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Surnames: Parson/Parsons Persons
Hello I am doing research on my family history. I am trying to trace the roots of my great,grand father. His name was Marcus Parson, he was born in North Carolina abt. 1871. One tricky little thing about his first name, it was spelled: Marcy. However, I have traced another name which may be a typo, Miles P. Parson. His workmanship has him listed as a coal miner. Some of the census have him listed as Mulatto, and some have him listed as black, and one has both races checked. I have been able to pick him up through the census dating 1900, 1910, and then nothing. However, I know that he died between the years of 1910 and 1920,and his wife, Lulu was listed on census in 1920 as head of household, and being widowed. Any one searching for the Parson/Parsons family from North Carolina, please contact me. Or if you know how I can find death records for my great grandpa, that would be most helpful as well. I was told that he died in a mining accident, he was electrocuted. However, I cannot find death records, or at least I'm not looking for the right information.


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Hello there,
You say you followed them through the Census years, did you know that they lived in Polk County, Iowa, Bloomfield Twp. in 1910? LULA PARSONS was listed as age 31 that year, born Tennessee; children were NORA, VIOLA, MANUEL, & ROSCOE V. PARSON, and judging by the Birthplaces of the children, Kentucky & Kansas, the family moved around quite a bit. In 1920, LULA PARSON was still in Polk Co., Iowa, Des Moines Ward 3, with her daughter listed as NAOMI ELLIS & her children. This would seem to indicate that MILES P. PARSON would probably have died in Iowa, not North Carolina, which would be the place you would need to seek a Death Record. From here is info for Iowa:
Vital Records
Iowa is one of the few states, aside from New England, to successfully implement vital records registration prior to the 20th century. For birth and marriage records after 1 July 1880, and death records after 1891, write:

Iowa Department of Public Health
Vital Records Bureau
Lucas State Office Bldg, 4th Floor
321 East 12th Street
Des Moines, IA 50319-0075
For earlier records, write: to the clerk of the county in question.

There is further info on LULU/LULA PARSON that I don't know if you have seen:
From the 1925 Iowa State census -
Name: Lulu Parson
Census Date: 1 Jan 1925
Residence County: Polk
Residence State: Iowa
Locality: Des Moines Ward 4
Birth Location: Kentucky
Marital Status: Married
Gender: Female
Estimated birth year: abt 1883
Race: Black
Relation to Head of House: Husband
Mother: Fannie
Mother's Birth Location: Kentucky
Father: Jim McGahha
Father's Birth Location: OK
Marriage Location: Ns
Line: 1
Roll: IA1925_1898

Name: Lulu Parson
Home in 1930: Des Moines, Polk, Iowa,Ward 4, Dist.39
Age: 50
Estimated birth year: abt 1880
Birthplace: Tennessee
Relation to Head of House: Head
Race: Negro (Black)
Household Members: Name Age
Lulu Parson 50
Ruby Bradley 18
Richard Parson 12
Leonard Bradley 3/12

Is this the family you are seeking?

Deloris Williams


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Classification: Query
Surnames: Parson/Parsons/McGahha
Thank You for the information. I did not have the 1925 records you listed. It helped a great deal!!!!!!!!! No one have this information. I did do some checking with folks in my family on the east coast and they say that Mark Parson, had a whites mother and a black father, who was a free slave and her hired help. So it seems that I am on a wild goose chase to find his mother and father out. It was said that the Parson may be his mother's last name, but who knows. I will be doing more research on this issue. However, they said he, Mark, died in Pennsylvania, in a coal mine in a freak accident. So, I guess I am going to have to try and narrow down exactly where he was born as there may be conflict with the state. Some say Kentucky, others day North Carolina. But he was a coal miner and that's why he moved around so much. Lulu, decided she was done moving and stayed in Iowa, where much of our family has resided and died there. Just thought you may want to know that little bit of history...

One one other thought, I been trying to find my great, great grandfather, who was Lulu's father. He was native American, and was of the Black Foot tribe, I tried the Dawes index, however, black foot is not one of the five tribes listed. Do you have any ideals or leads that I should follow? His name was Jim McGahha, the census say it's Kentucky, however, oral record from his granddaughter Viola, before she died stated he was from the Black Hills, and was killed in Kentucky, because he refused to work on the chain gang....

