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Family tree

Family tree

martin arriola (View posts)
Posted: 943328165000
for everybodies information
Arriola comes from the Vasque words "(H)arri"
"Ola" harri meaning rock and ola meaning place. all Arriolas come from this name "Harri ola" of northern Spain. A place in Spain is named Arriola after the original settler. if you want more info just send me a message.

Place in Spain

Jan Ariola (View posts)
Posted: 945934601000
Hi Martin:
Please send me all you know about the area in Spain named "Arriola". We have been searching for so long for our "roots" in Spain. Please reply to my E-Mail.


Kelly (View posts)
Posted: 954625725000
Just getting started on our history - on Spanish side very little is known. Trying to get information on Amelia Garza Arriola Carrasco alive around the turn of the century (daughter Salley Ann born 1926, but don't know of other siblings) - How do I find information? I am unfamiliar with researching Hispanic names but I know that the name holds the parents' history. Help!


Martin Arriola Merino (View posts)
Posted: 956822824000
Email me at about what you want to know about the arriola place in Spain.

Arriola Surname

Carol Arriola (View posts)
Posted: 961316879000
I read your posting and would like to have the information you mentioned. Would you please forward me the Info. that you have? I live in Southern California and am very interested. Thanks so much


Yolanda Arriola Rendon Dais (View posts)
Posted: 971031673000
Looking for any info. on the Arriola place I am slowly gathering information on the Arriola side. Thanks yolanda
Posted: 979651199000
Edited: 993218692000

Hi there !!
My name is Hugh Molanders Jr and I have been told we are related to the Arriola
family of Spain. We have been know as the Molanders, Molandes, and Molander family. My
Grandfather was Sam Molander, My Grandmother was Sarah Michelle. My Great grandfater was joseph jr Arriola was married to Lizzie.
Please send me the information from the place in Spain where the Arriolas originated or the town and where located in Spain. Any info you have on the family history while in Spain and if any still there. I would like info on any english speaking spanish web sights to contact relatives if any still live in Spain...I am afraid to say I do not speak spanish.....

Thanks for all you help,
hugh Molanders Jr.

arriola-molanders family reunion

carmen (View posts)
Posted: 987582998000
sory this is late i just founf out the arriola and molanders family reunion is paril 29 in pioneer park in nacodoches. i know it is short notice but we well be there if you would like to join us. carmen

arriola - molanders family reunion

Posted: 987631066000
Edited: 993218692000
Since such short notice, don't know if my family can make it or not. We would love to be there if at all possible. If so we will see you there and look forward to meeting you and others. Trying to get in touch with my dad to see if he is going to be there.
Hugh Molanders Jr. (JR)


carmen (View posts)
Posted: 992194593000
hi hugh this is carmen i lost all the infromation i had because i went off line and
lost all the address i had on my computers. i have a different e0mail and i cant find your phone number. sorry went through a rough time. carmen call me 713 8698809
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