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Thomas Hall Johnston

Thomas Hall Johnston

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Surnames: Johnston, Johnstone, Johnson
I'm looking for information on Thomas Hall Johnston. He was the representative for the riding of Prescott, Canada West, in the 3rd and 4th Parliaments of the Province of Canada (1848-1851 & 1852-1854).

I've heard that he owned a brick kiln that eventually went bankrupt. He was married and had perhaps 6 or more children. All but one died in infancy. The remaining child died at about the age of 14-16. All of these infant deaths sort of "came home" today when a close Y-DNA cousin in Kansas called and told me about a branch in her family that had problems with an rh factor. All of their children died in infancy. Finally one of the families after losing several children took a newborn infant of theirs to Canada where it received a blood transfusion and lived. Evidently the procedure wasn't available in their state at the time. As soon as she mentioned these infant mortalities to me I thought of Thomas H. Johnston. I had stumbled upon him last year and could find nothing to connect him to our family though.

In the 1833 Assessement Roll there is a Thomas Johnson [sic] listed on my gggrandfather's brother's farm - that of Francis Johnson [sic]. We assume that Thomas was a brother, but we've never been able to find a trace of him beyond this one notation. Now with the telephone call today and learning of the rh factor infant deaths in a closely connected Johnston family I find myself wondering if Thomas Hall Johnston was ours.

Any information on Thomas will be greatly appreciated.

Cliff. Johnston
Pearland, Texas

Re: Thomas Hall Johnston

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Not sure on the ancestry side of it (I'll look into that side of it too) but on the anecdotal side, he was the Post Master as L'Orignal from at least 1853 up to his resignation on 27 Jan 1854 (listed as Thomas H Johnson). The post was then taken over by Chauncey Johnson (Johnston?) who served in that capacity for 20 years, until his death.


Re: Thomas Hall Johnston

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All information from unless otherwise stated

Thomas Hall Johnston, 63, b Hawkesbury Prescott County, widow, assistant commissioner crown lands, living Toronto, s/o Chauncey & Emma Johnston married Bethial Ham, 40, b England, living Whitby, widow, d/o James T & Henrietta Byrne, witn: James Byrne of Whitby and Thomas E Johnston of Toronto, 18 May 1874, Whitby, Ontario County, Ontario, Registration # 006561.

This may be your Thomas as he was born in Prescott. If you had information on Francis' parents, they may be the same.
Re records of the children's death. It would have been long before government registration began in 1869 so no way of knowing what they died of.

There is a death of a Thomas H Johnston, 8 Jan 1887, no age given, died of affection of the heart in Toronto. Informant was the doctor. That is all the information given.

1851 census Hawkesbury Prescott
Thomas H, merchant, 42, b Canada West [Ontario], Weslayan Methodist
Elizabeth, 25, wife
[cannot decipher name], 12, male
Mareda, 14
Thomas E, 4
Adiela, 2

This is obviously a second wife. Only Thomas Johnston/Johnson I could find on 1851 census in Prescott area.

This same Thomas is on 1881 census in Toronto under Thos H Johnson. With four children so this maybe isn't him.

Re: Thomas Hall Johnston

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Surnames: Johnston, Johnstone, Johnson

Thanks for the information. I didn't have this before - very interesting. I got lucky and a cousin sent me this today:

6561-74 (Ontario Co): Thomas Hall JOHNSTON, 63, widower, assistant commissioner illegible, Hawkesbury - Prescott Co., Toronto, s/o Chauncey & Emma, married Bethial HAM, 40, England, Whitby, d/o James T. & Henrietta BYRNE, witn: James BYRNE of Whitby & Thomas E. JOHNSTON f Toronto, 18 May 1874 at not given [reg in Whitby ]

So, it would appear that I now have the parents' names of Thomas Hall Johnston - Chauncey and Emma. This cannot be the Chauncey Johnson listed as from L'Orignal as he would have been a generation or so too late for Thomas and the son of Chauncey and Hannah Johnson from Vermont was only 7 years of age in 1851. This confirms that there was another Chauncey Johnston family in the area. Were the 2 families related though? This is getting to be a really convoluted search :-) I love it! Thanks!!!

