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Eliska Trippe Grimes (View posts)
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MY Grandparents,ROSALINO TRIPI &MARIA CONCIALDI, left Alia Sicilia in the Late 1890's. they came to the usa by ship to New Orleans la. and worked in the cane fields and saved to move to Gulfport,Ms. there they raised a family and the decendents are still here. They left behind a lot of brothers and sisters. on both sides. my wish is to find cousins. MARIA GRAZIA TRIPI, LUCIA TRIPI, and i don't know the names of the others, I found a short list of names on my grandfather's papers his name was JOSEPH TRIPPE. he was the only one to be able to read and write Italian so he tried to keep the family list. he graduated from SCUOLA ELEMENTARE MASCHILE DEL COMUNE di ALIA in the year of 1895. I also have the passport's and naturalization papers.
sincerely Eliska Grimes


Ninfa"Cookie" Monestere Donlan (View posts)
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My mother's maiden name was Mancuso. Her father, Giuseppe Mancuso, died when she was 4 years old. Her mother also died when my mom was 15 years old. Because of this fact, I have very little information on her family. I have a death certificate on her father, But the information givan was incorrect. My mom always told that her grandparents' names were Stephen Mancuso and Mary Grace Trippe from Alia. My Great-grandmother, Mary Grace Trippe, died on august 11,1929 in New orleans,La and is buried in the Italian Society Tomb in Metairie, La. I do not have a death certificate on her, although I could order one from New Orleans,La I show they had four children: Frank (Catrezio) died on January 2,1922, my grandfather, Giuseppe, Born on Dec 10,1881 and died on April 14,1922 in Chicago,Il; Jake Mancuso, Who lived in Independence,La and died on March 28,1950; and Angelina who was born on June 29,1891 and died on June 16,1965 and married to Guiseppe Cortese and buired in New Orleans,La.

My mother told me that her grandmother's father was joseph Trippe. I honestly don't know if it was spelled the way you spell it or Trippe. Also my grandparents (from what I understand) came into New Orleans, possibly working on plantations in Napoleonville and were married around Feb 11,1904 in Napoleonville,La They were in Independence for a while and then moved to Chicago, were my grandfather worked foe the Illinois Central Railroad as a laborer.

I hope this will be of some help to you. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.

Very truly yours

Cookie Donlan


Christina Concialdi (View posts)
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As you can see, I have the last name Concialdi. I am very curious of the history of the name and would like some more information on Maria Concialdi.

I would genuinely like a reply and look forward to hearing from you.

Christina Concialdi


john conciardo (View posts)
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Hi! My name is John Conciardo and I live in Buffalo NY. My father's family came to this country in the late 1800s and landed in New Orleans. My father's parents names were: Joseph Concialdi and Concetta Mancuso. They met in Buffalo but she was from New York city. My father had five brothers and two sisters: Louis, Samuel, Santo, James, Anthony, Josephine and Frances. They all lived in Buffalo/Rochester. We are trying to trace our ancestry. Frank Lo Pinto was here today and we were going back in time but there are many gaps. Any information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Christina Conciali (View posts)
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Hello, John Conciardo. It is my undersanding my great-grandfather and his wife Josephine left Sicily in the late 1800's and traveled from New Orleans to Chicago where they settled. One of his sons, Joseph (as well) was my grandfather. Besides my father, I still have an uncle living in Indiana. Other than that, I know of no other Concialdi's that are directly related (or any other similar spelling for that matter). Any more information or history of the name will be appreciated.


Judy (View posts)
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Hey Christina---This is your Aunt Judy. Jodie called about you looking into your family history. I'll try to remember what I can. Your great-grandfather's name was Gaetano. Your great grandmother was Josephine. I remember an Uncle Phil who had a son Thomas. An Uncle Ernest who moved to Missouri, had a wife named Christine, and lots of kids. I am not sure of the number. A Aunt Rose who lived in the Harvey,Il and Glenwood,Il area. She had two kids, a boy and a girl and your grandfather Joseph, had two children from his first marriage, to a lady named Helen from Harvey,Il. Their names were Tommy and Phyllis. This is all that I can remember right now.


Christina (View posts)
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Hello Aunt Judy--and Jodie!! That's great that you responded to the message I have posted. My dad has told me about Gaetano and Josephine and I'm really hoping to hear something from the kin you mentioned. Do you or the Illinois family have any contact with them? How about Tommy and Phyllis and their families? Feel free to e-mail me directly at

Re: Trippe-Mancuso

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Surnames: Mancuso-Cortese
Angelina Mancuso, b. June 29, 1881 in Alia, Palermo, Sicily, d. June 16, 1965 in New Orleans, married Guiseppe "Big Joe" Cortese, b. around 1875 in Alia, d. Oct. 29, 1937 in New Orleans. They raised the children of Joe's brother, Anthony Cortese, who died at a young age in 1919. I have traced this family but am still trying to find the marriage record of Angelina and Joseph Cortese. I know from a recent interview with Joseph Anthony "Little Joe" Cortese, (b. Feb. 18, 1918 in New Orleans), that the marriage of his Uncle Joe and Aunt Lena was arranged. Joe selected Lena for marriage and made the arrangements with Lena's brother, Jake Mancuso. The fact that your grandfather, Guiseppe Mancuso, was married in Napoleonville leads me to believe that Guiseppe Cortese and Lena Mancuso may have been married there. They do not appear in the Orleans Parish marriage index. They would have married around 1907. Any information from your end?
Another interesting fact is that in the early to mid 1920's, two of the sons of Anthony Cortese, namely Rosario "Cye" Cortese and Samuel Cortese, moved to Kankakee, Illinois where they worked for the Illinos Central Railroad, your grandfathers employer. The Cortese boys may have gotten their jobs through your grandfather's connections, although Little Joe says that a friend named Sam DeCarlo also worked for that railroad.


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Christina, thank you for your info. hope i can help you my great grandmother Maria Concialdi was from Alia. Pease contact me at

Re: Trippe-Mancuso

B.J.Montgomery (View posts)
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Surnames: Mancuso

Graham St. Orphan Home & Convent

17TH Election District
16th Ward - Kings County

Writing is very curlicued, difficult to readnot always
to tell difference between ..2.. and some of these
may have been 29y, not 99y
NOTE: Becaus of the difficulty in transcribing these pages they are available
to anyone who has an interest in a particular name. Please Email
Nancy E Lutz.


NAME …Sex…Age…Birth…Occupation

MANCUSO, Margaret...f...11y...Italy...alien
MANCUSO, Anna...f...9y...Italy...alien
MANCUSO, Pietri...m...6y...Italy...alien

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