Island in 1699; when sold in 1702, he used form Stoffel Gerritsen van Sant with wife Rachel. He had a son named Jacob, and doubtless other children."

11. EDMUND GERRITSON or GARRETSON (______/1748) m. Elizabeth PETERSON, eldest daughter of Andrew PETERSON Esq.(died 1742) who in turn was a son of Adam Peterson who left a will of 1702; Andrew PETERSON was married to Hesther __________, the widow (and mom of 9 kids), who later married David WITHERSPOON.

Does anyone recognize this New Castle Cty, DE area family, with 1742 records in Orphans Ct, New Castle DE? [Source of above: Appendix, p. 399-400, Thomas Maxwell POTTS, Our family ancestors, Canonsburg, Pa.: T.M. Potts, 1895, 479 pgs, on HeritageQuest- note that this was an addition, i.e. errata section, to earlier info presented; death date for Edmund GARRETSON from Garretson News, Vol __repository: Alen Cty Pub Lib., Ft. Wayne IN]

One of our participants has an early Edmund also, in a maybe? DE line. The POTTS family intermarried with a branch of the Peter CLEAVERs/CLEVERs also (Dee Bardes', GARRISON line intermarried with a different branch of Peter CLEAVER/CLEVERs line also).

[I just found this Edmund on a chart in The Garretson News at Allen Cty Pub Lib, Ft. Wayne IN...not in the Paul1 line... Garretson News places Edmund d. 1748 m. Elizabeth PETERSON, as the son of Henry GARRETSON m. Elizabeth CANTWELL (one of them who died in 1742), and says this Henry is a son of Henry born in Hollard, d. 1721 who married Ann _____________. ]

This is the Henry who is sometimes/often thought to be the brother of Paul1 Garretson, and sometimes thought (and also disputed) to be the brother of Jon or Jan Garretson van der Hoff.

So this Edmund m. Eliz. PETERSON shows kids as Andrew, Hallowell, Adam, Henry, Eliz.,Lydia, Edmund, Mary, Sarah-- but no details are on the chart.

This Edmund d. 1748 shows siblings as Richard, Edmund (himself), Cantwell, Hallowell, Bridget (married Richard COLGATE), Mary (maybe married Mr. CADOGAN), Eliz. (maybe married same Mr. CADOGAN).
[source: chart in Garretson News, Vol ___, repository: Allen Cty Pub Lib, Ft. Wayne, IN]

Could someone from this Henry>Henry>Edmund line please join our project? This Henry d. 1721 & wife Ann _______ line also includes children: John (married Hester TURNER and were parents of a John and an Abiah), Garrett d. 1755 (married Mary _______), Henry (married Eliz. Cantwell), Peter (father of a Henry), Catherine (married Morgan ap Morgan of WV fame), Ann, Eliz. (married Richard Hallowell). [source: Garretson News, infra]



Just found Don Norman;s web page,
which has a wonderful concise early lineage of this line. See
If Don is out there, please write!

Importantly, Don Norman writes that this line descends from Garrit Jansen VAN VORST, born in Holland abt 1618, who married Gertrude JACOBS. Don writes that this Garrit Jansen VAN VORST was the father of Jan GARRETSON born in Gelderland, Holland abt 1638, and died in New Castle Cty DE in 1694. This Jan GARRETSON, he writes, married Anna GLINN, and were the parents of Henry Vander, John, and Powell (Powell is the same guy as Pol, Paul1, infra). Thanks Don for these clues! See Don's page for more info!

Note that Don's Powell dies young, circa 1670, where the Paul1, infra dies 1734, Baltimore...oops! something is wrong here...


We need facts and sources!

11A. PAL or POL or PAWL or POWELL GARRITSEN, who I will call Paul1 (also see above, infra)

Alan Embrick shows a DE family at his webpage,
says "The "FIRST GENERATION" of our GARRISON Ancestors in the New World were:
Lysbeth (Elizabeth) HENDRIKSX (Son)
Born: About 1635 in Holland, The Netherlands
Married to #1: Garret JANSZ (Son)

Born: Before 1835 in Holland, The Netherlands
Died: After 1662, in Probably Holland"

"Their Children Were:
#1. Jan (John) GARRETSON
Born About 1654 in the Netherlands
#2. Hendrik (Henry) GARRETSON
Born: About 1657 in the netherlands
Died: 1721
#3. Pal (Paul) GARRETSON
Born: About 1659 in Holland
Died: May 18, 1734 in Baltimore, Maryland
Married: Elizabeth HARRIS
Lysbeth, Married #2: Swart Jakob JANSZ (Son) in the Early 1670's."
[source: website cited infra]

I too used to look at this Paul line, as a candidate for my own line. My own personal notes from my trip to the wonderful files at the Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore (with a stunning spacious building! tons of files, and books galore!) also discuss a:

Paul GARRISON, married 8 March 1735, p. 155, to an Elizabeth FRAZER, St. Paul's P.E. Parish, Balt. City (No. 27) Vol. I, p. ___ [this is the format shown in my, Dee's, notes since I think I was copying file cards at the MD Hist Soc.)

Following my notes about Paul, I wrote that
Rachel GARRISON m. Thomas BUCKLEY-q.v. (St. Paul's P.E. Parish, Balt. City #27, p. 327, Kent Co. #11 p. ____ (but no date seems be in my notes...)

[Source: Maryland Hist. Society, Baltimore, MD, Norris Harris Church Register Index File Drawer]

No, I was never able to tie this Paul or Rachel to my other MD finds-- lots of info in MD, and also MILEs, HANSONs, etc. are up there... I had hoped that the FRAZER bride was a clue...


Another Paul GARRISON I find in a 1760 Virginia land transaction in Vol VI, Cavaliers & Pioneers, VA Land Patents, p. 271, Repository: Sargeant Memorial Room, Norfolk Pub. Lib, VA. It reads:

"John DONNILY & Paul GARRISON, 137 acres. Augusta Co. on the Waters of Catawba called the Knob, Beg. at 2 Linns on the N. Side of a Hill, on a Ridge; 29 May 1760, p. 769. 15 Shill." [source: infra]

Does anyone recognize this VA Paul Garrison? Is this the Paul1, Paul2 family....


On pg 4, Vol. 8, No.2 of The Garretson News, is a letter from Francis Hamilton HIBBARD, Genealogist of the OGLE family- John Ogle of Delaware, 1664--

Francis HIBBARD writes:
"On July 1, 1706, John OGLE, Paul GARRETSON, Elizabeth GARRETSON, Morgan PATTON, Hannah PATTON, and Rachel HARRIS (by John OGLE, her father), appointed John OGLE attorney, to aknowledge in open court a deed for land lying up in Duck Creek, which had been sold to Edward WILLIAMS. The witnesses to the instrument were Thomas ARSKAIN, Elston WALLIS, and James _________ (See STAUFFER Coll. (Collection?), V. 2, p. 193, Penna. Historical Society.)"

"Thomas HARRIS in his will of July 10, 1690, 'degised his land' to, as one record states, his 3 daughters, Elizabeth GARRETSON (Paul); Hannah PATTON (Morgan) and Rachel HARRIS."

Then Francis Hamilton Hibbard closes his letter with the question "Do the GARRETSON records available reveal anything concerning this Paul GARRETSON who married Elizabeth HARRIS at an indicated very early date?" Francis Hamilton Hibbard gives an address of P.O.B. 174, Barnesville, Ohio. [source: GN cited infra]

Barnesville, Ohio is near to Colerain Township, Hamilton Cty, OH where I have early CILLEY/POOLE/HEDGES/HARDIN ancestors who I believe had STRUBBLE/HAMILTON/BARNES/GULICK/STOUT cousins...

Any HARRIS/OGLE Experts out there? Any help appreciated!

Just to confuse matters, it does looks like John OGLE might have lived near to Marten GARRITTSEN in 1667:

"A tract of land called Bank Lots was warranted by Richard Nichols January 1, 1667, as follows: "Whereas there is a certaine parcel of Land and meadow ground or valley, situate, lying and being on Delaware River, on Christina Creek or Kill, between Swart Nutten Island, the Fyern Hooke, which is upon the said Kill, containing by estimation 500 acres, bounded on the north with Christina Kill, on west with Swart Nutten Island, on south with a little spring called Bossier, on the east with the said Fyern Hooke." This land was confirmed to John Erskine, Thomas Browne and Marten Garrittsen."

"Swart Nutten Island, after belonging to Vice-Director Hiniyossa, in 1667 passed to Gerard Otto, Thomas Wollaston and James Crawford, but soon after became the property of John Ogle, who resided there some time."
[source- Scharf, Thomas J., History of Delaware, 1609-1888; Volume Two- pp. 848b-854.CHAPTER XLII.

Mrs. Hilda CHANCE of Aston, PA 19014 on 31 Dec 1979, was kind enough to handwrite the Marriage Cards at the Hall of Records, Dover, DE. In reviewing my copy of this (maybe from a Wilmington DE Hist Society, _____________?), lo and behold, there is another marriage for Paul:

On Hilda's pg 2, she cites:
Paul GARRETSEN (or GARRETSON)m. Elizabeth COCK daughter of Valentine, pre May 1734,

but she also cites from a different file card, on another page (number not found), that:

Paul GARRITSON m Elizabeth COCK, widow of Valentine [COCK,COX] pre May 1734

So clearly only one of Hilda's two entries could be correct...I think... Hilda writes that these marriages were from Old Swedes Church, New Castle, DE except where noted, so I think that is the right church...

So, if Paul2 m. 1735 in Balt., this ?prob. isn't him...And if Paul1 d. May 1734, perhaps this is where the before May 1734 date emanated from (having to marry before you die)...And if Thomas HARRIS' daught, Eliz. was married to Paul1 when her father, Thomas HARRIS died in 1690...So is this Elizabeth COX/COCKS, widow of Valentine or daughter of Valentine another marriage? for Paul1, before he died...hmmmm....The COX books probably know...

Someone surely knows the story...Could you write us please!

12. GERRIT REMMERSEN, b. 1634 East Friesland, Holland, who married Maria ____________, widow of Wm GERRITSEN [see WILLIAMSON DNA project for this Wm GERRITSEN's line, and also see NYGBR abt 2004-2005 article series completed by Perry Streeter of Canisteo, NY, after the orig. author, Aline L. Garretson, Phd., passed away abt 2002-2004]

REMMERSEN evolved into a variation of GERRITSEN, so we do need REMMERSEN>GARRISON descendants, although the WILLIAMSON DNA project, traces the kids from the widow's first marriage....(yes I checked and as of late Sept 2005, their results did not match ours...)

This line is set forth remarkably well in Arthur GARRETSON's 1977 book referenced infra. Would one of Arthur's sons or grandsons like to participate to honor Arthur GARRETSON's hard work on your heritage? Are you related to the VERZOLE / TRAUB/ QUERRY/ VAN FLEET & GARRETSON families? If so, please write...You should join our project!

More for Rem under #14, infra.

Also, Perry Streeter is supposed to be writing/have finished a recent article on this line, but attempts to email Perry have gone unanswered-- please write if you are out there!

13. Loyalist, and tanner, JOHN GARRISON and Quaker wife Sarah WOODWARD.

John GARRISON, the tanner was from southern NJ, and once lived close to a Quaker meeting near Chester County, PA, according to Carol Garrison Kulenkamp. John removed to Canada, and at some point (US or Canada?) married Sarah WOODWARD, sister to Jessie WOODWARD of Halifax.

Source: Carol Garrison Kulenkamp, and also "From Library and Archives Canada, Ward Chipman Papers, Muster Master General's Office - Loyalists Musters, 1776-1785, (M.G. 23, D 1, Series I, Volume 24, pages 168-171) Microfilm C-9818,* * *, Roll of Loyalists &ce settled at Belle Vue in Beaver Harbour 10th July 1784", as per

When I visited the Ottawa archives, I too found records there on John the tanner..Note that this 10 July 1784 date is close to the 20 April 1784 advertisement date , source: NNJN from Salem Co., NJ, states that Loyalist, Israel ELWELL's estate was sold off. The ELWELLs and GARRISONs did intermarry...but it is not sorted out.. I could use help here also....

A Beaver Harbor deed from Tilly HOWE, of Pennfield County of Charlotte, New Brunswick area, to John GARRISON, St. John, NB, is found here,

Who claims this Loyalist from So. NJ area, John GARRISON & Sarah WOODWARD line? Please join our DNA project!

14. DANIEL1 GARRISON b. by 1737 [Chas. Sheppard], died __ Jan 1772 Lower Penns Neck, Salem Cty NJ [Barbara V. Garrison's 1997 tree]& Daniel1's wife, Esther THACKERY [Related to the THACKERAs?] who was the widow of __________ DUNN when she married Daniel1. Was this an Ebenezer DUNN?

An early Daniel1 GARRISON who married an Esther _________, is shown as a son of Jacob2 GARRISON, b. 1676 Fairfield Township, now in Cumberland Cty, NJ, who married 3rd an Elizabeth __________ (SEELEY?), and moved in 1699 to Deerfield Twp, now in Cumberland Cty, NJ. Daniel1 is shown as the 9th child of 15 kids from the 3rd wife, the eldest child on this list being Benjamin GARRISON who d. 1782, Deerfield NJ, and who married Tamson ___________ . [Source: Family Group Sheet #62-1? compiled by Wayne C. PATTERSON, __________, Fairgrove MO 65648, with his sources noted, filed at Glouc. Cty Hist. Soc, Woodbury NJ] Does anyone know Wayne?

If Daniel1 & Esther's line fit into the above tree, then their DNA should align perfectly with our solidified Jacob Sr. group (see results matrix).

Charles Sheppard's worksheets on this Daniel of Lower Penn's Neck, Salem Cty, NJ are inconclusive becase on the copy I am transcribing from, it shows the word "No" plainly written on top of at least two detailed pages of this Daniel line. One of these pages shows "No" next to a lightly written, "Jacob possibly & probate(?) d. 1751" in the slot for a father of this Daniel of Penn's Neck, who Sheppard writes died testate, leaving a Will, 1771-1772. It is unclear who wrote the word-- "No" .... and it could be on the orig. microfilm or not. (No, is written on the Arthur, wife Sarah section too, which I also need help on-Dee]
[Source Chas Sheppard GARRISON papers/LDS film, and this copy of an extract of Sheppard's pages submitted to Glouc. Cty Hist. Soc. "by Mrs. Roberta Erickson of 323 Columbia Ave., Pitman, NJ-originally from the daughter of Margaret Chance Garrison of Port Norris."

10/8/05 Fortunately, John Wesley Garrison of Glenarm, IL, had copies of the Charles Sheppard papers about Daniel in his files; John's copies were made from the original charts at Vineland Historical Society, NJ library, about 1980ish. As John promised, these copies of Sheppard's originals, which he sent to me, do NOT contain the word "No", as described infra...So, Sheppard believed that Daniel1 was indeed a son of Jacob Sr., d. 1709 NJ. Great detective work John! Thanks!

The home, built circa 1860, of this Daniel GARRISON family line, has been preserved as "Pennsville Township Historical Society Church Landing Farmhouse Museum", 86 Church Landing Road, Pennsville, NJ 08070 (856/678-4453) [Source: Barbara V. Garrison of IL, and ]
My notes say this location is former Lower Penn's Neck Township.

Importantly, in "A History of William BRINTON", by Gilbert COPE/Janetta Wright SCHOONOVER, pub. in 1925, it states on pg 241,
"It is claimed that the GARRISONs were descended from four brothers who came from England toward the close of the seventeenth century, and that the one who settled in New Jersey married a member of the Royal Family of Sweden."

The above paragraph is from the section 289, p. 240-241, on Lewis BRINTON (1804/1869) who married Ann GARRISON, she d. 25 Jan 1897. It is written that this Ann, was the eldest daughter of Hon. Daniel GARRISON, a member of Congress, of Salem, NJ.
[Source: Brinton book set forth above, Repository: Clayton Lib., Houston TX, Gen 929.2 S372 Brinton Fam]

Now the reference to the Royal Family of Sweden, puts us again, squarely in the Jacob Sr., wife Christina CRESSON tree (of our Jacob Sr. group); but this reference would posture this Daniel1/Esther THACKERY line, to fall into Jacob Sr's line not from Jacob Jr, as shown infra; instead, Daniel1 would fall into Jacob Sr's son John's line, since it was the missing John who married Elizabeth ______________, the Swedish Princess.

