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Lisko, Poland

Lisko, Poland

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In 1906, my ancesters came from Lisko, Poland. Is there still such a place and if there is; how would I go about getting records. Also, did Poland have a census back then like our US census? Thank you in advance.

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Re: Lisko, Poland

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Classification: Query lists Lisko in Ukraine (north-east from Lviv) but I'm not aware of that town.

I bet you are looking for Lesko (which was previously called Lisko): (in Polish only).

To locate towns and find out address locations you may also use:

Most of the archival civil state records are kept at the State Archive at Sanok:
Archiwum Państwowe w Rzeszowie
Oddział w Sanoku
Rynek 10
38-500 Sanok
ph.: +48-13-463-19-99

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The Polish Geographical Dictionary lists two Lisko, one now Lesko in present southeast Poland and the other east of Lviv (Lwow) in present day Ukraine. Your Lisko is probably the latter.
In 1906 Poland was split in three, occupied by Prussia/Germany, Russia and Austro-Hungary (Polish part-Galicia). Both Lisko were in Galicia. See the map "Poland in the 19th Century" on:
The easiest way to get records is by copying from LDS microfilms at your local Family History Center.
Lesko Poland records are under Rzeszow Lesko:
Lesko is both a city and a regional municipality (gmina).Thus there are a number of parishes, both Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic.
Lisko Ukraine records:
Roman Catholic are under Milatyn Nowy:
Greek Catholic records are under Nowosiolki Liskie:

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There were censuses held, but records are not available online.
1789 First nation-wide census of population
1808-1810 First (complete) general censuses of population in the Grand Duchy of Warsaw
1840 First general census of population - Grand Duchy of Poznan ( then every 3-5 years to 1914.)
1857 First general census of population in Galicia; then: in 1869, 1880, 1890, 1900 and 1910
1897 General census of population in the Congress Kingdom of Poland (only one carried in that area until WW I)
1921 First General Census of Population post WW I Poland; then in 1931.
1943 German authorities in occupation carried a summary census of population
1946 First Summary Census of Population in Poland post WW II; then: 1950, 1960, 1970, 1978, 1988, 2002.

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According to the Ellis Island site, my grandmother came from Lisko, Poland in 1904. However, her baptismal certificate says she was born/baptized in Lesko, Poland and that is what she always told us, even though it was called Austria-Hungary at the time. She is listed of Polish origin, but from Austria.

Perhaps we should all get our information together to see if our relatives were related to each other.

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Surnames: Zakrzewski, Zachefsky
Thank you for the information regarding Lisko/Lesko and that it was Austria/Hungary back than. For the same person, I've come across several different answers to the same question. I think these relatives changed places of births as the old countries changed their names. My relatives from Lesko is Zakrzewski. They americanized it to Zachefsky, but not before they changed it a couple times in different records before Zachefsky. lol. My relatives from austria/hungary/slovakia (and this is the same person I've found several different answers for the same question) is Maxim. Hope you have these names in your family tree. Debbie

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Surnames: Kicak
Our family name was changed by Immigration when my grandfather arrived in Boston .. also around 1904. Apparently the person taking the names didn't understand him, so the final letter changed from 'i' to 'e'. Not a big difference, but I've had people tell me all my life that I'm spelling my name wrong.

My grandmother, who was the one from Lesko, was Kicak and that remained intact and is on her gravestone here. I guess Immigration could manage five letters. However, in some places she's listed at Polish and in others, as Austrian. If you'd asked her, she'd have told you she was Polish. It gets complicated when the borders move as much as they did back then.

I also read that there is a place in Ukraine that was also known as Lisko, so you might check that out too. Apparently it's not very far from the Lisko/Lesko in Poland . . just to keep us guessing.

Good luck with your searching!!


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NO, immigration officer changed the spelling of your ancestor's surname. The manifests were written at the port of departure from a record that our ancestor presented to the shipping clerk. Yes, transcribing mistakes happened at the port of departure but much more at the port of arrival when the manifests were being transcribed. Need to keep in mind that Europeans do write few letters differently from Americans.

NY EI arrivals:
Kicak, Jacko Lisko 38 1862-1863 1901
Kicak, Jozefa Lisko 19 1884-1885 1904
Kicak, Olena Lisko, Austria 18 1890-1891 1909
Kiczak, Ant. Liska 31 1861-1862 1893

KICAK surname holders in Poland:
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