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KAINE, William E. and Mary Lillian (Pond) Kaine

KAINE, William E. and Mary Lillian (Pond) Kaine

Lynn (View posts)
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KAINE, William Edward- killed in WW1 in 1917 , married to Mary L. POND in 1909 in York County, NB. War records indicate age of 29 at death and parents as William J. KAINE and Jennie R. of Marysville, NB. Parents may also be known as James William KAINE and Rebecca Jane BLAIR who also had 4 daughters in Charlotte and York county- Catherine Maud (married Skiffington GIBSON), Robena Elizabeth (married Frederick GOULD), Lois Alfreda and Jenny Beatrice. Grandparents- Samuel KAINE and M. Elizabeth DOUGLASS? Looking for descendants.

Pond family

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Surnames: Pond
I found a book written by Douglas Daaman Pond. Its called the History of Marysville New Brunswick. My ggg grandfather Alexander "Boss" Gibson founded Marysville. So I ordered the book on line. There were pictures and report cards on the Pondfamily in this book. You might want to check at for a copy of this book. Good luck

William E. and Mary Lillian (Pond) Kaine

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Surnames: Kaine, Pond
I have a William E. KAINE married to Mary Lillian POND on December 22, 1909 in my database. Mary's roots go back to the Loyalist, John POND, of the 2nd Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers as follows:
Mary d/o Alphaeus (b. May 19, 1849)
Alphaeus s/o Abel Richard (b. May 11, 1826)
Abel Richard s/o Abel (b. 1791)
Abel s/o John (b. 1763)

I do not have the children of William Kaine and Mary Pond in my database but from the research of Lorna Burke there are three children listed: Lena Marguerite (b. 1910); Evelyn; and Mary. However, Lorna lists the husband as William Blair Kaine, not William Edward Kaine.

Please contact me if you would like to exchange further information.

William E. Kaine & sister Margaret Eleanor

Nancy (View posts)
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Surnames: Kaine, Holland, Raymond
William Edward Kaine also had a 5th sister Margaret Eleanor (married to John Holland)She was my great grandmother. Jenny Beatrice was married to Walter Raymond. She is still alive and well at 95.


Lynn (View posts)
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Surnames: Kaine, Edwards
Dear Nancy:
I was delighted to receive your response. The child born in 1913 in question is my Aunt and she is 87 and in very good health. The government of Alberta relesed the name of her birth parents to her this year. I will speak to her about this new development this week. This means that Jennie would be her aunt and she of course would be a neice. Your great grandmother would also have been her aunt. Any children of those aunts would be first cousins to my aunt. I imagine my aunt has many first cousins as well living there. Does Jennie know if William E. KAINE had any children other than my aunt? If so I would very much be interested in those children as they would be siblings to my aunt. I would also be curious if they are alive and well. It would be remarkable to find a living sibling for my aunt! (I also understand that being born out of wedlock was scandalous in those days!) Also, is Jenny aware that William had a child and did she know of any English girl Annie EDWARDS in that time period? I have not been able to find anything more about Annie. I have suspiscions that my aunt's birth mother may have had the formal name of Winnifred and that Annie may have been a nickname, or she was related to a Winnifred EDWARDS as there is 1 listing for 1 year in Edmonton around the time my aunt was born, for a Winnifred EDWARDS. Thank you so very much for your response and I hope to correspond with you again soon on this interesting yet delicate genealogical situation!


Lynn (View posts)
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Dear Bonnie:
I thought I would quickly add that there was a William Blair KAINE who died in 1933 in NB according to the Prov Archives of NB online. My William Edward KAINE was killed in WW1- re the Canadian National Archives site which lists his wife there as Mary POND. I'm crossing my fingers for some good news!


Lynn (View posts)
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Dear Bonny:

I was most interested in your response- thank you so much. It would be fantastic if I found living siblings for my aunt, who according to the Prov. of AB, had the birth parents of William E. KAINE and Annie EDWARDS. My aunt is 87 and in very good health. Another genealogist contacted me and said they had research that William E. KAINE was the son of William J. KAINE and Rebecca Jane BLAIR, also known as Jennie R. KAINE. I would be delighted to find out about any of these half siblings of my aunt and to find out whether or not they are alive. Apparently William has a living sister who is 95 and in good health- that would be my aunt's aunt. This is quite exciting, yet of a delicate nature as out of wedlock births in those days were quite scandalous! I have not found any significant information at all on Annie EDWARDS (or perhaps Winnifred?). I am most interested in the KAINE line. In the government report they listed William E. KAINE'S occupation as a teamster. Thanks once again for your response and I look forwrd to talking to you again in the near future. I will pass this information on to my aunt this week. I am hoping to hear that she has living siblings!