No one? knows (that I have encountered) who does belong to this John GARRISON/Swedish Princess line. But, I hear that they had 10 kids, and left lots of descendants--so where is everyone? If you want to claim this line, your DNA would match with Jacob Sr. group.

Note that the cemetery inscriptions for "Pennsville Old Presbyterian (old Quihawken)", from "Inscriptions Buringing (sic?) Grounds of Salem County New Jersey, Prior to and inclusive of 1850, Second Volume, Collected by Mary R.C. Clayton, Mrs. Trumman H. CLAYTON, Salem, New Jersey", at NJ Hist. Soc, Newark, NJ includes WRIGHT, PATTERSON, GARRISON, JAMES, HART, TORTOU, WALKER, CAMP, DUNN, ELWELL, COPNER, JAQUETT (just on the few pages which I made copies of)--This Daniel1 family definitely has descendants buried here... [Source: set forth infra]. Does anyone know the current status of this cemetery, and these GARRISONs' tombs?

When I visited NJ a few weeks ago, I admired the lovely! LOCUSON/GARRISON tombstones in another? cemetery, by the main road--this was I think, St. George's Cem., Lower Penn's Neck, NJ. The LOCUSONS were by a PEDRICK, with lots of JACQUETs everywhere, but I do not have my notes ...These GARRISONs are definitely from this Daniel1 line. How great it was to see beautiful GARRISON headstones!

But, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the possibility? of this line being from Cape May, NJ area. For a long while, I have owned a one page summary from maybe? NJ Hist Soc in Newark, on the Daniel1 family, written by a descendant, perhaps?, Alice Stephenson? or Grace Locuson?. I will call this the LOCUSON tree.

On the top of this LOCUSON tree, it states:
"Probable first generation of this line of Garrisons: New Jersey Archives - Vol. 23, page 180: 1715, April 29, Garison, Garretson), Reman, of Cape May - Will of. Mentions sons Jacob, Daniel, Garot, Joab, Noah; daughters Mary, Elisbeth and Rachel." The Daniel name is underlined, after which the Daniel1 line is outlined.

I also note that in a 1874 Newcomb family book by John Bearse Newcomb, on HQ, pg 57, has a
#23 William Newcomb, son of Joseph, son of Andrew- Wm was b. 1721 Edgartown MA. His wife, Pleasant ___________ . It states that he "removed with his parents when 11 years old to New Jersey", and that he and his wife both died in Cumberland Co. 1785-1791, and that they resided in the town of Fairfield, between Newport and Cedarville. This Wm Newcomb, is listed as the father of Judith NEWCOMB who married Daniel2 as her 1st husband, and married Mr. __________ JAQUET as her 2nd husband. [source: see Heritagequest]

In this same NEWCOMB book, p. 57,it lists the children of this same Judith NEWCOMB (1756/1841)& Daniel GARRISON. It states that Judith Newcomb Garrison Jacquet's 4 children by her first husband, Daniel Garrison were as follows:

1) Daniel Garrison [m1 1802 Lurina CRIPPS; m2 1807 Mary CURRY whose CURRY or CURREY family was at Old Swedes Church, Raccoon Creek NJ]

2) Reuban Garrison
3) William Garrison
4) John Garrison

I have not seen the above list of kids before, and would be interested in hearing from people who have worked on this family unit.

There was a Reuban living in Gloucester Cty, NJ at one point, whose line I wondered about. Judith Newcomb had NEWCOMB siblings: Wm, Reuben, Ruth, Judith (herself), Prudence, Nathan, Grace, Butler, Elizabeth, David.
[source: same Newcomb book, infra; LOCUSON tree].

15. Beverly or Bavil GARRISON, great grandfather of Abraham V. Garrison (died 10 May 1894), owner of Pittsburgh, PA foundry and husband of Mary CLEMENTS.

In the book, Encyclopedia of Biography, by John W. Jordan, LLD, Vol VII, NY 1916, is an article and handsome full page picture of Abraham Garrison, born 4 Mar 1804 "near the Hudson river, below Newburgh, Orange County, New York". On pg 2474, author Jordan in 1916 writes:
"The Garrison family was of English origin, and in 1686 a branch was transplanted to what is now Putnam county, New York. Garrison's Landing, on the Hudson, derived its name from this family and was owned by them for many generations. Beverly Garrison, great-grandfather of Abraham Garrison, was the first to develop the famous Forest of Dean iron mine in New York State."

Author Jordan continues, and explains how Abraham's parents were Oliver Garrison and Catharine [Schuler] Kingsland, and how Abraham had brothers Oliver, Daniel R.[Randall], Isaac L [Lawrence], "all of whom settled in St. Louis" and the late Commodore C.K. Garrison of New York City.

When one cross references Jordan's 1916 writings, with pg. 332,333 of "The Family of Isaac Garrison (1732-1836), pub. 1980 of Isaac Garrison Family Association, this family becomes clearer. In the section appropriately entitled "Garrison History and LEGEND" by Juanitas Irene Peddicord, Juanitas writes of the "St. Louis Garrisons", claimed to have been cousins of Isaac (1732-1836) as per recollections of James C. Garrison.

A lovely etching of Cornelius Kingsland Garrison is found following pg 304 of Historic Families of America, which I found at the wonderful Sargeant Memorial Room, Norfolk Public Library, VA during my trip there. An excellent paper on the Garrison-Andrews family by Cornelia Garrison Chapin starts on pg 304. This author,Cornelia writes in _________:

"The Garrisons of this line are of Huguenot antecedents, and should not be confounded either with the Hollandish Garrisons or Garretsons, descendants of an early Dutch settler of Staten Island, or with the Nova Scotian loyalist family from which sprang William Lloyd Garrison, the agitator. The ancestors of Commodore Garrison were resident in the Highlands of the Hudson for more than a century, the first of the name having appeared in what is now Putnam County, NY as early as 1686. The village of Garrison's in that county, opposite West Point, is situated on the ancestral lands of the family. From Putnam County removal was made by the branch now under consideration to Orange County on the west bank of the Hudson, where, at Fort Montgomery, in the vicinity of West Point, the immediate ancestors of Cornelius Kingsland Garrison lived. His great-grandfather, Beverly Garrison (who resided at Garrison's) was the first to develop the famous Forest of Dean iron mine in New York State!
[source: Cornelia Garrison Chapin in book cited infra, year unknown-see repository in Norfolk VA]

Cornelia Garrison Chapin also writes, "The only present male representative of the Garrison Family in this line is William Re Tallack Garrison [Jr.], son of William Re Tallack Garrison [Sr.] and grandson of Cornelius Kingsland Garrison. Mr. Garrison resides at Tuxedo Park, NY; he married Constance C. COUDERT, daughter of Charles COUDERT of New York." Is a male descendant of this line around?

So, the DNA of this line should match the DNA of our Montauban group. Will this line prove to be English or French?

16. Immigrant, Garrit1 GERRITSEN (died _________) & Annetje HERMANASSE.
[also spelled Gerrit GERRITSZEN & Annetie HARMENS]

This family emigrated from Wageningen on the Rhine, __________, traveling aboard the ship named, in English, the Faith, which ship arrived in 1660. Gerrit1 and family settled at Communipaw, NJ, now Jersey City, NJ. [source: c2004 Paper describing history of Garretson Farm, 4-02 River Road, Fair Lawn, ___, 201/797-1775, author unknown]

Gerrit1's son is described in this same paper, infra, as "Gerrit of Pembrepogh", a judge in a Bergan County, NJ court. This Gerrit2 of Pembrepogh is explained as the father of a son named Peter, born 4 Oct 1684, as a "third generation American". This Peter is explained as "Peter Garretson of Slooterdam" Patent.

The paper explains that "The north and south boundaries of the Slooterdam Patent are vague. However, the Passiac and the Saddle Rivers bordered the west and east, respectively."
[source: paper cited infra, and see]

In pages from "Pedigree of Fletcher Garrison Hall", p. 224 (cited infra), sent to me by Carol Garrison Kulenkamp, author HALL writes:

65 (Lt.) Gerrit GERRITSE 2nd........33/129
b. 1658
m. 11 May 1681
d. 6 Apr 1703

Author HALL writes, "Was a Lieut. in Gerbrand CLAESEN's Co., 10 Nov 1692. HALL further explains how this Lt. Gerrit GERRITSE retained the surname of GERRITSE or GARRISON, while "the son, Hermanus took the name Von WAGONER or Von WAGENEN, as the father did." This Lt. GERRITSE was still denoted as the father of Pieter GERRITSE. [source: cited infra, and Bas 38, Dut 292 as cited by author Hall]

So males from this branch may have various surnames...but the DNA pattern should still match!

Note that Vol 6 No. 2, p. 3-4, Garretson News, says the ship, the Faith, arrived 23 Dec 1660 with Gerrit Gerritsen from Wageningen, wife and child 2 years old. Also listed here on this same ship, same date was Albert GERRITSEN from Wageningen, Jan Gerritsen HOGEL. They cited to pg 17 of ___________ (maybe a yearbook of Holland Society NY 1902-I cannot tell...).


See Stephen and Kathy ARNOLD's site, "The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy",;
This webpage, makes "Alche 'Olive' GERRITZEN, b. 14 Apr 1672-Staten Island, NY, d. after 1712, a daughter of this Gerrit1 and his wife, Annetie HARMENS.

This Alche GERRITZEN m1. Abraham LeRoux, m2 Joshua CRESSON, b. Leyden, Holland, d. 1690. Joshua is described as the son of Pierre CRESSON & Rachel CLAUSS. [source: ARNOLD webpage cited infra]

This Joshua CRESSON is described by author, Elmer Garfield VAN NAME, LL.D., in his authoritative booklet, "Pierre CRESSON, The Huguenot of Staten Island", as the brother of Christina CRESSON who m1. Jean LETELIER, m2 Jacob GERRITSZ HAAS. [source: Van Name's excellent booklet, cited infra, pg 3, GCHS, Woodbury NJ]

So, if Jacob GERRITSZ HAAS is Jacob Sr. d. 1709 NJ, as he is reputed to be, then the families' intermarried early...

A CRESSON/HOPKINS marriage also needs to be Frederick Garrison/Estaugh 1742 property transaction, Pilesgrove area...

17. DAR Patriot, Peter GARRISON (1736/1776), who was killed at Battle of White Plains (__ October 1776).

A DAR Application states:

Patriot Peter GARRISON, RWS was born in Fordham, NY, and married Maria COOK.

Peter and Maria were the parents of Garret GARRISON who married Susannah COOPER.

Garrett and Susannah were the parents of John Garrison, who married Sarah FOWLER.

John and Sarah were the parents of Caroline A. Garrison who married Joseph PEENE.

[Source: DAR Application of Mrs. Katie Peene Farnham, #30462, born in Yonkers NY, p. 160, Vol. 31, 1900,DAR ________, repository: Hamilton County OH Main Lib., Cincinnati, OH]

Carol Garrison Kulenkamp kindly mailed me an extract from "Pedigree of Fletcher Garrison Hall", by Garrison Kent Hall (died 1973), 1979, p. 145 I think. This book has, it seems, the same line:

Captain John GARRISON b. 19 Oct 1783 Kingsbridge, NY, d. 1861
m. Sarah FOWLER b. 10 Oct 1788, d. 13 Dec 1852

Author HALL writes that a Garret Garrison was the father of Captain John Garrison, and he includes Garret on a list of "owners of this new sloop (who) were among the most prominent men of Yonkers." NY. Several sloops are discussed.

Author HALL's listing preceding Capt. John Garrison is for:

"5 Peter GARRISON 3/9 m1 Mary Schemler m2 Jane _______ reside Belmont (estate?) in Somerset County, Maryland, and notes that Peter "owned a pickle factory."

So are three different wives named for the same, above Peter--or am I confusing Peter lines, here? So this may not be right...Hmmm.

I used to look for this line long ago, but I cannot recall who it was who came from the Susannah COOPER line...are you still out there?

Who knows the GARRISONs of Yonkers, NY who may be from this line? Is James Claud out there? I noticed your post on a Rootsweb tree for, John Henry Garrison m. Amelia C. Hinky. This tree was Scott William's tree named, "Ancestry and relatives, some absurdly distant."

18. PIETER GERRITSE, b. 4 Oct 1684, Hoboken, Bergen Co., NJ (see #16 and #17 above),
married1 --Vrowtje HESSELS 26 Mar 1704
married2 prob. -- Antje AELTSE 22 Jun 1733
ten kids in total,
Pieter died in New York, 11 July 1743 from being run over by a wagon.
[source: "Pedigree of Fletcher Garrison Hall" book cited infra, page 208, citing further sources]

Pieter's son, Gerrit of Iapogh seemed to be called Pietem's Gat (Gerrit). This was the fellow who was called "Spijker-kop Gat" or "Nail-headed Gat" because of his stubborness. He was the one displeased with the property division of his father's estate, and who immediately renounced the name of GERRITSE and instead used VAN WAGONER.
[source: "Pedigree of Fletcher Garrison Hall" book cited infra, page 208, citing to Dut 292;Pas II:721]

If this Peter had ten children as per "Pedigree of Fletcher Garrison Hall" book cited infra, page 208, then perhaps both a GARRETSEN and a VON WAGONER could join our project.

Must see incredible compilation of this line by D. Pane-Joyce, at

19. Garrat1 GARRATSON (GARRETTSSON) of Sweden, immigrated in the late 1600’s (as per one source) to the Swedish Colony of Upland (now ? Chester PA), PA, came to Phily in 1710, and purchased land in Blockley Township, Philadelphia, PA with Morton GARRATSON on 26 May 1711.

This is very important! Because this line seems to be how the GARRATSON surname evolved into GARRET surname:

It seems to be the line which will include GARRETT surnames from their GARRATSON ancestors. I write this due to an abt 11/12 match of our Kit # _____ , _________ line with a man listed as Kit # ______, GERRIT II, (see below) in the GARRETT DNA surname project (see their pub. page). I wrote with the GARRETT project administrator to see about making an introduction, and about getting the GARRETT participant to upgrade to 37 markers…Other new results in GARRISON I also align with this GARRETT, and GARRISSON II pair...

Looks like the close but not exact matches on 12 markers are:

Kit 37160 Abraham (1751 NY/1814) s/o Thomas, & Marg.WAMBOLDT of GARRISSON II;

Kit 35625 Garrett II of GARRETT project;

42579 ____________ (blank is here) of GARRISON I project
(the particip. denoted as ancestor, Wm GARRISON from Rockland NY is close also to this GARRETT/GARRATSON bunch)

Garrat1, a Swede, married Regina HEULING (HEULINGS, HULINGS) on the 21 Oct 1702, and he died 1732. [Article cited infra] Barbara McCormick writes that his wife Regina, was a daughter of Marcus Lorens HULINGS and Brigitta DANIELSSON.[her website cited infra]

The source for this info is a publication named, “Germantown- Journal of the Site and Relic Society”, Issue No. 10, published on 15 Dec 1919; it is a delightful story entitled “The Story of a Gun and Its Owners” authored by Dr. N. H. KEYSER, which was published under the section heading, Local History. So it seems as though this is from Germantown, PA near Philadelphia. Fortunately, on 26 Sept, 1990, a kindly Mrs. Dorothy ANDREW of Turnersville, NJ 08012 donated this publication, or 4 pages from it, and deposited the same in the repository, Gloucester Cty Hist. Soc., Woodbury NJ. Thank you Dorothy! [Yes, you can buy a copy of the article from GCHS.]

The old flint lock musket Dr. Keyser describes “was once the property of Garrat GARRATSON, who, in the latter part of the seventeenth century, came from Sweden to the Swedish colony of Upland, now known as Chester.”