Again, If I never here from you again, God Bless, and thank you for helping me find some information that no one had.

Vanessa Freeman


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I can give you a link to a database where you might be able to do some research.

If you click onto the "Index and Database of Indian Rolls", you can search all of the Indian Rolls. What I would suggest is to try different spellings of the name, it is possible the name was misspelled on the 1925 census; you can even search by just putting the first few letters of the surname in the box, and a list of surnames beginning with them will come up to scroll through. You may also want to check out some of the other databases to see what else may be of help, there are places for queries where maybe someone would be able to tell you more about searching someone of Blackfoot ancestry.

You might want to check out looking for your gggrandfather by trying Oklahoma, that's what the birth location reads in 1925. It would have also been known as Indian Territory in the 1800's, so checking census or anything should be looking for those areas, although I must tell you I don't think there was any census done for either area until abt 1900. There's an interesting bit of info on Indian Territory at Wikpedia which may also be of help, it mentions that the tribes brought their African American slaves with them to the area, and it's possible that both of your ggrandfathers may actually have been a part of the area.

Check out the USGenweb site for IT,there's lots of information and links that may be of assistance.

And again, I would try different spellings of the surnames in all of your searches, it's the kind of surname that can easily be misspelled and who knows what a census taker may have listed it as. Also, a copy of the Death Certificate might show who both parents were, if you haven't done so already, that would be something to send for.

You should check out and learn as much as you can about the Blackfoot Tribes, and I would try a Google search to find that; here are a few I found:

Another thing, have you ever been to the website? If you haven't, I'd suggest you also try there, they have an African/Native American Forum where people doing research on black/Indian families may be able to help you. The many people on the forum can give you ideas or tips, possibly tell you where to look, or you may even run across someone searching for the same family.
once there, click onto the FORUMS tab at the top of the page, and scroll down to the African/Native American Forum. The entire website is geared specifically for African American research of all kinds and there are really a bunch of helpful people on all of the forums to help with various research, so you might also want to try posting to on the the other Forums on the site for Genealogy & History, and the Surname & Family Research lists, too.

I don't know if you've tried these before, but if not, maybe some of these ideas will help you.



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Hello my name is margrette I am also looking for the Parson family. My grandfather was born in 1920 in the south. He doesn't want to talk about his exact place of birth. From what I've been told that his mother was white and his father
black, which makes him mulatto.He has background in Mississippi and Arkansas. I'm trying to make a family tree for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Aay help would be so needed.


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Do you have any names that we could possible match up?



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Ms. Freeman,
My name is Larry Parsons (african american) and I have relatives in Wilkes and Alexander county, NC. Is your Marcus Parsons from either area? If he is, then I think we might share distant bloodlines. does show a J. Marcus Parsons born abt. 1870 in Beaver Creek. His father (James Parsons) would be my paternal g-g-grandfather. I'd like to exchange family information if you think we might be related. Thanks for your time. Hope to hear from you soon.

Larry P.


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Hello and Happy 4th!! I am so sorry I did not get back in touch with you sooner as I could remember how to get back to the posting that I did. I think we are related!! Marks dad was name James and was from WilkesB. Please, let keep in touch and I would like to exchange information with you.. I am so excited that you wrote me. I was begining to give up an all hope..

Vanessa Freeman



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Hi Larry,

My name is Stephen (Steve) Parsons, and if you're a descendent of James Parsons of Guilford County, NC, I believe that we are distant cousins. I have information from the Oregon Genealogy Society for our branch of the family. Please contact me.

Kind Regards,



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Surnames: Parsons
This may, or may not, help answer several Parson/Parsons postings. The 16Aug1929 Randolph Co. NC. death certificate for Aaron Parsons, 84, shows he was, colored, farmer, widower of Candis,(Walden?) Parsons. Died of heart dropsey. Father: Green Parsons. Mother: not known. Informant for death certificate: Ed Parsons, Randleman, NC. Green Parsons, caucasian, was the son of James Parsons of Guilford Co. NC.
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