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Wasdin/Wasden Ga>Al

Wasdin/Wasden Ga>Al

Cynthia G Griffin (View posts)
Posted: 997170969000
Classification: Census
Surnames: Wasden Wasdin Vaughn Walden
My My grgrgrandmother is Georgia R Wasden Vaughn she is the daughter of Wade Hampton Wasden and Roseanna Walden. In 1850 Jeffeson Co, Ga Hampton Wasden is living next door to Howell Wasden. Both name their first son Thomas and there is a Thomas Wasen that 78 years old born in Sussex Co Jefferson at this time. Are they brothers and Thomas their father?
In 1860 I cannot find him. In 1870 he is going by Wade Wasden and is living in Bullock Co, Al living next door to William Wasden. This William Wasden was in Pike Co Al in 1860.
I have attached some information I found in hopes that someone can help make a connection. Looking for Parents, siblings and children of son Thomas b 1840. I have some information on all his daughters.
Could all these Wasdens be brother?

Elijah Walden 210001 000001 pg 170
Elisha Walden 0000001 120001 pg 97
Henry Walden 0000001 00000001 pg 97
M. Walden 110001 1211001 pg 97
Phillip M Walden 0011001 0211011 pg 97
Pleasant Walden 10001 0001 pg 97
Samuel Walden 0000011001 000021 pg 97
Bryan Wasden 000001 100001 pg 96
Horse Wasden 10001 1001 pg 97
Freeman Wasden 000001 10001 pg 170
Thomas Wasden 0000100001 00010001 pg 96
William Wasden 00011 00001 pg 97

Thomas Wasdin 30001 00001 pg 203

William W Wasdin 31 m Al pg 306
Mary 35 f SC
Martha C 12 f Al
Andrew T 10 m Al
William 8 m Al
Simon 5 m Al

Elizabeth Wasdin 65 f NC pg 305
James 40 m Ga Deaf & Dumb

Morris Wasdin 44 m Ga pg 304
Elendor 43 f NC
Lucinda 18 f Al
Susan 14 f Al
Adaline 11 f Al
William 8 m Al
Mary E 6 f Al
Elendor 4 f Al

B.J. Wasdin 42 m Jefferson Co Ga pg 147
Rhonda A 45 f Washington Co Ga
Penny A 15 f Jefferson Co Ga
Marenda 16 f "

E.A. Wasdin 25 m Jefferson Co Ga pg 171

Freeman Wasdin 33 m Jefferson Co Ga pg 148
Louisa Waldin 24 f "
Mary J 12 f "
Lany 6 f "
Alexander 5 m "
Uni 2 f "
Ruth 6/ f "

Howell Wasdin 32 m Warren Co Ga pg 149
Ruthian 34 f "
Jasper 12 m "
Elizabeth 10 f Jefferson Co Ga
Wenis???? 7 m "

Hampton Wasdin 29 m Jefferson Co Ga pg 149
Anna 29 f "
Thomas 10 m "
Georgian 8 f "
Louisa 5 f "
Julia 2 f "

Phillip M Wasdin50 m Jefferson Co Ga pg 155
Kizzar 22 f Warren Co Ga
Mary E 17 f Jefferson Co Ga

Thomas Wasdin 78 m Sussex Co Va pg 149
Rachel 55 f Burke Co Ga
Larina 22 f Jefferson Co Ga

William Wasden 35 M Ga pg 242
Elizabeth 28 f "
Antoinette 13 f "
Mary Ann 10 f Al
James 9 m Al
Eliza Ann 6 f Al
William F 3 m Al
Buenavista 1 f Al
Franklin Samuels17 m Al

William Wasden 51 m Ga pg253
Martha 37 f Ga
James 17 m Al
Carlise 16 f Al
William 12 m Al
Buenavista 11 m Al

Wade Wasden 51 m Ga pg253
Anna 52 f Ga
Marintha 25 f Ga
Louisa 23 f Ga
Julia 21 f Ga

Hampton W Wasdin 65 m Al ed34 sh24 li42
Lula 25 f Al
Julia 21 f Al

William W Wasdin 56 m Al ed37 sh22
Martha M 41 f SC
Alabama 7 f Al
William R 2 m Al

1880 Coffee Co Al
Thomas Wasden 22 m Al ed45 sh53
Elizabeth 18 f Al
John 10/ m Al

S.P. Wasden 10 m Al ed60 sh28

William J Wasdan 35 m Al ed156 sh25
Mary 35 f Al
William T 14 m Al
Rboert E L 10 m Al
Alonso 8 m Al
Malissa 8 f Al
Lucinda B 6 f Al
John B 4 m Al
James 1 m Al

1880 PIKE
Mary L Wasden 35 f Al
Samuel P 9 m Al
Laura 7 f Al
William 3 m Al

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Wasdin/Wasden Ga>Al

Posted: 1044308884000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Vaughan, Wasden
Cynthia, your Georgia R. Wasden, wife of William Cletus Vaughan, is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, Elba, AL. Her sisters Julia and Lula were living with her. Lula married John Johnson. I also have an Essie Lou Wasden who married Clustus Vaughan, but have no connection. Who was Hampton's father? Thomas? By the age, I suspect that Thomas was a brother of my William J. Wasden, b 1768 in Surrey County, N. C. according to the Coffee County 1850 Mortality Index. He moved from Jefferson County, GA to Montgomery County, AL (an area that was in Lowndes County) and moved to Dale County (an area later in Coffee County). William J. named his oldest son Thomas so I would guess that his father was named Thomas. Do you have any data to indicate your Thomas' parents? I show Thomas, born 1772, with children Laura and Philip M.. Does your data agree with that? Thanks, Jim King

Re: Wasdin/Wasden Ga>Al

Posted: 1058815089000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1133661792000
Surnames: Wasden/Wasdin/Wasdon
The Wasden's of Jefferson County, GA are of interest to me. They were close neighbors to my ggggrandfather, Samuel Walden while in Jefferson and they must have owned land together. I see several entries in the early tax lists showing grantee as Walden & Wasden.