Children of Garrat1 GARRATSON and wife, Regina HEULING were:
1. Britta,
2. Mary,

3. Marcus born 1707- inherited log cabin with 80 acres, Northern Liberties, Phil., PA at Garrat1’s death in 1732.

4. Garrat2 born 1709,
5. Martha,
6. Regina born in Phily PA
7. Lawrence born 1717 in Phily PA
8. Barbara born in Phily PA

[Source: “Germantown (PA)- Journal of the Site and Relic Society”, Issue No. 10, 15 Dec 1919, article entitled “The Story of a Gun and Its Owners” author, Dr. N. H. KEYSER. Repository: GCHS, Woodbury NJ]

Note that Barbara McCormick’s Rootsweb tree, Swedish Longacre's and Related Families, shows this Garrat1 to be a son of Marten GARRETTSSON and his wife, Christina LOM. Geneslady Barbara writes that Morton and Garrat1 were brothers, both sons of Marten. Check book cited by Barbara, Swedes on the Delaware ________…

On the Rootsweb website for the Burial Records of Merion Meeting Graveyard (1747-1765), Montgomery Cty, PA, there is lots of info, incl. an entry for:
Will proven 16 Jan 1757 for Jacob GARRETT of Blockley (Township, Phil., PA), which mentions a child named Margaret; and his (Jacob) brother John GARET and his nephews, Morton GARRETT and Christian JOHNSON (other info also).

Then this page states, "This GARRETT family were of Swedish descent. Garett GARRETTSON was an early settler at the Falls of Schuylkill, on the east bank of the river. A branch of the family located on the west bank, at the Ford. * * *." Earlier the paper had explained it was discussing Welsh (Wales) history, "The history of Merion Friends Meeting house is the history of the Welsh
in Pennsylvania."-- but our GARRETTSON/GARRETT family was Swedish...

This paper also cites GARRET marriages recorded at Christ Church, Philadelphia:
Marcus GARRET m. Ann BOONE, 6 Nov 1728
Mary GARRETSON m. Wm PATTERSON, 16 May 1728
Valentine GARRET m. Rebecca SWEETING, 26 June 1738

And later it mentions that Garret GARRETS and his wife Reina _____________ owned property with Morton GARRATS and his wife Bridget _________, which tract was on the west side of the Schuylkill in Blockley (Twnship, Phil. PA), which property they sold in 1712 to Anthony MORRIS Jr and Rowland ELLIS jr. John & Gainor (wife) ROBERTS family was also nearby...
[source: "The Incompleted Burial Records of Merion Meeting Grave-yard 1682-1848, as
compiled by Margaret B. Harvey, A.M. distinguished Genealogist and Writer, born 1855 died 1912" at]

More info is also at this Merion Meeting webpage cited above--

" Morton Garrett, Blockley. Buried 3 Mo. 4, 1778. Son of John Garrett.
Will proved Sept. 7, 1778. Signed Feb. 8, 1778. Mentions Uncle Joseph
Johnson. Aunt Margaret Johnson. Kinsmen, Christian Cornelius; Sarah, Robert
and John Graig; Executors, Joseph Johnson, Thomas George, Algernon Roberts.
Witnesses, Peter Ott, Andrew Ott, David George.
Joseph Johnston and Margaret Garret were married Sept. 14, 1775.
Recorded at 2 d Presb. Church, Phila.
The Craig homestead was "Greenland", in the West Park.
The Johnson homestead was "Mount Prospect", now called "Chamounix".
Christopner Cornelius and Elizabeth Roberts were married Sept. 9, 1769.
Joseph Cornelius and Christina Magdalin, May 8, 1760.
Robert Craig and Sarah Gardiner. July 29, 1771.
The name of Morton Garrett appears on the List of Taxables for Blockley
1774. Also the names of John Garret and Lawrence Garret. Also, "Jacob Garret's
estate", and Joseph Johnson - "John Garret's estate". In 1779, appear Robert
Craig, "Morton Garret's est'e"; John Pyewell, "Law'e Garrett's est." Joseph
This was Major Morton Garrett of the Seventh Battalion, Philadelphia Co.
Militia, 1777. See Penna. Archives, Second Series, Vol. XIII, p. 692."
[Source: Rootsweb page, cited infra]

And also,
" Lawrence Garrett, buried 11 Mo. 6, 1777. Will proved Sept. 7,
1778. Lawrence Garrett of Blockley. Will signed Sept. 27, 1777. Mentions
wife Rebecca. Child, Mary Pyewell. Grandchildren, Garet Hughes; Rebecca,
Margaret and William Pyewell. Niece, Sarah Sungrave. Executors, Rebecca
Garrett, Edward Williams. Witnesses, Joseph Johnson, Peter Ott, Rebecca
Mary Garrett and John Pyewell were married Oct. 10, 1761. Marriage
recorded at Christ Church.
The Johnson homestead was Mount Prospect, now called "Chamouni", in West
Fairmount Park.
The Ott homestead was "Brunewald", in the Park, near the Garrett and
Johnson properties.
The name of Lawrence Garrett appears on the List of Taxables for Blockley,
1769, 1774.
Garret Hughes and Ann Margaret Gotchell were married Sept. 10,
1764. Marriage recorded at St. Paul's P. E. Church, Phila.
The name "Garrig" is on Scull & Heap's Map, 1750. and "Garrett" on Faden's
Lydia Garret and Edward Hewes were married March 1, 1764. Marriage
recorded at Christ Church."
[Rootsweb page, cited infra]

But no sons listed for Morton and Lawrence GARRETT...!
But MATSON, RAMBO, JONES, ROBERTS, HUMPHREY-lots of names from Swedesborough NJ, Old Swedes' new and old Cemetery are listed at this Merion Meeting Rootsweb page...

So, Swedish cousins with Philadelphia roots may be out there!

Whether this is part of the TT - or double T family of Freeborn Garrettson (1752/1827) fame, of MD and Methodism, I am still unsure...Who can help me? Maybe Frederick Prime Garrettson was not including this line in his letter to Garretson News...hmmm.

20. The 1714 GARRISONs from Ulster Cty NY who removed to Broad Neck, Pittsgrove, Salem/Cumberland?, NJ-

John Wesley Garrison gives us all a big clue about the origin of the GARRISONs who settled around Pittsgrove, Salem Cty, NJ-- On 19 Oct 2005, he wrote me as follows with his research findings which I have pasted below:
You asked about the 1714 Garrisons from Ulster County New York. In the History of the Counties of Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland, New Jersey by Cushing and Sheppard, on page 464-466 is a Chapter on the Township of Pittsgrove. Pittsgrove and Upper Pittsgrove were formed in March 6, 1846. The Southeastern part of what is now Pittsgrove was called Broad Neck. It was sparsely settled early on because of heavy timber and otherwise, poor farm ground. Many of its settlers came up from Deerfield Twp. in Cumberland County. Some of them being the Langleys, Richards, Rowans, Scotts, Farnsworths, Kandles, Englishes, Garrisons, Leaches, Edwardses, Harrises, Parvins, Creamers, Richmans, Gartons, Ackleys and Dunhams."

"Upper Pittsgrove is described on pages 490 thru and past 496. Most of the land within both townships wer taken by Daniel Coxe of Burlington and Judge William Hall, of Salem. In 1714, they invited a colony who had lately arrived in Ulster County to view there lands in Salem County. A committee came and large tracts were purchased by them. Several families came in 1714 and 1715. The Van Meters and Dubois families took up 3000 acres and the Newkirks, Garrisons, Barnetts, Craigs, Dunlaps, Aldermans and Mayhews were liberal purchasers."

"Some of the colonists had been residents of Ulster Co. for some time, such as the VanMeters, and maybe Newkirks and Dubois. Apparently most of this group had money, were probably craftsmen and maybe Huguenots. Over the years some of the Garrisons from each group apparently migrated each way."
[source: John Wesley Garrison of Illinois]
Thanks John!

So who knows which line would this 1714 Ulster Cty NY Colony go back to? Is this the English line or the English indentured servants' line...??

David ENGLISH was the 2nd husband (no issue) of my own line's Hannah CLEAVER Garrison-English-Sexton (abt 1787/1864), so if anyone knows these ENGLISH lines, do write...

21. Peter GARRISON in 1789, Newark NJ

Given our two lines which emanate from some branch of the Jacob Sr. family, and which were in Newark NJ around 1830s, it may be useful to look at this Peter GARRISON.

See webpage by Joanne Rabun, entitled, 1789 Census of Newark, New Jersey,

Joanne's entry looks like this:

[source: cited infra]

22. Sons of Isaac 1710 & wife, Elizabeth LAWRENCE or LAURENCE (b. abt 1712, Salem, NJ), Montauban France line.

Isaac GARRISON b. 1710, was the son of Isaac b. 1685 & his wife, Jeanne MINVIELLE or MINVEILLE ( a different surname also abounds for her....); Who knows the lines of their ? 6 kids--

Are the kids:
Isaac, b. 1710, father of Isaac RWS b. 1732
Beverly, b. 1712
Lambert, b. abt 1714
Segar, b. abt 1716
____________, name unknown?
____________, name unknown?

Could Old David, b. abt 1717 fit here?

[So, now we have two different? men with the first name of Seger or Segar, one son of Frederick2, see infra, and one son of Isaac 1710...a 1738 marriage would fit with the dates here for Segar 1716--hmmm]

Isaac b. 1710 married Elizabeth LAWRENCE in 1727, in Salem, NJ. She was the daughter of a William LAWRENCE. Who knows this LAWRENCE family?

This Isaac 1710/Eliz. LAWRENCE apparently had 6 kids:
Isaac RWS b. 1732
Moses b. 1737,
David b. abt 1740?

Who is this David, son of Isaac 1710 & Eliz LAWRENCE? Since the other sons went to NC, do we assume that this one did too? Is Bernice Garrison Snoll out there? Is this your David let me know...


I note that a David L. Garrison of California, from the Beverly 1712/Eliz. NELSON line, writes online that the kids of Isaac 1710/Eliz LAWRENCE were:
Isaac RWS

This list is different than the previous list of kids posted infra...David L. Garrison's old email is disconnected so I have been unable to reach him.

David--Please join up with us, to Align the Beverly DNA pattern with his brother Isaac 1710 DNA pattern (see matrix)

[Dee’s note—The Moses b. 1737 line so far is not related to the Isaac b 1732 line- so if this stays true, Moses would no longer be a son of Isaac 1710-it seems…Prelim results for James of Illinois, Rev War Soldier b. abt 1747ish also show his line to be NOT related to Isaac b 1732]

23. Montauban Issac GARRISSONs (b.1732 & b.1710) & an unplaced ? Frederick GARRISON in Frederick County, Maryland, maybe now Washington County, MD, around 1760-1772

According to message bd postings by Candy Garrison Kurilko, a Frederick GARRETSON was naturalized at St. Anne's Church, 4 April 1761.

Candy also notes in her message, that a Frederick Garrison sold a tract of land, "Little Friendship" in 1772 (in Frederick Cty MD I think...). I have tried contacting Brian Core in Brighton CO to see if his Frederick/Leonard Garrison line claims these Fredericks but I have been unable to reach him.

Juanitas Irene Peddicord, of Des Moines, Iowa wrote in one of her papers at Clayton Lib, Houston-- "Where did they (Isaac Sr b. 1710, and Isaac RWS, b. 1732ish) come from, beyond records which place them in Maryland-Frederick (now Washington) County, 1749:??"

Then in my new copies from a vertical file at Morristown NJ public library, a letter exists from Mrs. Gene Steele Monaco of Miami FL, written by her in 1998. Mrs. Monaco writes:

"My paternal side (& his maternal side) goes back to Frederick Garrison (Sons in Amer. Revolution) (prob. emigrated from Berlin, Germany) & who was a native of NJ before removal to Frederick Co., MD., prior to 1760. His wife was Margaret _______?____
,(he d. about 1813, Green Co., PA."
[source, Mrs. Monaco cited infra]

So three diferrent researchers place Frederick Garrison (alleged brother of Leonard) in the same area as Juanitas Peddicord places the Montauban Isaac Garrisons...Mrs. Monaco makes Frederick a native of NJ ...hmm...Who can explain this puzzle to me?

(snip) THANKS...

99. Other lines Which did not use GARRISON/GARRITSEN surnames after some point:

A) Wolfert GERRITSEN van Kouwenhoven - His Sons used surname of WOLFERTSEN . Descendants are Kouwenhovens, Couwenhovens, and Conovers. (source: Letter by author Maud Esther Dilliard written in 1947, pub. in Garretson News, cited infra).



D) Wynant or Wynandt GERRITSE VAN DER POEL--

But isn't there a more recent Wynant Garrison line?


1) Will it be feasible to resolve question of heritage and nationally of Jacob GARRISSON or GARRISON or DE GARRISSON, d. 1708-1709 NJ?

See July 1964 issue of New Jersey Genesis, 151 East 81st St., NY, NY, 10028, pg. 480, where "Garrison- A Correction" and "And Some Notes On Jacob Garrison" discuss Jacob Sr.'s burial location in the Turkey Point graveyard, and his early residence in Salem Cty/Cumberland Cty NJ.
It states in part, "Jacob GARRISON, the first of his family to settle in Cumberland County (then Salem County) and who died between June 9, 1708 and 7 January, 1708/9, has long been believed to be buried in the Turkey Point graveyard. It was later owned by his grandson, Isaac Garrison."
"* * * The place is marked 'David Garrison' on the 1862 Cumberland County wall map.* * * ." Who has visited this grave site?

The NJ Genesis article continues, in part: "The writer of these notes has recently learned that Jacob Garrison settled first in Sayre's Neck, Fairfield Township, Cumberland County. He moved to the Autuxet (Turkey Point) neighborhood of Downe Township about 1703."

"A survey recorded in the Secretary of State's Office at Trenton, dated 27th 2nd mo., 1694, shows that Jacob Garrison was then in possession of 600 acres between Back and Cedar Creeks. This land was then called Garrison's Neck, but after about 1703, when Jacob Garrison sold most of this tract to Joseph and Ephraim SAYRE, it became known as Sayre's Neck and so remains today."
"On March 19, 1695/6, Thomas BUDD of Philadelphia, merchant, sold to Jacob GARRISON of West Jersey, yeoman, the 600 acres in Garrison's or Sayre's Neck, on which he had lived since 1694 and probably earlier."
Note that in the April 1964 issue, Vol II, No. 3, NJ Genesis, p. 466, it refers to Fairfield Township, as "now Downe", in the article "Benjamin Garrison of Deerfield, Cumberland County and the Records in the Bible of His Son, Ananias GARRISON."

Note: Annanias Garrison (born 25 June 1752), son of Benjamin, is of great interest also, since he married into my (Dee Bardes') line-- [note that this is a 2nd link to GARRISON for Dee, not my primary blood link] his 2nd? wife, Jemima DRAPER Cleaver, was mother of Hannah nee CLEVER (1787/1864 Mack, OH west of Cincinnati, OH) Garrison-English-Sexton. Although Hannah, d/o a young RWS, Issac KLEBER/CLEVER, Private PA, married three times, she only had one child, Isaac Clever GARRISON (1812/1901) (my line) with her first husband, David GARRISON or GARRISSON Jr., who died abt age 25 on 1 June 1814. Did he die in War of 1812 or from disease-- The war seemed to still be going on in 1814- The well traced early CLEVER/DRAPER/BACON/SHOEMAKER family had ties with many GARRISON/GARRETSON lines...See author extraordinaire, Wm Jessup CLEAVER's (died abt 1985-1990) two books...

COMPLETED: We have had an Old David>Joseph descendant match with results from an Old David>John participant. But this line did not match with Jacob Sr.>Peter>Arthur>Josina.

BACKGROUND: On pg 4 of author, Max Perry of Midland, TX, (FYI- Max did Garrison genealogy for over 20 years, but he is now in his 80's and has gone blind so he cannot do research now...) book, he lists the children of Joseph Garrison b. 1742 Salem Co., NJ m. _________________ as follows:

A) DAVID GARRISON (b. ?abt 1761)
F) James GARRISON, b. 1789, d. Mecklenburg Co., NC m. ____________, parents of Vincy Garrison m. George Monteeth, moved west.

I do not know if the above listing is correct.
If you are a male GARRISON from the male lines listed above, please help us!! We also have confirmed that Alna Breeze Phillips is still researching this line, since she is now a sponsor in this project.

