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Don Enrique Villarreal (1788-1845) Matamoros to Texas

Don Enrique Villarreal (1788-1845) Matamoros to Texas

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Surnames: Villarreal, Cavazos
Don Enrique Villarreal married Eufracia Cavazos in Matamoros. He eventually raised cattle near Brownsville, TX, and he has a historical marker in his name in Corpus Christi. I've read several articles about him, and one mentioned he and his wife had five children. I can't find those children's names, but believe my friend's genealogy involves one of those children.

Re: Don Enrique Villarreal (1788-1845) Matamoros to Texas

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I am very interested in the same family, I personally went to Corpus Christi for the sole purpose of finding those family members and found the names, I will be glad to share that with you and your friend in an effort to learn more about that family. I have other information and stories which my late aunt shared with me when I was a small boy. I have made this a personal project also, and feel I have close ties to that family, but I need to confirm, Please reply. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Joseph M. Villarreal

Re: Don Enrique Villarreal (1788-1845) Matamoros to Texas

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Hi, Joseph,

I believe that my friend's ancestor, Ines Villarreal, might be Enrique Villarreal's son. Who the remaining children are, I have no idea. Ines was born about 1834, died 10 May 1882 in Victoria Co., TX, and married Leonor Benevides 25 June 1860 in Victoria Co., TX. These are some census and other notes I'd made for them:

Marriage record was transcribed as Genis Villarreal and Lenora Venabides. They were married by A. Gardet, RCP.

1860: Brownsville, Cameron Co., TX. Ines Villereal, 25, farm laborer born in Mexico. Living with Martin and Jesusa Infante, 27 and 28, from Mexico. It's possible Jesusa was his sister.
1880: Precinct 4, Victoria Co., TX. Ines Villareal is 46, a stock farmer, and wife Leonora is 43. Both were born in Texas of parents born in Mexico. Children, all born in Texas, are daughter Juana (I think), 16, Abraham, 12, Francisco, 8, Fernando, 5, Juan, 4, and Ignacio, 2.
1900: Precinct 2, Cameron Co., TX. Leonarda, 60, widowed, married 2? years, with 8 children, 5 living. Living with son Ignacio, 21, and his wife.
1910: Cameron Co., TX. Head of house is Juan Villarreal, 36, born in Texas, who cuts railroad ties. Living with him is his mother Leonor, 77, widowed, who had 8 children, 5 living, was born in Texas of parents from Mexico; and nephew Ines, 14, born in Texas, parents born in Texas, who also cuts railroad ties.

From "Victor Rose's History of Victoria, Laredo, 1883": "Don Eugenio Benavides had ... four daughters: Josépha, Pilar, and Librada, all deceased, and Leónor, widow of Ines Villarreal, who lives on the Placido, in Victoria county, her husband having died May 10th, 1882."

Victor Rose's history also stated Don Placido Benavides' padrino was Captain Don Henrique Villarreal. According to an article about Enrique Villarreal (1788-1846), it states he was married Eufracia Cavazos and they had five children. I have been unable to find the children's names; however, it seems likely Leonor would have married someone equal to her social stature. It seems very likely that Ines was one of their children.

Anyway, Joseph, you probably have far more information than this, but I'm hoping this might help. I had very little luck in following their children through the census, but I can certainly share what little I did find.


