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William Hewitt Hird b. c1830

William Hewitt Hird b. c1830

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Surnames: hird, hewitt, cockin, popplewell
Hi all,
Am seeking any info about my ancestor, William Hewitt Hird. He was married on 20.2.1856 to Ann Cockin (b 1832?) at Luddington, Lincolnshire (taken from front page of family bible). He died in Victoria, Australia in 1912. His parents were Thomas and Mary (nee Hewitt). Ann died 1911, Victoria, Australia and her parents were Jitian and Jane Cockin (nee Popplewell). In June 1872, Ann age 40 and 5 children (Thomas b11.1.1857,William Jonathan b13.5.1858, John Popplewell b20.3.1860, Mary b10.4.1861, Annie b24.1.1863) arrived on 'Queen of Nations' in Victoria. I think William came out earlier but still hunting.
Do these names mean anything to you?
Any info of the family prior to 1872 would be appreciated.
Regards Michelle Hird

Re: William Hewitt Hird b. c1830

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Classification: Biography
Surnames: cockin, hird


Mar Q 1856
William Hewitt Hird
Ann Cockin
Registered in Goole
Volume 9c
Page 547

If you obtain a copy of this (online at £7 incl of worldwide postage) will show both their fathers names & occupations which helps you track back with confidence
Ann Hird 39 Annuitant (living on own means)born: Hockerby, Yorkshire
Thomas 14 born: Luddington
John 11 born: Luddington
Mary J 9 born: Luddington
Annie 8 born: Luddington
living in Front Side Lane, Luddington

William Hird 29 Butcher born: Weddington, Lincs
Hannah 29 born: Fockerby, Yorkshire
Thomas 4 born: Luddington
William Jonathon 2 born: Luddington
John Popplewell 1 born: Luddington
in Gaithorp Rd., Luddington
(Ann was a popular abbrev for Hannah)

- If you do have a copy of the marriage - can you tell me what his fathers occupation was & I will see what else I can dig up

Re: William Hewitt Hird b. c1830

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Classification: Query
Thankyou so much for the information.

Since my original post, I also found the marriage registered in Goole. The birth notices for the children were also registered through Goole District.

From Williams death cert,(b.1832) I have his parents as Thomas Hird(occupation unknown) and Mary Hird (formerly Hewitt). He lived in the colony (of Vic, Aust) for 49 years, so he arrived in Aust. about 1862. So far I have found one shipping record that looks promising - arrived Victoria Sept1862, William HIRD (age 36) on 'Elizabeth Ann Bright'.

His wife Ann's death cert shows her father as Jitian Cockin (weird Christian name, I know) and mother as Jane Cockin (nee Popplewell). I did find a death registered in Goole for a Jane Cockin b.approx 1798
d. Dec Q 1872 age 74
Vol 9C Page 388.

I am in the process of ordering a copy of the marriage certificate. I hope it will provide further leads.

I am relatively new to tracing my family tree, and have much to learn, so thankyou again for your help - I didn't know William was a butcher or where Willaim and Ann were born, so you have helped me immensely.

Re: William Hewitt Hird b. c1830

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Classification: Biography
Surnames: cockin, hird
me again

bit more for further investigation:

Jane Cockin 52 (widow) Farmer of 30 acres born Fockerby
William 22 worker on the farm born Fockerby
Ann 19 worker on the farm born Fockerby
Mary 15 worker on the farm born Garthorpe
living in Garthorpe, Lincolnshire (Goole)

Jane 30 Farmer not born in County
Elizabeth 19 ditto
William 12 ditto
Ann 10 ditto
Mary 6 born in Lincolnshire
in Township of Garthorpe, Luddington

NOTE: I think "Jitian Cockin" is actually "Titan Cockin"

Spouse: MARY HEWITT Family
Marriage: 17 MAY 1814 Saint Mary, Waddingham
Extracted Record

Re: William Hewitt Hird b. c1830

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Oh wow.

You have found so much, I don't quite know which bits to chase up first.

Thankyou seems so inadequate - but.. thankyou.


Re: William Hewitt Hird b. c1830

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Hi again

You are very welcome - hope it plugs a few holes

Always, go backwards & get however many certificates you can afford - I know at £7 each it can get a tad expensive but they are worth every penny! These will give/confirm (or not) address's etc which all help to tie everything in

Best of luck in your quest


Re: William Hewitt Hird b. c1830

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Hi Michelle,
My husband is descended from John Popplewell Hird, and we are in contact with descendents of Albert William, who had property at Gannawarra in Victoria's north west. John Popplewell left that area and moved to Brighton just outside of Melbourne around 1918. He had married for the second time and produced 4 children from this marriage (I think he had about 4 from his first marriage, but we don't have any link to them.) My husband is the son of the eldest child of this union.
Yes, William definately came out here first, and set up a travelling store prior to gaining around 200 acres in northern Vic. His wife and 5 children came out about 5 years after.
I'm sure we can fill in the blanks for each other.
Who are you descended from?

Re: William Hewitt Hird b. c1830

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I suspect we are a lot more closely related than you imagine. My husband is Graeme, eldest son of John Wallace, eldest son of Wallace George, eldest son of John Popplewell.
I've been trying to get info about family from John but its like getting blood from a stone. I've got masses of info about the family in UK during 1800's. Would love to compare notes. Email me

Re: William Hewitt Hird b. c1830

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I am descended from a child of JPH's first marriage, to Annie Rust. Their daughter, Elsie, was my grandmother, marrying my grandfather Enest Turner. I have yet to discover any siblings from this first marriage of JPH.
Gael Butler, nee Turner
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