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Hague family - Ohio

Hague family - Ohio

Ray Hague (View posts)
Posted: 944382631000
searching for information on family genealogy
for Hague family in Ohio. Relativies of Harry
Elmer Hague, born 22Nov 1895 Died 1984 in Dover
Ohio. SSN 284-09-6703. Married to Blanche Hague
born 10 June 1902 Died 1996 in Dover Ohio SSN
280-22-0220. Elmer worked in a Brick plant and
resided in Urichsville, Ohio.

Hague family tree

Andrew Hague (View posts)
Posted: 947189194000
The lineage of the Hague name appears to be a most elusive trail. My father was Harry Michael Hague and he was from Utah. His father was George Henry Hague (who went by Harry Hague all of his life) and his Grandfather was George Hague who I am told had 2 siblings, Henry Hague and Sally Hague (Calder). I have some information that George Hague died in a Montana Copper mine accident in the late 1800s. It is amazing how many "Harry Hagues" there are in the phone books currently. I would appreciate if you have any information that connects with the limited information that I have.

Elmer Hague

Jim (View posts)
Posted: 963691254000
My my grandfather, Carl C. Hawk, married a Florence Hague (B. 1895-d.1935). Her parents were Elmer Hague and Anna (Davis) Hague.Do you have any names in your line that match these? I thought maybe Florence and Harry Elmer could be brother and sister. Any connection would be an asset.
Thank You

Hague - Harry Blanche

Sandy Miller (View posts)
Posted: 965033432000
I am just starting my search on my family name and found out that my grandfather was Kenneth Hague born in Zanesville in 1905. My mother remembers a relative named Blanche Hague. I was wondering if there could be a connection. Any information would be helpful.

Blanche hague

Ray Hague (View posts)
Posted: 965042889000
hi Sandy!

Well, as you are probably just figuring out,
the Hague's did not keep very accurate geneology
records. I will tell you what I know.

The Blanche Hague I mention was born Blanche Bartholomew
(spelling may be slightly different), and married
Harry Elmer Hague, who worked in a brick plant
in Urichsville/Dennison. They had two sons, one of
which died in childbirth, and the other was
Harry William Hague. Their was also
a daughter born of Blanche and Harry Elmer,
her name is Mary. She married a Butch Riley,
and the still reside somewhre in the Urichville/
Dennison area...she may have better records than
I do. You will have to hunt down the Riley family
in Tuscarawas Co. and find her.
I believe my father was named for another Hague
probably a grandfather or great grandfather
If you discover a relationship, please let me know!
my father's family (Harry W. Hague): married a
HIlda Hellen Gagner from Nigara falls NY, had three
children: Mary Ellen (oldest) living in Mechanictown
Ohio, Harry Arthur Hague, who is married with two
siblings, and Harry R. Hague, who is married
to a Carla Flinner and has two kids, Jason
Michael and Melissa Christina.

Wrong first name for Mary Riley

Ray Hague (View posts)
Posted: 965043013000
her first name is Betty. Sorry. Hope you
catch this. Her Husband goes by "Rocky"
apologize for the mistake there.

Harry's have to indicate a common link

Ray Hague (View posts)
Posted: 965044501000
according to anecdotal reports...In Ohio
There was a Harry Elmer Hague, whose son
was Harry William Hague, supposedly named
after a great grandfather. There are two
sons of Harry William, these are Harry Arthur
and Harry Raymond. The Harry was supposed to
have been a "family tradition"...Harry Elmer
lived and died the in Urichville/Dennison Ohio area, was a brick
maker by trade, and married a Blanche Bartholomew.

I also remember my grandfather speaking of a "Henry"
but I have no affirming records...There is
a daughter of Harry Elmer, her name is Betty Riley
and she is still alive and living in the
Dennison/Urichville Ohio area, married to a
"Rocky" Riley. I have not had contact with
the family for a long time...they were not
that close knit. Good Luck. Let me know what
if anything you turn up. It is beginning to sound
like therewas an exodus of Hagues from England to the
US West Coast in the early 1800's, and the
depositied the occasional loose Hague here and
there along the way.

Harry Elmer

Ray Hague (View posts)
Posted: 965044615000
married a Blanche Bartholomew and lived and died
in the Urichville/Dennison ohio area.
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