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DC Peacocks

DC Peacocks

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Looking for Paul Yates Peacock and his wife, hopefully Mary Katherine Carroll.

Does anyone out there have Peacocks in the DC area, mine were in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Re: DC Peacocks

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I have a William Peacock (b. 1859 in NJ; d. 1944 in DC) who was apprentice printer at the U.S. Printing Office and printed the Congressional record at night to be on the desks the next morning.
He served in the Spanish-American War, Lieutenant, 4th USA Infantry; his burial flag is in possession of Oris Friesen (that's me.) He married Kate Stewart Pickels in Wilmington, DE, on 27 Nov 1883.

They had 6 children: isabella, Samuel, Natalie, Catherine, William and Ruth. Ruth was born in 1903 in the DC area. the others were born in NJ.

Could there be a connection here?

D.C. Peacoks

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Orsin, Thanks so much for the reply. It seems possible there could be a connection. Especially since I have not heard from any other PEACOCK families in DC. I have the line back quite a way, but don't know where some of them were from and am trying to find more details (like you have). I have:

Mary Estelle “Stella” PEACOCK1
Birth: 30 Jun 1899 DIST. OF COLUMBIA
Death: 8 Sep 1945 Fresno Co., CA
Burial: 11 Sep 1940 Smith Mtn. Cem., Sultana, Tulare, CA
Burial Memo: With Marvin, block 271
Known As: Stella
Father: Paul Yates PEACOCK (1877-1899)
Mother: Mary Kathryn CARROLL (-1945)
Name: Paul Yates PEACOCK
Birth: 1877
Death: 11 Nov 1899
Occupation: Farmer
Father: Naaman PEACOCK (1843-)
Mother: Margaret Roberta HITAFFER (1854-)
1: Mary Kathryn CARROLL
Birth: Washington, D.C.?
Death: 8 Sep 1945 Washington, D.C.?5
Notes: LA FEVERE OR PEARSON Connected To Her In Some Way perhaps a second husband that according to my mother-in-law murdered her.
Known As: Kathryn

Have you connected your William with any PEACOCK line? I go back from Paul to Naaman (b. 1843 Fairfax VA) to Thomas J. (1811-1897) to Hezekiah (ca 1775) to Benjamin (1736 to 1818) to Thomas (ca 1710). But like I say, mostly dates, not a lot of details. Although I have a great bit of info on the oldest of these, Thomas. “Thomas Peacock ran away from home in Scotland and settled in Conneticut where he married and had three sons. Thomas, Henry Benjamin. While the boys were still young their mother died, then their father died. A Colonel MINOR took the boys into his own family and brought them up. When they were of age he gave them their choice of keeping their own name or assuming his. Benjamin and Henry took the name of their father [PEACOCK] and Thomas took the name MINOR. Henry Benjamin left Conneticut and the families drifted apart.” According to Wisconsin Families: “Bible Records, Pages for preservation in print of data recorded in Wisconsin Family Bibles, by Mrs. H. C. Blaneling, page 43, Quarterly - June 1940 issue.

Let me know what you think. I am happy to share any info I have.


D.C. Peacocks

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I doubt that we have an intersection of ancestors her. My Peacocks definitely came from the New Jersey area in the 1800s (rather than Virginia, as yours did). There could be a conection in the earlier years (before 1830) because I don't have any information on the predecessors to Samuel peacock, who was born around 1835. Below is the the information I have on all of my Peacocks who had an association with Washington D.C.

1 Samuel Peacock
Birth: ca 1835
Death: ? , probably NJ
Father: Peacock
The birth date is an estimate based upon the birthdate of his oldest child.
Samuel and Elizabeth lived at Finley Station, Upper Deerfield Township(?), Cumberland County, New Jersey in 1888. They had a large family, birth order unknown.

Finley Station was located roughly 3 miles northeast of Bridgeton, NJ, and had a population of 57 people in 1895.
Prior to living in Finley Station, they seem to have lived in Downe Township, Cumberland County, which includes the town of Fortescue, where their oldes son William was born. Samuel Peacock, from Downe Township, Cumberland County, New Jersey, was mustered into the 25th New jersey Infantry, Company D, of the Union Army as a 1st Lieutenant on 5 Sep 1862.

Spouse: Elizabeth Andreson
Birth: ? 1840, Sweden
Death: ? , probably NJ
Children: Anna (ca1858-?) Lived in western US much of her life.

William (1859-1944) Moved to DC area ca. 1900.
Samuel (ca1864-?)
Sarah (Sally) Natalie (ca1870-)
Thomas (ca1870-?) Lived in Philadelphia area much of his life.
Dave (ca1872-?)
Benjamin -Lived in Philadelphia area much of his life.
Elizabeth - Lived in New Jersey area much of her life.
Mary -
Rhett -Lived in Philadelphia area much of his life.

1.2 William Peacock Sr.
Birth: 1 Apr 1859, Fortescue NJ
Death: 5 Jul 1944, Washington DC
Burial: 7 Aug 1944, Arlington National Cemetery, VA
Occ: Printer
William was apprentice printer at the U.S. Printing Office and printed the Congressional record at night to be on the desks the next morning.
He served in the Spanish-American War, Lieutenant, 4th USA Infantry; burial flag in possession of Oris (b. 4 Jan 1940) and Carey Lea (Burbank) Friesen (b. 7 Jul 1942).
Another source gives his birthplace as Bridgeton, NJ.
Spouse: Kate Stewart Pickels
Birth: 10 Oct 1861, Wilmington DE
Death: 28 Jan 1923, Washington DC
Father: Zachariah Pickels (1838->1890)
Mother: Isabella Fletcher (1838-1907)
Marr: 27 Nov 1883, St. Pauls ME Church, Wilmington, DE
Children: Isabella (Isabelle) Makepeace (1884-1971) Lived in DC area much of her life.
Samuel (Sam) (1886-ca1950) Lived in DC area much of his life.
Natalie Josephine (1889-1954) Lived in DC area much of her life.
Katherine (1891-) Lived in DC area much of her life.
William (1894-1940) Grew up in DC and lived in Philadelphia area much of his life.
Ruth Elizabeth (1903-ca1992) Lived in DC area much of her life.

DC Peacocks

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Oris, Thanks so much for the info. I'll have to assume you are correct. I kept your info appreciate it. If I ever find a tie, I'll post to

Thanks again. janis

Re: D.C. Peacoks

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Janis: I think your LeFevere connection is really Naaman and Roberta's daughter's husband. She was Eva Peacock and married a John Richard LeFevere sometime when she was around 40 years old. He died in 1954. Amy

Re: D.C. Peacoks

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Amy - this is interesting information. I have noted it in my data, it may be that is is what my mother-in-law recalled. thanks for your input.

Re: DC Peacocks

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Surnames: Peacock, Rulon, Goodin, Soper
Do you happen to have William's parents? I have a Thomas Peacock who was born in 1790 in New Jersey. Looking for relatives.

Re: DC Peacocks

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I'm sorry, I don't have any Peacocks in NJ. I do have a William born 1776 likely in VA as his next older sibling was born in VA and his father died in VA. One of the other ancestry members (orisdf) in this thread did have Peacocks in NJ, you might look back and contact them about the line. We did not find a connection with our two lines, although there may be one someplace.

Sorry I can't be of more help, Janis

Re: D.C. Peacoks

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Hi Janis, all

I am looking for any info you may have on Naaman ... I can't find his DOD, or location of burial. May you help me?

You may find a posting from the VA Chancery Court

interesting re: Estelle and Siblings;

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