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GEDCOM Residence v's Census

GEDCOM Residence v's Census

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At present i use Family Tree Builder from MyHeritage to make my GEDCOM.

When I upload to ancestry, i notice that whilst "Occupation" gets uploaded fine, including the description part, any "Residence" information get uploaded as type Census without the description, resulting in loads of new hints each time I upload. If i check the exported GEDCOM file, the type that the residence information exports out as is "NOTE".

Have I been entering the residence information incorrectly or is a GEDCOM problem?

Re: GEDCOM Residence vs Census

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Classification: Query
GEDCOMs are supposed to be universal, but sometimes one company has a tag that others don't. I used to find "Cause of Death" facts in GEDCOM files from FTM translated as a note or dropped when I imported them into FOW.

If both programs will let you, add one false individual with as many facts that are similar - census, residence, living, etc. - then export just him and open the files with Notepad and see how they treated the fact. Find one that both of them agree on.

(Roots Magic has a fact type named "Living", which lets you track where someone lived over the years. If he is listed as a survivor and "of Beloit" in obits for his relatives dated 1925 and 1935, there's a good chance he'll be in Beloit for the 1930 census.)

If you import "abc.ged", you should have a file named "abc.lst" in the same folder afterwards. It will have a list of the tags it could not cope with.

If you want to get really tricky, you can open "abc.ged" with Notepad and do a universal substitute of one tag for another. Make sure to use the "Match case" option, and back up your data beforehand. It would be prudent to save "abc.ged" as "abc_2".ged, also.
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