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Published Swearingen Books

Published Swearingen Books

Chris H. Bailey (View posts)
Posted: 986880270000
A question was asked earlier about books on the Swearingen family. In compiling my own book I came upon a number and there are probably more. I found these books in the hands of private individuals or libraries. Most of them can be gotten as microfilm copies through the LDS branch genealogical library system. The following are listed chronological and may be of interest:

1. Family Historical Register, "compiled by a member of the family" (Henry Hartwell Swearingen), Washington, 1884. This was the pioneering work on the entire Swearingen family and was limited in many branches, but contained some good information in others. There were some serious errors which were corrected in the 1894 edition. This book is important for some families as it was so early that he compiler was corresponding with some older relatives.

2. Family Register of Gerret Van Sweringen and Descendants, by Henry Hartwell Swearingen. Washington: 1894. This is a revised version of #1 and details information on more lines and corrects some important errors. Curiously, the compiler actually used mostly years in this work while in his first edition he often related complete dates. So, it is good to look at both editions.

3. "Sweringen-Blanchard Family", by Frank Blanchard, Alboin, IA, 1962. This was a manuscript, but later revised and published by his daughter as American Lesans, Blanchards, Swearingens by Ruth Blanchard Knudsen, Albion, IA, 1974. It primarily deals with one branch of the family, but has important details on various Swearingen families who settled in Iowa and Missouri taken from county histories.

4. Gerrit Von Swearingen in the USA, by Lola Thoroughman alias Lola Van Swearingen, 1977. I rarely say bad things about genealogies as I know how difficult and costly they are to produce. But this book deserves no praise and has probably done more damage to Swearingen genealogy than good. A few people sent the author some credible research, but it was dumped into the book with undocumented, badly transcribed information collected from good and bad sources. This book has no editing and apparently no comparison of data as one page will give data one a family and a couple of pages away the same family will appear with conflicting data. Most information is so totally confused one cannot follow it. I have known of subscribers who paid for a second volume which was never delivered, nor money retured. The author has since disappeared, reportedly with unpaid printing bills.

5. The Swearingen Family and Descendants of Montgomery County, IN, by James Alfred McClure. Privately published, 1989. This book is limited as it primarily detailes data on the family of Charles Swearingen (1767-1848), son of John & Catherine (Stull) Swearingen. The author died shortly after it was published so distribution was probably limited.

6. Six Men Named Van Swearingen and Their Fathers, by Louise Franklin Johnson. Privately published, 1992. A superbly researched work on six early Van Swearingens with additional data on their parentage and siblings.

7. Some Descendants of Barrett and Barbara De Barrette Van Swearingen 1659-1995, by Helen G. Oldham Ph.D., (listed as revised edition). This attempts to cover the entire Swearingen family, but I found no documentation in the book and there seemed to be little new data considering the size of the book.

8. Swearingen/Vansweringen and Related Families, by Karel L. Whyte, 1999 (revised edition). Karel Whyte's book is probably the best book available for the entire Swearingen clan. Karel also continues to revise and correct her books. The index is somewhat incomplete, but this book is still in print and for $30 it is a bargain.

9. For descendants of John and Catherine (Stull) Swearingen and Charles and Susanna (Stull) Swearingen, I believe my own two volume book, "The Stulls of Millsborough" has by far the best details and documentation on about 20,000 descendants of these two couples (but not the entire Swearingen clan - get Karel Whyte's book if you are not descended from the Stull girls). Vol. 2 deals only with these two couples and their descendants and has 911 pages with the index. This book is still available and you can e-mail me for more details.

Gerret van Sweringen

Posted: 987273182000
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My information is a book that my Uncle James Hewitt Swearingen Jr. put together for this family. The information concerning Gerret was obtained from "Documents Relating to the colonial History of the Stae of New York. It states there are 10 volumes from 1835 to 1877, devoted to "the Colony on the South river." Official records in Washington, D.C., andMaryland.
Gerret was born in Beemsterdam, Holland in 1636. I myself have found afew things relating to him, a will, and a short bit about when he left Holland. I have been looking for more information about the Swearingen family to complete my records on them as much as I can. I would appreciate any help on this that anyone can give to me. I am off of the 4 Branch of the family tree. There are family members I wish to inject into the family tree that I have record of. My mother was Pauline E. Swearingen, Bott. Father James Hewitt Swearingen Sr.

Gerret van Sweringen

Posted: 987273618000
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I didn't put my address in other information box it is 800 W. Community College Dr. #150
San Jacinto, CA 92583-7150, I do hope to hear from someone out there.

Van Swearingen books

Frank Willis (View posts)
Posted: 987465395000

I also would like to know what published Swearingen book(s) or other documents would be applicable to my ancestral quest.

My great-great grandmother, Jane A. Beck (born 17 April 1819 in the Smokemont area of Swain County, NC), was the daughter of John Beck Jane Swearingen (b. 7 Oct 1785 in present day Buncombe Co, NC). Based on this and a probated will from Samuel Swearingen III, I trace my ancestry through Samuel Swearingen Sr, grandson of Gerritt Van Swearingen and the only Swearingen to emigrate to North Carolina, I believe.

