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Margaret Ann Elder, my great grandmother, born 12-9-1884 at Gateside Cottage, Parish Knockbain, County Ross, married John Francis Tucker, b. Cornwall, England. Emigrated to Michigan, USA Margaret Elder's parents were Kenneth Elder and Mary MACKENZIE. Mary MACKENZIE'S parents were Ewen MACKENZIE, veterinarian, d. 2-17-1879 at Shantullich, Munlochy, and Margaret MATHESON, daughter of Ewen MATHESON, son of Farquar MATHESON, son of Ewen MATHESON, son of John Og MATHESON and Christian MATHESON. John Og's father was Duncan M'Ean Glass MATHESON, son of John Glass MATHESON, son of Duncan Mor MATHESON, son of Ian Og MATHESON, son of Dugald an Oir MATHESON, son of Murchade BUIDHE (Murdoch BUIDHE) MATHESON. The following is an article in a newspaper (Ross-shire Journal?) dated March 3, 1900. THE CLAN MATHESON OF LOCHALSH THEIR GENEALOGIES The less direct branches of the Lochalsh and Attadale Family of Matheson fall now to be treated after the Attadale main branch. We begin again with the common ancestor of the genealogies --I. MURCHADH BUIDHE, father of II. DUGALD AN OIR, father of III. JOHN, THE TWIN, father of IV. ALEXANDER, DUNCAN, AND DUGALD. We deal now with Duncan, the second son of John, the Twin, also called Ian Og. I. DUNCAN MAC IAN OG BRANCH-- IV. DUNCAN, known as Duncan Mor, son of Ian Og, and great-grandson of Murchadh Buidhe, lived in Salachv of Lochalsh. He had three sons -- John Glass, Kenneth Du, and Alexander -- 1. John Glass, 2. Kenneth Du, called Kenneth Du nan Saighead (of the Arrows), who left two sons -- Alexander and Duncan a1. Alexander, who left a son, b. John, who left two sons -- Duncan Ban and Alexander Roy. The former, c1. Duncan Ban, left four sons and two daughters -- Kenneth, Roderick, Alexander, John, Marion, and Janet -- d1. Kenneth, who had one son who attained maturity, viz., Duncan, who was teacher in various places, latterly in England, where in 1837 he was appointed missionary in Manchester. He emigrated to Canada in 1848, following his family of sons and daughters, who emigrated before him. Duncan Matheson was a very able man and an enthusiastic genealogist of his clan. It was he who collected the material which is now preserved in the Tiree-Manchester MS. edited by his cousin, Alexander Matheson, schoolteacher of Tiree. Duncan published a work in arithmetic called the "Mental Calculator." He was no mean poet in Gaelic, which he wrote with great accuracy. d2. Roderick, second son of Duncan Ban, was killed in the American War (1812), unmarried. d3. Alexander, merchant in Plochton, died in 1828 without issue. d4. John, who had four sons and three daughters, emigrated with his family to Cape Breton, all save the second son -- e. Duncan, then divinity student, afterwards minister of Knock, Lewis, and, after the Disruption, Free Church minister of Gairloch. He had two sons, (1) Ebenezer, who died in 1857 a student of Divinity, and (2) John, banker in Madras, now in Edinburgh, who married Mary, daughter of the late Dr. Kennedy, Dingwall, with issue -- Ian, Duncan, and Mabel. Young Ian Matheson is 12th in descent from Murchadh Buidhe. c2. Alexander Roy, second son of John, son of Alexander, son of Kenneth Du. He was survived by only one son, Kenneth, who left issue. a2. Duncan, second son of Kenneth Du, who left two sons -- Kenneth Roy and Duncan -- b1. Kenneth, Duncan's son, left a son-- c. Kenneth, who left two sons -- Kenneth Roy and Duncan. The former - d1. Kenneth Roy, was a mason who lived at Culbokie, and later in Gl__? 3. Alexander, third son of Duncan Mor. There is much doubt as to Alexander's descendants. The Iomaire MS. declares that "the offspring of Alexander are now (1824) extinct." Captain Matheson makes him the father of Murdoch Matheson the Bard, whose florit was 1700-1715, but both the Iomaire and the Tiree-Manchester MSS. regard the Bard as descended from another Duncan, called Donchadh and Teampuill, who assisted John Du the Constable (killed 1539) in his war with the Macleods, and who set fire to the church where the Macleods took refuge whence his sobriquet of "an Teampuill." Duncan Matheson says in the Tiree-Manchester MS. -- "The descendants of Alexander had been for ages the principal inhabitants Applecross, and the Chief of this tribe had for generations acted the part of foster father to the heirs of that estate." Seeing that Alexander must have lived about 1700, the "ages" here referred to were not very remote. No modern family can be genealogically traced to Alexander, though there are families descended from him still existent and known. We now revert to Duncan Mor's eldest son -- V. JOHN GLASS. He had one son - VI. DUNCAN, who as "Duncan M'ean Glas, in Achnashou of Lochalsh," appears in the list of Donald Murchison's followers at the skirmish of Ath-nam-Muileach in 1721. He left a son -- VII. JOHN OG, who married Christian, fifth daughter of Farquhar Matheson of Fernaig, and had six sons and a daughter (Ann)- 1. John, 2. Duncan, who lived at Loau, Corrycruby. His sons were -- a1. John, the "Wright," who was a boatbuilder, and latterly tenant of Achandarroch. He had six sons and a daughter (Christina)-- b1. Farquhar, who married Jane Macrae Duaind, with issue -- Ewen, Duncan, and three daughters. b2. John, who emigrated to Carolina, was a banker there, and left numerous issue. b3. Donald, who died in Craig, unmarried. b5. Kenneth, tenant of Duirnish. He married Annabella, daughter of Alexander Macrae, Ardelve, with issue --(1) Alexander, who holds a responsible position in the Hudson bay Co.'s service, and is married, with issue -- two sons and several daughters; (2) Duncan, who is likewise in the Hudson Bay Co.'s service, in charge of Ungava district; (3) Donald, merchant in Rothesay; and (4)Ann; and (5)Flora, both married with issue. b6. Ewen, who emigrated with his brothers and died young. a2. Duncan, second son of Duncan of Loau, lived at Avernish, married w. issue. a3. Alexander, who emigrated with his family to America. 3. Ewen, third son of John Og, had three sons and two daughters (Christina and Margaret). His sons were--a1. Farquhar, who had issue -- John, Hector, Ewen, and six daughters. The first two sons died young; Ewen had issue-- Farquhar, Roderick, and three daughters. The eldest daughter of (of the six) Christina, married Donald Matheson, shipowner, Plochton, with issue, the third, Margaret married Ewen Mackenzie, Shantullich, with issue -- (1) John, died young; (2) Kenneth, emigrated to America, and married w. issue; (3) Farquhar, married w. issue--Ewen, Jane, and Sybil; (4) Hector, married w. issue; (5) Alexander, mining engineer, Michigan; (6) John, merchant in Inverness, married w. issue; (7)Ewen, in London; and (8,9) Margaret and Mary, both married w. issue. a2. John, married, emigrated to America. a3. Alexander, emigrated to America. Kind of confusing but I copied it as it was written. I have some more info. on KENNETH ELDER and his wife Ann WILLIAMSON

