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Conkin From Oklahoma

Conkin From Oklahoma

Dennis Husten Conkin (View posts)
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Dennis, do you have any records of Kentucky or Tennessee Conkens? I have a book of my father's with Ages, Kentucky. But have found no connection so far. Good luck!


Dennis Conkin (View posts)
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Sorry, I don't. Have you the Mormon generalogy site for help? I found a lot of
data about Conkin there, nothing alas about my line, though. Good luck!
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Thanks Dennis for the suggestion. Please send me address (e-mail) for mormon site.

Conkin-possible family connection

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Hi Dennis... just happened on your recent msgs and wondered if we are connected... my great grandfather was born and served in the Civil War from KY.. migrated to southern MO.He had numerous children..His name was William Jarret Conkin..I notice your middle name is Husten....he had a son Houston???? Mayge we can coume up with soumthing to connect... love to hear from you...MW

Conkin's from Kentucky

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My great grandfather was William Jaratt Conkin from Kentucky....served in the Northern Army and moved onto southern MO after the war...was a law officer of some sort and killed by a drunk on Xmas Eve 1880 before my grandmother was born in Feb 1881...I have list of his children born to first wife in Kentucky and then to 2nd wife in Missouri... never been able find out any additional info on him... love to hear from you! Martha

Reply to Martha

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Have been searching for relatives forever. Found Conkin's in Kingsport, TN. Met several and they are all from Hagen Conkin Kingsport or Greeneville Tn. but I do not think my grandfather is from the same line. My grandfather's name was Robert Franklin Conken or maybe he changed it from Conkin and all I know is that he was from Kentucky and married my grandmother in Claiborne County Tennessee in late 1800's. Her name was Laura Simmons and they lived there and had my father Wheeler L. Conken who is now deceased. They had a daughter, Irene, who died while a teenager. I know my grandmother's relatives but none of them knew anything about Robert Conken. Do you have any names from Kentucky that would fit his age.My grandparent's marriage records shows date of Oct. 30, 1908. Laura d1966 b1886(approx)and Robert d1967b1881. Hagan Conkin b1817 Washington, TN.married Barbary in Tn. Any info appreciated.

Conkin connection

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It has been so long since I have done any searching for my Conkin line that I can't answer you right off the bat.... will talk to my sister and get a little refreshing of my memory....I must say that the Conkin's are an illusive bunch so far...there are still a bunch of them living in SW Missouri but they seem to know as little as I do. Anyway I'll see what I can come up with and we may turn out to be cousins...???? later!

Marha? Is it Marha or Martha?

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Thanks! Felt the same re:the Kingsport reunion I attended. Let me hear from you. Inez

It's Martha?

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I have one of the new split-keyboards and also the worst eyesight in the world...going to have both cararact and laser work for diabetes begining tomorrow..if it fails this time I guess a white cane and a dog are next.

Tell me about the Kingsport to you later
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