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Jacob Bahr - Margaret Kinne <1844 Heidelberg, Germany

Jacob Bahr - Margaret Kinne <1844 Heidelberg, Germany

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Surnames: Kenne/Kinne; Bahr; Stutz; Schafer
Our family gr gr grandparents were Jacob Bahr and Margaret Kenne/Kinne whose son was Leonard Bahr b. approx. 1844 in Leimen, Heidelberg, Baden. He likely immigrated to the US in 1867 as that was the date his widow listed in the 1910 census as the date she came to the US. Possible that Leonard died in NYC in 1894 at age 50. Family lore says that Leonard Bahr was a mayor in Stuttgart but would think due to his age at immigration it would more likely have been his father, Jacob. Leonard's wife's maiden name was Christina Stutz b. 1845 likely also in Leimen. Her parents were Christopher Stutz and Christina Schafer. Leonard and Christina Stutz Bahr were married in Manhattan, NY in 1868. Christina was murdered in April 1917 in Yonkers, NY. Looking to connect German ancestors to any of the family.

Re: Jacob Bahr - Margaret Kinne <1844 Heidelberg, Germany

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Surnames: Bahr, Kenne, Weidemier, Wegert
I just noticed your May '04 query about Bahr/ Kinne in Leimen near Heidleberg. My Schuppel ancestors came from that town and I have the book "Familien in Leimen 1677-1900" by Kurt Frei which lists the church records of all the people in the town.
Your Joh. Leonhard is listed as born July 9, 1843. (And he "disappears" from the records, like other emigrants--or departees.)
His father, Joh. Jacob BAHR (with umlaut A) is listed as Bauer (farmer) and Rentmeister (I don't know German, but from my modern dictionary, it may have something to do with pensions--distributing them?) Joh. Jacob and Anna Margaretha Kenne were married June 17, 1821 in Leimen. Leonhard was their 8th and youngest child.

Joh. Jacob (b. Nov. 14, 1795) is the first of 7 children of Joh. Michael BEHR (b. Arpil 12, 1768) and Anna Barbara Weidemier (b. June 22,1772) both in Leimen, where they married on Nov. 18, 1774.

Joh. Michael was the son of Conrad Friedrich BAER, Ackersman (seems to be another form of farmer) who was born in Greilsheim/Mainfranken May 22, 1725 and married in Leimen Feb. 11, 1755. Bride was Johanna Wegert, b. Apr 20, 1728 in Bruckhausen.

Only a single Stutz family is in the Frei book, your lady Christina among them.

Some of the wives born in Leimen can no doubt also be traced in this book. Other info: religion, baptismal sponsors, details on siblings, death dates of those who stayed, cross refs to other families.

You can order the book thru the Rathaus (Town Hall) of Leimen. Let me know if you want more information on that.

All best wishes to you,
Sue Washburn

P.S. That's St. Ilgen (in another of your queries) a town close to Leimen.

Re: Jacob Bahr - Margaret Kinne <1844 Heidelberg, Germany

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Surnames: Kinne; Bahr; Stutz; Schafer
My husband appreciates the generous information you shared about his Bahr family. Our daughter was married last Sunday and this adds greatly to her family history. We would like to order the book if you can contact me with the information. I'm now told it was Christina Stutz whose father possibly was a mayor not Leonhard's. Your information took us back farther than any one had to-date although we believe one family member may have a bible with information they have not shared with the rest of our family. I've tried previously to order books without success from other sources.
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Is it still possible to order book thru the Rathaus (Town Hall) of Leimen. I would like more information on thatif possible

Re: Book

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I'm not sure. I phoned them and because I couldn't work out a way to send the funds via our small town bank, I finally ended up sending US funds in an amount more than sufficient to cover the book and postage. It was worth it because the book traced my husband's family up until his great grandfather left for America. The book is easily translated via the web.
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Thankyou for getting back to me

Re: Jacob Bahr - Margaret Kinne <1844 Heidelberg, Germany

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Surnames: Bahr Kessler Stutz Kenne/Kinne
Dear Judy,

I'm not sure but I think we may be on to something here. If my hopes and hunch are right, then my Great-Great Grandfather Frederick John Bahr may have been one of the seven other children of (John?) Jacob Bahr and Margaret Kenne/Kinne-Bahr. Our Bahr genealogy has Fred. J. Bahr (b.1837) from Baden-Wurttemberg emigrating to the U.S.approx. 1854 and marrying Margaret Kessler of Bavaria in Ohio approx. 1859. Among the other noteable items is the fact that family records show Fred. & Margaret living on Long Island and in the employ of a family named Stutz(Frederick & Margaret Stutz, who had at least one child-Caroline). They were living there and working for the Stutz family in 1863 when my Great-Grandfather Frederick J. Bahr Jr. was born.
Can you tell me if any of this sounds right and please tell me what the names of the eight children were-the eight children of Jacob Bahr and Margaretha Stutz-Bahr (you said Leonard Bahr-b.1843-was the youngest of 8 children-what were the names of the other seven ?).
Please contact or my cousin
Mary Shafer Bahr (her father and grandfather's names were Leonard Bahr -as well as is her brother).
Richard F. Bahr jr. 8/8/10

Re: Jacob Bahr - Margaret Kinne <1844 Heidelberg, Germany

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Surnames: Bahr-Kinne-Stutz-Kessler
Dear Sue,

I just sent a reply to Judy about her first posting for Leonard Bahr (b.1843), because after reading your postings I believe Leonard Bahr may have a connection to my Great-Great Grandfather Frederick John Bahr of Baden-Wurttemberg. Our Bahr family records show Fred. Bahr (b.1837)emigrating to the U.S.-approx.1854-. Later, he is known to have worked for a Stutz family on Long Island in the early 1860's (Frederick & Margaret Stutz with child Caroline-maybe other children). My Great-Grandfather Frederick John Bahr Jr. was born there during that time (1863). His father-Fred.Sr.- married a Margaret Kessler of Bavaria in Ohio approx. 1859.
These postings have proven to be very intriguing to my Bahr family branch. Therefore, I consider it of the utmost importance to find out the names of the other seven children of Jacob Bahr and Margaret Kinne. You mentioned that a Leonard Bahr (b.1843), was the youngest of 8 children. I suspect that my Great-Great Grandfather may have been one of the other seven. Do you have the names of Leonard's older siblings ?
Also, I believe I may like to invest in the book you mentioned-"Familien in Leimen 1667-1900"-how does one obtain a copy of the book ?
Please contact me : or
my cousin Mary Shafer Bahr : (cousin Mary's brother, father, and Grandfather were all named Leonard Bahr).

Richard F. Bahr Jr. 8/8/10

Re: Jacob Bahr - Margaret Kinne <1844 Heidelberg, Germany

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Surnames: Bahr; Kinne
I have replied privately to your cousin as my original message to you bounced and she in turn replied to me.
The family scenerio and names all seem to fit my husband's family profile. We do know some of the children left Germany and were not followed any further by the author. It would be interesting to find relatives in Germany of those family members who could be traced to a point in the book.
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