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Austria - Italy

Austria - Italy

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Surnames: FALGIONE

My name is Bonnie Noe and I am researching my Italian/Austrian heritage. I am having the worst time finding any information as it is believed by my great uncle Guiseppe (Joseph) Falgione that the spelling of the last name was changed (Americanized) upon immigration. Uncle Joe has traveled to Italy and searched, but with no results. I would ask for you to look over what information that I have and share some feedback.

Andrea FALGIONE was born in 1857, Italy.
He married Madalena (Unknown), born 1854, Austria.

Two children were in Italy: Dominick George FALGIONE between 1885-1890
Thomas FALGIONE about 1894

When Andrea immigrated to the USA - he came alone leaving Madalena behind with one small child and pregnant with Thomas.

My Great Grandfather Joseph FALGIONE was the first born in the USA - 1896, Pittsburgh, PA. This would place his immigration before or about 1895.

Other children of Andrea and Madalena: Phillip(b. 1899) and Mielina(d. 1909)

Other information:

There are only two FALGIONE families living in Italy today: Northern in Emilia-Romagna

Southern in Puglia Region

I have also located the following on IGI records at the Toledo Public Library, Ohio:


m1: Loreta Di Benedeto


i. Giuseppe Falgione

b: 1702

ii. Lucia Domenica Antonia Falgione

b: 11 Dec 1707

m2: Maria Di Liscia

iii. Caterina Falgione

b: 27 April 1712

iv. Domenico Antonio Falgione

b: 02 Jun 1715Any feedback or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!Thanks!Bonnie Noe,Toledo, Ohio

Re: Austria - Italy

James G Noe (View posts)
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Surnames: Noe
You need to call the owner of the "Italian Deli" in Agoura hills Ca. She is a Noe from Italy and may be able to help you.

Re: Austria - Italy

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Hello Bonnie!

Don't know if you'll get this message because your thread is almost 13 years old but if you do....