Mathesons of Lochalsh

Duncan Macdonald (View posts)
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Donna - I very much appreciated your message in which you trace
your Mathesons back to Murchade BUIDHE.

>The following is an article in a newspaper
> (Ross-shire Journal?) dated March 3, 1900. THE CLAN
>less direct branches of the Lochalsh and Attadale
> Family of Matheson fall now to be
>treated after the Attadale main branch. We begin again with...

Q1. Do you have more specific info on your source?

Q2. Is there another article which treats the subject

of the "more direct branches" implied by the words

"less direct branches" in the above quotation?

Slante Va!

Duncan Macdonald,
near Vancouver, B.C.

Re: Mathesons of Lochalsh

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My 5 great grandfather was Alexander Matheson married to Catherine McAndrew, my maternal grandmother Eunice Alice Hensley Matheson, her father was Robert Angus Ban Matheson. His parents were listed in the "Sons of Utah" They were the first pioneers of Utah and became Mormons. Many Mathesons still live in Utah today. My grandmother was baptised into the Mormon "religion" but never practiced. Robert Angus Ban Matheson disappeared from the hospital sometime in the 1920s never to be seen nor heard from again. We do not know what happened to him. Likewise, his son Wallace Angus Matheson also disappeared sometime in the 1940s, possible killed in World War II. The U.S. government does not know what happened to him either. There is no record. I would like to be able to correspond with my grandmother's family that remains in Scotland. I live in Hawaii and hope that some one will respond to this post.
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