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Unclaimed funds for certain Bergers

Unclaimed funds for certain Bergers

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The State of Florida is holding unclaimed
funds for Matthew and Esther Berger, Herbert
Berger, David Berger, and others of the
Berger name. Since Matt and Esther were my
grandparents' names and Herb was the name of
a great uncle I sent for the claim forms,
but I think now these funds must have been
left by people more recently alive and who
spent more time in Florida than my relatives
are likely to have done. Grandpa Matt and
Uncle Herb died in the 1940s and Grandma
Esther passed away in 1973. They all lived in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but had some Florida
connections--Grandpa had a band "Matt Berger
and the Tampa Bay Orchestra" from the 1920s
to the early 1940s, though I do not know why
he chose that name. If you have these persons'
names (or others) among your Bergers alive in
the last few decades with a FLA connection,
check it out. I wish there was a bundle for
me, but it appears not, so good luck to you
in claiming what rightfully belongs to these
folks for them or their heirs, which may be
you. Seach on Internet for unclaimed funds
and go to Florida--you can e-mail to have
the forms sent, which tell a little more
about what the unclaimed money is from. They
don't give dates, tho, which would be
helpful. You will need SSNs or other proof
that matches what they have on file in order
to collect. Best wishes, and if anyone
finds references to Matt's orchestra or
recalls hearing them or knows of a recording
(there may be none), I'd love to hear
about it! ---Pam Berger, Milwaukee, WI

Bergers of course.

Phillip W. Miller (View posts)
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The more that I read your messages, the more convinced I am that our Bergers' were related. My great uncle William Berger,
[28 Dec 1861 through 25 Feb 1922], of the Berger Bedding Company, died in Miami, Florida. He had a son Walter J. Berger,
[22 Sep 1891 through 4 Nov. 1945], who I am sure inherited all of his money! I would appreciate knowing any of the other names involved in the Florida Inheritance, there may be some other connection.

Berger Bedding Co.

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Philip--I will see what I can find out for you
on my next research visit. It may be a few
weeks but I won't forget, as I am interested
to see if there is a connection this way. Our
lines are already connected through the
Berger/Obermann marriage, it appears. When
I was researching Frank X. Berger I was using
the Milwaukee Sentinel Index, which covers
the latter 1800s--a wonderful resource that
provided much. I recall numerous index cards
relating to a Catherine Berger (there were
two women in Milwaukee by this name at this
time, and they may or may not have been
related.)My Catherine was married to
Matthias Berger, father of Frank X.)
The other Catherine was married to a Herman
Berger, and when he passed away she fought
other relatives for control of the Berger
Bedding Co., from what I could gather from
the index. We'll see if any Florida relatives
are mentioned--the references I saw were from
the 1870s or 1880s,which may be too early for
the exact question. I did not pull the
microfilms and look these up then as I didn't
think they were related to my line at the
time. To be determined, I guess.
The last time I was at Milwaukee Public Library
the facilities for research were so bad I
left in disgust. Only one microfilm reader
was inoperation which means you either can't
get on at all without a long wait, or when
you do can't stay on more than the 15
minutes limit which is not enough time to
do any serious research. To make matters
worse the apparatus to make and pay for
copies would break down with every use, so
I was having to go find the librarian
repeatedly. It was ridiculous. Supposedly
they have new machines on order, and I hope
have got them in by now. I'll e-mail you
on what I find and see if it interests you.
Best wishes.


Phillip W. Miller (View posts)
Posted: 966455667000

I just came back from the Clayton Genealogy Library. I really had a super day, but most of it was concentrated in Catharina BERGER. Her maiden name was CRAS, and I found her in her parents home in the 1850 Federal Census, which tied her in with the CRAS family from Nassau, Germany that I have been researching. I have made a contact on the CRASS message board that now takes that line back two more generations! I am corresponding with a man who has some of the CRAS family back to the 1600s.

I copied several 1850 census cheets on BERGERs, Milwaukee Co., Washington Co., and Ozaukee Co., but I have not had a chance to sort them out. I am scheduled to go back out to work in a couple of days, and I will have time to sort thing out from there.

I also wrote to the Wisc. State Hist. Society requesting more OBERMANN and BERGER obituaries. I will keep in touch,and pass on any information.

I have a new ISP and a new email address, Best wishes!

Re: Berger & Obermann in Milwaukee's German Newspapers Index

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Surnames: Obermann Oberman Berger
"I also wrote to the Wisc. State Hist. Society requesting more OBERMANN and BERGER obituaries."

There are about 175 entries for Berger, and 60 Obermann entries found in the new collection: "Milwaukee's German Newspapers; an index of death notices and related items" (1844-1950). The WHS does not own this index, but it is on temporary loan to the Salzmann Library, located on the campus of St. Francis de Sales Seminary.
Information is available for the indexing project's sole compiler/editor:
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