COMPLETED: We had a Old David>David Jr. (1749/1810) descendant match with results from the Old David>John line, and the Joseph line, but the degree of the match varies...

Author, Cornelia Garrison Husband's son, Ralph Husband Jr., of Charlotte NC told me last year that a cousin in the Old David of Meck. Cty. NC>David Jr. of Meck Cty, NC line, was updating Cornelia's two books. I believe the cousin is Gary Brown also of Charlotte area, but I have been unable to confirm with him what the status of the book update is. (snip)

3) To have several French DE GARRISSONs or any variation (GARRISON, GARRISSON) test with us to prove that the Peter line results align with the French DE GARRISSONs, as opposed to the German line. We recognize we might match or might not...

A Roy Garretson of West Virginia posted somewhere on the web, that he was from the French line, and hoped to visit Montauban, but I have been unable to reach him so far. [UPDATE: It seemed uncertain as to whether this WV line could truly trace to Montauban, so had to give up plans for the WV line to establish that pattern]

4) To add several Isaac GARRISSON, RWS, descendants and solidify DNA for that French line.[See large Isaac GARRISSON (1732-1836), Rev. War Soldier, book in many libraries]

COMPLETED: Several people from a known Jacob Sr., Salem NJ line are desperately needed in order for our Peter>Old David branch to match up with them. [We have found that our Old David line does not match at all with our Jacob Sr. line].


Counter installed as of 25 Aug 2005.

Project News:
11/20/05 A GARRISSON II separate Forum to facilitate communications among the GARRISONs was set up at You all should have gotten an email about accessing, and posting to this new forum. This forum is for Participants, Financial Sponsors, and Research Sponsors...

Things are very busy, so I hope you all are wrapping up Christmas Presents for me, since my tree will be bare! I will work on my Christmas list...Can Santa bring me some DNA from the Bavil (or Beverly) Garrison, b. 1712 line? Please! Any old research findings would look great with a bow! Just write Do not open until Christmas! if I am to wait...

10/19/05 Hard copy of Family trees and other research info must be submitted via snailmail by participant or family genealogist, to Dee as a prerequisite of being in this project. This is not new, but is being reiterated due to Non Compliance Issues...

10/15/2005 New GARRATSON & GARRETT close matches may lend clues for our Abraham b. abt 1751 line...See #19 under Goals.

10/14/2005 WARNING-- DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE YAHOO SOLICITATION EMAILED OUT BY WILLIAM POLLARD GARRISON OF IDAHO, HEAD OF THE GARRISON I GROUP (snip)- I have asked Garrison I, coadmin. Mary Ellen Wojcik of near Columbus, Ohio and Bennett Greenspan, President of FamilyTree to NOT allow my members to be subjected to any solicitation. This is due to serious privacy, confidentiality, commercialization, and solicitation concerns... Any info you want posted I will post on the public page upon request. Any direct or private communications, please send via email. Any other postings, please use message boards or genforum boards or...(snip) Of course it is your own choice if you wish to join, but I needed to make clear that I am NOT involved in your being solicited...I wouldn't do that to any of you.

10/13/05 Yes, our line denoted, William b. 1810 TN m. Easter MARK, recently transferred to GARRISON I project has aligned 10/12 nicely with another participant there-- See Garrison I public page. The GARRISON participant has agreed to extend his 12 marker results to 37 to see how well the lines align at 37. Cross your fingers! [Moses b. 1737 line]

Our perhaps, Paul3 line (no documentation ever received) was also transferred to Garrison I in hopes of aligning better there. More DE/MD, and Dutch participants are needed before these numbers align. (snip)

10/11/05 Help is needed in sorting out the french, Bernard Garrisson Payes du Gravier m. 00 Mademoiselle ________ GALES line. J'ai besoin d'assistance! Merci.

10/10/05 We have consolidated the Jacob Garrison Sr (d. 1709 NJ) group into GARRISSON II. So two persons' results were transferred from GARRISON I project to II.

Also, we transferred one other participant (Wm. born 1810, who had hoped to align with Moses line) to the GARRISON I project from II, because his VA results seem to align with the NY/Great Britain/Holland results in I. We hope that the GARRISON I project can sort out the Irish, Scottish, Welsch, Dutch, English lines! Please keep us informed!

10/8/05 Two DNA results came in from The Isaac Garrison, RWS, Association participants which as expected, matched with each other! And, the DNA pattern as expected DID NOT match the Jacob Sr, died 1709 NJ group. This deflates for now, the theories (IGI entries, Rootsweb charts) that make Jacob Sr.(d. 1709 NJ) trace back to Montauban (now shown to be incorrect it seems...)... so Phyllis Miller's research published 1993 still prevails...

The HUGE News was that the DNA Pattern for the two cousins from two different branches of The Isaac Garrison (1732/1836) Association, MATCHED extremely well with our Old David group. This group was formerly known as Jacob Sr.>Peter>Old David, but the DNA results thus far, split the Old David branch away from the rest of Jacob Sr.'s kids...

If you look at the DNA Pattern for Joseph>James Caleb>James Chesley (around Warren Cty KY/Hardin Cty TN/MI), next to the DNA pattern for a new James C. line of the Isaac Garrison Assn, they are incredibly recently related! So Montauban results merge with our Old David group...

William Erwin Garrison in Irving, Texas promised me all along, that his Old David Garrison of Mecklenburg NC line, would match with the Montauban line, but this is the first time such theory has had proof. So, congrats to William Erwin Garrison of Irving, TX for figuring this out, despite many charts to the contrary. And thanks to The Isaac Garrison Association for participating!

In contrast, I have also heard from one person who questioned my attributing the entire Old David/Montauban line now to Montauban, i.e. that I failed to consider that the Montauban line was NOT French at all...This was sad reality, when I was trying to celebrate our great news after monthes of extremely difficult, expensive, and time consuming work (volunteer of course without per diem)... driving in Paris was perilous too.. ..

Realize that we have two more participants to test from the Isaac RWS line, so cross your fingers...
Can anyone tell me how and why my own line's Salem Cty/Raccoon Creek, Old Swedes's, NJ>OH DNA matches the Montauban group?

09/27/05 Looks like no results today--Revised lab schedule sent out to Batches 112,116-119. Maybe October 4th will be the day we get good news!

09/26/05 See new GOALS section--this is now going to be line based--so send me info! Called FTDNA today, and yes they did evacuate for several days due to Hurricane Rita, but they are now all back. Everyone is fine. They said the lab in Tucson, Arizona (at Univ of AZ) also incurred no damage, but admitted that they are running behind. The reason given was the voluminous number of kits received by the lab recently...

Order NOW for Holiday Presents, and please give as many as you can to deserving cousins!

09/21/05 Lab is running 2 weeks late but stay tuned...please write any info for posting on this page, with specific instructions for me to do so.

IMPORTANT: Everyone needs to decide for themselves if they want to JOIN ysearch, and if they want to JOIN the National Geographic project--look for links from your personal page after your results post, and around online-Women too!

09/14/05 MONTAUBAN KITS RETURNED- We received crushing news from the lab today, who explained that the two DNA kits we had sent to Montauban, France were returned to the lab-- the kits came back unused, so no French DNA sample was obtained. This is devastating, since it makes it tough for the Americans to align with the Montauban cousins, if they won't participate (even at zero cost- rien d'argente-- to them). C'est trieste et dommage. Pourquoi?

08/29/05 Ou est la kit d'DNA au Montauban? S'il vous plait! Merci Beaucoup. Qu'est que c'est la probleme? Avez vous besoin d'assistance?
We still have not gotten back the kit from France.

In Taiwan, the snail mail kit sent July 5th, just arrived Aug 28, 2005-- no kidding-- so its good we sent a 2nd one to Taiwan (and to France) via FedEx. One kit is still not back from Kentucky.[ Arrived 30 Aug!!] Some trees are finally coming in which is good!
I need advice on whether any orig documents exist, and where, which could resolve our family tree issues...MD? PA? Where are our answers? Please tell us...

I have added some controversial research above, in hopes of finding some answers and participants to inter alia, help the Moses b. 1737 line distinguish itself from the Lambert Garrison line. Please help me to understand how this dovetails into current understanding, and who can test from these lines....

08/16/05 We know Fed Ex delivered our kit to Montauban, but have no other news on that French GARRISSON kit.

We have run into the question of privacy of participants during publication, et al, related to this DNA project, and all participants are requested to write Dee Bardes a letter via snail mail, with original signature etc., re your preferences on privacy related matters...If you pass away, do you ever want your participation revealed or not? Do you want credit for being the DNA pioneer to define your branch's pattern? Should we name the pattern after you post mortem...what about while you are alive...Many questions here..

07/24/05 Fed Ex is holding our DNA kit near Montauban France for future delivery; so it is unclear when this delivery will occur...Perhaps no one would sign for it??

07/11/05 What if Peter>Old David line aligns with the French Montauban GARRISSON? In this event, that correction to the Peter Gerritz marriage could be revisited. Denzil Garrison of OK was kind enough to point out that the Elizabeth Lawrence that married an Isaac GARRISSON was from a Lawrence family of NY/NJ. See correction cited below.

Another Kit has been sent to our GARRISSONs in Montauban France in hopes that it reaches them in time.

07/06/05 CORRECTION to Peter Gerritz & Christien Peterse marriage from Phyllis Miller posted in Project Results section, infra. This is NOT the correct marriage for Jacob Sr. & Christiana...Thanks Phyllis!

07/02/05 AM STILL MISSING INFO FROM MANY MEMBERS! Deadline has passed, so please snailmail those charts, and family pages, pictures etc. to me...

06/02/2005 ARCHIVES- Looks like all of this public page will soon be archived. I hope to post it as Archive 1, on GARRISON surname page, so look for it there if it is not here. This layout is not working, and I cannot manage this effort by myself...

INFO NEEDED- All participants need to foward me via snail mail important info relating to themselves, their lines, and problems in their line. I need pictures too. I need hard copy of family trees, research, etc. Please include emergency contacts too, and names, contact info of the other family genealogists in your lines. Please submit by July 1, 2005.


John Wesley Garrison of Illinois has worked diligently on researching the question of where in a paper tree could Joseph b. 1734 fit with Abraham, son of Jacob Sr.


[will have to be added later, my software is refusing to cooperate...]

05/27/2005 ABOLITIONIST LINE HAS TO FIT SOMEWHERE-- Jim Garrison of MA was wonderful to call and explain to me several possibilities as to where Joseph of Maugerville's (grandpa of abolitionist) line could stem from:

THEORY 1-- Jacob Sr's son, John (1680/1747 Dividing Creek, Turkeypoint, in So. NJ). John is the one who married Elizabeth __________, the legendary Swedish Princess, and who had ten kids who have not been identified. Since Joseph of Maugerville was born 1734, perhaps in Mass., (but perhaps in England), he could?? be a son or grandson of John. Maybe Abraham/Marg. Wamboldt of Canada will be another son/grandson of John & Elizabeth. This Abraham was a possible? brother to Joseph b. 1734... We need someone from John's line to test!!!

THEORY 2-- Another possibility is this-- that John, Jacob Sr's known brother, who had a son John is the link... I believe Jim explained that this son John, who had been on Staten Island,NY records was no longer included in those records after 1730. [Jim-Is this correct?]-- This 1730 date would have given this John Jr, a nephew of Jacob Sr., time to move to Mass. and have a son Joseph born 1734. Actually, this dovetails quite nicely. If anyone has views on this, do write!!

4/05/2005 JACOB'S MARK-- John Wesley Garrison of Illinois was kind to write me in response to my question below about Jacob of Montauban being a lawyer. John Wesley Garrison referenced a copy of Jacob Sr. of NJ's will "obtained from the NJ archives several years ago". He continues, "it was endorsed by Jacob's distinctive mark. It seems that his sons also had their own mark." John Wesley Garrison then raises the good question,

"If Jacob were a lawyer and presumably literate, would he sign his name? Or maybe in that era, it was fashionable to use a mark?"

Does anyone else have any insight into this question? i.e. if NJ Jacob Sr. was the same person as Jacob, advocat in Montauban, would he have used his same international? mark on documents signed by him in Montauban...

3/25/05 I note that the Jacob who married 1st, Marie De Comarque CAMPARNAUD is described as a Lawyer, in what seems to be some? part of, "Garrison Geneology, Protestant Family of Montauban".

No, this excerpt does NOT say that this (or any) Jacob married 2nd, Christiana Cresson-- but it does not seem to cover anything that happened in America...

This may be a dumb question, but...Does anyone recall Jacob Sr. of NJ (d. 1708-9) being a lawyer, un advocat?

Jacob the lawyer (father of Isaac b. ?1681) is listed here as the eldest of 8 siblings. The third is listed as Isaac who married Catherine Romagnac and had two sons, Isaac, naturalized in New York, 1705; and Jacob, who married Valencie Satur.

3/13/2005- LDS Batch No. F506567, Sheet 019, Source Call No. 1553318 Film, states that:

Jacob GARRISSON, b. Abt 1643, son of Isaac GARRISSON II and Jeanne LATREILLE, d/o Jacob Latreille and Jeanne de Blazy,
married 00 abt 1671 Marie De Comarque Camparnaud of Montauban, France.

Is there a researcher who knows this branch out there? A book, "Roots and Branches of Our Garrison Family Tree" by Ivadelle Dalton Garrison also state this marriage, and show a son Isaac b. 1681 from this Jacob/Marie CAMPARNAUD marriage.

Source: p. 2 of "Roots and Branches of Our Garrison Family Tree" by Ivadelle Dalton Garrison, Garrison Library, Library of Congress Cat. No. 88-101324, Fresno, California 1988 at Repository: Clayton Gen. Lib., Houston TX, 929.2, G242.

Note that Ivadelle seems to credit her source as "Genealogy of the GARRISSON Family, Protestant Family of Montauban, France" from translation by Sharon Garrison Lias. Ivadelle writes that this history was distributed at the Isaac Garrison Nat. Reunion, Springfield Missouri, July 1986.

So could this be the same Sharon Garrison Lias as:

"General Bill Garrison's oldest daughter, SHARON GARRISON LIAS AUSLOOS, lives near her mother, Jessie Garrison, in Washington D.C. Sharon has just written a superlative book about her dad, WILLIAM CARL GARRISON. The book is called "WAR ALBUM'. Almost half of the book is devoted to photographs and colored maps Sharon has used my "WAR DIARY" extensively to tie in the memorabilia she found in her dad's World War II Album. She uses my "voice" throughout the first half of the book until Bill Garrison was finally transferred out of Hindleg into XII Corp Artillery..." (John Daniel's 1999 web page)

Does anyone know Sharon? Perhaps she is the Sharon Ausloos around Phoenix, AZ but the number was unlisted...

Re: Jacob's marriage-- Could this have been a marriage before Christiana CRESSON b. abt 1650, Slius, Sud Holland [as per Jerry Johnston's tree, Gerald Hankins Johnston's Family and Ancestors, on]

This JOHNSTON tree lists Pierre "Peter" DE GARRISSON, and wife Sarah __________: as having 7 or 9 kids (see tree above):
David b. abt 1716 NJ [Old David of Mecklenburg NC]
James b. 1719 NJ
John b. 1721 NJ
Peter b. 1723 NJ
Esther b. 1725 NJ
Sarah b. 1727 NJ
Deborah b. 1729 NJ
Arthur b. abt 1735 SC- Maybe
Phoebe b. SC - Maybe

3/10/2005- QUESTION: Who knows who has a copy of the book by John Silas GARRISON, written in 1960's, as per a posting by Angela Bryant, 20 Nov. 2002? Angela wrote that "Isaac was from Montuban, France and went first to Ireland then to Holland and from there travelled to America."

3/8/2005- This GARRISSON surname project was spun off from William Pollard Garrison's GARRISON surname project. This spinoff shall hopefully enable us to focus on serious questions...I need help from the FRENCH experts, since this is now a potential new direction for my line...

Please submit info on potential male candidates who could help us answer our questions! We need them!

