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Cardwell Line

Cardwell Line

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Janet-Here is the information that I have on the Cardwell Line. John Cardwell IV,b.1709,Netherton,Thornhill, Yorkshire,England;m.1736;d.? Married:Martha Wainwright,b.1706,Otulane, Yorkshire,England;d.? Son:William Cardwell,b.1737,Netherton, Yorkshire,England;d.1773,Briestwisle, Yorkshire,England. Married:Mary ? of Hostingly,b.abt.1732, Hostingly,Yorkshire,England;d.1806,Thornhill,Yorkshire,England. Parents of:Thomas CardwellRobert J.Cardwell Thomas Cardwell,b.abt.1750,Yorkshire,England ;d.1799,Granville,North Carolina; Married:Mary Freeman,1787,Amelia,Virginia Children:(13)Leonard,Thomas,William N.,John, Caleb,Anderson,Dudley,Nelson,Richard Wilson, Mary,Sarah,Sally, Nancy.(W.N.+Ann Lawrence; R.W.+ Margaret P.Loyd; Nancy + Asa Stem). Robert J.Cardwell,b.1762,Yorkshire,England; d.1839,Campbell Co.,Virginia. Married:Alice Rucker,b.1762,Amherst,Virginia ;d.aft.1839,Campbell Co.,Virginia. Children:(8)William Amos,James Dixon,John Thomas,Robert Jr.,Anthony Rucker,Sarah, Elizabeth, Thomas Dixon. (W.A.+ Sarah Moore Wood; J.D.+ Elizabeth Walker; A.R.+ Mary C. Perryman).

Robert Cardwell of Campbell Co., Va.

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I noted with interest your ancestors of Robert and his 1762 birth date. Especially since his 1839 obituary in the Lynchburg Virginan says that he was 'in his 93 year' when he died on Feb. 14, 1839 which means he had to have been born before that date in 1747, and probably in 1746. If the William of Netherton,b. 1732(I have seen dates as late as 1737), was his father he was 14/15 years of age at time of Robert's birth. While not impossible, it is questionable. Is there any documentation to prove that this Robert was the son of this William? I am very interested as I am Robert's g-g-g-g-g-grandson.

Robert Cardwell of Campbell Co.,Va.

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Dear Glen: Would like to share information, if you have an E-Mail address! You are probably right with your death date. Seems you have done your research. I got some of my information from a resourch center of the Morman Church. Their computer programs of family histories are quiet extensive. Sometimes, though, their birth death dates have "before","after",or"about" before the dates. In my computer at home, my ancestrial program does not allow for these prefixes, so I have to make notes. When I got your message, I checked my records at home and it states "before 1762". Thanks for the correct information. It seems everyone may have some basic information on an ancester,but some may have specific information in some area, and others may have specific information in another area. This is why it's so great to have this and other forums to chat and exchange information. If everyone gave up their specific information to everyone else, then maybe all of us my get the "whole picture". Thankyou for responding. Looking forward to exchanging information.

Robert Cardwell of Campbell County, Va.

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I would be most happy to share any information I have with you. My e-mail address is I don't know whether Robert came to Va. from England or was born there. As you can see for yourself, the names William, Thomas, James and Robert seem to exist throught out the Virginia Cardwell's and those staying in England.

One interesting tidbit is that the Rucker's were a prominent family in the area at that time and much information on them is available. My sister has looked in the Alexandera, Va. library and found it there. It is interesting to note that Alice is not mentioned anywhere. Did she marry an older man over the objections of her family and became an outcast? Don't know but it is an interesting point to consider. Also, Robert is known to have purchased only one or two tracts of land. Yet he gave many more to his children. Where did it come from? From Alice?

I have used the FamilySearch site and have visited the LDS library. Both my wife and I found data errors in our lines but I certainly do not want to discredit that source but, like all other sources, they should be double checked if possible.

robert cardwell

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A large article appeared in the summer of 1989 in the "Official Publication of the Butler County Historical Society" called the Kentucky Traces. The whole article was about Wm. Amos Cardwell and Robert Cardwell. It is Volume 12 No. 4. I'm just passing on info. Unfortunatly, it is not my William Cardwell.

Kentucky Trace's Article

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It is always interesting, perhaps surprising, when something you had written more than ten years ago is cited. Sorry this was not your William.

Re: Robert Cardwell of Campbell County, Va.

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I have read your responses with much interest. I am a descendant of Robert Cardwell too and our family has long believed that Robert came to Virginia from Thornhill vs. the new arguements that he came from Ireland.

Hoping to find information that would confirm the true origins of Robert Cardwell. Was he born in England and pass through Ireland, or truly born in Ireland.

James (Jay) Cardwell
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