In Western North Carolina, the Swearingen surname appears as "Swaringgame" (as it does in Samuel III's will). Interestingly, my ancestry intersects with the Swearingen family in two places, another being Jeremiah Stillwell, husband of Mary (a.k.a.) Polly Swearingen Stillwell - these two came to Burke County from Lincoln County, NC around 1750.

Documentation for this link (Jeremiah Stillwell - Mary/Polly Swearingen) is not as substantial as the Beck-Swearingen relationship which is the one that I use as evidence of a Van Swearingen ancestry.

I live in the enviable location of Lexington Park, Maryland, which is about 10-15 minutes from St. Mary's City, where Gerritt established his home around 1667. I have examined the local college (St. Mary's College) documents and they, too, have little on the North Carolina Swearingens. I do have correspondence with a Western North Carolina author, Donald Regan ("Smoky Mountain Ancestral Quest") about our mutual relations with the Van Swearingen line.

Recently (last year), the Maryland Historical Society made the Van Swearingen home site dig their promotional poster. I believe that he had about 5 acres near what is now St. Inigoes (which is perhaps 5-7 miles north of St. Mary's City). I have been unable to locate Gerritt's home/grave site despite living in his "backyard", so to speak.

I would love to share information with you about the Van Swearingen line. I do have some documentation with a Beck-Swearingen and a Stillwell-Swearingen connection which I obtained from a reliable distant cousin researcher in California (she mostly sends me e-copies of North Carolina wills, public documents, etc. to help answer my questions).

Thanks for posting your list of Swearingen sources. I will intern put up a list of source documents held by St. Mary's College.

Swearingen books

Chris H. Bailey (View posts)
Posted: 987478679000
Hi Frank. I would say that Karel Whyte's book is probably the most relevant to your Swearingen lines. Although the H. H. Swearingen books (1884, 1894) are historically interesting, everything in them and much more are contained in Whyte's book. The Lola Thoroughman book is not worth persuing as it is so bad. The others probably have little on your line that is not covered in Whyte. I am a Stull, not a Swearingen descendant, thus my only interest in Swearingens are those who descend from Catherine Stull who married John Swearingen and Susanna Stull who married Charles Swearingen, son of Van Swearingen & Elizabeth Walker. Hence my own book carries only the descendants of those two lines and would not cover any of your lines. Good luck.

Re: Gerret van Sweringen

Cindy Wade (View posts)
Posted: 1013407149000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Swearingen
I am a decendant of Gerret Van Swearingen also. I do have some information on the lineage. Maybe we can help each other. I would love to have a copy of the will and anything else you care to send or email a copy to me. Email me and we'll see what each other needs.

Re: Gerret van Sweringen

Posted: 1019076985000
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Surnames: VanSwearingen, Swearingen
Hi, Gretchen,

I am related to Gerrett van Swearingen . . . I believe in the 11th generation. I have some information floating around and would be delighted to share it with you if you're interested in someone this far down the line.I am 55 years old and a native of Atlanta, Ga.

I am descended directly from Richard Swearingen who was a Methodist Minister in Iowa (considered a pioneer and founder of the Upper Iowa Annual Conference of the Methodist Church).

Feel free to email me at any time if you want to explore this further . . .


Re: Gerret van Sweringen

Posted: 1019402763000
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Edited: 1026338409000
Hi Claire,
Thanks for you message, but sorry couldn't get back any sooner, had to look up some things and I have been so busy around home here that made hard to answer you.
Sounds good to me but here is my linage line that I follow:
Gerrett & Barbaarah; Thomas & Jane; John & Mary; Thomas & Ruth; Samuel & Martha; William & Lucy; Armstead & Margaret; and my Grandfather Hewitt & Eunice Metcalf and there 2 daughters they had. I have Grandfather, Grandmother and the rest of it on down of course.
Would like to know more about you part of the family???

PS: My e-mail is

Re: Swearingen books

Posted: 1023423350000
Classification: Query
Dear Chris Bailey and anyone else who can help:

I am looking for information on an ancestor named Nancy Wilson (my g-grandmother x 5). I am new to geneaological research and have mainly been looking at internet websites such as this one and Some of the data I have found on Nancy lists her as the youngest daughter of Capt. John Wilson and Drusilla Swearingen (daughter of John Swearingen > Van Swearingen > Thomas Swearingen > Garrett Van Sweringen.) But some sources of information about John Wilson and Drusilla Swearingen do not list her as one of their children. I am not sure what to believe! Therefore, I would be very interested and grateful to hear of sources where I can find out more about the family of John Wilson and Drusilla Swearingen (ie. definite information about whether they had a youngest daughter named Nancy born around 1798-1800). Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

Re: Gerret van Sweringen

Leah (View posts)
Posted: 1027393953000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Swearingen, Vansweringen, Eden
I have the same lineage from Garret to Samuel Swearingen. My line is now in southwestern Missouri. Please email if you would like to know more.
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