Project Results:
09/11/05-HELP NEEDED-- WHICH SALSBERRY? Maryland expert needed...So what does DHP GARRISON's 1930's reference (see infra) to Salsberry Colony refer to? Is this:

1) Salisbury, Wicomico Cty, Maryland--
This website says it was a colonial outpost for Lord Baltimore...But then it states "The new official port of Salisbury in 1732 gradually became a gateway to an ever-spreading area of colonists seeking more land for homesteading. It was the so-called landing that has grown to be second only to Baltimore as the most active seaport in Maryland."

or is SALSBURY a family surname?
This website states:
" From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; comp. By J. B. Cotton & R. B. Henry; Vol. V Wills from 1720-1726;

p. 118: John Salsbury (Salsburry); unknown County; Written March 14, 1710; Probated May 12, 1712; To son John, daughters Prudence, Mary and Elizabeth, personalty. Son to be of age 17, daughters age 16 years. To wife, Ann, extx., residue of estate. Test: Thomas Floer (Flowers), William Sheppard, John Standford. (17, 320)"

3) Or
this website writes of an immigration in the right time period who moved to Sadsbury township in states:

"I am now going to give you the information from the 1st set, at the top it says 'A Finley Genealogy: A Compilation. Anonymous. 1905.'
Rev. Dr. Samuel FINLEY, M. A. D. D., (1715-1766), Presbyterian Minister and Educator, born in County Armagh, Ireland, in 1715; died at Philadelphia, PA, July 17, 1766."

"* * *. He was the son of Michael FINLEY, (abt. 1680-abt. 1748), a Scotch-Irish immigrant of 1734, a native of the province of Ulster, Ireland, of Scottish extraction, who arrived at Philadelphia, September 28, 1734, and finally settled as a farmer in Sadsbury township, Chester County, PA."

It seems that no one has the source for Jonathan Edward GARRISON being the full name of one son of Old David GARRISON? Is this Jonathan Edward the same person as John Garrison who married Hannah SMITH...What primary sources tie this particular John to Old David?

09/15/05 UPDATE OLD DAVID LINE- The Rootsweb trees for John GARRISON and Hannah SMITH are a mess. Were there two marriages:

1) Mac Alexander was kind to write and tell us that John GARRISON married Hannah SMITH on the 1 Dec 1760, at a Presbyterian Church in PA. This may be in ??Palmyra, Lebanon County, PA or not. This marriage also seems to be refered to as in Dec 1762 in Palmery PA- No Palmery PA seems to exist..but there is a Palmeryville, NC in Stanly Cty, NC...
Some sites refer to this wife as Hannah ALEXANDER...

2) A different Hannah SMITH, daughter of Abner Smith and Sarah RAMSEY, married a different John GARRISON maybe in ___ Dec. 1762, maybe in Deerfield (prob. Deerfield Presby Church), Cumberland Cty NJ. Given that this Hannah SMITH's brother, Abner SMITH, married Jemima GARRISON (who had a maybe sibling John), this John GARRISON may be a son of John GARRISON and wife, Jemima TOMSON (see Barbara McCormick's Rootsweb tree). I had thought this tree was a candidate for Dayton Burt GARRISON V of WA, missing ?Cumberland NJ line...but we have had no luck getting a participant from this line so far...

3) More confusion seems to stem from some trees relying on John GARRISON b. 1740 as the John b. 1744 over in Middleton, Monmouth Cty, NJ (ostensibly HARTSHORN line). It seems like this is the Middleton--but there was one Middleton it seems in DE, and maybe PA--So, did the Middletown/Middleton notation just come from the HARTSHORN tree, and so is wrong..? John ?cannot be b. 1744 in ?northern NJ, and be baptized in Pittsgrove Presby in 1740 across the NJ state...

See Rev. Abraham GARRISON line at
which states in part:
"Issue of Mary Hartshorne
by first husband
John Garrison, born in Middletown, Oct. 11, 1744
Catharine Garrison, born in Middletown, Nov. 28, 1746
Elizabeth Garrison, born in Middletown, Apr. 14, 1748
Hartshorne Garrison, born in Middletown, May 5, 1750
Abigail Garrison, born in Middletown May 5, 1753
Mary Garrison, born in Middletown Apr. 5, 1754
by second husband
Willaim Bailey, born in Middletown Oct. 18, 1759."

At one point, this ostensibly wrong John b. 1744 does seem to appear in Old David trees going instead back to Mary HARTSHORNE's tree rather than the former Peter>Old David tree...
So, this HARTSHORN tree, John GARRISON is not our John GARRISON/Hannah SMITH, if I understand this correctly...

Also who has a source for Old David marrying Mary MORRELL or MORRILL or is this too wrong?

No one has written about the Maryland original records, which support the family lore...who has seen or looked for these?

I still haven't gotten trees from several people!! This is a problem, which needs correction...Yes, I need 1600-1850 family trees ASAP--No, I do not need your living relatives, but yes I need family branches, wives, dates...These must arrive via snail mail prior to Sept 25, 2005!

See new results in matrix! Looks like Josina from line of Arthur, son of Peter, is aligning with Jacob Sr. group. So, who has new parents for Old David line? More markers are coming...

The Moses line is aligning with the other GARRISON project, favoring the NY lines...more markers are coming....

The 37 marker test (an extension) for the 2nd Garret II participant has matched and confirmed the DNA pattern! This is great new for the Jacob Sr. group.


Another Rockingham, in VA as pasted below from,
"Garretson Cape May NJ Colonial Families of Cape May, NJ D048

Garrett Chester PA First Families of Chester County, PA, Vol. 2 WB197

Garrison Cape May NJ Colonial Families of Cape May, NJ D048

Garrison Rockingham VA Men of Mark & Repres. Citizens of Harrisonburg & CC9574

Rockingham Co. VA"

The above book about Rockingham VA, by John Walter WAYLAND, is on HeritageQuest. On pg 154+ it speaks of Dr./Rev? J. Silor Garrison, and of his father, Jacob Silor Garrison who married Rebekah FIX.

Another HQ VA book, includes-
Lewis GARRISON m Sarah EIGENBURG, 17 Apr 1825

John TRENT m. Francis GARRISON, m. by Rev. John Brown, 1800-1823 range

Lewis GARRISON m. Eliz. RIGHT 6 Aug 1820

Capt. Stephen Conrad's Co. included a Samuel GARRISON-- under a page heading of Militia Vouchers in 1788-- with slaves, horses, tithable-- see HQ at your library...

The above entries are from the HQ book entitled-- Virginia Valley records : genealogical and historical materials of Rockingham County, Virginia, and related regions (with map)
Strasburg, Va.: Shenandoah Publishing House, 1930, 495 pgs.


With the Moses GARRISON line results due in soon, we should revisit the informative letter of D.H.P. GARRISON, age 79, written from his home? in Godfrey Georgia on 3 November, 1934. D.H.P. GARRISON wrote this letter to Mrs. C.G. WILSON, 1726 Walnut, Greenville, Texas. This letter is filed with the Houston Pub Lib, Clayton Lib, TX where I copied it last year. Someone recopied the original letter--including the handwritten inscription, probably Ms. Quillian Garrison who wrote a delightful book with Mr. Ross.

Even if pieces of DHP GARRISON's letter have now been proven inaccurate, other pieces may provide clues. Surely, you all have read Cecil Calder GARRASON's informative pages at

Does anyone know Cecil? He would be most welcome to join up in our DNA project!

Cecil Calder GARRASON says D.H.P. GARRISON was from the Jedediah GARRISON line (as per Cecil's page,
) I contacted Cecil years ago about whether my elusive David Sr. (father of David (1789/1814) --not Old David of Meck.) could fit into his saga... but I am not sure we ever got to dialogue about my David or early Cristoffer at Raccoon Creek NJ.

So, provided you have noted and read the caveats
( incl. with conveying this old research, note:

1) DHP talks of the GARRISONs who went to Rockingham Cty., NC and later to Greenville Cty, SC. It seems as though the Moses line also claims these counties. The profile for parts of the Moses line in our project matches the David line of DHP's...

2) DHP talks of GARRISON Indian blood, 5 Scottish GARRISON brothers, 1740ish land records in Maryland, and a Salsberry Colony. Has anyone pulled original records for these claims? Given our problems with Peter Garrison of early Cecil Cty MD, and potential with Paul's line in early MD/DE, maybe MD needs to be revisited...

Perhaps this is our original researcher, who labored without technology, after "long and patient research" (1934)-- His marriage it seems,
"D.H.P. GARRISON marr. Nancy A. RAGSDALE 8-22-1877" as per Banks Cty, GA page,

With all due respect for DHP's work, here is an extract:

[SOURCE: Unpublished letter written by D.H.P. GARRISON, age 79 yrs old, Godfrey, GA , dated Nov. 3 , 1934; Repository: file drawers, loose papers in GARRISON files, Houston Pub. Lib., Clayton Lib.Center for Genealogical Research, Houston, TX; transcribed in part by Dee G. Bardes, 29 Aug 2005]

“After long and patient research, I am now pretty safe in offering an authentic genealogy of Caleb GARRISON and most of his family, tracing his genealogy back to Christopher GARRISON, one of five brothers, all of whom immigrated from Scotland with the Salsberry Colony around the date of 1740 or near that date.”

“The five brothers were named: one was Christopher, one David, one Jedadiah, one Levi and one whom I have not yet learned his name.”

“One married one of the Salsberry women of the colony; one married a beautiful Indian girl, a first cousin to Pokahontis. They obtained a grant of land from King George the III of England on the borders of Maryland, and proceeded to clear the land, build houses and establish homes. After some time hostile Indians destroyed their homes, and drove them out of Maryland.”

“They then separated. Christopher settled in New Jersey; David settled in Rockingham County, North Carolina, afterwards migrated to Greenville County, South Carolina, where he raised a family and lived there until he died. Jedadiah settled in Virginia, his descendants are now living in Southwest Georgia and Tennessee. We have not yet located Levi’s people or those of the Indian mother. We have heard of Garrisons in Missouri who claim to have Indian blood but can’t trace back to the original emigrants.”

“Christopher raised a family in New Jersey and named one son, perhaps the youngest, Jedadiah- perhaps a name sake for his brother Jedadiah in Virginia. Jedadiah moved with his aged father to Anderson County, South Carolina. Lived there for awhile and then migrated to Franklin County, Georgia in 1784, with his family and his father (Christopher) when Thomas, his youngest son was four years old. They moved into Ft. Norris on the waters of Webbs Creek with a number of white families for protection from hostile Seminole and Cherikee (sic) Indians.”

“With danger of Indians past, the whites left the Fort and settled in various parts of Franklin County. Jedadiah obtained a large tract of land, perhaps a bounty for service in the revolution, on which he and some four of his sons settled in Franklin County, Georgia, on the waters of Webbs Creek. He brought with him from South Carolina his six sons and three daughters. Their names were James, Levi, Christopher, Caleb, David and Thomas. The girls were Jane, Rebecca and Eleanor.”

[This is an extract only of D.H.P. GARRISON’s three page letter, the next several pages go into detail about this Georgia, Texan, and South Carolina GARRISONs—Dee]


(Also- For GARRISONs at war, Includ. Jedediah RWS, see for Soldiers Stories; for Duplin Cty NC GARRISONs see Polli Jost Turner's site,
Yes-- We still need 2+ persons from this line to join the project!)

08/?/05 Noticed an
Ephraim GARRISON married Esther Young in 1822, Richland OH, month unknown-
this is from a website,
Vital Records: Marriage Records
Early Marriage Records, 1822
Source: THE OHIO LIBERAL, 26 December 1883, Vol. 11, No. 37 w/ additional records (in red) taken from the issue of 02 January 1884, Vol. 11, No. 38
The records on this page were transcribed in 1883-1884 by the newspaper (source listed above) from the original docket books at the courthouse. Some inconsistencies in spelling could be the result of misinterpretation of the handwriting found on the original records - or - typing errors on the part of the newspaper staff at the time of publication.
Am not sure if this Ephraim fits into the Richland Cty, OH GARRISON tree for Jason GARRISON line.


Summer 2005 (will be updated in pieces- am missing input from many members so....this may not be perfect...)Since this GARRISSON II project is getting complicated, let's look at what is going on-- WE NEED MORE LINES TO TEST!

Moses GARRISON b. 1737 line-
See plea from Harold Dean Garrison, Johnston Cty., OK for more info:
He writes: "Ephraim (1788), Son of Moses Garrison (1737),died in DeKalb County,TN. in 1877. Outside of approx. 3 years spent in Jefferson Co., ILL., he was in Smith/then DeKalb Co. the majority of his life. We're searching for anyone who is presently researching Ephraim Garrison, and in particular, we're looking for a list of the children of Ephraim. Our group has compiled a tremendous amount of information over the past 20+ years on the descendants of Moses (1737), but we've not proven the father of our William (1810), who 1st. appears in the 1840 DeKalb Census, and much involved with Ephraim and the Moses clan. * * *."

Two persons need to step up to test, so that this mystery can be narrowed...If William b. 1810 is of the French line, this should show as well.

07/11/05 UPDATE: One person from a possible Moses branch has stepped forward, so we need at least one more for the results to match one another to define the pattern for Moses line.

Isaac GARRISON Association Members- This large group which solidly traces to Montauban needs to have several members test to establish the DNA pattern for male association members. (snip)

UPDATE: Two persons have stepped forward from the Garrison Assn. to participate. We would like to get at least one person from each son of Isaac's, before the book deadline precludes inclusion of results...(snip)

John GARRISON line/Swedish Princess line- This branch needs to come on board so that all of Old Jacob's sons' lines have begun testing...

Who can you call?

I purchased a few early marriage records of lines NOT related to mine, while at the local courthouse (a 9th Street, downtown Cinti, County Bldg, not the main downtown Cinti Courthouse) last week-Which lines do these fall into?...lots of NJ people removed here...If you can fill in the blanks (records restored after courthouse burned down long ago), the courthouse would love to know too...We can post any info here...

John Garrison m. Elizabeth KNOX, 15 Jan 1835


________ Garretson m. Sarah CORRY, 18th Mar 1838
(SARAH A. COREY of Boston?)

These Spring Grove Cem, SG 46-70 burials look like her family...Could this Cape May NJ>Brown County family be part of Maria Sullivan/James Garrison, 3 Brown Cty OH branches --Norma Rice -- are you out there? I had not made a connection before with Cape May...We still need someone from this line!

1) Jonathan GARRETSON (1811/1854), born Dennisville NJ, which looks like northern Cape May, NJ, was son of Jonathan GARRETSON and Sarah _________ .

2) Luther GARRATSON (1846/47)was removed from his earlier burial location in Brown Cty, Ohio, and reburied at Spring Grove. He was son of Johnathan and Sarah A. GARRATSON.

3) Sarah A. COREY (1819/1879) born Boston, MA, daughter of Luther COREY and his wife, Sarah W. Corey, married a Mr. GARRETSON (or variation).

4) George W. GARRETSON (1839)& Charles Mendenhall GARRETSON (1852/54, buried in 1857?) died as infants, parents Jonathan and Sarah A. again...

5) Oh, it looks like Dale Rosten's tree
includes this line... Yes, Dale's Ella Garretson Strunk (1843/1928) and her husband, William Strunk are at SG 88-32. Looks like Sarah Wesson Nevers Corey (as per Dale's tree) died (1793/1886) in Neville, Clermont Cty, OH (SG). Clermont is close to Brown and Hamilton Ctys.


Andrew. J. Garretson m. Sarah Louise McDU______, 29 Jul 1837


______ B. Garrison m. Mary Jane WEST, 1 June 1837

(LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE CONFIRMED THAT THIS ______ IS--DAYTON BURT GARRISON- NEED TO TELL 9th St, Cinti, Hamilton County Ohio Records staff)

[ This looks like Mary Jane WEST Garrison, born in Troy, OH- see her 1873 death card,
and see others in Spring Grove Cem., SG Sec 49, Lot 139, Wm GARRISON, b. c1820/1877 (& wife Eliz. GARRISON) lot owner; also in plot--WILLIAMSON, Grace Stella LINGO Garrison, et al--

UPDATE: A large LINGO grave is toppled over at Wesleyan Cem, Cinti OH.

