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a town named " Fansler Iowa "

a town named " Fansler Iowa "

Robert Wm. Fansler Sr. (View posts)
Posted: 968573918000
I'm assumeing of corse , but a Fansler of a
bygone era , went to the trouble to plat out
a town , draw lines and go to where ever to register it IN IOWA , about 40 miles West
Northwest of Des Moines , a small town , I
understand it's not there anymore , the
person that told me about it , said he went
with a girl from Fansler , she told him the
town is dying , the postal service had pulled
the post office out , could not find any one
to keep it open .
Don't run out to by a map to see it , it's
not in all map's , I found out about the town
in the late 1960's and begin to look at Iowa
map's , can't tell you how many I looked at
and found one , It's a 1972 Standard Oil map
a Summer-Fall , Rea White and Blue cover .
If you find a map and you think it may be in
there , Find Des Moines , take I-80 west
Casey , jump off there , take 25 North to Guthrie Center , about 5 miles North of
Guthrie Center looks to be a Blacktop looks
to be 3 to 5 miles back East , would't be
supprised to see welcome to Fansler on both
side's of the sign .
If anyone has been there E-mail me and make
me eat my word's ( should have made them
sweet , just in case I have to eat them )tell
me it's a large town busting at the seam's ,
I can't bring myself to go that far North ,I
was in Centerville area in Feb. and that is
just across the Missouri Border about 50
Miles and no one need's to be there in the
Winter Month's . Even the weather could
change in July . Can you tell I'm a Summer
person . Thanks for reading this .

A town named " Fansler Ind.

Posted: 969527518000
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In reading an article written by Homer Floyd Fansler,"Fanslers Of W. Va.,There was a town at one time ,named Fansler, Indiana altho is no longer in Existance. Joe Fancler

a town named Fansler

Bob Fansler Sr. (View posts)
Posted: 969533415000
Joe; got your message about a town in Indiana
named Fansler , well that's 2 towns named
Fansler, one in Iowa and one in Indiana , in
the 1800's just maybe the Fansler's moved
around a lot staying one step ahead of the
law ,Oh well! what ever money they made in
or out of the law , was'ent any left where
I have found it or the one's before me drink
it all up . Bob Fansler

any town named Fansler U.S.A.

Robert Wm. Fansler Sr. (View posts)
Posted: 971989286000
Just read your message Joe,In here fooling
around and decided to read awhile and read
your answer ,looks as if we tried to put roots
down in lot's of places , like the barer of
our namesake hard to put roots down when on
the run .
It was not uncommon in the early days to find
an area not spoken for , drive a stake and
call it home , load your gun and try to keep it
if it looked good had good water and all , you
can bet some kind of people will try to take
it without doing any work , you know what it's
still that way today .
So as human people we have not changed sense
we came out of the slime that the smart
people tell us we came from .
Have a good day !

town named fansler

john fansler (View posts)
Posted: 972982402000
Where was the town of Fansler supposed to be in Indiana?

Fansler, Ind.

Posted: 973022752000
Edited: 993616887000
The notes that I have from a small book," Fanslers Of West Virginia" by Homer Floyd Fansler.He tells at one time in 1900there were towns in Allen Co. Ohio,Guthrie Co., Iowa [sic] Allen Co, Ind.named Fansler,but nonexistent in 1965.

Fansler, Iowa

Posted: 975496383000
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The town of Fansler, located on the Middle Racoon River in Guthrie County, Iowa existed until about 1960, when a tornado destroyed it. My great-grandfather (who was a miller)founded it in the late 1800's where he built a grist mill. He later moved to Santa Paula, CA and built another grist mill. The town had a general store, gas station and coal mine in the late 1950's.

A town named " Fansler Iowa "

John T. Fansler (View posts)
Posted: 986578225000
The town is in my "Rand McNally" North America map book. (of course it was printed in 1961).

I ran in to a guy (don’t remember his name) at Ft. Gordon Georgia, who was very surprised to see my last name. He said that the town was knocked flat years ago, and the ‘Welcome to Fansler’ sign was in his dad's back yard.

His family was from the Guthrie area.

Re: a town named " Fansler Iowa "

Posted: 1298999015000
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I have a 1910 clasons Iowa road map and it shows Fansler with a population of 100,I also have a 1925 map and Fansler is not on it.

Re: a town named " Fansler Iowa "

Posted: 1300190795000
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Here's a little more about Fansler, IA. It's considered a ghost town today.

DeLorme Street Atlas U.S.A. has it at about
N 41 44.969, W 94 27.336.
Look for it on Google maps using the above coordinates.

Here is a list of Guthrie County, IA maps available at Historic Map Works.

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