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Metcalf Descendants

Metcalf Descendants

Kerry Donaghue (View posts)
Posted: 963010188000
I am looking for descendants of the Metcalf's who came over from England in the year 1637. I am the descendant of Michael and Sarah Metcalf. They had 11 children. Michael married a second time to Mary Chickering,they had five children.Kerry

Just starting out with this!

Metcalfs (View posts)
Posted: 963178490000
My mother is a Metcalf from Kansas. Where are the Metcalfs from you are looking for?


Kerry Donaghue (View posts)
Posted: 963247017000
This sounds interesting! My could very likely have been from Kansas,since my Fuller family line(which is descended from the Metcalf's) all came from there. The earliest record I have is of Michael metcalf who came here from England in 163l. The latest is of Comfort Metcalf marrying Thomas Fuller,jr. in New England ,1761. Their great grandson,Albert Harvey Fuller,was born in Vermont. Their children,all but two,were born in Illinois. One of their sons,Stilman(who is in my line)moved to Kansas in 1870. They lived in and around Wichita for almost 30 years. My grandfather,in this line,came here(Oregon) from Wichita in 1913. What information could you share with me about the Metcalf's in this area. How far back does your information go? By the way,I'm just getting started in this ,too,and appreciate corresponding with you! Sincerely, Kerry Donaghue

Metcalf's again

Kerry Donaghue (View posts)
Posted: 963348800000
Dear Metcalf's, I have some more information in my genealogy files about the Metcalf's,namely a letter from a Thomas Metcalf of his family's history dated 1866. If you would like a copy of this information,I will send it to you over the email. Let me know. Kerry

Metcalf's again

Junior Metcalf (View posts)
Posted: 963381791000
Kerry, I would like to have a copy of the letter. Thanks for the offer.
Junior Metcalf

Metcalf again

Posted: 963436651000
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Kerry would love a copy.

Metcalf letter

Kerry (View posts)
Posted: 963440570000
Junior: Here is the letter. You're welcome! "Extracts from a Genealogy of the Metcalf Family",by Dr. Luther Metcalf Harris of Jamaica Plain,Mass. Transcribed by Thomas Metcalf of Normal,Illinois,1866. "Michael Metcalf,the emigrant ancestor of this family,was born in Tatterford,co. of Norfolk,England,in 1586.He followed the occupation of a Dormix weaver(or Dormick,a kind of stuff used for curtains,carpets,and hangings,so called from Doornick,or Tournay,a city in Flanders,where it was first made) in the city of Norwich in the same co.,where he was made freeman June 21,1618. His wife,Sarah,was born in the adjoining town of Waynham,June 17,1593,where they were married Oct. 13,1616.Their seven oldest children were born in St. Benedict's Norwich,and four afterwards,in St. Edmondsbury. "I was persecuted",he writes,"in the land of my fathers' sepulchers,for not bowing at the name of Jesus ,and observing other ceremonies in religion ,forced upon me at the instance of Bishop of Wren of Norwich,and his chancellor,Dr. Corbet,whose violent measures troubled me in Bishop's Court,and returned me in the High Commissioner's Court. Suffering many things for the cause of religion,I was forced for the sake of the liberty of my conscience,to flee from my wife and children and go to New England;taking ship for the voyage at London the 17 of Sept. 1636;being by tempests tossed,up and down the seas till the Christmas following :then veering about to Plymouth in Old England;in which time I met with many sore afflictions. Leaving the ship,I went down to Yarmouth in Norfolk Co. whence I shipped myself and family to come to New England;sailed April 15,1637,and arrived three days before midsummer,with my wife,nine children,and a servant." In a postscript he remarks,"My enemies conspired against me to take away my life;and sometimes,to avoid their hands,my wife did hide me in the roof of the house,covering me over with straw." Michael Metcalf was admitted a townsman at Dedham(Mass.),July 14,1637,joined the church in 1639;and was selectman in 1641. His name stands first on the committee chosen to continue the fabricke of a meeting house. His wife died Nov. 30,1644; he married secondly,Mary Pidge of Roxbury,Aug. 13,1645. Michael died Dec. 27,1664. Will proved and an inventory of his estate taken Feb. 1,1664-5. Children of Michael and Sarah(all born in England): 1. Michael-died young; 2. Mary 3. Michael,and C.-eleven in all. Michael married Mary Chickering in 1644(d. 1675) had five children,the last of whom was Eleazer,b. 1653-was a Deacon at Wrentham. married Melatia Fisher,1684. They had 10 children,the second of whom was Michael,b. 1687,Elder at Wrentham, married Abiel Colborn of Dedham. They had 12 children. 1. Pelatiah,married Lois Kingsbury.Their daughter,Mercy,married Thomas Fuller,whose son,Bartholomew,married Silence Smith(his mothers' cousin). 8. Samuel 10. Mercy(dates wanting)married George Smith. Their daughter,Silence,married Bartholomew Fuller. "Pelatiah,the eldest son of the 4th Michael was in my line. He married Hepsabeth Mann,granddaughter of the Rev. Samuel mann,first minister of Wrentham(my native town)who was born in 1647,m. Esther Ware,of Dedham,1673,preached his own ordination sermon,1692. Pelatiah died 1770. He had nine children. The 5th was Elias whom you saw at W. Montpelier,Vt. 8. Thomas,b. Aug. 13,1749,m. Jemima ray. They had eleven children,all born in Wrentham. 1. caleb,b. 1777,and still living in Boston;five others are living. 9. Reuben,b. June 6,1794,m. 1st Hannah Belcher(by whom he had a son,George,now living in S. Dedham),m. 2nd Sarah Ann Cushman(my mother)by whom he had Albert,Thomas,Lucy, and Hannah. I was born June 19,1826. my father has never been three months away from his father's home nor has he except in a single instance been a hundred miles from the spot of his birth. I married Alina Stone in Sheiborn,Mass.(dau. of Rev. Richard C. Stone),Nov. 27,1851. Very truly yours,Thomas Metcalf,Normal,Ill.,April 2,1866.

Metcalf - Kansas

Valerie Russell (View posts)
Posted: 963558468000
Thank you for your response. This was the first message I have tried. I am going to talk to my mom and Uncle today about what they know. I know my mom was born in Olathe Kansas - so not sure about Wichita area. Will let you know. You are welcome to email me direct also at Keep me posted on your search. I don't even know where or how to start!
Valerie Russell


Valerie Russell (View posts)
Posted: 963558566000
Yes, please do send me a copy. It would be very helpful!

Valerie Russell


Guy David Metcalf III (View posts)
Posted: 964122266000
My grandfather, Guy the 1st. has been making a family tree for some years now. My immediate family originates in Worcester Mass. I dont know much of them older than my grandfather. His name is Guy David Metcaf Sr.
He lives in West Boyleston, Mass. He would be more than happy to help you find lineage to the dats you are looking for.
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