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Huguenot communities in Norfolk?

Huguenot communities in Norfolk?

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Surnames: Pigman, Pigmon, Pimond
Could someone please help me find out what communities in Norfolk were Huguenot?

I am researching my 6th great grandfather's origins and I think his father could have been William Pigman (or Pigmon/Pimond)

Here is what I recently found on family search:

groom's name: William(Witing?)Pigman
bride's name: Ana Amond
marriage date: 09 Jan 1667
marriage place: Hunstanton, Norfolk, England
indexing project (batch) number: I04529-7
system origin: England-EASy
source film number: 1951636

Is there a way to further investigate these records?

Thank you,

Curtis Pigman (Pigmon/Pimond)

Re: Huguenot communities in Norfolk?

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There are various lists of Huguenot names mainly from their churches in London and Thorney near Peterborough.Try searching the GENUKI site.

Many Huguenots came to work on the drainage of the Fens and lived in Cambridgeshire close to the Norfolk border.

The document containing the record of the Pigman-Amond marriage in St Mary's Hunstanton is on the familysearch site. You can find it by browsing the images of the Norfolk Parish records. The spelling of Pigman's first name looks a little strange - it looks more like Weling than William to me!

The FreeREG site also gives a good list of Pigmans in Norfolk.

Re: Huguenot communities in Norfolk?

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Thanks David,

I had been researching on Geneanet before because I found some references to Pigmon mainly in the village of Pymond,Correze, Limousin, France indeed with the same first name our family used in the 1700's such as John, Leonard, French, Gaston, etc. I believe the Correze Pigmon/Pimond family is the same one as our name was mostly spelled with an "o". My father's name was even Pigmon in the 1940 census as well as my grandfather's.

In the family search records could it have been Guillaume(French for William) instead of William or Weling. I will have to study family search to be able to find the original. If you have it could you e-mail it to

Curtis Hays Pigman(Pigmon/Pimond)

Re: Huguenot communities in Norfolk?

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The entry in the Hunstanton parish register is in Latin so some attempt has been made to translate the first names...
I have sent you the image.

Re: Huguenot communities in Norfolk?

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Thank you very much for sending the image. I have looked at it on and off all day with magnification and it kind of looks like it could be Witnig. Kind of strange but it does seem to be a surname. Is Witnig as an English surname possible? Could be Mr. Pigman's Mother? I know it is common at least in our family to do that. My Father's first name was Hays which was his Mother's maiden name.

The thought just occurred to me that the priest being duly required to drink all of the sacramental wine may have reversed the n and the i. Could be the name was Witing or Whiting.

Could you tell me how I can access the original records of Hunstanton like the one you sent? I would like to look at the birth and death records as well.

Many Thanks,
Curtis Pigman(Pigmon/Pimond)

Re: Huguenot communities in Norfolk?

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You go to the site and click on United Kingdom to get a list of all UK sources. You then click on England,Norfolk Parish Registers. Do not use the search box but click on the link lower down "Browse through 293,422 images". You then find the parish of Hunstanton in the list and click on it. You can then choose baptisms,marriages or burials and date ranges.

You can then manually scan through the images one by one or type in an image number to go to. It takes some trial and error to find the one you want! In the older registers baptisms, marriages and burials are grouped together by year so it may take some time.

Don't read too much into misspellings - it may be just a slip of the pen! You can check the name on the marriage record by looking at the childrens' baptismal records.

Re: Huguenot communities in Norfolk?

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Surnames: Pigman, Pigmon, Pimond, Piemons, Pimont
Thanks again David,

This helps a lot! I am now thinking my ancestors, since they were members of the Anglican church, may have been Huguenots of the 1500's instead of the wave of Huguenots from the 1600's if they were at all. Must have crossed the channel before 1573. We will keep searching.

I am finding some Pigmon surnames in the area of Lyons but they were much later.

This is from wikipedia:
In what became known as the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre of 24 August – 3 October 1572, Catholics killed thousands of Huguenots in Paris. Similar massacres took place in other towns in the weeks following. The main provincial towns and cities experiencing the Massacre were Aix, Bordeaux, Bourges, Lyon, Meaux, Orleans, Rouen, Toulouse, and Troyes.[23] Nearly 3,000 Protestants were slaughtered in Toulouse alone.[24] The exact number of fatalities throughout the country is not known. On the 23–24 August, between about 2,000[25] and 3,000[26][27][28] Protestants were killed in Paris and between 3,000[29] and 7,000 more[30] in the French provinces. By 17 September, almost 25,000 Protestants had been massacred in Paris alone.[31][32] Outside of Paris, the killings continued until the 3 October.[31] An amnesty granted in 1573 pardoned the perpetrators.

Re: Huguenot communities in Norfolk?

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Just looked at my list of Huguenot names in the Thorney French Church register of baptisms reprinted in the book "Strangers in the Fens". The nearest to Pigman was Pinchon. Not very close.

Re: Huguenot communities in Norfolk?

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Several years ago I corresponded via e-mail with a couple of Dutch citizens from the village of Tilburg. What is interesting is that their surname is Pigmans. I don't know why the "s" is on there but one individual I was talking to was Peter-Paul Pigmans who was a rather popular D.J. (gabber?) of Euro techno music. We were talking about our common genealogy questions. He died soon after of brain cancer. Here is a link about him:

An observation of mine is that Tilburg seems to be almost directly across the channel from Old Hunstanton. It could be I am looking at several moves of the family during the late 1500's and 1600's. From France to the Netherlands to Norfolk and then my ancestor moved to colonial Maryland. Does this scenario seem plausible to you?

Makes it harder that this happened so very long ago. The records are just now being put on line which is wonderful!

Curtis Pigman(Pigmon/Pimond)

Re: Huguenot communities in Norfolk?

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Aaaaaaaahhh... now we are getting to the nub of the question!
I have looked in the Tilburg phone book - just down the road from me here in Eindhoven - and there are at least 30 Pigmans.

It sounds very much more like a Flemish name than a French one. I shall do a search in the Dutch databases. One wave of Huguenots came from the French-Belgian border and were put to work draining the Fens because of their experience in low-lying Flanders/Holland.

I will keep in touch via e-mail,

Best wishes, David

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