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Cornelius Cargill

Cornelius Cargill

Bob Cargill (View posts)
Posted: 941689587000
I, like many others, am searching for the
elusive birthplace of Cornelius Cargill of
Virginia, born 1680-90 in Scotland? I have found
information that he was in VA as early as
1704, any help appreciated.

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Nancy Clower (View posts)
Posted: 957385569000
There is a book "Kinsmen All" by Russ Williams, Jr. from Louisiana. He has done some fine research and though I don't agree with all his conclusions, I trust his work. I don't believe that conclusive proof exists to pinpoint his birth or parents, but using Occam's Razor, my decision is that he was born in Va. ca 1690 to John Cargill (surveyor) and his wife Sarah. Further, that when John died, Sarah married Mr. Willis or Willey. I could be mistaken, but nobody has pointed out how. I really just want the right answer.

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Bob Cargill (View posts)
Posted: 957505450000
Nancy, That is an interesting theory! I never
thought about it but do you feel that Cornelius
was born in VA rather than Scotland? If his
Father was named John that could explain Cornelius'
son John?? Because both Cornelius and son John
and his son Thomas were all surveyors. I have
documentation that Thomas helped survey Western KY
c 1810.
More info please.

Bob Cargill


Nancy Clower (View posts)
Posted: 957529869000
Thank you for your reply. Yes, I,m convinced but that isn't the same as saying that DAR and Colonial Dames would be. Frankly, I've not tried them, but everything that I have found so far confirms all the old stories that have been around my family forever! I don't have a firm fix on John(1) other than to say I believe he was deceased by sometime in 1720 and his widow, Sarah remarried. Cornelius(2)-as in second generation-son John(3) is said to have gone as a young teenager with William Byrd (I think that's his name) on a surveying venture to Kentucky or someplace. Would be nice to know just exactly what I'm talking about! But that's the way I heard it from my daddy's great aunt. I believe that Cornelius had a sister named Sarah who was married to Bartholomew Robards or Roberts - a belief, not a proveable assumption. I feel sure that he probably had a brother John as well, but that's guessing. Cornelius(2)'s son John(3)'s son Cornelius(4) who was married to Sarah (Wilson)Harris had a daughter named Tabitha b. 27 Oct. 1776, d. 25 Dec. 1854, married Col. Thomas Cargill Warner, Deputy Surveyor and Judge in St. Tammany Parish Louisiana. Lots of surveying going on in this family! Thomas Cargill Warner was b. 8 Apr. 1772, d. 25 Aug. 1833. He and Tabitha were married in South Carolina 23 Oct. 1794; he is the son of Wettenhall Warner, also a surveyor, and Elizabeth Cargill, daughter of John(3) Cargill and wife Rachel Tinsley, making Tabitha and Thomas Cargill Warner cousins.
So-----if what I say sounds loco, blame my ancestors. A slough of them were cousins.

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Bob Cargill (View posts)
Posted: 957536056000
Nancy, I too am confused by all the Marriages. The Cornelius I am seeking is the First (I found) in VA c1704? who became Justice of Lunenburg county VA 1746 or so.


Cargill-Lunenburg Co., Va.

Nancy Clower (View posts)
Posted: 957545201000
Don't know if I mentioned that I'm at my sister's house in Georgia and the bulk of my mind is at home in Midland, TX. Cornelius(4)[, son of John(3), son of Cornelius(2)]was born in Lunenburg Co. and if I remember correctly, Cornelius was an officer of the court after he married Elizabeth Daniel. If I am reading the records correctly, upon marrying Sarah Hamlin, Cornelius' prospects began to soar. He involved himself more into society, and since the Hamlins and Tinsleys were ship owners, he did all right. I have never seen a more confusing group of individuals, though, and I have been involved in searching records for over 40 years. I began this when I was 20 years old and had more energy. But of all the ancestors and all the related lines, none fascinate me more than the Cargills. I don't know if I mentioned Russ Williams, Jr.'s book "Kinsmen All"; I respect his research even when I disagree with his conclusions. He has/had good instincts. I recommend taking at least a look at the book. Most of it is about the descendants of Wettenhall Warner, but one can hardly discuss Warner without discussing the Cargills. I am going to the library in Smyrna tomorrow and probably for the next four or five days I will be looking at records. If you can think of anything I should take a look at, be sure to let me know before noon Saturday. Good to hear from you.

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Bob Cargill (View posts)
Posted: 957550739000
Nancy, Yes Cornelius1 was a justice in
Lunenburg Co VA. I have records where he
came to VA c 1704 via a Briginteen ship
"the Virgin of Virginia" and it seems that
it owners included the Hamlins. He was a
Yeoman on the ship and I assumed that was
how he came to America? But from where is my quest.


Cornelius Cargill

Nancy Clower (View posts)
Posted: 957581973000
Ahhhhhhh-the light dawns, the question becomes (for me) is this Cornelius(1) or Cornelius(2). Either way, it's an odd situation, his marrying into a family for whom he works as Yoeman. There is a reference to a lawsuit involving Cornelius, a Captain on one of the Hamlin's ships and a man perhaps working on said ship, but the reference I'm thinking about is in the book "Kinsmen All" and I don't have my copy with me in Georgia; I'll check the library in Smyrna today and also in Atlanta, if Smyrna doesn't have it. Even if Cornelius was born in Virginia, the problem for you just gets put back one generation, so it's almost a moot point. This is the very thing that keeps one on one's toes with the Cargills. Just when I think I have a problem solved, one of them always manages to squeeze out another one! I love a great mystery! While I'm thinking about mystery, I have one concerning another Cargill. His name was Henry Cargill, born 14 Nov, 1818 in Greenville Dist., SC and died 16 Dec. 1895 in Harrison Co., TX, either Marshall or Scottsville, but he is buried in the Scott family cemetary in Scottsville. So are some of Cornelius(4)'s descendants through Tabitha Cargill Warner. I know he has to be related somehow or he wouldn't be buried in that cemetary, but I can't figure out where he came from. SC, obviously, but what parents? He was married to Rebecca Ann Cargill, born. 26 Nov. 1832, died 31 July, 1914. If you or anyone knows about this person, I would like the info. Thanks, and I'll definitely keep in touch Re: Cornelius ( he must have been one "silver tounged" individual )!

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Bob Cargill (View posts)
Posted: 957584227000
Nancy, Yes the light dawns, although dark, But Cornelius1 (who m Hamlin) is the "scallywag" that I am searching for! I am from the SC Cargill's and I have a little more info on them as I have done quite a bit of research in SC and maybe I can dig through my stuff and help you with Henry. More later today as I must leave my computer for a while.

Scallywag Cargill

Nancy Clower (View posts)
Posted: 957585759000
How appropriate! My "most favorite" interest currently is the antecedent family of Sarah Wilson, sister of Russell Wilson; this is the first wife of my Cornelius, son of John son of Cornelius and Sarah Hamlin. I don't have much more than I have already said, but would just love to have the entire bunch of these Cargills accounted for. See you later.
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