Looks like Mary Jane WEST's husband could be Dayton B. GARRISON, as per Elizabeth H. Garrison, b. c1845, in IN, SG online death card-- Found a few more bits and pieces on the web--

1) Carolyn LACEY writes on 16 Sept 2000 on genforum, GARRISON board that:
"John Garrison, Jr married Hannah BURT, 1 Oct 1808 They had the following children: James b 1811; Dayton Burt b. 1815; D.N.(David Nelson?) b. 1818; Eunice b. around 1824 and Susan Spencer Garrison b. 10 July 1826. John and Hannah migrated to Hamilton county, Ohio around 1816. Any info on this family?"

Apparently Carolyn Lacey is the church historian for a former Methodist Protestant (M.P.) church now known as Christ Methodist Church, of Middletown, Butler Cty, OH- I think. The chuch which I phoned at 513/422-7364 did confirm that Carolyn had completed her history.

2) Cross referencing Carolyn's post above, with the SpringGrove records is fruitful. A widower, Jas. GARRISON born in Camden, NJ is buried in SG 46-134. This James? GARRISON died at 86 yrs 3 mos 3 days on 13 Jan 1897. His parents are listed as being Abram & Hannah GARRISON. The Lot Owner is Jas. & D.N. GARRISON, seemingly the two brothers included on Carolyn's post, above.

3) Bob Dowling on his wonderful memorial site, writes of his own family, including Mary GARRISON, wife of Robert Moffett Dowling (1938/1966), a Vietnam helicopter pilot, and daughter of Dayton Burt Garrison.

He writes at website above, "The helicopter pilot was married to Mary Garrison, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dayton B. Garrison, Centralia, in 1958. They have four children- Bonnie, 3; Susie, 4; Bobby, 5; and Laurie, 6."

4) Fred McCaleb shows a Dayton B. Garrison born in Montgomery Cty, Kentucky m. Frances Thomas JONES b. 1848, see

Anyone from this possible NJ>OH>KY/WA line?, which roughly cobbles together here....John GARRISON Sr.(abt 1768)& ____________ > John GARRISON Jr.(abt 1788)/Hannah BURT>Dayton BURT (b. 1815)/Mary Jane WEST.

07/24/05 UPDATE: Several cousins of this line have now been linked up, so hopefully we will find a DNA candidate soon. Now we need an expert on the HAND and BURT families who intermarried with GARRISONs around Cape May or Cumberland...

Jonathan GARRISON m. Margaret EMERY, 19 May 1836

Israel GARRISON m. Lida GARRISON, 15 Oct 1835

Stephen W. Garrison m. Julia GROSS, 14 Sept 1835

Moses GERRESON m. Susan JACKMAN, 29 Dec 1822

John ROOK m. Leah GARRISON, 1 Dec 1819

Also in Clermont County Marriage Records On HeritageQuest,on pg 25, --
Sarah BRUNAW m. Jonathan GARRISON, 3 Dec 1832 by Wm Highlands, Just. of Peace, citing to Vol 2-449, if I am reading that page number correctly...

EARLY HAMILTON CTY. OH, ENGLISH FAMILY- Looking for family of David ENGLISH, Hannah CLEAVER Garrison's (abt 1787/1864) 2nd husband, before Joseph SEXTON:

Jeremiah ENGLISH m. Nancy Ross, 29 May 1819

Laome STATHARD m. Job S. ENGLISH, 23 Feb 1819

Patrick _____ m. ________ENGLISH, 15 May 1836

A half brother of David ENGLISH was in Cinti OH early 1800' his dad or mom married twice...

The Madison Cty., WI, WI Hist Soc has an errant entry for an "Andres Jackson Garrison" which they cannot place; I think he was born abt 1830/1838 so contact them if you can help, but they have dates...its in their computer, but no file associated with that entry...


#28559- This is my, Dee Bardes' line. Help me! We still don't match well with anyone. We are -7 off from Peter>Old David's branch, so yes there must have been brothers back in 1100-1400 AD in Europe somewhere...but we would like to move up the timeframe if feasible...Call us the David of Raccoon Creek, Old Swedes Church, NJ line, since Hannah CLEVER did marry David Jr there in 1812, and the early baptisms 1781-1795 look like us...Another David Sr, David Jr. combination...

The following hold potential for my line and for other Pilesgrove area GARRISON lines; please help me piece together the puzzle...I need answers...

1) Elizabeth VanLeer- Miles Garrison b. 1780/Mary Shivler named a daughter after her, an Elizabeth Van Leer. Who knows why or which Eliz. it was... Was this Eliz. ROBERTS m. George Van Leer, Sr. Esq, who would have been "Eliz. VanLeer"? Could a Hannah VanLeer from some Swedesboro line been Mrs. David Garrison Sr., my line? See

2) Hannah LEAKE m. Mr. ___________ Garrison,
See conversation and corrections from 2003-2004 with Alan Leake and Dee,

Also noticed that in the DAR files at Wash DC Lib, the Annanias Garrison, b. 25 June 1752, NJ (son of Benjamin, son of Jacob Jr. & husband of 1st Phebe TULLIS & 2nd Jemima DRAPER Cleaver-Simms (Dee's line))file shows Recompense LEAKE (as "Recomp's LEAK"), age 19,as serving in the same company as Ananais GARRISON, age 23. This document transcription and also copy of orig., was made in 1976 by Carl M. Williams, Editor & Pub., The New Jersey Genesis Quarterly, to aide Irene Bowers Miller's DAR application to join a Washington DAR chapter. The unit was Captain Ezekiel Foster's Company of the Cumberland Regiment of Militia, Province of New Jersey, Commanded by Col. __(cant read it here) Silas Newcomb, Deerfield 8 Aug 1775. Contact the DAR for more info on this...

3) Ruth Harris m. Mr. ____________ Garrison,
I recently found something new on her, but can't find it seemed to eliminate her from contention in my direct line...

4) Jacob RICHMAN & Catherine MATSON's daughter, Rebecca RICHMAN m. Mr. _______Garrison,
These RICHMANs were very entwined with Frederick GARRISON of Pilesgrove line, and were also at Raccoon Creek Old Swedes Church, Swedesboro, NJ. I think it was Mary E.V. Hill of Salt Lake City area who posed John GARRISON as the husband via LDS, following Chas. Sheppard--but I recall this was due to some Will, and am not sure I was convinced...

5) Where did the Miles first name for the perhaps eldest son of David Sr. & Hannah _______, Miles Garrison, b. 1780, baptized Old Swedes, NJ come from? Was it Miles Pedrick, Myles Foster, Miles Denny, Miles Harker, other ________ MILES lines? MILES is big in MD.

6) Charles & Samuel Morgan, landowners...Know no Salem Cty expert on the Morgans...intermarried with Frederick's line, lived adjacent. 7) Jacob Paullin- Have started to etch this out...Who has a plat showing the MORGANS, next to the RICHMANs, next to the GARRISONs, etc in Pilesgrove?

UPDATE: See Glouc. Cty Hist. Soc., NJ newsletter featuring Valerie Caufman's incredible work on piecing together Old Man's Creek, Salem Cty, NJ properties. She reveals a William GARRISON...


#37480 - This is an early KY/TN wildcard- James Chesley Garrison b. 1807, is to be son of James, who is to be son of a Joseph. So is this Joseph from Peter>Old David>Joseph line, which is the original hope for this lineage-- James Chesley Garrison moved to Hardin Cty, TN by 1840 census...My old notes say that he had brothers Ezekiel, Arthur, William, Caleb, and some sisters too. This looks like this line at Kent McMahan's tree -

Apparently there is some confusion with early Joseph Garrisons in KY getting lumped into one Joseph, so I hope to be getting further clarification here...


If you look in "The History of Mecklenburg County from 1740-1900", Charlotte NC, 463 pgs, author J.B. ALEXANDER [avail. via HeritageQuest Online], go to page 176-177. Here author ALEXANDER writes: "Joseph GARRISON was the progenitor of all of the name in the county. He came from Pennsylvania in the latter part of the Eighteenth century. He entered a large amount of land in Mallard Creek section, and divided it out among the early settlers, in order to have neighbors."

Then author ALEXANDER continues, in part, with the bad news for those of us looking for ancestors down this path... "The descendants show a piece of his old family Bible, probably two hundred years old. His children were David, Joshua, John, Arthur, James, Jane, and Sarah. None of these left issue, except James, who died at 65, in the year 1854. His daughter, Viney, married George Monteeth, and then moved West. Sarah married James Robinson and died in the eastern part of the country."

Then the author goes on to name ostensibly offspring of James Garrison, d. 1854, age 65...see book for more info... So if this is Peter>Old David>Joseph>David (and others) line (as discussed elsewhere infra), and there was no issue (except for James' line), then it shoots this as a possible ancestral line from the other siblings...

Note that this Joseph was denoted as from Pennsylvania...Dedicated GARRISON genealogist, Alna BREEZE Philips, age 94 (in 2005, and still working hard at it!), considered whether Joseph's wife could be Hannah CULVERT…

UPDATE: A CALVERT expert is writing with Alna, in hopes of showing that a minor child, Joseph GARRISON, a Quaker, abt age 16, was the one who Hannah CALVERT married-- the dates and ages do not seem to work here, so there is another new problem...for now, don’t go with the theory...its the wrong Joseph with the wrong Hannah maybe....but this is not finished...

#29869- #33479--The Peter>Old David of Mecklenburg Cty., NC results have been amazing. The contrast between the DNA of this branch, and the DNA of three (Garret I, Jacob Jr., Abraham) other brothers is so different--So both groups are vying to be Jacob Sr's kids, but yes only one group will make it- The jury is still out...By late September we should know more...


#37160- Our second Loyalist line! I am thrilled to have Abraham Garrison, Loyalist's descendant join us. This family has long believed that they were cousins with the Joseph of Maugerville line, so will the family lore ring true? Since my CLEAVERs were also early weavers out of Philadelphia area, I am hoping this line sheds light for all of us...

See my comments in a different section, infra, on "The final Abraham at the end of the article with the New York Provincial Troops, Orange Cty Gerrisens, also makes one wonder...about Abraham with the King's Orange Rangers..."

This Abraham Loyalist line seems to be that Abraham of King's Orange Rangers as per that family's researchers... Three researchers who have done extensive and remarkable work on this line are Hazel CONRAD Mosher [Mrs. Arthur Wm MOSHER] of Cow Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada (now deceased, 3 Dec 1890/1958, Moser Cemetery, Cow Bay, Nova Scotia), Gail Facini Edwards, and Carol Garrison Kulenkamp of Menominie,WI. See Gail's Facini Edward's webpage on Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia families,

UPDATE: I cannot seem to reach this line, will you please call me! Just because the results were not what we had hoped, we still hope to piece this mystery together. Write soon please...[Yes, I finally heard from them]


#28555- Joseph of Maugerville line, is best known for Joseph's grandson, William Lloyd Garrison. The abolitionist was the son of Abijah and grandson of Joseph of Maugerville.

We need one more person from this Joseph line to test since we have gotten astounding results from this line. We have to verify our genealogical breakthrough so that we can say it is true. Ideally this second candidate will come from one of Joseph's other sons, of which there were several...we need a match of two persons to say that this DNA pattern goes with this line...Who can find someone?? Is Jim Gould still out there?

#33875 This Garrett II line is matching with both the Abraham branches, and with Joseph of Maugerville. Thankfully, we have a 2nd person who has agreed to verify the Garrett II line, so that we can confirm the DNA pattern for this branch.

#37519-- A 2nd Garrett II person should match with #33875 if all goes well. This will confirm the DNA of this branch which will be huge...The first 12 markers aligned nicely, so we hope that the last 25 markers will match as well.

#31200 - Abraham's line has aligned with Garrett II, above, and with Joseph of Maugerville, above. We have had only 1 person from this branch test so far.

#36418- Jacob Jr's line's results may align with Abraham, and Garrett as expected-- or may align with Peter's branch instead-- Place bets now! We will still need a second person from this branch to test to confirm... YES! They matched!

Also see GARRISONs YDNA results (and female results not listed here) listed on the other GARRISON project's public page:

#34220- This is for ancestor, William GARRISON born circa 1816, Rockland, NY. Mapquest says Rockland is in Sullivan Cty NY but I do not know if this is the same Rockland or not. Who knows which line this William connects to?

#N8899 - This ancestor is blank...But this line seems to fit within our NY/VA block evolving; What family line is this? I have never seen a N# so I am not sure what this means...Whoops-looks like this is a person from the National Geographic Project who was transferred in...

#27503 & 31388- This is a Newark, NJ line (1830-1840ish time period). I cannot recall a website detailing this Augustus, Ephraim, Jacob, and connecting branch...The results for this line are close to Abraham, Garrett, and Joseph of Maugerville, but the connection seems to be back further...more info at Kenneth Sever's book in LA Lib discusses this line, but I haven't heard if the DNA results have let the line make any progress...

#26885 & 33627 - These two tests show line for Jason GARRISON, b. 2 Jan 1771, Cumberland Cty., NJ, who died 5 Jun 1855, Richland Cty, OH, as per Gary Welker's page, see

Gary's page, above, shows this family group:
Born: 2 JAN 1771 - Cumberland Co., NJ
Marr: -
Died: 5 JUN 1855 - Richland Co., OH
Other Spouses:
Born: 27 JUL 1773 - Salem, NJ
Died: 8 APR 1849 - Richland Co., OH
Father: Jacob THOMPSON
Mother: Hannah HARRIS
Other Spouses:
Born: 1799 - Cayuga Co., NY
Died: -
Born: 30 NOV 1802 - Cayuga Co., NY
Died: -
Born: 1805 - Cayuga Co., NY
Died: -
Elizabeth Church GARRISON
Born: 11 SEP 1811 - Huron Co., Oh
Died: 1 MAY 1883 - Madison Twp., Richland Co., OH

Mary THOMPSON is shown on Gary's other pages, as coming down from Thomas>John>Jacob of Elsinborough Pt NJ/Hannah HARRIS (1734/1820) >Mary/Jason GARRISON.

This link,
says Wm, b. 1802 came to Richland OH in 1816, as did Cynthia GARRISON, b. 1808. I am not sure if this Cynthia is another child, or if she is the wife...Source: "The Pioneer Re-Union, Richland Shield & Banner, Sat Morning, July 12, 1879, pg. 2", as per website stated...

See Ephraim GARRISON info elsewhere, infra.

This Richland County Ohio line seems to tie together with John GARRETSON who came from NY, but I am not sure if their DNA matched or not, or if no participant could be found--

"The mills were built in 1818, by John Garretson, who came from New York. Before the establishment of these mills, settlers went as far as Mount Vernon, in Knox County, to do their milling. Uncle Jesse Edgerton, as he was called, occasionally hitched four horses to his large Pennsylvania wagon-"schooner "-and taking his own and his neighbors' grists, hauled them to Mount Vernon. In addition to his mills, Garretson also built a house in which he kept hotel for some time. This stand was afterward kept by John Martin. The place at one time about ,1830-35-boasted of two dry-goods stores, kept by John Evans and John Williams. The early settlers in this part of the township were James Woods, John Garretson. Samuel and David Mitchell, Joseph and Lewis Day, John Milligan and Samuel Estel."
History of Richland County OH]

#28386- This is a very recent James W. Garrison, Brookville,maybe Campbell Cty, Virginia line, which surely hooks up somewhere...It is the one where the oldest ancestor info has been blank for several monthes. I did receive some info from the participant who has said I may post the info here...If you go to
You might see this entry-
First Name: James W.
Last Name: Garrison
Year Born: About 1874
Year Died:
Country of Origin: Campbell County, Virginia,

The participant wrote me: "Our best information is that my great-grandfather was James W. Garrison born abt. 1874 in Brookville, VA and was married to Eva R. Garrison born Aug. 21, 1873. My grandfather was Harold Clifford Garrison born in 1895 in Brookville, VA. My father was William Abner Garrison born in Dec. 1920. The sketchy background information is due to my grandfather's early death and my grandmother remarrying. My grandfather died long prior to my birth and the only thing I have is his name. You may certainly put this information on the internet."

Does anyone know this recent line?

