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Daly Family

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Surnames: Daly Cunningham
My great grandmother, Bridget Daly was born in Co Cork in 1854. Her parents were John & Elizabeth Daly
They all moved to England around 1870.
However some of the family must have returned or stayed put as my parents visited their "Irish cousins" (girls) in 1937.
Bridget had brothers Dennis & Daniel
Bridget married William Cunningham in 1876 at St Werburghs in Birkenhead.
Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Re: Daly Family

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no relation.

There were several Daly's in the 1871 Census but none that fit your family.The only Bridget was spelt Dayley and she was 28 Cotton Card Room Hand and was a boarder at Bamfield Lodging House in Stockport. So the family just of come over just after that. I have the 1871 Census that only identifies those born in Ireland.

There are 185 JOHN Daly's in Cork in 1853, for the Griffith Valuation with all occupiers of land listed. and
Just too many to even make a start. If you had Elizabeth's maiden name from Bridget's birth record I could cross reference the Parish's as this is probably where the family that stayed behind lived.

Denis Daly there are 4 in the 1911 Census for Cork 224 in All Ireland.In 1911 there are 109 Daniel Daly's in Cork.

No Denis Daly in the UK 1901 Census. I looked through just one list of 1980-1960 Passenger ships records 11 Daniel and 3 Dennis mostly to USA.

The current online telephone directory shows 642 Daly's in the County of Cork. Quite a few named Denis, several D's but no Daniel's. Families did follow christian names through generations, I would mail letters to a few of the Denis Daly's. You can also run an ad or letter to the editor
about your search while you wait for connections over the internet.

There is a bmd Foundation website online but for only 1/2 of Cork, the North East portion. There are 2 Bridget Daly's born in 1854, and just one with a father John. This is a not-for-profit website but a fee is charged. If this is the correct family, you will get the date, where/parish and mother's maiden name. You need to contact me for the website
as it is not a free one.

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Re: Daly Family

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Surnames: Daly
Thank you very much Annette for your advice
It definitely was not the Bridget in Stockport as I used to live there & no one said anything about Bridget being there.
I don't know which part of Cork in which they lived but always felt in was either the city or towards the south due to the parts my parents visited when staying with them.
However I am still very intersested in the site you mention.
Can you please let me have details of it.

Re: Daly Family

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You need to contact me by email for the website address.
I don't keep the emails but if you are uncomfortable contacting me you can get a temporary hotmail or gmail account.


Re: Daly Family

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Can you provide more specifics on your parents' visit. When did they visit, who did they visit, where did they visit.

Re: Daly Family

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Surnames: Daly
Re my parents visit
I regret that I do not know many details only it was 1937, the year of the British Coronation,& there was much anti-Britsh feeling in Ireland then
They did not have access to a car so I suppose they must have travelled by train
They visited places as far apart as Blarny Castle & Killarny
They also went to Baltimore & Shanklin Island & I believe there may have been a connection but only a guess.
They visited & stayed with their "cousins". I believe some were girls as an aunt used to refer to them as the Daly girls. Sorry but nothing definite, I only wished I had asked more.

Re: Daly Family

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Sometimes the littlest most trivial detail can help. My research from my aunt's description of one such trip that occurred in 1940 and my publication of that research online recently enabled some second cousins to find me on the internet. They were in the dark about our common line for over 50 years despite their efforts to find something out.


1) That is Sherkin Island, off of Baltimore.
2) Daly might be recorded as Dawly or Dawley.
3) Clear, Castlehaven, and Aghadown are the civil parishes near Baltimore. In the Aghadown Tithe Applotment (published 1828) are the following:

Timothy Dawly - Kilsarlaght
Thomas Dawly - Lisheen Upper
James Daly - Lisheen Lower
Patrick Dawly - Mallivonea
Daniel Dawly - Mallivonea *

* = This one seems interesting as Bridget had a brother named Daniel. I would keep an open mind this could be a potential grandfather.

4) I do not know if a TA for Clear exists.
5) I am transcribing the Castlehaven TA right now, so far no Dalys or Dawleys.
6) There are Dalys in Rath & the Islands RC parish, including a Daniel Daly son of John Daly in 1862 but the mother is Ellen, not Elizabeth.
7) There are Dalys in the Castlehaven & Myross RC parish, though don't see any Bridget daughter of John.
8) Aghadown RC records are not online yet.
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One civil parish I forgot to mention was Creagh. That is right there at Baltimore. You would probably want to poke around in there too.

Re: Daly Family

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Surnames: Daly/Gumbleton
I am looking for an Ellen Daly born in 1879 who married Maurice J. Gumbleton. I have Ellen's home of record as tallow, waterford, ireland. Any help there? Where is the information on Ellen Daly? Thanks!

my email is

Re: Daly Family

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Classification: Query Not sure this is the right Ellen Daly you can look at others so will consider this an example:

Ellen Daly born Nov 12, 1879, Waterford, Ireland Parents: Michael Daly, mother Bridget Colbert Film #C00640-4/256041 which you can see at any Latter Day Saints History Center around the world. This site has recently been updated and improved but I'm having problems finding things there now. Civil Registration District don't seem to be noted now so not sure if it would of covered Tallow, Waterford.

There is no online Waterford birth records that I know of but there would be a genealogy office somewhere. There are some records on the following: United Kingdom+Ireland+Waterford + Waterford would also have passenger records and US census.

Maurice Gumbleton, the only reference I could find was Cork, Ireland and two birth records, assuming the first
Maurice passed and they named second the same name (not uncommon)

03 May, 1869 Killeagh Cork, father James Gumbleton & Margaret Ahern also
01 Mar, 1874 Killeagh Cork, same parents

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