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McDonnell Cemetery - Adam Dinsmore(Dunsmore) believed buried there?

McDonnell Cemetery - Adam Dinsmore(Dunsmore) believed buried there?

Charles L. Dinsmore (View posts)
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Surnames: Dinsmore, Dunsmore, McDonnell
I am trying to locate the burial site of my gggg Grand Father Adam Dinsmore (Dunsmore). He died on March the 18th of 1815. His daughter, Elizabeth, married Archibald McDonnell in 1797. Adam was living with his daughter and son-in-law at the time of his death in Madison County. It is believed that he is buried on the Redstone Arsenal (???) possibly in the McDonnell Family Cemetery.

I noticed on your website that a McDonnell Cemetery was listed in Madison County. Where is this cemetery?? Could it be the right cemetery??

Does anyone have other information of the Dinsmore family?

Charles L. Dinsmore

Re: McDonnell Cemetery

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Surnames: Adams, Dewoody, Dunsmore, Matkin, McDonnell, Simpson

I am a descendant of the Dewoody Family of Limestone County, Alabama one Margaret Adams Dewoody married as her second husband, William Matkin, whose first wife was Margaret McDonnell, daughter of Archibald and Elizabeth (Dunsmore) McDonnell. McDonnell Cemetery is maybe a mile northeast of the Matkin Cemetery in the restricted section of Redstone Arsenal, and east of Matkin Mountain. William and Margaret (McDonnell) Matkin had five children:
1. Martha J. Matkin, born ca 1835.
2. Mary Patton Matkin, born 07 Aug. 1836, died 07 Oct 1840.
3. Cornelia A. Matkin, born ca 1838.
4. Ann E. Matkin, born ca 1840.
5. William A. Matkin, born ca 1842, served in Co. G, 4th Alabama Vol., C.S.A. He served with my great uncle, Alexander Heath Simpson and was at the first battle of Manassas.

Margaret is buried in the Matkin Cemetery and a gravestone marks her grave and reads as follows: "Sacred to the memory of Margaret Matkin, daughter of Archibald and Elizabeth McDonnell, consort of William Matkin, Born March 20, 1800. Died March 8, 1849; Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

Another marker a six-foot obelisk reads: "Sacred to the memory of Mary Patton Matkin, daughter of William and Margaret Matkin, born August 7, 1836, died October 7, 1840."

There were no marked graves for Margaret (Dewoody) or William Matkin, but there is another obelisk that is not inscribed.

The Matkin's were friends and neighbors of John and Margaret Ann (Dickson) Simpson living nearer to present day Triana. John' son Arthur Marcus Simpson married Lura Lee Dewoody, whose father William Aiken Dewoody was the brother of Margaret Adams (Dewoody) Matkin.

In a letter dated Dec. 13, 1861, Alexander Heath Simpson wrote from Dumfries, Virginia as follows: "Dear Ma, As Primus, a negroe boy belonging to Bill Matkin will start home in a few days to spend the Christmas holidays. I will write you a letter... Ma, if it is convenient, please send me a few pounds of butter by Primus Matkin; he will be leaving for this place as soon as the Christmas holidays are over."

Margaret McDonnell was the aunt of James Smith McDonnell, the owner of a general mercantile store, a cotton brokerage, and an electric cotton gin at Altheimer, Arkansas. His son, James Smith McDonnell, Jr., founded McDonnell Aircraft which became McDonnell-Douglas.

The cemetery is located on the northeast cornor of Redstone Arsenal in a troop training area. The Matkin cemetery is about 60 feet by 45 feet, enclosed by a field stone fence, and has trees and English Ivy growing on it. To view the cemeteries in this part of Redstone Arsenal, permission must be given and you must ask a few weeks prior to your planned visit. I hope this information may help you in your research.

Dennis Simpson,

Re: McConnell Cemetery -- Adam Dinsmore d. March 15, 1857

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Surnames: Dinsmore
I have a Adam Dinsmore d. March 15, 1857, Burial Us Arsenol
cem 2, Hustville, Al

Elizabeth Dinsmore and her husband Archhibald McDonnell?

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Surnames: Dinsmore, McDonnell
Do you have any information on Elizabeth Dinsmore and her
husband Archhibald McDonnell. I would like to fill in the banks on family group sheet. My line is from David L Dinsmore a brother to Elizabeth.
I would like any help I can get to fill in missing blanks.