Hello again! We're related:) That is, I think we are, I'm almost positive. I have a copy of one Falgione Family Tree. My Grand Aunts Freda and Malfelda compiled it in 1973 starting w/Andrea and Madalena at the roots, the trunk following up Dominic's line and branching out w/all his children, grands and greats from his first wife on the left and his second on the right. It doesn't show their son Tom's line so I'm guessing that's the branch you and Great Uncle Guiseppe (Joe) are on because I don't see your names on the tree but I do remember my mom mentioning an Uncle Guiseppe in Pittsburgh, that's where we're from, and the info you've provided matches up with names, dates and places I've found on my tree and thru my research. Anyway, Great-Great Grand father Andrea changed his name to Andrew Falgione when he moved to America and Madalena is listed as Madaline w/her last name being Mesini (probably derived from Messina, Sicily rather than her actual last name). My Mother told me Grandmother Jenny Falgione (b.1909)was from Sicily before moving to Pittsburgh so I started my search there, googling names from my family tree w/Sicily. Something very interesting popped up when I typed in Mesini, Sicily. Antonello di Giovanni di Antonio da Messina, a 15th Century Renaissance Painter from Messina, Sicily whose works were strongly influenced by Early Netherlandish and Flemish artists. He also opened a workshop in Venice and proved to be very influential on painters in Northern Italy even tho he was Southern, which was very unusual at the time. Antonello is said to have worked w/Bellini and Bellini is said to have taught Albrecht Durer to paint. Albrecht is just one of many names my family tree shows in common w/Antonello's history. Dominic's daughter Edith Falgione married an Albrecht. He was her second husband after Sam Ventura. Anyway,thats nothing compared to all the other Falgione Family names that seem to sprout from the roots of Antonello. But before I go on, let me tell you something else I find that we of the Falgione bloodline have in common w/Antonello.There's a strong hiereditary trait in our genetics that I call "The Gift". My mother was born a gifted artist, she passed it on to me and I gave it to my seven-yr-old daughter who is now gifted with extreme artistic ability.Her talent is amazing, above and beyond the rest.I think she's going to be better than even mom and me. And thats saying a lot cuz we rock! We're all gifted artists. We sculpt, paint, draw, we do everything artistic and we excell at it all. And by the looks of this drawing of our family tree, I'd say Grand Aunt Mafelda had the gift, too. It's in the Bloodline. Now I find out that Antonello, his sons, his brother-in-law, and his sister's sons were all 15th Century artists in Sicily with names that are the same or similiar to those related on our family tree. Antonello's father's name was Giovanni de Antonio Mazonus, the father of Dominic Falgione's first wife (Anna Cioffi)was named Giovanni,too. And the man Antonello's sister married was Giovanni de Saliba. Antonello's mother's name was Garita (Margherita), Dominic named one of his daughters Rita and his granddaughter was named Margarita. Antonello had a son named Giordano, Dominic's middle name was George (?Giorge?) named one son Giorgeo and one daughter L'Dona. There's also a 16th Century Pulgian artist named Giorgione...GIOR as in GIORdano and GIONE as in FalGIONE. Antonello AND his sister both had sons named Jacobello, Dominic's granddaughter married a man named Jack Bell. Antonello's daughter was named Caterinella and you found a Caterina Falgione born April 27, 1712 and her brother Domenico Antonio Falgione born June 2,1715. Antonio was Antonello's Grandfather's name. When Antonello died his son brought his paintings to Santa Maria della Carita in Cantania. Dominic's second wife was named Santa and they named one daughter Rita and one son Mario. There's also a descendant of Antonello's named Lionello Venturi and that name somehow seems to connect with Lonardo Falgione, Loreta Di Benedeto, Ventura on our family tree and Dominic's son named Benny. You found a Lonardo Falgione from Chieti, Borrello, Italy and one of Antonello's commissions was for Chiesa di Santa Maria di Gesu and there's a Chiesa di San Giovanni in Bragora and a Patriarcato di Venezia in Venice related to Antonello. My Grandfather and my Uncle are both named Patrick and my mom said Grandpa came from Northern Italy. Antonello's workshop was in Venice. IDK!Looks like there might have been a lot of intra-familia marriages going on there in Old Italy back in the day. Now here's a few names of yours and Great Uncle Joe's relations in Pittsburgh: Andrea and Madelena's son Dominic Falgione had a daughter named Jenny who married Patrick Chrissini (btw-Antonello was like best friends w/the painter Petrus Christus-?Petrus/Patrick? and the name given to Madalena- ?Mesini? in Messina- put them together and you get Chrissini)Anyway, Dominic also had 7 sons Andy, Jon, Benny, Eugene, Mario, Clyde and Giorge and 7 more daughters besides my Grandma Jenny. Their names were Mafelda, Beviah, Freda, Gloria, Edith, L'Dona,and Rita. Of those 15 children, I've heard that my Grand Uncles Andy, Jon, Eugene, and Benny lived in Pgh. and my Grand Aunts Mafelda and Freda. The biggest branch on the family tree extends from my Grandma Jenny. She had one son named Patrick and 6 daughters Ann, Delores (Dee), Gladys (Grace), Betty, Marie (Tunie, and my mom LaVerne. Aunt Gladys died but all the rest are still alive. My mom and Uncle Pat live in Mich. Aunt Tunie in Zanesville, Ohio, Aunt Betty in California (I think), Aunt Dee and Aunt Ann are still in Pgh. PA. Uncle Pat had 3 kids Cathy, George and Susie Christiana (the name they used but not really Grandfather's name), Aunt Ann had Jerry, Denise,and Billy Wolfe, Aunt Dee had Carl and Dennis Haines, Aunt Gladys had Anthony and Valerie Gretsky, Aunt Betty had Debbie Fowler-Phab, Aunt Tunie had Linda, Bobby and Brian Fuhrer, and my mom LaVerne had my brother Warren Wintermantel and me, Bernice Baptista. Uncles Benny, Andy, Jon, Clyde and Giorge had no children. Grand Aunt Mafelda's children are the Giammarco Family, Beviah's are the Scuillo and Pelz Families,Freda's are the Delaney and Fezza Families,Gloria's are the Cvetic and Ramsey families, Edith's Ventura and Albrecht, L'Dona the Hohmans, Rita's the Himes and Dumbar families, Mario and Eugene's families still carry the Falgione name with the last born boy showing on the family tree as Brent Falgione. Now there, you have lots of people to find. Have Fun! Aloha from Bernice in Hawaii :)

Re: Austria - Italy

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I am the son of Eugene Falgione and the grandson of Domenic Falgione and Santa Falgione. I was forwarded the above e-mail last night. I have researched our family origins and have reviewed the birth records for 5 generations of our family in Italy that are housed in the Italian Commune of Castel Di Sangro, Italy. My son Domenic lives in Italy and he, my daughter Maria Falgione, Los Angeles, California, and myself all hold Italian citizenship. I will be very happy to share any information I have with our extended family upon request.

Adrian L. Falgione
P.O. Box 277
Lexington, South Carolina 29071

Re: Austria - Italy

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Hi Bernice. I think we are related. Mafelda Falgione Giammarco was my grandmother. She was from Pittsburgh and the names listed were all her relatives.
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