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Holy Cross Cemetery (Malden, MA) - Pictures

Holy Cross Cemetery (Malden, MA) - Pictures

Jeffrey (View posts)
Posted: 1116525071000
Classification: Cemetery
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Surnames: Viera
I am looking for sks to take some photos of a headstone in this cemetery of my aunt's grandfather. His name is Joseph Viera and he died April 6, 1904. There may be some other Viera members around his stone (maybe not?). Also, particulars about the site (row#, plot #, etc.) and cemetery map would be of great interest also. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Re: Holy Cross Cemetery (Malden, MA) - Pictures

Lou (View posts)
Posted: 1116686994000
Classification: Query
I'll see what I can find next time I'm at HC.

Re: Holy Cross Cemetery (Malden, MA) - Pictures

pat jessup (View posts)
Posted: 1116774812000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Sullivan
I am looking for records that were at O.L.Rosary where my father was baptised. I don't think the church is there any more as I could find no listing for it. My grandparents lived on B street in S. Boston. Do y ou know where I could go to for those records? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Re: Holy Cross Cemetery (Malden, MA) - Pictures

Lou (View posts)
Posted: 1116822468000
Classification: Query
I'd suggest a visit to the Archdiocese website ( click on Offices/Ministries and then on Archives) and check out the Archive pages. The archives holds records for approx 175 parishes in existence before 1930 (hopefully this fits your timeframe). This gives you lots of info that I think you would find helpful. At least it's a jumping off point for your research. Good luck.

Re: Holy Cross Cemetery (Malden, MA) - Pictures

Lou (View posts)
Posted: 1116944777000
Classification: Query
Thank you for the information I will try it out. Thanks again

Re: Holy Cross Cemetery (Malden, MA) - Pictures

Posted: 1357587460000
Classification: Query
From their Web site:

Our cemeteries’ records have been designed and maintained to provide immediate and specific cemetery related information to authorized parties. The location of an individual’s burial location, for instance, can be provided immediately and at no cost to the requestor.

Although the physical records for each of our twenty-five cemeteries are centrally located, these records are not all part of a centralized database. At present, a single, comprehensive list of burials and entombments is not yet available. Though there has always been occasional interest in genealogical research, recent history has shown an increased interest for this type of information. Many requests may require an hour or more of research. In addition, some individuals may submit multiple requests at one time for consideration. As a result, it has become necessary to set limits on genealogical research. We are happy to service the needs of those who are interested in researching their families. Therefore the following policies must be followed:

- Obtain a Genealogy Request Form from our centralized Records Office located in the Holy Cross Mausoleum building at 175 Broadway in Malden, MA or online here:

- Complete a form for each lot search being requested.

- A fee of $40.00 per lot must be submitted along with the request(s). A check or money order (no cash please) for the appropriate amount must be made payable to The Catholic Cemetery Association. If we are unable to provide the information requested, based on limited records, the fee will be returned.

- Mail the completed form, along with the required fee as indicated above, to:
The Catholic Cemetery Association of the Archdiocese of Boston, Inc.
Genealogy Requests
175 Broadway
Malden, MA 02148

Under normal conditions, you can expect a response within thirty days. At times, when cemetery visits and service to lot holders increases, the wait may be longer than thirty days. This policy has been implemented in the belief that it will help us to serve you in the most effective manner. Please understand that we cannot provide any information regarding parish cemeteries not under our authority. Requests of this type must be made to the parish directly.

Re: Holy Cross Cemetery (Malden, MA) - Cemetery

Posted: 1367958388000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Donovan
This information was very helpful. I tried to locate the information online but was not successful. A search for Holy Cross Malden discovered your post first!

Re: Holy Cross Cemetery (Malden, MA) - Pictures

Posted: 1378882688000
Classification: Query
I flew 3,000 miles to go to this cemetery and search for my ancestors gravesites. The office aide could not find my grandfather's record but had a record for my grandmother whom I found buried with my grandfather in the same grave. They also could not find other members of my family yet prior to my leaving Boston a relative phoned and gave me the plots and gravesites for a few of my relatives at Holy Cross. Unfortunately, I did not have time to return to Malden. I was very upset knowing they were there all along but due to the poor filing system was told they had no records. Fortunately, I found a relative who lives in Malden who is going back to the gravesites to take pictures for me. I don't think your research fee is worth requesting further searches since I already know the filing system clearly is not in order. If I lived in the area, I would have volunteered to go through your card files and straighten them out for you.....for free. I hate to think how many people have paid for a search and told no record was found because of the files being out of order.

Re: Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden, Middlesex Co., MA - Pictures

Posted: 1378974609000
Classification: Query
Hi Sandy,
What a sad situation! I would agree with you that the $40 charged to search the poor filing system is out of line. The cemetery grounds appear to be well kept.

You state: "a relative phoned and gave me the plots and gravesites for a few of my relatives at Holy Cross."

Here is a suggestion, go to the link below and search for your relative, if found see if the plots and gravesites are the same. To go further, you will need to log in and have the option of showing your email addy or not. The site is Free, is supported by adds and sponsorships.

If there is already a memorial but it does not have the plot you can click on the "Edit" tab and send the Plot information to the memorial creator. An email is sent with the suggestion to the creator and they can then add it to the memorial for you. The alternative is that you can request a transfer and add the information yourself. It appears that because it is such a large cemetery that the Plot number is necessary to find the grave.

After the Plot information is added you may then request a photograph of the headstone, if none is on the site.

If no memorial has been created, (there are 5,845 so far), you can create one and it include your Plot and gravesite information; then request a photo.

This site is addicting! I have used the site for about three years and have had tremendous success, met some very kind, helpful folks. Please respect copyright law if there is a photo there and read the bio of the person who took the photo to see if permission to use is necessary or not.

Holy Cross Cemetery and Mausoleum
Also known as: Holy Cross Chapel Cemetery and Mausoleum
175 Broadway
Middlesex County
Massachusetts USA
Postal Code: 02148
Phone: (888) 919-7926

~happy hunting! hope this was helpful if you had not already known of the site!
sudown (Ancestry & RootsWeb), PhotoGrapherInTheWoods (Find A Grave)

Re: Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden, Middlesex Co., MA - Pictures

Posted: 1379083730000
Classification: Query
I have been using FindAGrave for a number of years as well and my relatives have no memorial entered for Holy Cross Cemetery but I plan on entering them as soon as I can. I can confirm two at the moment.
I just found two death records of children that confirm they were interred at Holy Cross but alas the office there could not find any record of them. This really sucks that they have such a poor filing system. They should be paying me for the records I can produce showing they are recorded as the place of interment. Nonetheless the hunt is exciting and I'm not one to give up by any means.
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