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Gentry family Weaubleau, Mo.

Gentry family Weaubleau, Mo.

June Gregorio (View posts)
Posted: 931466046000
Here is some info I have on some Gentrys:
John T. Gentry
Born Sept. 11, 1853 Mo.
Died Dec. 4, 1936
Alice Serena Grimes
Born July 31, 1861
Died Sept. 29, 1949 Loveland, Co.
Daughter Anna Delphia Gentry
Born Dec. 11, 1889 Weaubleau, Mo.
Died in Loveland, Co.
Married Oct.3, 1914
James Edward Fentress
Born Nov. 10, 1884 Weaubleau, Mo.
Died Apr. 23, 1980 Loveland, Co.
Daughter Wanda Pauline Fentress
Born Dec. 18, 1915 Weaubleau, Mo.
Died Dec. 20, 1991 San Pedro, Ca.
Buried Green Hills, San Pedro, Ca.
Married Dec. 25, 1937
Neal Charbourne Davis
Born Mar. 17, 1911 Loveland, Co.
Died Oct. 10, 1986 San Pedro, Ca.
Buried Green Hills, San Pedro, Ca.
Daughter Wanda Sharon Davis
Born May 4, 1940 Loveland, Co.
Married Apr. 20, 1957
Terry Allan Crostic
Born May 22, 1940 Long Beach, Ca.
June Elaine (ME)
Kathleen Louise
Barbara Terry
Allen David
Daniel Walter
If anyone has other info to share or wants more on my family, please reply. Thanks

Gentry S.E. Missouri

Chris Hayes (View posts)
Posted: 931516113000
>Here is some info I have on some Gentrys:
>John T. Gentry
>Born Sept. 11, 1853 Mo.
>Died Dec. 4, 1936 Weaubleau, Mo.

Hi. Do you have much information on John Gentry? I am trying to locate information on a Walter Gentry. He married Margaret J. Connors (2 Jan. 1868- 17 Oct. 1957).

Where is Weaubleau, Mo.?

thank in advance
Chris Hayes

Walter Gentry

Sharry Smith (View posts)
Posted: 932857143000
I am also researching the GENTRY surname, as it is my mother's maiden name. Like you, I am looking for a Walter Gentry, among others. I do not have any dates, but will share what little I have.

My Walter had two brothers and one (adopted) sister: Homer, John Raymond, and Bessie. It's believed that Walter was born in Kansas. There is some dispute as to his parents' names: Issac(sp?) L. Gentry and Cora E. (Parish)Gentry. "Issac" died in the early 1940's in Michigan.

I have found that sometimes it's easier to pin down an ancestor according to the siblings and/or children, rather than the parents. This has proven itself in extreme cases, though. Let me know if this information helps you.

Sharry Smith


June (View posts)
Posted: 935253720000
Weaubleau is north of Bolivar and Springfield near Hwy 54 and Hwy 160. I have a little book about it's first 100 years. It's a very small town. I'll try to find info for you on Walter.

Charles Walter Gentry

Jeff Gentry (View posts)
Posted: 936321964000
I don't have a strong connection, but my great great great great uncle was Charles Walter Gentry, born February 2, 1888. I recall mentions of an Aunt Bessie and the Parish family name from when I was a child. I am going to a 4 generation family reunion tomorrow. I have printed you information and I will ask my grandmother. Perhaps there is a connection.

Gentry Family Mo.

Bob Gentry (View posts)
Posted: 936946808000
I am interested in John T. Gentry, do you know who his parents were?
I also have a Laura Fentress that married into the Gentry
family in 1898 Ohio Co. Kentucky.
Please advise

gentry family, from Bob Gentry in Calif.

jeff gentry (View posts)
Posted: 939145709000
jeff, david allen gentry b. 1853 Hart Twp., Warrick Co., Indiana, his father was John b. 1832 Piegon Twp., Warick Co., Indiana the mother was Jane Rainey. Johns father was Mathew b.1824 Surry Co., North Carolina, Mathews wife was Nancy L. Staten. You also were looking for Dale, Indiana. Dale, Carter Twp., Spencer Co., Indiana. This is from a very old map book of Indiana that I have. I have further info if you want it all the way back to 1620's in England.
Get back to me and let me know if I can help you more??