Pearland, Texas

Re: Thomas Hall Johnston

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Surnames: Johnston, Johnstone, Johnson
Fascinating! Yes, Thomas did move to Toronto, so you have discovered him.

This is getting very interesting. I do not have any information on the parents of Francis. His is a puzzle too. He took over the land for his farm in 1832 from a George Johnson [sic], but he was apparently on the land in 1826 as someone sent me a death notice for his infant son, "C" (Christopher?). He later lost 4 daughters as I recall. The times back then up there must have been rough as my gggrandfather Robert "Red Robin" Johnston and his wife Mary "Mae" McQueen lost 2 of their first 3 children in infancy. George Johnson was on the 1822 Assessment Roll for that land. After 1832 I can find nothing on George. He's a real enigma to me.

George/Francis land description is Concession 9, Lot S. 1/2 21, N. Plantagenet Twp., Prescott Co..

Now, one more question...Thomas Hall Johnston was born in Hawkesbury. There was a Col. Guy Johnson [sic] listed as living in Hawkesbury. Could they have been related???

This is a great help. Thank you very much.

Cliff. Johnston
Pearland, Texas

Re: Thomas Hall Johnston

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Here is some more on Prescott Johnstons

1861 census Hawkesbury Prescott

Robert, farmer, b Upper Canada [Ontario],25
Francis, b Ireland, 55
William, b UC, 23
Mary, b UC, 18
Margret, b UC, 16
Hugh, b UC, 14
Isabelle, UC, 12

1861 census Plantagenet Prescott

Robert, farmer, b Ireland, 53
Mary, b Ireland, 41
Margret, UC, 21
Elizabeth, UC, 20
John, UC, 18
Isabella, UC, 16
Robert, UC, 14
Archibald, 11, UC
William, UC, 9
Christopher C, UC, 6
Mary, UC, 3

Could this be your Francis and Robert? No relationships are given on the 1861 census.

Here's something
1861 census
Chauncey, merchant, UC, 49
Phila S, 45
Edward P, 25 [name may be Eden]
Sarah J, 24
A S, 1

Either living with the above or next door is:
Lynes H, 22
Sarah A, 10,
Chauncey E, 17
Maria E, 23

Chauncey is given as Thomas Hall Johnston's father so this could be a brother?

This is very disjointed. Sorry.
1851 census
Chauncey, J P, farmer, b Vermont USA, 70
Hannah, b Vermont USA, 67
Parthence, niece, b Canada, 29, visiting from Hawkesbury
Parthence, daughter of niece, 11, visiting from Hawkesbury

Could this be Thomas Hall Johnston's father?
Chauncey isn't all that common a name - not like Johnston!
The initials JP are entered behind the name like this, Chauncey, Johnson JP so maybe he was a Justice of the Peace.

Chauncey Johnson
Year: 1825
Age: 44
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1781
Place: Ottawa
Source Publication Code: 9045.10
Primary Immigrant: Johnson, Chauncey
Annotation: Date name of immigrant was added to list with district covered by list or date of arrival in province. Extracted from RG-1, C-I-3, vols. 139 and 140, pages 20-24, 55-57, and 59-66, MS 693, reel 145, located in the Crown Lands Dept. at the Archives of Onta
Source Bibliography: STRATFORD-DEVAI, FAWNE. "List of Locations to Emigrants at the Land Board." In Ottawa Branch News (Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society), vol. 28:1 (Jan.-Feb. 1995), pp. 8-21 (Bathurst District); vol. 28:2 (March-April 1995), pp. 40-49 (Ottawa District).