Donna (View posts)
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Surnames: Kane, Edwards, Pond
Dear Lynn and Nancy, I have a family tree book on the Kaine's, Blair's, and Gibsons, just to name a few. Nancy I got your e-mail and will call again when you are home. Aunt Jenny's daughter, cousin Barb has the same book. So give her a call I'm sure she would let you borrow it. The family tree has been done and should be exsessable via the mormon geneological librairy in Utah. Some cousin of ours registered it there. Now Lynn I have some good news and some bad news for you. Your Aunt had two half sisters and a half brother. Lena Pond, I don't know her married name was a nurse and lived in Victoria. She died about eight years ago. Mary Pond the second girl lived in Edison Alberta and was an artist. She passed away three years ago. She was 88 yrs. My mom is first cousin to them and knew Mary very well and visited her on several occassions. The boy died in an accident at the age of 21. I am second cousin to your Aunt, Nancy is third cousin to her. I talked to my mom on the weekend and told her of the latest new addition to the family and she was thrilled. She said if your Aunt, my mom's cousin would like to correspond with her she would love to hear from her. Of course it will have to be by mail because my mom's computer illiterate. She lives in Montreal, Quebec. I on the other hand live right next door to you in the land of the living skies, or so our license plates say in Saskatchewan. I would gladly give you any information that I have. Sorry I can't remember the last names of the sisters I'll have to look it up in the book again or ask my mom. I know your Aunt's grandmothers last name was Rice. My mom said if Mary (your Aunt's half sister) were alive she would have embraced her with open arms. Mary was a wonderful person. My mom has a painting that Mary painted. My cousin Karen Blair in Toronto helped to research a good portion of the family tree. I met her by phone last year and we talked for two or three hours. She is a lovely person and please don't ask me how she's related to us I can't remember off the top of my head,Ha,Ha. Anyway she's related to both of you I just can't think of the connection. Nancy your grandmother my Aunt Marg was my favorite Aunt on my mom's side. When I was little and we used to go to N.B. she would steal me away from my mom and dad and take me to Minto and spoil me rotten. The last time I saw you you were maybe two years old. You were the cutest little girl, oh but time flies you're all grown up now. I said to your mom saturday night where did the time go. Well girls I have a night class at the university so I had better get my butt in gear or I'll be late. Take care hope to hear from both of you again. Love Donna P.S. Nancy if Barb can't find the book, Uncle David and Aunt Betty have one and the Holland side were supposed to start working on the Holland family tree last spring. Ask Uncle David he was the one that told me about it.See Ya

Correction: Kaine/Edwards

Donna (View posts)
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Surnames: Kaine, Pond
I must apologize I was in a hurry when I put out my response to you and Nancy. I think this is how it goes. William's daughter Lena Kaine married Robin Pond. Mary Kaine married ? I will have to find out. Their brother Blair, was killed at age 18 by a drunk driver. This is what there is in the family tree book:
Family Group (MRIN)132
William James Kaine,639, Born 11 May 1850, St. James, Charlotte, N.B., died 1 June 1929, Marysville, York, N.B.
Rebecca Jane (Jennie) Blair [Kaine], 303, born 16 Feb 1865, Andersonville,Charlotte,n N.B., married 9 May 1883, St. Stephen, Charlotte, N.B., died 14 Feb 1946, Marysville, York, N.B.
Child Kaine, 3314, born 16 June 1885, Meredith, Charlotte, N.B., died 16 June 1885, Meredith, Charlotte, N.B.
John Russell Kaine, 635, born 9 July 1886, Meredith, Charlotte, N.B., died 4 June 1907.
William Edward Kaine, 634, born 14 March 1888, Meredith, N.B., died 13 August 1917, France (WW1)
Fredrick Stewart Kaine, 3316, born 10 November 1890, Meredith, Charlotte, N.B., died 9 Febuary 1891, Fredricton.
Margaret Eleanor ( Nellie) Kaine, 2114, born 20 Jan 1894, Meredith, Charlotte, N.B., died Jan 1982,Fredricton, N.B.
Catherine Maude Estelle (Katie) Kaine,485, born 30 January 1896, Meredith, Charlotte, N.B., died January 1978, Fredricton, N.B.
Robena Elizabeth (Ruby) Kaine, 2115, born 25 December 1898, Meredith, Charlotte,N.B., died 1978, Fredricton.
Alfreda (Freda) or (Joe) Kaine, 2113, born 5 April 1901, Meredith, Charlotte, N.B., died 1976, N.B.
Jennie Beatrice Kaine, 2199, born 26 May 1904, Marysville, York, N.B.
Multiple Tragedies and Family Support
William and Jennie were plagued by tragedy with their large family. The two living boys died young; John Russell died in 1907 at age 21 and William (Bill) Edward died at age 29 of wounds received in WW1.
In chapter 4 we discussed how Katie Kaine (Gibson) moved in with her parents and grandparents (about 1919) when her husband, Skiffington Gibson, and her son Sandy Gibson died. She brought her two remaining children, Skippy and Evelyn with her. Shortly after this, Ruby caught tuberculosis from her husband, Fred Gould, who returned from WW1 with the disease. He died of it as did their youngest son, Donald. Ruby spent four years in a sanitorium recovering, and in the meantime her children, Murray and Billy, were raised by her mother, Jennie, and her sister, Freda at her grandparent's home.
To complete the tragedy, Nellie's husband, John Holland was killed in a barn fire. He was trying to remove a horse from the barn when the updraft from the fire carried him away, to the horror of those trying to help. Nellie moved in to the Blair/Kaine home with her five children. Despite these tragedies, the Blair-Kaine families pulled together and raised some well-adjusted children. This was my grandmother,
Nancy's Greatgrandmother. Hope some of this gives you a clearer picture.

See Ya,


Mary Kaine McNamara

Donna (View posts)
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Surnames: Kaine, Mcnamara
Hi Lynn,

Mary Kaine half sister to your Aunt, was married to John Mcnamara. They had two boys Blair and Patrick. A Year or so before Mary died she moved to Steinbach, Manitoba to be near one of her sons. I don't know which one but both boys are in the west. She died of cancer in Winnepeg. Now there is another half sister I think by the name of Florence Hayward. I think she was from a second marriage. She lives in Fredricton N.B. I'm trying to find out more on the children of Lena and Mary for you.

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