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Henry BAXFIELD m. Priscilla PARTRIDGE 15 Oct 1828, children born Yarmouth

Henry BAXFIELD m. Priscilla PARTRIDGE 15 Oct 1828, children born Yarmouth

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Marriage at Gorleston with Southdown. Bride born 1807 at Elsing. 2 daughters of this marriage born abt 1827 & 1833 at Yarmouth.

I have not yet traced Henry's place or date of birth and he apprears to have died, possibly at sea, before start of General Registration.

Please does anyone know of this man?

Re: Henry BAXFIELD = Priscilla PARTRIDGE 15 Oct 1828

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Surnames: Bexfield , Quinton
There is a Henry Bexfield [spelling slightly different] born at Yarmouth 28th April 1807 and Baptised 29th April 1807.

His parents are stated to be: Thomas Bexfield and Eleanor Quinton.

...Maybe if you are searching at around that period, you could try looking for Bexfield as well as Baxfield. I am not absolutely certain the above is your Henry, but you never know....

Hope this helps,

Re: Henry BAXFIELD m. Priscilla PARTRIDGE 15 Oct 1828, children born Yarmouth

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Surnames: Baxfield, Bexfield, Bayfield , Minister
Thank you Brian, I appreciate your input and agree that spelling varients in surname are a possibility.

The Henry you identified is feasible; so is a Henry bap Jan 1806, also at St Nicholas Gt Yarmouth, son of Stephen Bexfield and Emily Minister.

My ancestor could be either or neither of these and I will look for more data. I do not discount Suffolk records or other spelling varients, such as Bayfield.

Thanks again for your post.

Re: Henry BAXFIELD m. Priscilla PARTRIDGE 15 Oct 1828, children born Yarmouth

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Ifound 12/7/1830 Louisa Charlotte and 22/11/1837 Thomas John born to Henry and Priscilla Baxfield at G Yarmouth, BUT I also found a baptism for 31/3/1828 Priscilla Charlotte, to MARK & Priscilla PARTRIDGE/BAXFIELD,as you are researching both these names I thought to mention them.
ok Viv

Re: Henry BAXFIELD m. Priscilla PARTRIDGE 15 Oct 1828, children born Yarmouth

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Thank you Viv for your contribution,

As it happens, Priscilla Charlotte b.abt1828 became a great-grandmother of mine so I have looked particularly for traces of her and her parents but less (so far) for her siblings. I have no doubt that her mother was Priscilla PARTRIDGE b.17May1807 at Elsing, daughter of Mark PARTRIDGE and Charlotte RUDD.

At 31Mar1828 christening (Yarmouth, St Nicholas) the infant was recorded as Priscilla Charlotte Baxfield PARTRIDGE and her father as Mark PARTRIDGE. I believe this to be inaccurate and that the Mark PARTRIDGE present at the baptism was the father of Priscilla b1807. Whether by accident or design this avoided the stigma of bb annotation for 'base born' in the baptismal register but in the conventions of the time the given name Baxfield may imply the real father's surname and I have no doubt that Priscilla b.1807 was then unmarried. Whilst normally such inaccuracy in parish records would have been impossible, St Nicholas was a busy church with 57 baptisms during that month and seven on that day alone so the Partridges may have got away with it - or perhaps the implications later became too much to bear and they moved over the river to the next parish.

As previously indicated, Priscilla b.1807 wed a Henry BAXFIELD at Gorleston in Oct 1828. I would add that in census entries Priscilla b.abt1828 is recorded as a Baxfield and at her 1857 marriage her name was recited as Priscilla Charlotte Partridge BAXFIELD.

my working hypothesis is that the natural father of Priscilla b.abt1828 was Henry Baxfield. Clearly there are other possibilities but on the balance of available circumstantial evidence this seems probable.

As to Henry BAXFIELD's history - more research required!

Re: Henry BAXFIELD m. Priscilla PARTRIDGE 15 Oct 1828, children born Yarmouth

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This is a DISCUSSION PAPER in light of helpful comments received in this thread and some further investigation.

Henry's birth and parentage are still not clear to me. I thought at one time that he could have been one of the following Great Yarmouth births:
- Henry born 11 Jan 1806 (Bap.13 Jan) son of Stephen Bexfield and Emily Minister
- Henry born 28 apr 1807 (Bap. 29 Apr) son of Thomas Bexfied and Eleanor Quinton
- Henry born 13 Jun 1811 (bap. 14 Jun) son of Thomas & Eleanor as above.

BUT Henry b1806 died 1809 and was buried at St Nicholas on 18 Mar 1809
AND Henry b1807 died 1808 and was buried at St Nicholas on 19 Apr 1808
which leaves either Henry b1811 or another not yet identified.

It may be relevant that whilst Priscilla Partridge's firstborn, Priscilla Charlotte, was almost certainly named after her mother and maternal grandmother: the next birth (the first after Henry and Priscilla married) was named Louisa Eleanor - perhaps suggesting that her paternal grandmother was Eleanor Quinton: and their only son (that I have identified so far) was named Thomas John - perhaps suggesting that his paternal grandfather was Thomas Bexfield.

This may give some circumstantial credibility to Henry b1811 as her spouse but if he was the one who wed Priscilla Partridge in 1828 then he was a bit young, particularly if he had sired Priscilla's first born before the marriage. Not impossibly young but would have needed parental consent.

