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Lorah family tree

Lorah family tree

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I am the son of Dean Pearson Lorah Jr. whose parents lived in Harrisburg. I have just started my search for my family history. My father has (or had) a cousin Robert Lorah son of John Lorah who was Dean P.'s nephew. Does anyone have any information on this line of the family? I am interested also in the origin of the Lorah name. I have heard it is of German or French origin perhaps from AlSace Lorraine (sp?). Please reply.

Steve Lorah Family Tree

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Hi Steve--I've been documenting the Lorahs--all Lorahs for about a decade--we were out of Germany but before that we were French Huguenots who fled there to excape the religious Persecutions--Most of the early Lorahs came to America late 1690s to mid 1700s settling first in Berks Co area--though some may have entered and spent a year or more in New York Province where there were several enclaves of Huguenot families. York, Berks, Lancaster counties were early homes. The name Pearson leads me to believe you are probably a part of the family where this rather unique name has occured in Census and church records earlier--I will have to check my records. Is there any way you are able to contact me directly and me get back to you without using this site? Just using regular email enables me to visit with more folks trying to tie themselves fast to Our growing tree!
We will be having a reunion this July 30 in Northampton PA--if you send me your snail mail address I can forward an invite to you with more specifics--LOVE to meet you and your family!
Stay in touch
Joanne Lorah

Thanks for responding

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Nice to know that someone is out there looking. You should now have my email address. I will be happy to give you more information directly from an email. You have confirmed my suspicions that the family name is of French Huguenot origin. I can only go back so far as Albert Augustus Lorah who was my great-grandfather. I have searched the internet and have found what seems to agree with you that the Lorah's first appeared somewhere around the 1690's. I think John Lorah is the name that comes to mind. I found that through the mormons. Records seems to indicate that the name came from the Alsace region of France but I cannot find any records of Lorah's in France and since I don't speak french or german I am at a loss. I did notice that most the first names of folks who arrived early seem to have german first names. I have acquired some geneaology software and am anxious to begin using it. It seems to have a good bit of information available on it but it does no good unless you know how to tie it in with your own family. Thanks for responding and I'll be looking for your email message.


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I guess my email address won't be visible unless I type it....


Robert Lorah

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I'm actually researching the Davis/Yost/Taylor line
but it seems I may have some minimal info for you. I have an Anna Davis who married a John Lorah in 1923. They had the following children: Dorothy who married first Lester Klinger then Bryce Shade (she has children, I have some info if you are interested in it); James who married Helen Sauerivine; John who married Marian Kistler; and Robert who married Carole Bliss. If this is connected please let me know. Also please send me the parents and siblings for John Lorah, if this is the right one. Thanks so much. Kathy O'Hara

John Lorah

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Yes, this is related! John Carlton Lorah would be my Grand-Uncle. John was born on 10/22/1897 and died on 03/30/1989. His parents were Albert Augustus Lorah, born 07/14/1870, died 06/28/1908 and Laura Estella Robbins, born in 1868, died 03/05/1940. John had 8 siblings. Mary Lorah (no history), Dean Pearson Lorah (my grandfather), born about 1905, died 01/17/1960, Gladys Wilma Lorah born Oct. 1894 (no DOD), Helen Francis Lorah, born 01/30/1896, died 02/18/1898, Everett Lorah, born 03/10/1899, died 07/03/1899, Emerson Lorah, born 12/26/1901, died in 1941, Edgar S. Lorah, born 03/18/1905, died 10/09/1980, and Bernice Lorah, born 1907, died 1942.
This is a big chunk of info with probably minimal impact for you. Unfortunately, there was a high mortality rate with Johns siblings. I would be glad to see what information you have for Dorothy. Hope this helps. Thanks, Steve Lorah

John Lorah

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Thank you for the info! Although none of this is a direct line for me, I've gotten so into this that I'm following all the branches as far as I can, so I really do appreciate the info.
What I have on Dorothy so far (BTW do you want any info on John's wife Anna's family--the Davis's? if so just let me know):
So far isn't all that much. I have a letter out to her daughter (just mailed it two days ago so no answer yet) for dates. I do have that she was first married to Lester Klinger and they divorced. They had two children: John C. Klinger who married a Marietta (unknow maiden name) and had two daughters Rebecca and Amanda; and Barbara Susan Klinger who married Barry Straw and had a daughter Bethany Diane (this is the daughter to whom I wrote). Dorothy then married Brice Shade (who if the phone book is right is still living and lives next door to Barbara and Barry Straw) and they had two sons Dennis Shade and Jeffrey Shade. With any luck I will hear from Barbara Straw and then have more info for you.
Since you didn't ask I'm assuming you have the info on James' marriage and children, John (the son)'s marriage and children and Robert's marriage to Carol Bliss. If not let me know.
My e-mail address is : if you would rather cut out the middle man. I have a few pics of the Davis family but none of the Lorahs.

Re: Thanks for responding

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Surnames: Lorah, Warburton
I am working on a Sullivan gen web project regarding the Lorah and Warburton families.
We have are trying to figure out how Austin Warburton and his wife Alice Lydiea Lorah Warburton might be related to Albert Augustus Lorah. Please contact me direct
Carol Brotzman at

Re: Lorah family tree

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my name is brandy lorah. my fathers name is edward lorah. he is from the berks county area. i dont know that many people in my family with this last name just my sisters, mom,dad and uncle. if there are any lorah in that area plz contact me at so i can see if i have more relatives. thanks!!

Re: Lorah family tree

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Surnames: lorah
hi cousin,,,,,from oklahoma,,,where are you from?
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