Newton Brightwell's book "Dewoody Records"

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Surnames: Dewoody, Brightwell, Simpson

Almost all of the information you have shared is also written in my cousin Newton Brightwell's book Dewoody Records. It is a red hard-backed containing 523 pages. Newton still has many left for sale.
If you do not have this book, I highly commend it to you.

I suspect you do as on page 107, footnote 57 reads "Dennis Simpson, P.O. Box 713, Sun Valley, CA 91353 to complier, 29 March 1985.

You can contact Newt at the address below to inquire about this. If you have indeed met Newton, he lost his beloved wife Alice last December to cancer. It has been very difficult for him and any kindness I am sure will be well appreciated.

Best regards,

Sorrells Dewoody

Mr. Newton Brightwell II
16901 Riverside Drive

Thanks for the information about the book

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Surnames: Simpson
Hi Cousin,

Thank you for posting the information to me about Newt's book. I purchased three of them one for myself and one each for my son and daughter. I too was truly sorry to hear the passing of his dear wife Alice. When I was last in Chicago (1994) I spent an evening with Alice and Newt and had my photo taken with them. I know how much Newt misses his dear wife and I continually hold him in my prayers.

You can reach me at my email <> I would love to hear from you again.

Very truly your California Cousin,
Dennis Simpson

Re: Elizabeth Dinsmore

JMcNeill (View posts)
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My gggrandmother was Ellen Marie Dinsmore married (2nd marriage) Henry Brooks. I do not know if she had siblings but I do know that she had children - Elizabeth, Mabel, Thomas, William. I believe Ellen was born in Boston.

Re: McDonnell Cemetery

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I am a great-granddaughter of Cornelia (Matkin) McDaniel, daughter of William Matkin & Margaret McDonnell. Don't know if you will get this reply since you posted your information so long ago, but thought you might wish to know that Cornelia Matkin's Brother, William Archie Matkin, who served in the War Between the States was killed at the 2nd Battle of Bull Run (Manassas). Cornelia's daughter, Ola Day McDaniel Richardson, who was my great-aunt (died in 1963) wrote this in a letter to my sister in 1958. We had asked her for family tree information for the Matkin & McDaniel Families, and part of that letter stated he did die in that battle. She did not mention where he was buried. She did say that he joined the CSA at age 18. We don't know if he married before his death.

Thanks so very much for the information you posted for Charles Dinsmore. We did not have all you have about the burials.

Cornelia Matkin married Hiram Addison McDaniel in 1861. After the war, they migrated to Birmingham where they lived the rest of their lives. Hiram McDaniel (a dentist) died in 1893 and Cornelia (Matkin) McDaniel died in 1921. They are both buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Birmingham, AL. They had seven children, one of whom was my grandmother.

Best regards,
marian grisham

Re: Archhibald McDonnell

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Dear Margaret,

Don't know if you will get this posting as your query was posted so long ago, but you can read the will of Archibald McDonnell in under "McDaniel". He signed his name as "McDonnell", but whoever drew that will spelled his name "McDaniel" all the way thru. However, you can see from all the family members listed that it is Archibald McDonnell's Will. You may already know about that posting, but in case you don't, you can go in there and look at it. It lists several pages of slaves in addition to Elizabeth, his wife, and several of the children. I know a little bit more about the daughter Elizabeth and also some about their son, also named Archibald McDonnell. If you want any of that information please email me at
Archibald McDonnell & Elizabeth Dinsmore were my
ggg-grandparents, their Daughter, Margaret McDonnell being my gg-grandmother.

Best regards,
marian grisham

Re: Archhibald McDonnell

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Classification: Will
Surnames: McDaniel/McDonnell
Dear Margaret,

In case you got my previous msg about the Will of Archibald McDonnell, I found my copy of the msg posted by a Tom Neel in with the msg #. Again, you can find it in the McDaniel (not McDonnell) forum and it is msg # 6301. I just went into and found it again this morning.
I don't know why the Will names him as Archibald McDaniel, as he signed it "Arch McDonnell". The Will was made December 11, 1829. You can read the posting in full for yourself, but it may answer more questions about your McDonnell connection.

Best regards,
marian grisham

p.s. the msg heading is "Archibald (Archabel) & Rebecca McDaniel" so it
doesn't appear to be about the Will of Arch McDonnell, but when you read it you will see that it is his Will. Good Luck in your continued search for your roots!
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