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Tracing lineage through 1700s Norfolk parish records?

Tracing lineage through 1700s Norfolk parish records?

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I don't understand how to use parish records to trace a single person's lineage before 1800. Parish records of marriage from the 1700s generally do not include parents' names, ages of the couple, or their places of birth.

For example, I am looking for birth records for Elizabeth Parker and James Harris, who married in Limpenhoe, Norfolk, England on May 16, 1802. While they are both of the Limpenhoe Parish at the time of their marriage, Limpenhoe has no parish records of their births. There are multiple people born around the same time and place with the same names, and since I don't have exact birthdates or birth locations for either person, I am not sure how to figure out which is the correct birth record, if any.

Is there something I am missing? Are there complementary records from the 1700s in Norfolk County I can cross-reference?

Thank you so much.


Sara Weisman

Re: Tracing lineage through 1700s Norfolk parish records?

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You have probably hit your brick wall. There is very little possibility of tracking back when they move from one parish to another. The best you can hope for is that they moved a very short distance and look for the nearest parish with a baptism. BUT, this is not proof. Very few parish records for early 1800's give a parents name on a marriage. Sometimes there are witnesses named, which might lead you to a family member, but you may have got back as far as you can.

Re: Tracing lineage through 1700s Norfolk parish records?

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Whilst not perfect I would try tracing via the Birth records for the couple. This may then lead you to being able to trace via the census records.


Re: Tracing lineage through 1700s Norfolk parish records?

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Hi Sara
It's just a big jigsaw puzzle with bits missing!Sometimes you find the bits and sadly sometimes you don't.
You may have hit your brickwall especially with common names but start with what you know. Have you found them on any of the census? What were the names of their children? Did they have any unusual names? Did they have strange middle names? Sometimes these are passed down and are usually a maiden name of a mother, grandmother etc.
Family search has scanned copies of original documents from Norfolk and I found the parish entry for James Harris and Elizabeth Parker the witnesses were Richard Harris and Aaron Ward. Who were these people? Were there other Harris' and Parkers getting married about the same time in Limpenhoe? The parish couples married in was usually the brides (although not always of course).

To view originals go to their new website
scroll down to "browse by location", click on "British Isles";
scroll down to "England, Norfolk Archdeacon's Transcripts, 1600-1812" click on this then "browse through.records" then "Norfolk" and you will be presented with a list of parishes, scroll to Limpenhoe and on page 95 you will find their marriage. If you browse the images you may find some more links.
When people move from one parish to another there is sometimes a settlement record. If you search A2A you may be lucky!
Don't give up, just try some lateral thinking. Try following siblings, or in laws.


Re: Tracing lineage through 1700s Norfolk parish records?

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Hi Sara,

The early parish records would be baptism dates and not birth. On occasions baptism’s occurred months or years after birth, but birth date not often recorded. Also, look at other local parish records, as Elizabeth and / or James may well have been baptised nearby. My family events where recorded in about ten different parish records around Dickleburgh, so keep looking.
Have you visited this site...

Good Luck.
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