David Allen Gentry

Jeff Gentry (View posts)
Posted: 939938984000

Thanks for all the information. I have a couple of questions for you.

What is the source of your information?

How can Matthew b. 1824 be the father of John b. 1832 when he is only 8 years older? Is it a typo?

Do you have any interest in the descendents of David Allen?


Jeff Gentry

david allen gentry

bob gentry (View posts)
Posted: 940180185000
jeff, yes, I am interested in the descendents of his that you can provide. And yes there was a typo!!!. US Census of 1850 shows Mathew b.1804 North Carolina, and on the same page is Thomas b.1815 who is probably his brother. Nancy his wife was shown to be from Kentucky. Marriage on LDS ewcords shows 7 Jul 1822. If you should have too much to type in for the descendents of David Allen Gentry, you could send it by snail mail. Robert Allen Gentry, 6256 Rockrose Drive, Newark, Calif. 94560. Look forward to hearing from you..

Bob Gentry

David Allen Family

bob gentry (View posts)
Posted: 940180645000
Husband: Mathew Gentry

Birth: 1804 Place: Surry Co., North Carolina
Father: Mathew Gentry (1773-1870)
Mother: Mary (1795-)

Marriage: 7 Jul 1822 Place: Warrick Co., Indiana

Wife: Nancy L. Staten

Birth: About 1804 Place: Kentucky


1. M Child: John Gentry
Birth: About 1823 Place: Warrick Co., Indiana
Death: About 1824 Place: Warrick Co., Indiana
Occupation: Infant Death, Renamed In 1832

2. M Child: Christopher Gentry
Birth: 1833 Place: Pigeon Twp., Warrick Co., Indiana

3. M Child: John Gentry
Birth: 1832/1835 Place: Pigeon Twp., Warrick Co., Indiana
Spouse: Jane Rainey
Marriage: 14 Mar 1858 Place: Warrick Co., Indiana

4. M Child: James Gentry
Birth: 1826/1837 Place: Pigeon Twp., Warrick Co., Indiana
Spouse: Mary A. Green
Marriage: 4 Apr 1855 Place: Warrick Co., Indiana

5. M Child: Samuel Gentry
Birth: Jul 1842 Place: Pigeon Twp., Warrick Co., Indiana
Spouse: Catherine Reed

6. F Child: Elizabeth Gentry
Birth: 1842 Place: Pigeon Twp., Warrick Co., Indiana

7. F Child: Melissa A. Gentry
Birth: 1844 Place: Pigeon Twp, Warrick Co., Indiana

8. F Child: Sarah C. Gentry
Birth: 1848 Place: Pigeon Twp, Warrick Co., Indiana

9. F Child: Caroline Gentry
Birth: 1849 Place: Owewns Twp., Warrick Co., Indiana

10. M Child: John D. J. Gentry
Birth: 1855 Place: Pigeon Twp., Warrick Co., Indiana

11. F Child: Rachel C. Gentry
Birth: 1857 Place: Pigeon Twp., Warrick Co., Indiana

12. M Child: Elijah S. Gentry
Birth: About 1859 Place: Pigeon Twp., Warrick Co., Indiana

Husbands Notes...

Mathew is believed to be child number 3 in family 227 in the hardbound book,showing that he was born in North Carolina. LDS records show Mathew gentry married to a Nancy Staten in Warrick Co., Indiana.

U.S.Census 1850, shows Mathew b.1804 N.C.and Nancy with family , located in pigeon Twp., Warrick Co., Indiana. The second entry on the same census shows Thomas Gentry, who is probably his brother who was born 1815 in Kentucky, possibly enroute to Indiana. Thomas being child number five in the same family. pg 370 line 1 thru 11.

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