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Early British Ceylon military records

Early British Ceylon military records

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We have transcribed the records of the Ceylon Rifle Regiment and am willing to do lookups of Officers and their families. Please be as specific as possible as there are a lot soldiers with the same name.
The records show date and place of birth in most cases and marriage date and bride, and legitimate children baptisms too.
WE have also made a photograhic copy of the 4th July 1828 pay book for Kandy. This large book names all officers and soldiers both British and Native, and clerks in the Army offices too.
The overseas regiments are the 73rd and the 19th Regiment of Foot.The Ceylon Regiments are 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th, Ordinance and Engineers too. There is little other detail except date into Regiment and pay rate.
We have other early miltary lists for Trinco, Jaffna and Mannar too.1802+ which we will check for names at the same time.
Larry&Coreen Andresen

Re: Early British Ceylon military records

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Surnames: Caudwell
Hi Larry and Coreen,

I am looking for Ann Caudwell born in Colombo in 1815. I have no other information on her family. She married George Gibson (not sure if UK or Ceylon marriage) around 1838.

Hope you can help.


Re: Early British Ceylon military records

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Dave, what evidence of Caudwell birth in Colombo, Ceylon in 1815?
Early Gibson families were associated with a Colombo business that finished in 1848, and another prominent Gibson family were in the Civil Service.
No Gibson nor Caudwell found in early Military records yet.
Any further info would be a help, such as children, or census entries UK or Scotland.Cheers, Larry&Coreen.

Re: Early British Ceylon military records

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Surnames: Cooke, Goodchild
For many years I have been unable to find the name of my original ancestor who came is supposed to have come to Ceylon in the Royal Engineers. I wonder if there is some info you may be able to find on him. The surname is Cooke. Here is some other info I have on him -

In the Genealogy done by W.H.Jan Cooke, details of unknown Cooke state that he engineered a Satinwood bridge in Ceylon, perhaps in his capacity in the army when in Kandy.

“Unknown” Cooke was most likely born around the start of the 1800's in England. He came to Ceylon as a Colonel in the Royal Engineers Regiment as a Sapper. It is reputed that he helped construct the bridge across into Kandy for the Capture of Kandy during the British takeover. After his service was up he decided to stay on in Ceylon and was granted some land from the Govt. It is believe that he married a Sinhalese lady, Elizabeth ? Whom converted to Christianity. They had 2 boys we know of and thus began the two branches of the Cooke family in Ceylon.

I wonder also if there is record of a Goodchild, John Thomas?

Any info you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Early British Ceylon military records

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Thank you for your offer of lookups.

My ancestor Richard SAVEALL, in the UK cenus says he was born in the East Indies and Colombo, the 1851 census gives a town which seems to read as Allavelane East India. His age varies in census and death documents from b 1814 - 1820.

His father was Thomas SAVEALL b 1775 West Hanningfield. TNA index shows Thomas as serving 1810-1819 in 73rd Foot regiment at his retirement, I have checked for info on him in this regiment (as the WO 97 records are being digitised and not available for approx 3 years)and cannot see him serving in the colony NSW, which is where the regiment was serving before coming to the East Indies. So not sure what regiment Thomas was serving in while in Ceylon.

Richard's mother is shown as Sarah on 1841 census and Ann in 1841 - blind and from West Indies. Family stories have her as a negress.

Any SAVEALL/SAVALL/SAVILLE births to a Thomas - would be much appreciated. To help unravel this family.

Many thanks
Michelle Patient

Re: Early British Ceylon military records

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Surnames: Gibson, Caudwell
Hi Larry and Coreen,

All I have is Census Records from 1851 and 1861 showing Ann as born in East Indies (Ceylon)Colombo in 1815. I have a birth certificate for one of her sons showing father and mother. Ann Gibson (nee Caudwell) and George Gibson.

In 1851 George was at St James Palace part of the Guards based at Ambassadors Court.

I was hoping to find out how Ann Caudwell was born in Ceylon and if George Gibson met and married her there or after she returned to the UK. Thanks for staying in touch, Dave.

Re: Early British Ceylon military records

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Surnames: CAUDWELL
Dave, 1815 was the year of the Kandyan war with lots of movement of troops from India and Europe by ship, to and from Colombo.
The Caudwell name, with other spellings too, does not show up in any of our military records nor in Civil Servants, Ships Captains nor merchants in Ceylon at that period.
We think the only churches in Colombo in 1815 were St Peter's Fort, and the the Dutch Wolvendaal Church.
St Peters is sadly no more, but the Dutch church records are intact and available on micro film from the LDS. This would only show if the child was baptised, as no birth records were kept and it was not compulsory to register BMD before 1897 in Ceylon.Cheers Larry&Coreen

Re: Early British Ceylon military records

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Surnames: CLARKE
Thomas Clark/e, surgeon, was in the 19th regiment of foot, arriving in Ceylon in late 1798. For some reason, Gov. North had him imprisoned. There was no trial. He was released and put on a ship home, either at the expense of the government or of his friends. He spent numerous years an a lot of ink trying to get redress.

Have you anything at all on him in your records, please?

Thank you

Re: Early British Ceylon military records

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Hello, I would love to have any information you can give me of my father in law. Malcolm Stephenson Furlong and my grandfather James Hugh Titterington . I have one group photo serving in I think the British Ceylon Rifles. I can only identify M S Furlong in it . Thanks Jeanne

Re: Early British Ceylon military records

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JH Titterington served in the Ceylon Mounted Rifle Regiment.
This was a volunteer force which fought in South Africa in 1900+. There is a website maintained by Major Anton Edema which lists him as L/Sgt 906.If you contact through the website you may be able to find out more as to where the records are as the period is a bit later than our Ceylon research.
We have not found an early Furlong military entry in Ceylon yet, but there was a MS Furlong , a planter in Dambahena, Deniyaya in the 1926 Ceylon Times Green Book.Your relative may have been in a Volunteer force too, as the Planters had one in the 1900s also. cheers L&C Andresen
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