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Lasher Family Association Website

Lasher Family Association Website

John F. Lasher (View posts)
Posted: 1029990084000
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Surnames: Lasher, Lesher, Lescher, Loescher, Löscher
Greetings Lashers and friends!

The Lasher Family Association, Inc. has just created a website and is now online and operational.

Visit us at:

This site is a work in progress, and I am adding things daily. However, any questions, critiques, or comments are welcome. Please reply to this message or direct them to me at .

John Lasher

Re: Lasher Family Association Website

John F. Lasher (View posts)
Posted: 1030421156000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Lasher, Lesher, Löscher, Loescher
Hey Lashers,

I just wanted to let everyone know that in addition to establishing an official Lasher Family website we also have the option, once one becomes a member, to have a web address at

This being said, all critiques and comments concerning the website should be directed at me through my new addresss:

I sincerly wish to hear everyones comments. This is essentially your site too. I want to make sure I got it right. If I can add or ammend things to make it more accurate, I would definitely like to know. This is our public front to fledgling Lasher researchers and curious passers by. I would like the information put forth to reflect accurately. Please, let me know, good or bad, how this site reflects this. You folks here represent seasoned Lasher researchers and your combined knowledge will augment what I know and keep me honest. :) Any feedback is welcome. Thanks.

John F. Lasher

ps. Any information relating to Canadian, Pennsylvanian, and Indiana Lashers especially welcome. I know you guys are related...just need to hammer out the details....

Re: Lasher Family Association Website

Diane Hawkins (View posts)
Posted: 1033061390000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Lasher, Baird, Hawkins, Crozier, Demara
Dear John:
I had posted an earlier posting back on April 26th in connection to my family of Canadian Lasher's. I have never received a response from anyone in connection to it. I would have thought that you by chance would have made an inquery. Anyway, here is some of it yet again. By the way I took a quick look at the two Canadian Lasher's that you had listed as first to appear in Canada. I could not see any connection to my Lasher. Any help you can give me would be truly grateful.

I have a connection to this JOHN LASHER. I was looking for any help to his parentage or siblings. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. You can contact me at

Thank you,

One of my sources has:
John Lasher born 1799 died 1889
Rachel Lasher born 1805 died 1883
Elizabeth born 1832
Hannah born 1843

This is some of the information I collected:
Buried at McLean Township; Baysville Cemetery; Baysville, Ontario

John Lasher Born January 12th, 1805 Died January 4th, 1896
Rachell Lasher Wife of John Born June 16th, 1811 Died May 20th, 1906
Hester Elizabeth Lasher Born October 4th. 1829 Died November 1st, 1903
Other Cemetery
Hannah Melissa Lasher Born Jan 29 1843 Died Jan 11, 1910

This is the same Family:
1881 - Census Place: Ridout & McLean, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada
Source: FHL Film 1375879 NAC C-13243 Dist 131 SubDist K Page 9 Family 43
Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace
Horace DEMARA M M 48 French O <Ontario>
Occ: Farmer Religion: Christian
Elezebeth DEMARA F M 48 Dutch O <Ontario>
Religion: Christian
Sarah Melissa DEMARA F 18 French O <Ontario>
Religion: Christian
Elezebeth Etta DEMARA F 16 French O <Ontario>
Religion: Christian
Joel ALDRED M M 28 English O <Ontario>
Occ: Farmer Religion: Christian
Olive ALDRED F M 23 French O <Ontario>
Religion: Christian
Olive Arebella ALDRED F 5 English O <Ontario>
Religion: Christian
Emma Jane ALDRED F 3 English O <Ontario>
Religion: Christian
Mansell George Burton ALDRED M <1 English O <Ontario>
Religion: Christian
Born: <Jun>; 10/12
John LASHER M M 77 Dutch USA
Occ: Fisherman Religion: C. Methodist
Racheal LASHER F M 75 Dutch O <Ontario>
Religion: C. Methodist

Re: Lasher Family Association Website

John F. Lasher (View posts)
Posted: 1042317530000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Lasher Lesher
Hi Diane,

Yes, I did come across this John Lasher when looking into the Canadian Lashers. I have no further information on him. He still remains an enigma. I have the same census information, though, your information on the birthdate seems accurate. I have a Daniel Lasher and his brother Turpin G. Lasher in my line born about the same time Oct. 10, 1804 and 1805 resectively. I had been wondering if they could be brothers to your John. But the dates are too close unless they were twins. However, I recently discovered a Militia Ration List taken at the fort in York (Toronto, Ontario, CA.) in June of 1814, that lists Daniel, Turpin (and four younger sisters I knew nothing about) Children of Andrew Lasher. There is a John Lasher listed on this list but he is listed as a Private in the 4th Co. As your John would only have been 9 or 10, and certainly not a Private; this John fits in with the well documented John HENRY Lasher.