Also, whilst the Henry who wed Priscilla in 1828 was a seaman/mariner at time of subsequent children's christenings; Henry b1811 did not die before Priscilla's 2nd marriage: leaving the possibility that Priscilla's first marriage had simply failed and she remarried unlawfully, probably in something of a hurry as she was a bit pregnant. This may explain why at her second marriage she claimed to be a spinster rather than a widow.

Interestingly, the above Henry b1811 is in several Ancestry Trees and not always married to Priscilla Partridge.

Whichever Henry Bexfield/Baxfield married Priscilla in 1828 I have now identified five Baxfield children of Priscilla and there may be more.
- Priscilla Charlotte Partridge Baxfield (bap 31 Mar 1828 as Priscilla Charlotte Baxfield PARTRIDGE)
- Louisa Eleanor (bap 12 jul 1830)
- Mary Ann (bap 3 Jul 1833)
- Eliza Hannah (bap 25 Oct 1836)
- Thomas John (bap 22 Nov 1837)

And finally, my previous conjecture that Henry the husband of Priscilla died before the start of General registration is unsubstantiated and withdrawn as potentially misleading.

All comments and guidance welcome.

Re: Henry BAXFIELD m. Priscilla PARTRIDGE 15 Oct 1828, children born Yarmouth

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Surnames: Baxfield ,Partridge, Offord
This is an update to my 6th Oct 2012. It offers a little additional information but does not substantiate any past conjecture or hypothesis. The birth and parentage of the Henry BAXFIELD who married Priscilla PARTRIDGE in 1828 is still not known to me - discussion welcomed.

1. The 1828 marriage was at Gorleston with Southdown, a Suffolk parish on the opposite bank of the river Yare to Yarmouth in Norfolk. However the parish is or was within the Diocese of Norwich and the original historic Parish Records are lodged with Norfolk County Record Office (NRO). From enquiry I have been advised by NRO that Henry & Priscilla married after Banns and without licence or supporting allegation so it appears that both parties were of full age (that is, over 21). In which case the Henry who married in 1828 should not have been the one born in 1811. That said, it is possible that the couple arranged an accomodation address in the Gorleston parish for the minimum qualifying period. If few people knew them in Gorleston then there was unlikely to be any objection to the marriage even if Henry was under 21 years old. (Also, Henry born 1811 went to sea on merchant ships at the age of twelve and after 5 years he would have been a strapping and weatherbeaten youth, perhaps looking older than his years.)

2. Henry born 1811 signed the register at his marriage to Ann Offord on 14 Oct 1837 and his Master Mariner's Certificate of Service dated 18 Feb 1851. These two signatures are similar but not much like the Henry Baxfield signature in the 1828 marriage register.

3. When Priscilla Baxfield married Jonathan Patterson in 1844 the GRO entry recorded that she was a spinster and this implied the possibility of some duplicity on her part. Curiously, whilst both the General Register Office and Parish versions of this marriage record were completed by the same officiating Minister and are in most respects identical, Priscilla is recorded as a widow in the PR and as a spinster in the GRO. Maybe there was a copying error from the PR to the GRO and no attempt by Priscilla to deny her previous marriage.

I have no doubt that Henry b1811 had a career in the Merchant service and married Ann in 1837; I am finding it increasingly difficult to credit him with marrying Priscilla in 1828 ...
perhaps another researcher has data to share that throws more light on the groom at the 1828 marriage, and father to Priscilla's children (as recorded in Yarmouth St Nicholas PR).

Re: Henry BAXFIELD m. Priscilla PARTRIDGE 15 Oct 1828, children born Yarmouth

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Surnames: Baxfield
I looked up Merchant Navy & Seamen on Find My Past,
and there is something there, but not quite sure if it is the correct person you are looking for.

Henry Baxfield
born 13 June 1811
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.
5ft 5ins
First went to sea as boy in year 1822.
When unemployed, resides at Yarmouth.

And the above information is dated 13 Mar 1851.

P.S. Have you heard of the Ingle Family Tree?

Re: Henry BAXFIELD m. Priscilla PARTRIDGE 15 Oct 1828, children born Yarmouth

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Surnames: Baxfield, Bexfield ,Partridge, Ingle
Thank you Brian,

Your further contribution is welcome.

The Henry BEXFIELD baptised 1811 who you mention is the Henry BAXFIELD whose "Master's Certificate of Service" is published on Ancestry and who appears in the Ingle Family Tree. But I have not been able to substantiate a link between Henry b1811 and Henry who married Priscilla PARTRIDGE in 1828.

Incidentally, the holder of the Ingle tree should already be aware of this subject, if not the latest postings.


Re: Henry BAXFIELD m. Priscilla PARTRIDGE 15 Oct 1828, children born Yarmouth

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Hello Paul and Brian,

Sorry to be late joining the discussion but I have been writing up a different line of my family tree over the past few months.

I have also been looking for another Henry Bexfield without success. I did wonder if Stephen and Emily Bexfield might have produced another Henry following the death of their previous son called Henry. I have looked for a Henry Bexfield who died in the 1840s to free Priscilla to marry Jonathon Patterson, but without success.

I think we have to conclude that both Henry and Priscilla married a second time - from an article in WDYTYA magazine I don't think they would have divorced as this could only be done by an Act of Parliament, though I haven't checked.

I don't know the size of Yarmouth in those days, but I imagine a lot of people knew he had two families. It's interesting to note that his father, Thomas, died in 1835, which perhaps meant he felt able to marry Mary Ann.

I have Henry's death Certificate which says he died of natural causes on board the schooner Janette Wales aged 52.

Thank you for bringing his marriage to Priscilla to my attention as I would not have otherwise known about it.


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