#27363 & 29844- This William Garrison d. abt 1830, Richland Cty, OH/Anna CARD line does have more detail on another website. Yes, the webpage was done by Fredric ("Rick") Z. Saunders of Midvale, UT

Rick cites this family:
William GARRISON b. between 17751 and 17842 in either NJ,3 NY,4 England,5
or VT;6 d. between 18277 and 1830 Richland Co., OH;8
m. after 22 Aug. 1803,9 but by early 180410
Anna CARD4,11
William GARRISON and Anna CARD had children:
1. Card GARRISON12 b. 12 Dec. 180414 Cayuga Co., NY; m. Elizabeth DAVIS
22 Jan. 1829;14 d. 5 June 1894,14 bur. Greenlawn Cem., Plymouth Twp.,
Richland Co., OH13
2. Zachariah S. GARRISON4,12 b. abt. 21 June 180617 Cayuga Co., NY; m.1.
Mary McCREARY15/McREA16 2 Dec. 1830;15 m.2. Anna Lee RUCKMAN 16 Feb. 1836;19
d. 10 June 18834,17 Garrison Cem., Whitley Co., IN17
3. William GARRISON b. about 7 Nov. 1812;18 d. 13 Sep. 1823 bur. Trauger Cem.,
Plymouth Twp., Richland Co., OH18
4. Catherine GARRISON12 b. 14 June 181221 (1814?)22 Cayuga Co., NY; m. Hosea
TUCKER 16 Nov.21/Dec.15 1830;15 d. 24 Sep. 188721 Whitley Co., IN23 or
Whiteside Co., IL
5. Vincent GARRISON12 b. 14 May 181520 Cayuga Co., NY; m.1. Nancy Jane CHAPMAN
4 Oct. 1838, m.2. Sarah Jane SEVERS 15 Apr. 1847;27 d. 28 Nov. 1849,
bur. Wesley Chapel, Boon Twp., Warrick Co., IN20
6. Artemas GARRISON12 about 10 Apr. 181717 Cayuga Co., NY; m. Mary;18 d.
25 July 1837 Garrison Cem., Whitley Co., IN17
7. Anna GARRISON12 b. 1815-2024
8. Samuel GARRISON12 b. 12 Jan. 182225 Richland Co., OH; m.1. Delilah GRAVES
16 Aug. 1849;26 m.2. Elisabeth C. GRADLESS 4 Dec. 1856;26 d. 20 Nov. 1891,
bur. Mentone Cem., Franklin Twp., Kosciusko Co., IN25
(see Rick's webpage for other info- Great job Rick!)

6/24/05 BATCH 113 RESULTS DUE JULY 16-30th-- We have several new members in the next batch, so things are very exciting! Cross your fingers...

One test kit which went to Montauban, France has not been returned. Si c'est possible de trouver cette DNA kit, s'il vous plait nous assistons. Ou est le Montauban, Francais kit pour GARRISSON familie? Retourne cette kit avec DNA au America...

6/2/2005 SPONSOR NEEDED FOR Old Jake> Peter>Arthur line. Is anyone out there who would like to sponsor someone from Arthur's line? We have a person identified, but he is unable to pay for his own test. (snip)... The Old Jake line has changed due to DNA results not aligning. We need an Arthur person to determine if the problem is with Peter of Entrim, not being Old Jake's son, or if Old David is not Peter of Entrim, PA's son-moving the problem down one generation...

Is there an expert out there on Pieter GERRITSEN, son of Gerrit Lubbertsen and Geertruy Willems Van Boerum? This Pieter, born abt 1687, prob. Flatbush ( Long Island/NYC area I think. This Peter married Lena _______, maybe DORLAND- Cornelia Garrison Husband wrote that our Old Jake>Peter married a Lena _____________ as his first wife, and she projected that this Lena was probably the mom of Old David of Meck. Cty NC. [It could be Lena married one Pieter, and Sarah married a different Peter, but at this point...]

Given our Peter mixup, the NYGB article by Harry Macy Jr makes for interesting reading... "Gerritsen-Garrison, Van Wicklen, Hardenbergh, Wiltsie: Desc. of Gerrit Lubbertsen of Jamaica, L.I." (year unknown, vol. unknown)

The final Abraham at the end of the article with the New York Provincial Troops, Orange Cty Gerrisens, also makes one wonder...about Abraham with the King's Orange Rangers...

5/29/2005 DONT KNOW IF JACOB JR LINE HAS TESTED YET-- Kit not back yet....

A call to Ralph Husband Jr in Charlotte today was unfruitful. It seems like the book project (to update his late mom's two books ) must be now tabled. I cant get Gary Brown to return calls either. Ralph says he has not been asked to buy a copy, which seems to be a bad sign. Consider another intended book-- shelved...Dont hold your breath... Couldn't get a lead on any new GARRISSON cousins either...

UPDATE: 05/31/05- Hurray- Ralph Husband Jr called back and gave me a few leads, who might steer us a few more Old David line participants...

UPDATE: 07/11/05-- I did receive a phone message from Gary Brown, but I did not get any info regarding his book or lack there of... Also heard back from one of the new Old David>David Jr of Meck Cty NC leads, with no luck...I am not sure they fully understood the concept...


Just noticed that the objective set forth in 1985, by researcher and author extraordinaire, Joseph H.L. Garrison of California was met via our recent results for Garrett II, and Abraham. Joe had written in an introductory page:

"His [the writer's, i.e. Joe's own] objective has been to find the link between Jacob Garrison (1620/1709) who died in Newport (Turkey Point), Cumberland County, NJ and David Garrison (1810/1872) who was born 100 years later in Newport, Cumberland County. [NJ]. However, he had been so far unsuccessful in this endeavor."

Hopefully after Jacob Jr's line tests, Jacob Sr.'s pattern should be further solified...

5/28/2005- GARRETT ALIGNS WITH ABRAHAM- The Garrett line has matched Abraham's line which is HUGE! Thanks to our new participant, this Garrett/Abraham DNA pattern seems to be what will be defined as the Jacob Sr. DNA pattern. So, if you want to claim Jacob Sr. as your ancestor, you should match up with this pattern...

5/28/2005- PETER of ANTRIM CANNOT BE SON OF JACOB SR OR OLD DAVID NOT A SON OF PETER- Given the Peter line's non match with Garrett/Abraham, Peter or Old David is odd man out. Who has a Peter/David line in process which might instead be this Peter/David line (despite genealogy attributing your Peter to a different Garrison family)...this is getting confusing, but we need more participants...

4/29/2005 ABRAHAM and JOSEPH MATCH -1 AFTER 37 MARKERS-- Big news! The abolitionist's line is aligning with Abraham's line, thought to be a son of Jacob Sr. They align recently, it looks like 300-350 years, at 96ish%...probability..I am not looking at the sheet but it is extremely high...


Joseph H.L. Garrison from California was kind to write and explain to me that he understood that someone from Garrett's line was in the process of testing. So, this is great news since Garrett is another brother of Peter, Abraham, et al.

After checking the rumour mill, it may mean that we DO NOT have anyone from Jacob Jr's line testing-- So that would mean that my post below, should be refocused towards Garrett instead.. It would be easier if the other GARRISON project administrators would fill me in, but since I hear nothing-- I am not sure I can keep you all up to speed on progress...


It is our understanding that someone from the Jacob Jr. line has ordered or soon intends to order a DNA test; the results of this test should align either with our purported Jacob Sr.>Peter line, or with the purported Jacob Sr>Abraham line (on other surname test, GARRISON results page). If Jacob Jr. matches with Peter, then Abraham must be odd man out-- but if Jacob Jr matches with Abraham, then we need to find another father for our Peter, i.e. not Jacob Sr-- this should be independent of whether Jacob Sr. is French or Dutch or German...

This also increases the need to have another member of a Jacob Sr>Peter branch test, to ensure that the Peter(s) match with one another...

OLDENBURG- 4 towns named Oldenburg show up on Germany's PLZ system- The search results look something like this, below-

Vorwahl PLZ Ort Ortsteil Landkreis Bundesland
0441* 261.. Oldenburg (Oldenburg) - Oldenburg (Oldenburg) Stadt Niedersachsen
04361 23758 Oldenburg in Holstein - Ostholstein Schleswig-Holstein
05276 37696 Marienmünster Oldenburg Höxter Nordrhein-Westfalen
038355 17495 Ranzin Oldenburg Ostvorpommern Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

[the above is from]

4/19/2005 37 MARKER RESULTS IN! Looks like our two participants are a -7 markers off...This backs up the common ancestor...It also means we need more people to test to discern how the lines break apart...All Genealogists need to seriously consider participating in a DNA project!

HISTORIANS: The revocation of the Edict of Nantes also has now become paramount. Did GARRISSONs leave Montauban only after that revocation, or not? Janine GARRISSON has thankfully raised that issue, as capable of narrowing the question of Jacob's heritage. Who out there has worked on this question as it pertains to our early immigrants?



Please forward replies on the following topics (or other topics on this page)- after editing and comparison, such replies will be posted next month, with credit given to the author. If you would rather not be given credit do advise, but include your contact info so I can reach you to make sure I know your point...

A) Was Jacob born in Heirs by Marrenes, France?

On pg 36, of her 1989 Supplement book (I think…) such page entitled “Some Suggestions For Further Research”, Cornelia Garrison Husband writes: “Perhaps someone will be interested in going to France and do some research on Jacob GARRISON de HAES (HEIRS) and on his wife’s family. She was Christiana CRESSON, daughter of Piere CRESSON. Jacob Garrison was born in the little village of Heirs, very close to the seaport town of Marennes, France at the mouth of the Garonne River where it flows into the Bay of Biscay, on the west coast of France. Christiana CRESSON’s parents were from Picardy, France. However, she was born in Sluis, France.”

B) Pierre/Peter GARRISSON, d. 1747, confirmed as father of Old David GARRISON of Mecklenburg Cty NC

“The evidence that we have now (1973) shows that DAVID GARRISON, SR. was the son of PETER GARRISON, who died and left a will made in 1746-47 in Entrim [also Antrim], Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This will was probated in Lancaster County, October 22, 1747. Subscribers or witnesses were William Alexander, James Flanniken (r), and John Flanniken(r). He names his wife, ‘Sarah, my well beloved wife together with David Rees (Reese) of the place above said to be only and sole executors of this my last will and testament.’ In this will, (See Appendix A for a copy of this will) Peter Garrison names sons: DAVID, ARTHUR, JOHN, PETER, AND JAMES. He names daughters: ESTHER, SARAH, SUSAN, DEBORAH, AND PHEBE. We see from this will that David must have been the only child of age, or 21 years old, when Peter made his will. David was to receive one-half of the place, ‘next to John Patton’s’. Arthur was to receive one-half when 21 years of ag!
e, ‘now possessed by my well beloved wife’. At the time of PETER GARRISON’S death, DAVID, ___(edit note: cannot read small word here which ends with ds) ds oldest son, was married and had a family. (See Chapter on David Garrison, Sr.).”

[Source: p. iii, page entitled “Parents of David Garrison, Sr.”, “A History of the Descendants of David Garrison, Sr. of Mecklenburg County, NC”, compiled by Cornelia Garrison Husband (Mrs. Ralph H. Husband Sr.), Charlotte NC, 1973. Repository: Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, Charlotte NC, GR929.2 q/gHusband, emphasis and capitalization is that of Cornelia Garrison Husband, author. I note that an additional, autographed (by Cornelia Garrison Husband) copy of this book was enscribed as “Presented to the Clayton Genealogical Library, Houston, TX by Eskell V. Garrison, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.), 31 June 1973”, Gen929.2,H968Garri Fam, Clayton Lib, Houston. Cornelia noted that Lieutenant Colonel Eskell V. Garrison was of Thunder Ridge Ranch, Yellville, Arkansas in her credits on page ii, and was the grandson of Manson A. Garrison.

Note: In 1989, “A Supplement to A History of the Descendants of David Garrison, Sr. of Mecklenburg County, NC” was also compiled by Cornelia Garrison Husband (Mrs. Ralph H.), Charlotte NC 1989. A Memorial gift of a copy of this Supplement was given to Houston Public Library, Clayton Library, and was presented in memory of “Arthur Garrison by Eva J. Cunningham.”

C) A Peter GARRISON was in Cecil County, Maryland early, located near "an Isaac GARRISON & an Frederick GARRISON".

In “The Garrison and Allied Families” book by author, Paul Edwin Power, Paul considers whether Peter Garrison was the father of James GARRISON, RWS, b. 11 Mar 1746/1747 near a Frederick Town-- what he explains was on a disputed strip claimed by two states, Maryland and Pennsylvania--, Paul writes:
“Records in the Hall of Records at Anapolis, Maryland, establish that Peter Garrison on 8 April 1736 bought for 130 pounds 200 acres of land being Snowhill and a part of Snowhill Addition, and 50 acres of land being Haile Hill, Snow Hill, and a part of Snowhill Addition located in Milford hundred in Cecil County, Maryland. (Land Office Rent Rolls 1639-1775, Volume 6, page 368-b)”

[ Note: This is only partial, but I am out of time and wisdom to write more… more info on Maryland records is included in Paul Edwin Power’s ____ book, some? (or all?) of which info seems to be the same as in Cornelia Garrison Husband’s 1989 supplemental book…find historical societies to direct you to the books if you need more info]

D) Conflicts Exist as to the mother of Jacob’s son, Isaac b. 1681-1682

Researcher, Mrs. Juanitas Irene Peddicord of Des Moines, Iowa, wrote ‘Garrison History and Legend” which is found within the thick volume, “The Family of Isaac Garrison, 1732-1836, Frontiersman and Soldier of the American Revolution, Isaac Garrison Family Association, Inc. 1980. On pg. 334 of Juanitas Irene’s history, she writes:
“Assuming that the four sons who signed a release of their rights to their father’s property over to their mother Christina in 1709, signed in order of their birth, we have this family as follows:
Garrett GARRISON, b. ca 1674, NY
Peter (Pierre) GARRISON, b. ca 1676, NY
Jacob GARRISON, Jr., bpt. 24 July, 1678, Bruecklen Church, Long Island.
Johannes GARRISON, bpt. 27 June, 1680, New Utrecht, Long Island
Abraham Garrison, b. post 1685 (under age of 21 in 1705)”

Juanitas Irene Peddicord then continues:
“Jacob Garrison, named a son Isaac GARRISON, ‘lately deceased’ in his will dated 4 Sept, 1705, who seems to have been a son by a first marriage, although it would be possible that he was the eldest son this marriage. It is to be noted that in his will he does not name Lydia, widow of “My son Isaac, deceased” as the mother of his grandson Isaac GARRISON.”

On the following page, pg 335, Juanitas Irene Peddicord follows up on this possible son of a first marriage for Jacob, in her listing for “J-1. Jacob GARRISON, b. estimated ca 1620-25; d. between 3 June 1708 and 30 April 1709 * * *.”, by writing:
“ch: Isaac GARRISON, probably son of a previous wife; d. before 1705; ch. of Isaac, Isaac Garrison who inherited land from Jacob.”

This extensive article (pub. in the book, 1980), by Juanitas Irene Peddicord came to the attention of Phyllis J. Miller prior to 1988, since Phyllis wrote of such reference in her letter she wrote to Mrs. Erickson, as already referenced, infra. On 10 Feb 1988, Phyllis wrote, in part, on pg. 1 of her letter:
“Actually Mrs. Peddicord in The Family of Isaac Garrison makes a conjecture (word underlined) that our Jacob was the father of Isaac who m. Catherine de Romagnac. This is on p. 335. The patronymic Gerritze, Garrison was so very (underlined) common in early records, that finding a number of Isaac Garrisons is meaningless.”
(see infra for source cited in full)

Although I have never understood this dispute previously, it now seems as though perhaps our two tireless researchers were just referring to different Isaac GARRISONs.

It seems as if Juanitas Irene Peddicord, was referring to the son of 1st wife, Marie de Comarque CAMPARNAUD and Jacob GARRISSON, lawyer; this son was named Isaac GARRISON, born in 1681. Jacob GARRISSON, lawyer was the first son of Isaac GARRISSON 2 and Jeanne LATREILLE.

It seems as though Phyllis Miller was referring to the second son of Isaac GARRISON 2 and Jeanne LATREILLE; this son, was named Isaac GARRISON 3, lawyer who married Catherine Romagnac. [Source: p. 2 Roots and Branches of Our Garrison Family Tree, by Ivadelle Dalton Garrison, previously cited infra.]