I also noted that on the 1871 online Canadian census index, that this John Lasher was 66 born in the USA and said he was of English origin. Interesting to note his change of origin on the 1881 census to Dutch. (A little closer to the truth, if he is indeed of my family line; German aka Deutsch :).

There is another enigma i am trying to figure out and that is a "Boshum Am Lasher". Listed as a land owner on a list forwarded to me by another genealogist. I don't recall the date but it would have made this person about the same age as John Daniel and Turpin G. Lasher.

I will definately be keeping you in mind should I come across any more information on this John Lasher. I hope you will do the same.

John Lasher

John Lasher 1804 Canada was Re: Lasher Family Association Website

John F. Lasher (View posts)
Posted: 1043645086000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Lasher Lesher Loescher Lescher etc.
Hi Diane,

I discovered something that may have some real bearing on your John Lasher b. 1804.

In a search of the LDS family search engine I came across a reference to a Johannes Lasher b. 31 July 1804, Albany Lutheran Church, parents Sebastian Lasher and Anna Falkenberg.

I then cross referenced this information with the publication "Lasher Lineage," Eileen Lasher Powers, and found she had documented this individual with this family also.

Under this family is an interesting note: "Have found several references "MOVED TO CANADA" - L.G., Annie Scott Baxter in St. Johnsville articles, and Cuyler Reynolds "Hudson and Mohawk Families." No record to this effect has been located to date and perhaps the one source was the Lasher Genealogy [the L.G. above written in 1904]."

I don't quite know what to make of this, especially given that she doesn't document the children any further. This usually means no further records have been found for the three male children of this family. Their baptismal records indicate they lived in the Germantown, NY area then had moved to Albany before John's birth/christening. Then the family disappears with undocumented references of moving to Canada.

This Johannes Lasher seems a good candidate. At least one of them may have moved to Canada. Let me know what you think. I will transcribe his entire genealogy w/ siblings back to Sebastian Lasher b. 1668 in Germany if you would like.


Re: Lasher Family Association Website

Posted: 1094568274000
Classification: Query
am looking for information on a Tillie LASHER, b 1881 Norway who married Andrew MELOM, they resided in Sheridan Co. ND. They have known issue:

Millard MELOM 1906
Lillian V. 1909
Adaline J. 1913

I did a search for Tillie LASHER and am hoping you are related to Lillian MELOM.

Many people who settled in ND/SD were from Prussia and Norway. I look forward to hearing from you. I do have a photo of Andrew Melom's and Tillie Lacers home.

Jennifer DICKINSON Carswell
Keepers of the Fire

Re: Tillie Lasher

John Lasher (View posts)
Posted: 1101528933000
Classification: Query
Hi Jennifer,

I'm sorry to say I know nothing of a Tillie Lasher, and have no record in my files. However, I can tell you that during the '30 years war' in Europe, historical records say that soldiers from Sweden did take captives from the Palatine region of Germany to Scandinavia. This may account for Lasher/Lescher/Loescher surname in Scandinavia. I wish I could be of more help. Best wishes on your discoveries!

John Lasher

Re: John Lasher 1804 Canada

John F. Lasher (View posts)
Posted: 1101530679000
Classification: Query
Hi Diane,

I wanted to let you know of another clue that may confirm your John Lasher's ancestry. I haven't seen the original record, but I think that your John Lasher is the son of the Boshum Am. Lasher I mentioned in a previous post. I believe your John is the same John/Johannes Lasher who is baptized on 21 Aug 1804 as recorded in Albany Lutheran Church records. He is the son of Sebastian Lasher and Anna Falkenberg, and grandson of Marcus Lasher. Why I think this is that recently I've been working with several copies of original documents, reading these records has proved to be a most daunting and frustrating task. Reading the stylized cursive of that time in Canada is quite the task.

Anyhow, with this in mind, I was thinking about this John Lasher and of this Boshum Am. Lasher. Lashers who do not belong to the two well known early Lasher families. And the missing Sebastian Lasher family of New York, rumored to have gone to Canada. I realized that Sebastian Lasher's father was Marcus Lasher. Thus his middle name was probably Marcus. When officials were recording his name in cursive, Bastian M. Lasher could be misconstrued and mis-transcribed as Bosham Am. Lasher! So, I would recommend looking in to this original document located in the Ontario Public Archives in Ottawa.

I believe this is the connection you should be looking into, and the evidence all leads to this family.
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