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Where is "Kanabec"?

Where is "Kanabec"?

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Surnames: Ellis
I just received a copy of a Declaration of Intent for an Andrew Ellis, immigrant from Canada to Minnesota. He gives his birthplace as "Kanabec" (or maybe Kanabie?) Canada. The only place I can find similar to this is Kenabeek in the Temiskaning region; however the history for that region says it was not settled until 1886 and Andrew was born in 1880. I tried the Canadian 1881 census on the LDS site, but no luck. The only other place I can see that is close is Canobie in New Brunswick. But he gives his last place of residence before immigrating as "Madoc, Ontario." The only further clues I have is that Andrew always gives his birth as "French" Canada on the census, and was Catholic. Does anyone have a clue as to where this Kanabec/Kanabie might be?

Re: Where is "Kanabec"?

Eileen (View posts)
Posted: 1111886895000
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1901 Census
Madoc, Hastings County, Ontario

3 18 21 Morecroft John M Head M b. Jun 1 1822 age 79
3 19 21 Morecroft Nancy F Wife b. Jul 1825 age 76
3 20 21 Morecroft Annie F Daughter S b. Jul 30 1867 age 33
3 21 21 Morecroft Electa F Daughter W b. Jul 8 1871 age 29
3 22 21 Morecroft Hurrell T. M Son S b. Apr 2 1893 age 7
3 23 21 Morecroft Grace F Daughter S b. Oct 29 1896 age 4
3 24 21 Ellis Andrew M Domestic S b. Aug 10 1881 age 19

Source Information: 1901 Census of Canada
Subdistrict: Madoc, HASTINGS (North/Nord), ONTARIO
District Number: 71
Subdistrict Number: h-1
Archives Microfilm: T-6473

Andrew gives his birthplace as Ontario. Methodist, farm laborer.

In the 1920 Minnesota census, he gives his ethnicity as English; born Canada; father's birthplace given as unknown; mother's birthplace given as Canada (English). Do you have his marriage registration in Minnesota?

In the 1930 census, it states he was born in Quebec (but also written as Canada-English); hence, he was an Englishman born in Quebec, which doesn't make him French).

Can you scan and post a copy of the naturalization papers to this board, so we can have a look to see if we can decipher the birthplace.

Re: Where is "Kanabec"?

LibbyCoonHenson (View posts)
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Kathie :

There is a Kennebec Township in Addington Co., Ont., near Madoc,Hastings Co.
Since the 1881 census was taken before Andrew's birth on Aug. 10, 1881, he does not appear. However, in the same census in Huntingdon, Hastings N., there is an Ellise family.

Walker Ellise Irish 25 born Ont. farmer C. Methodist
Isabel Ellise Irish 25 born Ont. "
Emmie Ellise Irish 1 born Ont.

In the !901 census, the same family, now spelled Ellis, is living in the same place, with 4 children at home, Ellen, 13, Phoebe, 6, Willie, 4 & Annie, 1.

At the same time, in Kennebec, Addington Co., there was a James Ellis, born Feb. 13, 1887, listed as an adopted son with Thomas & Harriet Woodcock. I suspect that he is also a son of Walker & Isabel Ellis & possibly a brother to Andrew.

To access the 1901 automated census online go to - - -
The transcription does not list place of birth. However, if you go the top of the page on which a person is listed & use the split screen, for the original census, then click on their # sequence, & scroll to the right, it is usually listed.

Good Hunting !

Re: Where is "Kanabec"?

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Surnames: Ellis
Thanks for the speedy reply. It sure looks like the right person, except his birthdate is entirely wrong as the Declaration says 26 October.

I have Andrew also on the 1910 census in Minn. and his birthplace there is given as "French Canada" as are both of his parents. Also, my grandfather visited him in about 1916 and grandpa always referred to him as French Canadian. I also assumed he was Catholic (his wife was).

I have searched in vain for his marriage info. His wife was 18 years older than him (altho' she fudged her age in every document) and was in Minn. almost ten years before he was. She apparently had an earlier marriage, but I have no clue who her first husband was, or even the surname.

Am attaching a copy of the Declaration.

Re: Where is "Kanabec"?

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Surnames: Ellis
Ah! This last message came in while I was sending the last one. Since Kennebec Twp. was close to Madoc it sounds very likely.

In his declaration, Andrew said he was born 26 Oct 1880, so I hoped to find him on the 1881 census, but he and his wife both lied about their ages on every census. I don't think either one of them had a very clear idea of when they were born..!

Thanks so much. I've had a query on the Minnesota board for years about this family, but have never gotten a response. :-)

Re: Where is "Kanabec"?

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Unfortunately, I can't help you with the place name. But just because he was identified as being born in French-Canada, doesn't make him French. He may well have been born in Quebec of English parents; however, telling American enumerators that you were born in Quebec, may well have made you French in their eyes.

When and where did Andrew and Ellen die? Do you have their death registrations? Remember that he was illiterate (made his mark on his naturalization papers), so the birthdate is probably also a bit up for discussion.

There are only 117 entries for Ellis' in Quebec in the 1880 census, born in Quebec, so you may want to see if Andrew could fit into one of the groupings -- it may give you some idea of where to continue your search.

Re: Where is "Kanabec"?

Eileen (View posts)
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There would have been an 1891 census where Andrew should appear with his parents; if you post to the Hastings board, you may be able to find someone who can do a lookup for you.

All of the census are also available through the LDS.

His birth registration will also be available through the LDS. The Ontario Archives' has a good pathfinder which explains the process:

Assorted Records from the Bridge St. Wesleyan Methodist (now United Church), Belleville

Reuben Albert ELLIS, b. Huntington, of same, s/o John WALKER Ellis & Isabella HOWARD married Martha BLAIR, 20, b. Sidney, of same, d/o James BLAIR & Mother Unknown, Witn: Craig MCINTYRE & Maggie MONTGOMERY, Belleville 27 Dec. 1899.

According to the 1901 census, this Reuben Albert was born April 29, 1880 so wonder if this is the child with the couple in 1881, misidentified as Emmie?

Re: Where is "Kanabec"?

LibbyCoonHenson (View posts)
Posted: 1111947313000
Classification: Query
You're welcome Kathie. If it turns out that Andrew was the son of Walker Ellis, you may want to check out the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid at
Walker is buried in New White Lake Cemetery in Huntingdon, Hastings Co. Ref. Q-H1087. I noticed some Ellis postings for both the Hastings & Lennox & Addington Rootweb Boards. -
Click on Counties / District. You might get some helpful results by posting there.
Have seen postings for Kennebec on the Frontenac Board as well.
Another possibility for surname ELLIS. See
I would follow any advice that Eileen gives you as she is a reliable & dedicated researcher. I just wondered if Quebec & Kennebec might not sound the same to an American Immigration Official, in those days.

Happy Easter
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Re: Where is "Kanabec"?

Posted: 1112232899000
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You may be looking for Kennebec County (there's also a lake - no village) which is in Frontenac County (Kingston and north). Try the Ontario GenWeb county site:

The centre of the township is Highway 7 and three townships west is the Township of Madoc and the village of Madoc.

Re: Where is "Kanabec"?

Posted: 1112816903000
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I am a little confused...there is a Kennebec Twp. in both Frontenac Co., and in Addington Co.? Which one would lie closer to Madoc? I am having trouble finding a good county map of Ontario and even more trouble finding county maps which list the Twps....
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