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Young Davidson of Campbell Co., VA and Barren Co., KY

Young Davidson of Campbell Co., VA and Barren Co., KY

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If there is a living male Davidson "out there" who descends from Young Davidson (who was on the Barren Co., KY census, beginning in 1830), it would be great if he would take the 37 marker Y chromosome DNA test via It seems certain that Young Davidson (almost certainly a son of the David Davidson who was on the 1810 Campbell Co., VA census) was a member of either DNA "Family 7" or DNA "Family 10," but his true lineage will probably never be known without such a DNA donor. There were at least three unrelated Davidson/Davison families in Bedford/Campbell Co., VA in the 1700s and 1800s....and two of them were DNA "Family 7" (that came to Bedford Co., VA by the 1770s from PA) and DNA "Family 10" (that was in James City Co., VA by at least 1682).

Re: Young Davidson of Campbell Co., VA and Barren Co., KY

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Nice DNA tables :)
I use nearly the exact DNA tables for the Locke DNA project.

FYI, one of my autosomal DNA matches is with a Davidson descendant of Barren County Ky!
We have been searching for a common ancestor but not figured out who the common ancestor was yet.

Alexander Davidson is the tree I am matching with, he was a Baptist Minister for the Mt. Tabor Baptist Church in Barren County Kentucky, and appears to be the one who ordained my direct forefather Rev. Jacob Lock as a Baptist Minister for the same Mt. Tabor Baptist Church.

But to my personal knowledge there is no direct kinship between Alexander Davidson and Jacob Lock trees, not that I am aware of anyway. But some how me and one of the Alexander Davidson female descendants are sharing autosomal DNA in common. So some where in both our trees must be a connection between the 2 families, and likely a kinship in Barren County Kentucky I would imagine.

Rev. Jacob Lock was the Minister who married
Caleb Davidson & Martha Glazebrook May 17, 1817 Barren County Kentucky, and apparently also Baptized Martha Glazebrook. So the family's no doubts knew one another, and some how the 2 family's are sharing some autosomal DNA in common too, but how in the world the 2 of us are related, is anyone's guess at this time.

We both have exchanged family trees and can not figure out who the common ancestor was.

The Lock's were known to live in old Frederick County Virginia and Berkeley County Virginia, but reportedly also spent some time in Hanover County Virginia which I haven't been able to prove yet, prior to their migration to Barren County Ky.

Re: Young Davidson of Campbell Co., VA and Barren Co., KY

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Surnames: Davidson
Thanks for your response. Here is a file on Reverend Alexander Davidson. The Caleb Davidson who you mentioned is included therein:

Reverend Alexander Davidson's father (who was also named Alexander) died in Spotsylvania Co., VA in the 1740s. Reverend Alexander Davidson was then in NC for a while, before settling in Barren Co., KY. This overall family has many DNA donors, and they are in "Family 8" at It APPEARS that one or more of the donors in "Family 8" do not descend from the Reverend, so they probably descend from one of the Reverend's brother's or uncles (and those other "branches" of the overall family have not been researched nearly as well as the Reverend's "branch").

Young Davidson came into Barren Co., KY from Campbell Co., VA between the 1820 census and the 1830 census. It is almost certain that Young Davidson was not a member of DNA "Family 8," and Young Davidson was probably a member of either "Family 7" or "Family 10" (who were both in Campbell Co., VA in the late-1700s and early-1800s....and there was also yet a third apparently unrelated Davidson family in Campbell Co., VA that was headed by yet another Alexander Davidson).

Note: One of my biggest surprises since I became interested in genealogy is that were about a DOZEN or more UNRELATED Davidson/Davison/Davisson families in just Virgina alone in the 1600s-early-1800s. We have identified as many as eight such unrelated families in just the Augusta/Botetourt/Rckbridge Co., VA area alone. DNA testing continues to prove what the documentation already seemed to suggest....that is, these families truly were/are not "related" (i.e., they do not share a common male Davidson/Davison/Davisson ancestor in any meaningful genealogical timeframe).

I believe that Young Davidson fathered a son who was also named Alexander Davidson, so one has to be careful not to "intermix" these two unrelated families. I hope to someday find a male Davidson who "traces back" to Young Davidson and who is willing to take the DNA test.
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