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Tutty / Totty of Cape Breton

Tutty / Totty of Cape Breton

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Totty, Tutty
I am inquiring for research for my friend from California -
His ancestors immigrated to Boston, Massachusetts 1856 -1857. We are aware that there is no census in Cape Breton earlier than 1861. We are also contacting researcher at Beaton. Hope to Connect with other descendants with info.
------------ THOMAS TOTTY/TUTTY ---born in Cape Breton born unknown - (but guessing it is before 1820)
We find no record of him in the US with his family. Date of birth is unknown but his wife was born in 1820. The oldest son in the US that we have found is James was born in Jan 1849 so they had to be married before 1848 in Cape Breton. We find Thomas's name on his children wedding registers but do not find him on any US census or directory. So either he immigrated and died before records, or he died in Cape Breton and family came separately.
His WIFE--> JESSIE (or Jane) MCINTOSH born in Cape Breton 1820
– immigrated around 1857 to Boston, Massachusetts. ------------------------------->
We find the following 4 Totty children according to 1870 US census. We know there could have been other children born in Cape Breton.------------
JAMES TOTTY + born 9 Jan 1849 - Cape Breton
[married Elizabeth Wake in US] ++++++++++++

ANNIE TOTTY + born 1850 – Cape Breton
[married Daniel McGregor in US] +++++++++

JOHN THOMAS TOTTY + April 1854 – Cape Breton
[married Lillie Coburn in US} +++++++

JOHANNA OR JOSEPHINE Born about 1857 Cape Breton
[no record of her after US Census 1870]

============================== [Note: The two sons took up occupation as potters.]=======

To wrap up here is the only information we know about other TUTTY families in Cape Breton. We believe are related due to the names..... meaning that the Totty family of possibly immigrated from Main-a-dieu, Cape Breton area.
1860 - 1861 CENSUS for Main-a-dieu, Cape Breton
{Page 54}
James Tutty / William Tutty SR / William Tutty JR
/ John Tutty / Thomas Tutty / Simon Tutty /
Samuel Tutty /
1861 Census for Louisbourg ---- Tutty Catherine (Page 65)
Tutty, David & Thomas (Page 62)

Re: Tutty / Totty of Cape Breton

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Classification: Query
Surnames: TUTTY
Reference your Josephine. I have her as being married 4 FEB 1874 in Boston, parents shown as Thomas and Jane. Spouse is Arthur MOONEY B: about 1853 in St. John, New Brunswick. He is 21 years of age, shown as a Mariner, parents John and Eleanor. First marriage for both.
I have a fair amount of TUTTY information as they are a direct line of my family but have not connected Thomas and Jane as off yet. Did not have any info on Annie, John Thomas or James and will make note of what you presented for future use. Should you or you friend be able to provide more info I would be willing to share what I have on the TUTTY families here in Nova Scotia

Re: Tutty / Totty of Cape Breton

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I think this is a connect.

Would be happy to share detailed information with you via census and marriage documents. Depending on how you want to view it. You could view his tree on or by email. Your preference.

Re: Tutty / Totty of Cape Breton

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Classification: Query
Surnames: TUTTY
Would very much like to see his tree which might connect some of the dot's and dashes for me

Re: Tutty / Totty of Cape Breton

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Please note that I have found ONE MORE child of Thomas and Jessie/Jane Totty:

born Aug 1842 in Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

Marriage to Stephen E Brown on 28 Nov 1867 in Boston

Re: Tutty / Totty of Cape Breton

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Hello Helen,

I spent all of my summers in Mira Gut, Cape Breton. The house next to us was owned by a Lingan Tutty. The property was in his family for many generations. The reason that I am mentioning this to you is there is a Cemetery in Mira Gut along the road on the ocean that has a number of Tuttys buried there. If your able to find someone in the area to take a look something might turn up.

I would offer but I am currently in Ontario. Next time I'm home to visit (next summer) I'll be sure to take a look.


Re: Tutty / Totty of Cape Breton

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Tutty / Totty

Thank you so much!

Everything helps. If I don't find someone who has already posted that online somewhere I will take you up on your offer next time you go home.


Re: Tutty / Totty of Cape Breton

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This may help:

I found a Thomas Tutty, died 1929 in Big Lorraine, Cape Breton County.

Age 96 DOB 1832. Lists his father as a William Tutty born in England and mother as Mart To????? born in Nova Scotia.

Big Lorne is rough between Mira Gut and Louisbourg.

Hope this helps.


Re: Tutty / Totty of Cape Breton

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Totty/Tutty
Thanks. The Thomas Tutty you found is not the same as the one I am looking for.
I have collected most of the information that is online about the Totty/Tutty's in Cape Breton that is available. None of it matches this family I am hunting.
Someday when I can get ahold of passenger lists from Cape Breton to Boston I might track down when the family came and who was part of the party.
thanks, Helen

Re: Tutty / Totty of Cape Breton

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Cann/Townsend/Forrester/MacKay
Hi folks

I have a lot of information on the early Tuttys in Cape Breton. Jonathan Tutty whose first wife Mary (surname unknown) had six known children born in Cape Breton in the late 1700s and then with his second wife Esther Forrester had two more. I would suggest the Thomas that Helen is looking for is the grandchild of Jonathan as there were no other Tutty families in the Main-a-Dieu/Louisbourg areas. Jonathan came from Leeds, England. I am happy to share the information I have with both of you if you would like. There might be a clue in what I have to identify the mysterious Thomas.

The Thomas whose death record you referred to Peter was the son of William Tutty and Mary Townsend. William was the son of the aforementioned Jonathan and Esther. Jonathan had a son Joseph who married Mary Ann MacKay and they had a son Thomas William b. 1812 who might be a good candidate for the fellow who went to Boston.

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