According to the tax lists, Thomas Wasdin/Wasden/Wasdon was there in 1794 and owned 450 acres. A Thomas Wasden, Jr. is shown also in 1794 owning no land. Elijah Wasden is added in 1799 owning no land but taxed as 1 poll.William Wasdin is added in 1805 owning no land, 1 poll. In 1812, Thomas Walden, Sr. files for daughter Elizabeth Walden (Thomas, Sr's wife must have died the previous year as this is typically how it showed in Jefferson tax lists after death.) In 1814, Thomas, Jr. filed as the Administrator of Thomas Wasden, Sr so he must have died in 1813/1814. Philip M. Wasden is shown by 1815 tax list owning 300 acres. Wade Hampton Wasden and Bryant Wasden come later in the 1820's as well as a Nancy Wasden. William Wasden is gone by 1825.

I have more info if you are interested. I have been trying to identify the Roseanna Walden who married Wade Hampton Wasden. I believe she was either Edward Walden's daughter or Eli Walden's daughter-most likely Eli from dates.

Re: Wasdin/Wasden Ga>Al

Posted: 1058816157000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1133661792000
Surnames: Wasden/Wasdin/Wasdon
I have information that makes me believe the marriage entry shown on Jefferson County, GA marriages for Eli "Wasden and Sarah Pilot/Pelot/Pyland/Pylant is really Eli Walden. I have all of the early tax lists for the W's in Jefferson County beginning 1794. All of the other Wasden's shown in your post were in fact on the tax lists. (See my post dated today 7/21/03 on this forum which lists the names in order and can help identify the parent.)

There is some connection to my ancestors, the Walden's to the Wasden's. Besides being close neighbors, there are several land entries on the tax lists that show ownership to Walden&Wasden jointly.

I will be happy to share any info I have on the Wasden's from my records and am located near Jefferson County and can do research should you be interested.

Re: Wasdin/Wasden Ga>Al

Posted: 1059064176000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1103406550000
Surnames: Wasden
I would be most interested in your information on the Wasdens of Jefferson County, GA. My William J. Wasden moved to AL ca 1820 from there. He was probably a son of Thomas, Sr.. Do you have any for on the back ground of Thomas Sr.? My e mail address is JasOKing@Aol.Com. Thanks, Jim King

Re: Thomas Wasdin/Wasden 1790 Early Records in Ga

Beverly Walden Black (View posts)
Posted: 1059137796000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Wasden
It looks like Thomas Wasden, Sr. was granted a headright grant of 450 acres in Burke County, Georgia in 1790. Jefferson County wasn't formed until 1796. (He must have had a large family then because most of the grants were around 150.

He is on the earliest tax digest of 1794 owning 450 acres and Thomas, Jr. is also on this list owning no land but taxed 1 poll. In 1799 an Elijah Wasden is added with no land to Jefferson County. Elijah is never shown again and I give warning that many times Walden and Wasden were interchanged. This Elijah may have been a Walden but it is unknown.

By 1803 Thomas, Sr., Thomas, Jr. and William are shown in Jefferson County, next door neighbors to the Walden's. Jefferson County bordered Warren County and William was listed in Warren County in 1805 still with no land. He must have been in his mid 20's just guessing.

Thomas, Sr. is listed as Parent of Elizabeth Wasden in 1812 so his wife must have died. I don't know who she was. A Phillip M. Wasden is on the tax list by 1815. The prior year in 1814 Thomas, Jr. filed as Admn. of Thomas Sr's Estate so he must have died in 1813. I would guess that Phillip may be Thomas Jr.'s son.

There are several Wasden marriages recorded in Jefferson County but most after 1815. One marriage Eli Wasden to Sara Pilot in 1815 is believed to be our Eli Walden as his wife is shown as Sara on the 1850 census and this would be about the right age for our Eli to marry - and based on his first son's birth. Sara Pilot's sister married Robert Pittman and Robert filed for Eli Walden on several tax digest's hence this decision.

The Walden and Wasden's floated across the Warren line during these early years and looks like William must have been there alot as not many records in Jefferson. Unfortunately Warren County does not have but a handfull of tax digests that were saved.

I may have more info once I check my sources if you want to contact me by email at

Re: Wasdin/Wasden Ga>Al

Posted: 1148955816000
Classification: Query
My gr gr grandparents are Freeman Wasden and Louisa Belle Fields. I have been told that the father of Freeman and his brothers Hampton and Howell is William H Wasden. I can't get beyond William. Can you?
Thanks, Agnes Wasden Green

Re: Wasdin/Wasden Ga>Al

Posted: 1210294133000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Wasden,
I just found these posts. I know they are a little old, but my grgrgrandmother was also Georgia R. Wasden. I have been trying and trying to find out some information about her. I know that one of my great great greatgrandmothers was a full blooded Indian and I am trying to figure out which one. If anyone has any information on Greorgia pelase let me know.
Thank you,

Re: Wasdin/Wasden Ga>Al

Posted: 1246925499000
Classification: Query
The address, Agnes 240 is wrong. My address is Thanks Agnes

Re: Wasdin/Wasden Ga>Al

Posted: 1278654075000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Wasden, Thompson, Usry, Wilson
Does anyone have any family information on Joseph Wasden? Does anyone know the name of his parents? Was it perhaps Bryant Wasden and Polithia Thompson Wasden? I have information that his wife was Marianne Wilson and that she was from either New York or Minnesota.

Thanks for any assistance that you can provide! Have a good night!


Howard Wasden

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