Re: Don Enrique Villarreal (1788-1845) Matamoros to Texas

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So happy to hear from you, In September the 16th 2005, I woke up in the morning and went from Victoria, My hometown to the Bell Library @ Texas A&M Campus for the sole purpose of finding the decendents of Enrique. You see, as a kid of about 13 years of age I recall my father (Santiago Garza Villarreal) would sit on the Guadalupe river banks fishing and talking with his brother Maximino Villarreal about massive lands that had been lost to the family during the occupation of Zachary Taylor and his troops, they mentioned that he (Taylor) had made a sweep from the Nuesces River to the Rio Grande and either killed and/or ran off all native inhabitants and appropriated the region by reason of "Manifest Destiny"/"Eminent Domain". Needless to say, I was too young to understand what they were talking about. I never wondered why all my relatives lived in either Victoria, The McFaddin Ranch,The Fagan Ranch, Tivoli, and Refugio Texas, I just acceptted it as the way things were. One day I was sitting with my aunt Tomasita Villarreal and our ancestors came up in our conversation, It was then that she mentioned Enrique Villarreal and the loss of massive family holdings, not just by him but also from ancestors in Cameron, San Patricio and present day Duval county. Of course again, I was at a loss due to my age, Did'nt really know what to think, anyway; what stuck in my mind and will till the day I die is when she walked across the room to a very old looking cedar chest and pulled out a large sword and let me hold it, all along starting to explain that it once belonged to one of her great grand parents (uno de mis visabuelos) as she said it. Of course I was wowwed by this, I could'nt believe what I was holding. Then she reached into the chest again pulled out a large sealed plastic bag with an old military looking uniform in it and she said, ("Este era su uniforme militar") "This was his uniform", as she handed it to me I gently laid the sword on her bed and took the uniform in my hands and again, I was in awe, just could'nt believe my eyes. when she saw that I laid it down after close inspection, She said "Ven" and led me into her living room and pointed at picture of a man standing tall and proud in his uniform on her living room wall and said "Ese es nuestro visabuelo Colonel Enrique Villarreal" he was tall and handsome looking. It's funny she mentioned him as a colonel, As I grew older, I didn't think much, other than being grateful to her for the history lesson and her sharing of knowledge of my ancestors. This happened circa 1964. She died in the 80's and I don't know who wound up with her pictures, records etc., She was married to a Simon Zapata, They had Simon Jr., Lupe, Leo, Maria and Anita. Time passed, I grew up and had my own family and didn't really pursue what she had told me until I ran into an article on-line about 3 years ago about a Capt. Enrique Villarreal who had a land grant to "El Rincon Del Oso" in present day Nueces county. This blew me away and to this day I have been trying to verify/Confirm our connection to him. My brother Leonard is also into geneology, When I mentioned what Tia Tomasita had showm me; he said I was imagining things and making things up and doesn't believe we have a connection to that Enrique Villarreal. This last September I was hired by the Victoria Independent School District to teach Engineering/Architectural Drafting and Design Technology. When I reported for work I ran into a Rudy Zapata who is head of Security on the campus, it turns out he is the grandson of my aunt Tomasita Villarreal Zapata. One day we were sitting in the teachers lounge having coffee and he was conversing with a third person and I overheard him telling another teacher that he had "Spanish blood" in him because he was realated to the "Villarreals", I introduced myself to him and I asked him who his father was. When he said Lupe Zapata was his daddy, I almost hit the ground. We sat and talked and then I oocurred to me to ask him if his Grandmother had ever told him about Enrique, He was quick to say that she had. I then asked him if she had shown him his uniform and sword, his jaw almost hit the floor, He said
"You telling me you saw it too? I said yeah, I thought I would never find someone else who had seen it. He mentioned that his cousin had control of all of Tomasita's possessions and would make an effort to find the picture,sword and uniform and take pictures of them for me to have. Would that just be awesome or what? I now know that during the Mexican-American War our ancestors were refugees, thus the name of the city of Refugio. They were dispersed and/ or systematically eliminated and/or ran off their lands. I can't even find where my great grandfather Tomas Villarreal of "La Rosita" Ranch was buried or how he died. I know we are connected to the Villarreales of Refugio,Texas and Tivoli, Texas. I think, but I'm not sure, still trying to verify a connection to an Angel Villarreal of Tivoli who may be a descendent of the Jose Hilario and connected to the Ines your friend is looking for, listed as a son of the great Enrique Villarreal. All the Villarreales I am connected to are from the Fagan Ranch, Tivoli, Mc Fadden area. My elders always said they were descendants of Villarreales in the Nueces River area ie Nueces County,Present day Duval County, San patricio County but migrated North to get away from the hostilities during the onset of the war.
In the meantime I'm still working on the family tree and trying to comfrm the connection. Please tell your friend to feel free to contact me.

Here is the information you requested. Please forward this to your friend and tell him/her I would be more than happy to help in any way I can to find a linage.

Enrique had Three sons and Two daughters.

Jose Maria
Maria Severiana
Jose Hilario
Paula Villarreal


Joseph M. Villarreal
2609 E. Plainview St.
Victoria, Texas 77901

Ps: Ines may have been one of Enriques' siblings.

Will be anxiously awaiting a reply, Thank You for letting me share.

Re: Don Enrique Villarreal (1788-1845) Matamoros to Texas

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Hi, I was always told that I was related to Capitan enrique Villarreal. My father was Venancio Villarreal Figueroa. I had a cousin who was researching but died before she could finish. I don't know who kept her paper work after she died. I would like to pick up where she left of and would like to have more communication with anyone who can help. I live in Nueces County.

Re: Don Enrique Villarreal (1788-1845) Matamoros to Texas

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Surnames: Villarreal
My grandfather was Luis Villarreal of Brownsville Texas. He was probably born around 1915 or so. I wonder if our ancestry intersects?

Re: Don Enrique Villarreal (1788-1845) Matamoros to Texas

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I am looking for information on a Delfina Villarreal, she married a ? Aguilar. She had a son named Asencion Aguilar born 1901 in Cuero TX and died 1986 in Sinton TX.
Steven Meredith

Re: Don Enrique Villarreal (1788-1845) Matamoros to Texas

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Nancy, your middle name would not happen to be Ann, would it? I was just going through the message boards during lunch and you name jumped out at me. My grand Aunt was Petra Villarreal who married Gerardo Figueroa. I won't go any further and go through the whole story unless you are the right Nancy. If you are not, my apologies. My grandfather Ysidro and Petra were brother and sister. If you are Nancy Ann, please feel free to email me at

Re: Don Enrique Villarreal (1788-1845) Matamoros to Texas

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Re: Don Enrique Villarreal (1788-1845) Matamoros to Texas

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My maternal grandfather, Leon Barbosa Villarreal had a sister named Delfina Villarreal. My grandfather was the youngest of 12. He was born in Nuevo Leon, Mexico in 1905.

Thanks in advance!
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