Note: On pg 8 of Phyllis’ NYGB article, already cited infra, Phyllis adds Isaac as a sibling between Johannes and Abraham. She cites him as, Isaac b. abt 1682, d. before Sept 1705, husband of Lydia _________ .

3/26/05 On Feb 10, 1998, expert researcher and author, Phyllis J. Miller wrote a 3 page letter to a Mrs. Erickson. A Mrs. Roberta Erickson of Columbia Ave., Pitman NJ 08071 copied and filed the letter on 22 Feb 1988, in I believe, Gloucester Cty. His. Society, Woodbury, NJ (which must be where I copied it from on my travels- FYI- I was so impressed with their material, I joined!).

Inter alia, on the 3rd page of this 1988 letter, Phyllis writes:

"Marriages NYCity RDC" (Reformed Dutch Church I think)

"Johan LETELIER, j.m. Van St. Loo in Normandyen, en Christina PIETERS, j.d. Van Sluys in Vlaenderen. 26 April 1665. This was Christina CRESSON's first marriage. She was called by the patronymic PIETERS for her father, Pierre (Peter) CRESSON."

Immediately following the above section, Phyllis continues:
"NY Marriages Before 1784
26 May 1675 Peter GERRITSE and Christian PIETERSE. I feel quite sure this is a mistake and should be Jacob not Peter. I believe the clerk was thinking of her father's name and wrote Peter instead of Jacob. However, I asked the NY State Library to check in the original records, which they hold, and they said it is Peter. I still think it's our Jacob! This crowds the children a bit, but if there were twins?? Also interestingly enough the Staten Island Genealogical data cards gives this marriage, so it certainly looks like some connection to our bunch on Staten Island."
(extract of letter by Phyllis J. Miller when she was living in Canoga Park, CA in 1988)

And, Christina arguably married a man named Peter-- perhaps Jacob was really a "Peter/Pierre Jacob" DE GARRISSON... Can anyone out there explain why (who?)was this "Peter" GERRITSE that Christian PIETERSE a/k/a? Christina CRESSON? married?


On July 6, 2005, Phyllis Miller was kind enough to write me and clarify this Peter Gerritz & Christien Peterse marriage discussed above--Phyllis writes:

"I gave up that idea long before I wrote the NY Record article. The letter you quote was 1988, the article was 1993. NY State Library looked at the original for me and verified that it was Peter Gerritz and not an error. Then to finish it off the Christophs in their New York Historical Manuscripts - English - 1674-1688 on p. 42 give the license in full. It states that Peter Gerritz was a marriner and that Christien Pieterse was the daughter of Peter Lourence of this City. Thus the marriage is not the one we are interested in.


I also find another document in my files from Gloucester Cty. Historical Society, Woodbury. This Pedigree Chart was prepared on 3 Feb 1997 by William Erwin ("Bill") GARRISON, and filed by Olen (Olin) GARRISON of Elmer, NJ 08318 on 14 March, 1997.

On pg 1 of Bill's tree, it states that Pierre CRESSON (II), was the father of Christina (Styntje) CRESSON,b. bet. 1650-1652, Sluis, Flanders, who died in Cohansey, Salem Cty, NJ. Christina CRESSON's mother is described as Rachel CLAUSS, b. 1618, Picardy, France, who died 1692 Staten Island, Richmond Cty., New York. Rachel CLAUSS' mother is described here as Jeanne FAMELAR, b. 1587 France, d. ___, Sedan/Sedam, France.

The father of Pierre CRESSON (II) is described on this tree as an earlier, Pierre CRESSON (I), b. abt 1578, Sedan, France, who married abt 1609, of Menil, La Cresson, Picardy, France. This earlier Pierre CRESSON I died abt 1609, of Menil, La Cresson, Picardy, France.

The mother of Pierre CRESSON I is described on this tree as Elizabeth b VUILESME, b. abt 1582, France.

I also note that Bill's tree includes a different marriage date for Christina CRESSON and a Mr. GARRISON (Gerritsz De Haes). This second date is 1 Jun 1672, New Ultrecht, Kings, New York.
Who know the correct marriage date?

On a webpage entitled, "Descendants of Jan Le Tellier", it opens with:
"JAN LE TELLIER is in the records as a magistrate at Bushwick, Long Island, NY in 1661/2 and as an Ensign in the militia in 1663. He married 26 Apr 1665 CHRISTINA CRESSON of Sluis in Flanders; daughter of Pierre Cresson and Rachel Clauss. On file at the New York Surrogate's Office is a record stating that "Appeared before us, the Constable and overseers of New Utrecht, at 10 o'clock in the morning, September 9, 1671, Jan Le Tellier of St. Louis in Normandy, France, and his wife, Christina Kresson, Van Sluys, in Flanders. The said Jan Le Tellier being sick abed. The testator leaves all to his wife." Children are mentioned but not named. On 12 Sep 1671, Christina was appointed executrix of the estate of her husband."
Author, and webmaster unknown. The web link for the above, as of 26 Mar 2005 is

3/24/2005 In response to some questions, it should be obvious that our markers' results DO NOT match those in the GARRISON surname DNA project. Scroll way down to the bottom of each project's public page to see results. You sometimes have to scroll through results to see all of them, so it is not straightforward.

So, as of now, Jacob's alleged son, Peter's line does not match with Jacob's alleged son, Abraham's line. The research for one of these lines sure seems to be in error...If anyone out there has the answer, do advise...Who the other sons' lines will align with, is up in the air...

Note that results below are still incomplete. We are waiting for 37 marker tests to be completed for each. After we compare 37 to 37, we should know more... Check back...

Please join us ASAP! The hard questions arise after results come in. The decision to go ahead should be clear...

DNA Test Results (Alleles) for Project Members
(matrix omitted here- see two different online versions- one at Garrison I project, and the other at GARRISSON II project)

[end of archive except for matrix of DNA results]

Thanks—Dee Garrison Bardes of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Re: Archival of Dee's 2005 GARRISSON II DNA Project Public Page - Huge file

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Yonkers Peter Garrison Family We are still around !
I began a new thread before and meant only to reply to yours. Not sure how this works yet. Anyway,Peter of The Battle of White Plains, was my 5th Grt Grandfather. I've been researching the line also. And Yes, I know J Claud. In fact, today I exhausted my search thru the Colonial Dames in New York luck there. However, One of Peter's grt grandaughters obit said that she was from William who was one of the first hollanders to settle there.

Re: Archival of Dee's 2005 GARRISSON II DNA Project Public Page - Huge file

Posted: 1246587589000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Garrison Cooke Schemler Penne Fowler Cooper Kulenkamp Poole Bardes
Hello Glenn,

You are Yonkers, NY line? Have you sponsored your GARRISON DNA yet? Please do...your DNA line might be out there but without the Yonkers tie in...
Do type in details about your problems encountered...Spell out the deceased male line, at minimum, 1600s-1900 since there are too many GARRISON lines to guess at details..,

I am hoping that you can post more info somewhere...Where is the great granddaughter's letter or extract posted?--Where is your Colonial Warriors/Dames research attempt posted... or anything meaningful-- I no longer come to Rootweb boards for the most part, since I am swamped here with other lines.... Try Genforum, GARRISON surname board, it is a far easier to track conversations these days, viz a viz the Rootsweb changes, c 2008 which are tough for me to follow, defeating the purpose...

In response, It looks like you are referring to this section of my archived GARRISSON II DNA project page:

"17. DAR Patriot, Peter GARRISON (1736/1776), who was killed at Battle of White Plains (__ October 1776).

A DAR Application states:

Patriot Peter GARRISON, RWS was born in Fordham, NY, and married Maria COOK.

Peter and Maria were the parents of Garret GARRISON who married Susannah COOPER.

Garrett and Susannah were the parents of John GARRISON, who married Sarah FOWLER.

John and Sarah were the parents of Caroline A. Garrison who married Joseph PEENE.

[Source: DAR Application of Mrs. Katie Peene Farnham, #30462, born in Yonkers NY, p. 160, Vol. 31, 1900,DAR ________, repository: Hamilton County OH Main Lib., Cincinnati, OH]

Carol GARRISON Kulenkamp kindly mailed me an extract from "Pedigree of Fletcher GARRISON Hall", by GARRISON Kent Hall (died 1973), 1979, p. 145 I think. This book has, it seems, the same line:

Captain John GARRISON b. 19 Oct 1783 Kingsbridge, NY, d. 1861
m. Sarah FOWLER b. 10 Oct 1788, d. 13 Dec 1852

Author Hall writes that a Garret GARRISON was the father of Captain John GARRISON, and he includes Garret on a list of "owners of this new sloop (who) were among the most prominent men of Yonkers." NY. Several sloops are discussed.

Author HALL's listing preceding Capt. John GARRISON is for:

"5 Peter GARRISON 3/9 m1 Mary Schemler m2 Jane _______ reside Belmont (estate?) in Somerset County, Maryland, and notes that Peter "owned a pickle factory."

So are three different wives named for the same, above Peter--or am I confusing Peter lines, here? So this may not be right...Hmmm.

I used to look for this line long ago, but I cannot recall who it was who came from the Susannah COOPER line...are you still out there?

Who knows the GARRISONs of Yonkers, NY who may be from this line? Is James Claud out there? I noticed your post on a Rootsweb tree for, John Henry GARRISON m. Amelia C. Hinky. This tree was Scott William's tree named, "Ancestry and relatives, some absurdly distant."

[end of paste from GARRISSON II DNA Public Page, 2005 Archive--note that the c2003-2007 Y-DNA results from Dee's GARRISSON II DNA project were merged into the Garrison's Compass DNA Project, back before John Wesley Garrison, the Illinois surveyor's unexpected death, 6 Oct 2007, Camp Butler Natl Cem, Springfield, Sagamon Co., IL--but somehow his 2007 burial does not show on also watch for new GARRISON efforts in Dee's POOLE DNA Project, since my GARRISON line married my POOLE line...]

The GARRISON lines are still quite fouled up--be sure to bring out from the cobwebs any old info, sources, repositories about your line-- Isn't there a paper/book about your line somewhere--it seems familiar, but...

Devoted GARRISON of NY researcher, Carol M. Garrison Kulenkamp of Menominee- was it- , Wisconsin, mother of Joel, has sadly now passed away, at age 83...She died before 24 Mar 2008, the date I accessed her online obit at etc re Johnson Peterson Funeral Home, St. Paul, Minn, Ft. Snelling National Cemetery burial...

Dee in Cincy

Re: Archival of Dee's 2005 GARRISSON II DNA Project Public Page - Huge file

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Surnames: Garrison

Please repost/amend your reply, as a reply to my latest posting...I cant find it out here on this not sure why I was sent a short email on this, since I do not use their internal system. You need to post some specific, actual detail, if you have some which supports your research effort. Yes, you need to find DNA for this branch--you need to find a male cousin of the GARRISON surname and sponsor him. Please post the results of your DNA findings after you get that far...

Dee in Cincy

Re: Archival of Dee's 2005 GARRISSON II DNA Project Public Page - Huge file

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Surnames: Garrison
On Glenn's topic of Rev War military service for a Peter Garrison of Yonkers, New York:

In Albany, NY archives a microfilm shows a Peter GARRISON, as Grantee, Military, Letters-Patent. The copy of the index entry which I made last week shows some detail, but one would have to pull the actual document (which I did not pull.) I do not know which Peter Garrison this refers to, of course...This is not my line, but good luck to you!

Peter Garrison
Military Tract
Township 24 (Virgil)
Lot 10 600 acres
Dated July 9, 1790
Book 6 Page 9

Re: Archival of Dee's 2005 GARRISSON II DNA Project Public Page - Huge file

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Thanks...our Peter Garrison was born in Fordham, NY about 1739. He was killed at the Battle of White Plains on Oct 28, 1776. His wife Maria Cook who came from Holland remarried. We do not know that line or who she married.
His son Garret Garrison carried on the family in Lower Yonkers, NY. I figure they were tenant farmers on the Van Cortlandt Estate in Lower Yonkers. When the lands were sold/divided in 1783-84 by the Commissioners of Forfeiture, Garret bought/was given 20.5 acres just across Broadway from the Van Cortlandt home. The Garrisons are interconnected through marriage of Garret's daughter Elizabeth to the Van Tassel family who also worked for the Van Cortlandt Manor

Re: Archival of Dee's 2005 GARRISSON II DNA Project Public Page - Huge file

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Virgil Twnshp Peter may be the son of Richard.

I have been unable to locate a male cousin of the Garrison name. All that's left are females . Could their Maternal DNA work to get back to Peter 1739-1776 Yonkers and beyond. These ladies are now 90ish. Their line would be:
Peter 1739-1776, Garret 1760-1852, John 1783-1861; Johns daughters Harriet and Caroline were these ladies great grandmothers.


Re: Archival of Dee's 2005 GARRISSON II DNA Project Public Page - Huge file

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Hello Glenn-

The usual answer to your question is no- the Y-DNA goes down the male line. So son to father to grandfather to great grandfather et al. And the female test goes down the woman, her mother, her mother's mother, etc- changing surnames each generation--this is the mitochondrial DNA--you might check the info posted at regarding the latest tests etc-- but I am not sure that what you generally propose could be accomplished.

In one post you mentioned a VAN TASEL - GARRISON tie-- long ago I sponsored a Y-DNA kit for an Abraham GARRISON line of NY Militia/ who later became a Loyalist line, et al-- the VAN TASEL name would come up as a possible mother name for Abraham...Carol Garrison Kulenkamp of Wisconsin was the main researcher on this line--and she sadly passed away--I miss her- We would talk of these NY lines--the point is that DNA from that line not sure if possibly anyone else (male candidate) exists...Do visit the POOLE DNA Project and see our GARRISON DNA patterns there...Buy yourself a kit for Xmas- a sale is on this week-- Do a POOLE DNA Join request...I can help you there...Happy Holidays. Dee in Cincy

Re: Archival of Dee's 2005 GARRISSON II DNA Project Public Page - Huge file

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Edited: 1260655605000
Surnames: Garrison, Cooper, VanTassel
Hello again Glenn-

I am glad you wrote today, because it reminded me that I had stumbled upon something in a box of my own paper files, which reminded me of your Yonkers, Peter Garrison line. So I found it again tonight, and have to ask you if "Kings Bridge, Masholu, Lower Yonkers" rings a bell as to where Garret GARRISON (abt 1760/1852) was residing...perhaps "the west side of the Old Albany Post Road west of what is now Van Cortland Park"-- this was his "Homestead Farm" of 20 acres about-- "Old Post Rd at this point was approx. parallel with and abt one hundred feet west of the present Broadway"--Are you familiar with this?- With a John Garrison born at Kingsbridge, 1783...Please reply as to whether you have seen this manuscript which I copied a piece of many years ago...Happy Holidays! Dee

Re: Archival of Dee's 2005 GARRISSON II DNA Project Public Page - Huge file

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Hi Dee,
Thanks for your reply. Yes...The Garrison Line is waht you wrote. I assume you are speaking of Archibald's manuscript. I have all the pages that deal with my Garrison line in Lower Yonkers, mosholu, Kingsbridge. In fact, Thru much research, I have been to and photographed the site of the homestead farm and where their home was. It is now the site of mangattan College, Bronx, NY. Lower Yonkers was annexed to Bronx County in the early 1870's.
The Abraham Garrison line is a big question. If you look at the 1790 census, we find Garret living a farm away from Isaac Garrison. Isaac is gone from the 1800 census. There seems to be a connection ( maybe only in my mind) with the Garrison-Cressons marriage in Harlem. This family mostly moved out of NY (Staten Island ) and to Cumberland Co, NJ. But...where did Isaac go? Is he the Isaac of Cumberland Co, NJ...I don't think so. And, another cousin tried researching this no avail. What is interresting is that all the names of the early 1700's match with Garret's children's names.
How can the Poole DNA help me. The Caleb Van Tassel line was a marriage of Garret Garrison's daughter Eliza to Caleb. I'm assuming you are on Would you like access to my tree? Perhaps there's info there to ring bells and help others. I have alot of info and DO NOT add add material that isn't documented. You' ll see question marks, comments of possibles, etc...all before Garret. After Garret is all correct.
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