Chauncey Johnson
Event: Living
Year: 1847
Province: Ontario
Place: Prescott County

If you think that this is your Johnson family let me know as I think I have found some marriages of the children of the above Chauncey and Phila.
Marriage: Eden Philo Johnson, 41, b L'Original, living same, widow, merchant, s/o Chauncey Johnson & Phila S Cushman, married Helen Isabella Treadwell, 18 Sep 1877, L'Original, Prescott # 009270.
Thought I would just give it to you as I may not find it again.
Also, Chauncey Johnson, L'Original, married Sarah Ann Metcalfe, eldest daughter of Rev Franklin Metcalfe of East Hawkesbury, 24 August 1853 [Ontario marriage notices]

Also 12 Oct 1840,William Kingston, teacher in the UC Academy and Maria, only daughter of Chauncey Johnson, of Longueil.
Chauncey Eden is definately a family name as I can follow it through to a marriage in 1918.

From Weslayan Methodist Baptisms

Robert George Johnston, s/o George and Margaret, born 8 Feb 1861, christened Aug 07 1865, Hawkesbury, Prescott County.

Hope this helps.

Re: Thomas Hall Johnston

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Surnames: Johnson, Johnston, Johnstone
Thank you very much. Yes, most all of these are mine.

The link between the Johnstons born in Ireland and the Johnsons from Vermont appears to be Thomas Johns(t)on as he shows up on Francis' farm in the land Assessment Roll of 1833. If this indeed kin and the son of Chauncy Johnson and Hannah as this marriage notice suggests then perhaps someway or other they are all related.

6561-74 (Ontario Co): Thomas Hall JOHNSTON, 63, widower, assistant commissioner illegible, Hawkesbury - Prescott Co., Toronto, s/o Chauncey & Emma, married Bethial HAM, 40, England, Whitby, d/o James T. & Henrietta BYRNE, witn: James BYRNE of Whitby & Thomas E. JOHNSTON f Toronto, 18 May 1874 at not given [reg in Whitby ]

I must say that this 3rd marriage announcement took me by surprise with Thomas' parents being listed so clearly, assuming that they are the Chauncey Johnson and his wife Hannah from Vermont.

Yes, Chauncey Johnson was a Justice of the Peace.

I was sent the following:

Children of Thomas Hall and Hannah Fairchild are:

i. Hannah Hall, born 24 Aug 1785 in Prescott, Ontario, Canada; died 24 Sep 1864 in Prescott, Ontario,

Canada; married Chauncey Johnson 1809 in Prescott, Ontario, Canada; born 24 Aug 1782 in New

Hampshire; died 29 Aug 1861 in Prescott, Ontario, Canada.

This explains where Thomas' middle name Hall came from.

Then there is this:

The 1851 census also lists a Julia Johnson [sic], daughter of Col. Guy Johnson, living in Hawesbury which is where Thomas H. Johns(t)on also lives. Here's a link to the colonel:

Notice that he is from Co. Meath which is where 2 of my Dad's cousins had vague oral family history of our Johnstons being from. I suspect that all of these people are tied in together somehow or other. I have found our surname consistantly miss-spelled in government documents. My family spelled it "Johnstone" in the mid to late 1800's letters; however, documents have it as "Johnson", "Johnstone", and "Johnston". By the early 1900's we appear to have settled on "Johnston" in Canada. Now we just have to sort through all of these Johns(t)on/es and find a male descendant of Thomas to take a Y-DNA test :-)

This is a real tangled mass of Johns(t)ons to sort through...

I really appreciate your help :-)


Re: Thomas Hall Johnston

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You will Find some Info here On Chancy Johnson and Thomas Hall Johnson:

Re: Thomas Hall Johnston

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Thomas Hall Johnson was married to one of my GGG Aunts Elizabeth McKillican

Re: Thomas Hall Johnston

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Surnames: Johnson, Johnston

Thank you very much. This clears up a big question for me. Now to get on with the next never end...

This Thomas Hall Johnson, not Johnston, appears to have farmed for awhile in Russell Co. too.

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